Planning a Horse-Themed Party for the Hippophile in Your Family? 7 Horse Party Favours and 2 DIY Party Favours for That Personal Touch.

Planning a Horse-Themed Party for the Hippophile in Your Family? 7 Horse Party Favours and 2 DIY Party Favours for That Personal Touch.

Is your child obsessed with horses? Been nagging you for a horse-themed party, didn't she? Honestly, it is the easiest of the parties to plan, even if you aren't anywhere near to a corral or a riding centre. We from BP Gift Guide bring to you everything you need to plan your horse-themed birthday party, most importantly, horse party favours.

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How to Throw a Horse Themed Party for Horse Lovers

Party favours are like the icing on the cake, as maybe it’s not always needed after enjoying fun and frolics of a party but it makes the party complete. Once you have decided on the theme for your party, figuring out how to organise it becomes easy and it’s fun to embellish with a complimentary party favour that matches the party itself. You can decide whether you want to keep it simple or be more creative. It doesn't need to be expensive as you have already arranged for food, cake and decoration. But a creative theme and some return gifts within your budget will complete the hard work nicely. Here are some tips to organize a horse theme party, which is for horse lovers.

Select the Place

Whatever may be the place, when you organise a themed party, the decoration itself makes it special. Indoor parties will need some wall decoration which will show the theme prominently.

You can also keep a horse mask at the entrance to let the invitees guess about the party. If you are planning for an outdoor party, arranging a live pony so that the children and the enthusiasts can ride will be so much thrilling. You can keep some bales of hay to decorate to make the atmosphere more amazing. Invitations or RSVP cards can be delivered along with a cowboy hat or a miniature stuffed pony attached with the card, to make it look more theme oriented.

Decorate as a Horse Theme

You are the host, so dress up yourself to suit the theme. How about a cowboy costume? Also, plan out on playing cowboy-themed music or at least country music during the party to deliver the flavour of the theme.

Keep a horse pinata to match. You can keep a television screen with a picture of the party host or the birthday kid riding horses.

Consider a ‘wanted’ poster if you are thinking of a western-themed party. Featuring the picture of the invitee and the party details in a horse-shaped frame is another option. Cut out horseshoes and cowboy hats out of construction paper and stick to the walls. You can keep a horse saddle and a helmet with a fake pony as a picture stand, where partygoers can take turns wearing them and taking pictures.

Horse Themed Party Foods

When it comes to a snacks party, a bunch of hotdogs or pizza is much easier for the host to arrange. But if you have a little time and want to put some more effort, then arrange the cake in a horse shape with galloping horse candle holders to keep the candles for a birthday party. Make some cupcakes and put the icing decoration as a horse face shape to give a wow statement. You can have water bottles labelled with horse prints for the invitees. Over your cake pieces or sweets put a stick with a paper cutting of horse to decorate. You can bake cookies in the shape of a horse with vanilla and chocolates to give the colour of the horse or bake horseshoe-shaped biscuits.

Themed Games and Activities

The pony party games are sure to be a hit at your horse themed party or a cowboy bash. If it is a children's party, you can plan the game-area to be centred around the fictional horse story of Black Beauty or Fury. Keep some arrival activities like horse colouring sheets or paint a horseshoe. They can also put stickers on a cowboy hat kept each for the little invitees. Make some handmade horse ears and tails crafted with foams to wear. Party games like pin the tail on the horse, play horseshoes, hidden horseshoe hunt, barrel racing, hot horse, etc are some of the lovely party games to engage the young people.

You can plan an elaborate musical horse where invitees can pass around a toy horse and whoever has the toy when the music stops get to work for the party. Be sure to play some country music or cowboy music for the game. Continue the game until you decide on a single winner.

Horse Themed Party Giveaways

Horse themed party is for all ages, as people who love horses get thrilled anytime they see a pony or even a themed party on horses. Animal lovers will love a themed giveaway during the party visit. Pieces of jewellery, coffee mugs, art piece books and journals, candles, purses, picture frames, all featuring horses are some of the great ideas for horse-themed party giveaways.

Horse Party Favor Ideas

Do you have a horse-crazy family member in your life with an approaching birthday? Maybe you have a child who is asking for a horse-themed party. There are ample ways to celebrate a horse-themed party, you just need to experiment with your creativity. With the great themed party, some special horse themed favours will make the party perfect.

Horse Coloring Book


From a kid to an adult, most of us love to colour. Generally, there are claims that colouring is a form of meditation. When we meditate, our brain enters a relaxed state by focusing on the present activity and it blocks out the stressful thoughts of the outside world. As a result, a state of calmness is achieved which relieves the brain from daily stress. Colouring is a task with predictable results which can often be calming because when the things you can predict happen, it’s calming for the brain. Colouring puts the participant in a meditative state and reduce anxiety and replaces negative thoughts. Mindfulness is the key to achieve reduced stress levels and if you like colouring along with animals, then colouring a book which has pictures of horses can be the biggest stress reliever. When you choose a horse colouring book as a party favour for your guests, perhaps you don't need to think if they will like it. They don't have to be an artist to enjoy the book, as the beauty of colouring needs no skill level or expertise. Amazon India has the ‘Horse Colouring Book’ which claims itself as a stress relief for adults relaxation, is a wonderful gift for the horse or animal lovers. Surely it will be a lovely party favour for any age.

Horse-Shaped Pen Stand

Desk pen stands certainly make a statement on a desktop as well as an inscription of a person’s psyche. It is a necessary desktop accessory as a pen or pencil is required anytime to jot down important things when someone is talking over the phone. It makes any desktop look elegant and it is also functional. When you choose a pen stand with horse feature it always gives a feeling of nostalgia for the invitees. They will remember you and your special day whenever they will use it. The holders come in a variety of materials including wood, glass, paper, acrylic, metal and others with various designs, patterns and sizes. They serve both personal and office purposes effectively.

A uniquely designed pen stand looks graceful and beautiful on the tabletop. If you are planning to buy them as a party favour, then Pepper Fry has a marvellous classy designed pen stand which can be used for gift purposes. The material of the pen stand of wooden and the weight is 500 grams. It is a teak colour pen holder by Furncoms which looks extremely tidy. The length of the pen holder is 8, width is 4 and the height is 9 respectively. The material is well-polished and it is neatly crafted. You can put some wooden pens of different wood colours with it, to make it more attractive. The price for this item is Rs. 1,969 and it comes with an easy return policy.

Hard Pencil Case

As the school begins we all look forward to another year of fun and learning. But there is the most important thing that goes with the kids to school in the bag - a pencil box. It is a child’s true friend at school which seems like his/her possession. It not only has the utility purpose but also makes the kid understand the ‘value of life’. It helps to learn to organise small things in a neat and tidy way. Kids learn to respect and love each small things inside it. The soocute unicorn embossed hardtop pencil case is a vibrant and beautiful gift as a party favour for your invitees.

This is the best gift for little kids but also due to its utility purpose anyone can find out their way to make it useful. It can not only hold a pencil, pen, sharpener, eraser and other stationeries but can also be used as a cosmetics bag or jewellery pouch. Office goers can use it to keep changes and coins or office supplies. The hard pencil case is a great stationery organiser with multifunctional capability. It can be easily used for office, home and school.

The box has a double zipper and two internal mesh pockets. The measurement of the product is 220mm x 150mm x 55mm (8.7 x 5.9 x 2.2 inch). It has an attractive pattern of a pretty unicorn embossed on the top. It opens like a bool unzipping from two sides. It has five pencil slots where you can store a pencil, markers, erasers, protectors, small notebook and much more. The price of the box is Rs. 1, 779 comes in a variety of colour options at Desert Cart.

Pair of Horses Salt Pepper Stand

A ‘salt-pepper stand’ as a party favour gift is great for its utility purpose. It will be widely appreciated by the families as it is one of the most appreciated tabletop accessories for any home. A salt pepper stand will be a unique addition for the household. It looks great as the colour is brown which will fit well with any table and it is decorated with a nice miniature of 2 bay horses. The poly-resin material is hard enough to use regularly. It weighs approximately 0.2 pounds. No doubt it is a unique party favour gift for all horse lovers. Buy it for $10.95 at Love of the Horse. However, they don't ship outside of the US.

Plush Keychain

Many kids believe in the magic of a unicorn and especially the horse lovers will love anything related to the beautiful unicorn horse. These adorable keychains are charming to see and hold. They come in various colours like pink, purple and blue. These magical unicorn plush keychains are fun gifts for horse lovers and perfect for the kids. The price for each of them is Rs. 250 and if you buy three of them together it will be Rs. 700. Available to buy at Big Small, it will surely bring joy and magic to anyone’s monotonous life.

Plush Toy

A lovable toy can be an instant favourite of parents and kids alike. Also, it is one of the best fit for a party favour gift. It is a lightweight, soft and easy to carry huggable toy with a vibrantly colourful and attractive look. It is made from the highest quality plush material with stretch velvet with non-toxic polyester and fur fabrics. The size is 25 cm approximately, the price is Rs. 899 and available in white, pink and green colour. Buy it from Geek Monkey.

Some More Unique Horse Party Favor Idea

If you are still wondering what to gift other than the options we have already suggested try something out of the box or make something handmade specially for your guests.

Bronze Pocket Watch

We all know that pocket watches are an important part of modern civilisation and development. Since the 16th century, they have been an integral part of men’s fashion. They represent the portable clock but as of now, they are almost not in everyday use. Yet the antique piece pocket watch is a classy thing to have and it is something different to think to give as a gift. The vintage hollow horse themed pocket watch is an unusual gift and can be given as a party favour to some adult guests or someone special in the party. It is round-shaped quartz with a chain and measures 4.6 cm diameter and a chain length of 80 cm. Priced at $ 3.98 or Rs. 284, it is available to buy at Ali Express.

DIY Horseshoe Picture Frame

This is a unique idea to give a party favour photo frame in a horseshoe. It is easy to do and you can either put your favourite picture on the frame or leave it blank for the guest. '

What you need

  • A real horseshoe
  • Cardboard
  • A picture (If needed)
  • Pen
  • Cello tape
  • Strong Adhesive

How to make

  • Take a real horseshoe and cardboard.
  • With a pen mark the outer surface of the horseshoe on the cardboard.
  • Attach the cardboard with or without a picture with adhesive or cello tape
  • Make a cardboard stand behind it.

DIY Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a sacred hoop that is said to catch bad dreams and protect the sleeping people especially the children from nightmares.

What you need

  • A horseshoe with many holes
  • Thread
  • Feathers and beads

How to make

  • Take a horseshoe with holes
  • Make a web with threads
  • Make a hanging area with thread at the upper portion
  • Tie up beads at a specific distance and tie a feather at end of the threads
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Don't Overthink and Complicate!

Throwing a horse-themed birthday party might seem a daunting task but with this article, you can navigate with ease. If you are a DIY person you can try your hands on getting some party decorations done. Else, you can go on websites specializing in party decorations or even Etsy. Don't go for complicated party deco. Simplicity is the key. The same goes for party games and activities too. They don't have to be elaborate. Simple games like pin the horse's tail, throw the horseshoe would be simple to organize but yet attention-grabbing.