Make It Memorable: 9 Gifts for Girls on First Meeting and 5 Tips to Strike the Right Note (Updated 2021)

Make It Memorable: 9 Gifts for Girls on First Meeting and 5 Tips to Strike the Right Note (Updated 2021)

Meeting your crush for the first time? Keen to make a great first impression? Bring your A-game to the date which includes picking a small and thoughtful gift that could set you apart. There are plenty of ways even without a gift to make the first meeting a success. Find here cute gift ideas for girls for your first meeting, plus helpful tips to make it fun and special for both of you!

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First Impressions Matter!

Surely you don’t need us to tell you that the first impression you make is very important! It will decide if she agrees to go out with you again and will set the tone of your relationship. Sometimes even disastrous first dates lead to successful relationships, but you do want the memory of the first time you met to be a good one, don’t you?

Be well groomed and dress according to the place where you will be meeting. Ask her if you can pick her up - be polite but do not press her if she isn’t keen on it. Be on time. Be polite and courteous. Have talking points ready so you don’t have long and awkward silences. It is normal to be nervous but try and have a good time and make sure she does too. It is not necessary to take a gift but a small present will be a nice gesture, so go through our helpful suggestions to pick one.

Tips for Buying a Gift for a First Meeting

  • Small and Inexpensive:
    For the first meeting a gift is not required, but if you do want to bring her something it should be small and inexpensive. Giving her an expensive gift at this point will send across the wrong message, that you are trying to buy her affections, or showing off your wealth. However generous you are feeling, curb the urge to pick up a pricey gift even if you know she will love it.

  • Thoughtful Gifts to Show You Pay Attention:
    Either you have swapped flirty texts, been chatting online for a while or she has listed her hobbies or interests on the dating site, there must have been a mention of things she likes or is keen on. Get her a small gift to show you paid attention when she was talking about herself. If it is a blind date, ask the person setting you up.

  • Get to Know Her:
    Anything that can be a conversation starter, or even a game which involves asking a lot of questions about each other can also be a good gift idea for a first meeting, specially if you don’t know too much about her. A fun activity can make your meeting more interesting and take the pressure off both of you. Interesting and unusual items, a book or art piece, or perhaps a card game are some things you can consider.

9 Gifts That Will Help in Making a Good First Impression


Flowers are a good gift for just about any occasion and bringing her a pretty bunch on your first date is one of the best presents you can get. Roses come first to mind because of the association with romance, however, get only a small bunch, or even a single red rose. This is not the time for a dozen long-stemmed roses as it comes on too strong.

There are plenty of other flowers you can pick from too. Pick a small bouquet of mixed flowers and give it to her when you are picking her up from home. That way she can put them in a vase and leave them behind; carrying a bouquet during the date can get uncomfortable for her so if you are meeting her outside, perhaps a single rose will be more suitable.

These 10 assorted carnations in different hues is a good choice. She will be delighted to receive such pretty flowers. Buy it from Archies for Rs.495.

A Potted Plant


If you are of the opinion that flowers are cliche then how about a cute potted plant! This is not only a more environment-friendly option but also take away any unintended awkwardness that may come from giving flowers on first meeting! You can give small pots of succulents or a pot of lucky bamboo or even any herb like basil. These pots are nowadays easily available in any local nursery and also gift stores. They are also available online - take a look at this charming red colour pot that features two succulents. Available for Rs. 599 on Amazon.

Small Piece of Jewellery


While you want to give her a nice present, it must be a casual gesture, as if you came across something you thought she would like. Not like you spent hours trying to hunt down a gift for her. Jewellery is a good choice provided it is small and inexpensive.

Since you are not likely to know her taste in fashion and jewellery at this stage, pick up an eclectic piece which will suit a number of styles. Pendants and bracelets make for nice gifts and even if she doesn’t end up using it, that will be alright since it is not an expensive piece of jewellery. Avoid anything extravagant or ornate and look for simple designs.

Such as this Chain with Stone-Studded Pendant. The design is pretty and great for casual outfits and the cool green pendant is soothing and pleasing to the eye. Buy it for Rs. 380 on Ajio.

Handmade Notebook

An interesting notebook made of good handmade paper is a nice gift to bring on a first meeting. It is also a useful gift she can keep in her bag for whenever she needs to jot down something.

We liked this Handmade Applique Notebook by Itokri. The cute notebook featuring Bengal Kantha work is pretty and simple enough for a first meeting when you don’t know much about her and can’t buy things specifically based on her interests. The medium sized book has 92 pages of white plain handmade unruled paper and the colourful cover will prompt her to carry it around with her. Buy it for Rs.450 on Itokri.

A Fun Game


Everybody’s favourite game for when you have nothing to do, a few sheets of paper and a pencil or two. The board game version of the Tic Tac Toe game means you never run out of space for another game. It is a fun way to break the ice and get comfortable with each other.

Most people learn to play this game as kids and everyone has an interesting memory attached to the time they played it. It will give you something fun to do on the date and is a good way to learn things about each other that would otherwise not come up easily, such as childhood or school memories, times spent with close friends etc.

This Craft India Art Wooden Tic Tac Toe Indoor Board Game measures 4.5" x 4.5" , a good size to carry with you and to play at home. Made of sanded mango wood and steel, it weighs 130 gm and will give her hours of fun, both with you and otherwise. Buy it for Rs.350 on Amazon.

A Small Desk Toy


Even if you are meeting her for the first time, quite possibly you know something of her likes and dislikes. There may be TV shows or movies she particularly likes or it could be any book or video game that she adores. Use this knowledge to buy a small toy-themed around her favourite character or show. This will be a great way to charm her and also show her that you have paid attention to her preferences. One lovely option we have is this Harry Potter bobblehead which is made of high grade plastic. It is a cute accessory that she can show off either in her office desk or her room. You can find this and other such desk accessories on Amazon where it is priced at Rs. 345.

Cute Knick Knacks


Giving the right gift when you know very little of the other person can be a challenge indeed. That's why small everyday things can at times be a great idea. Such gifts are low key but seem thoughtful. Here is one such gift idea - magnetic bookmarks! These are convenient and very useful to have around, but a small enough gift. There are a large variety available from themed, to cutesy to floral and motivational. Just have a look around to find out what may suit her best, based on what you know of her. We picked out this set of 4 motivational elegant bookmark set that will find favour with anybody. This set is available on Amazon for Rs. 169.

Something Sweet

Girls usually love sweet and chocolaty treats so get her a small box of chocolates, maybe a few pretty cupcakes in a box or any other sweet treat you think she will like. Certain chocolates are very popular for giving as gifts and you can go with one of those. If you know a really nice cake or chocolate shop, pick up a small sampler box of their best treats.

While chocolates are a hot favourite to give as gifts, we suggest you try something a little different, such as a box of delectable brownies. A gift wrapped or sealed chocolate box usually goes home with her unopened, but a box of chocolates can be shared and you can exchange notes and learn about each others tastes and preferences. A box of Assorted Chocolates by Fantasie Chocolate will cost you Rs.275 for a 6-piece box. You can also buy larger packs (12/18 or 24 piece).

A Funky Keyring


Everyone has keys that they carry on themselves don't they? Keyrings are a small and useful gift that can be perfect for that first meeting. They are not personal in any way but a good way to remember your meeting. Since you may not know all that much of her likes and dislikes as yet, it is better to play it safe and get her something neutral. Consider this colourful keyring that has a dreamcatcher and evil eye which is a fantastic way to convey your good wishes too. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 375.

5 Ways to Impress a Girl on a First Meeting

Be Creative in Planning Your Date

The predictable routine of movie and dinner date or meeting over a coffee or for lunch are comforting in a way; she knows what to expect. But the regular, comfortable routine is also somewhat boring and forgettable. See it as an opportunity to stand out, make that first meeting so memorable that she will be intrigued.

You are still seeking to make a good impression so don’t look for outlandish ideas that will shock or confuse her; just go something slightly different. Go to a play or a live performance, or take her to a hidden gem of a restaurant which isn’t widely known but serves excellent local cuisine. Know your art? Take her to an exhibition or gallery and give her an interesting and unforgettable tour.

It’s a great way to show her different sides of yourself. Show her something you are passionate about and draw her in be presenting it in an interesting manner. Being skilled at or knowledgeable about your chosen activity will also give you confidence.

Make Eye Contact, Do Not Creep Her Out

Meaningful exchanges now and then and flirting with your date will add a spark to your meeting and keep things interesting. But this is your first meeting, be realistic. Chances are you have been acquainted from before, but most likely you know little about her and this is your first romantic outing together. She will not want to spend minutes at a stretch gazing into your eyes. That stuff happens only in movies. Try doing that, however soulfully, and she will get very uncomfortable, even get creeped out and possibly not want to meet you again.

Look at her when talking, make occasional eye contact, hold it for a few seconds then move on. Anything longer than 10 seconds at a time is coming on too intense, although it's best you stick to just 5 seconds. You want to keep things cool, casual and comfortable, for both of you.

Be a Gentleman, to Everyone Around You, Not Just Her

Girls no longer expect their boyfriend or date to always pay for her and she may offer to pay the bill or split the expenses but she will be charmed if you hold open the door for her or pull out her chair and offer her to sit first. Being chivalrous never goes out of fashion and a smart girl will immediately recognise that and hold on to you.

Extend the courtesy to those around you by being polite with serves, ushers, the valet who parks your car, indeed anyone you may have to interact with. Being rude and inconsiderate or looking down on people doesn’t put you in a good light and will make her pause to think whether you will behave the same way with her in case of a disagreement in the future. Exemplary behaviour on your part, however, will make you shine in her eyes.

Put Your Phone Away, Talk to Her

It has become commonplace to accept the presence of mobile phones everywhere. No time or place is sacrosanct anymore, no occasion is immune to their ringing, vibrating, buzzing and beeping presence. None of which takes away from the fact that it is rude to keep attending to your phone on a date unless it is an emergency, in which case you should excuse yourself before you do.

If you want to make a good impression, indeed stand out, don’t whip it out and place it in front of you on the table to begin with. Make her the center of your attention and focus instead on having a good conversation going. If you do remove your phone it should be to show her pictures or something funny and interesting on it.

Make Sure She Has a Good Time

The perfect planning, most exquisite restaurant and lavish compliments are not a fail safe way of making a good first impression. It's about connecting with a person, not marking off a checklist from a dating guide. The same rules do not apply to all. Be attentive to the small signs to see if she is enjoying herself. A walk along the beach on a beautiful moonlit night may sound romantic, but is she cold? Ask her if she would like to do something else instead. The food at the fanciest restaurant in town is supposed to be exquisite, but is she perhaps a tad uncomfortable? Ask her if she had something else in mind and make a few suggestions like it's not a big deal.

At the end of the day, your attentiveness and thoughtfulness is what she will remember. Make good and interesting conversation, genuinely make an effort to get to know her better and also try to have a good time yourself. Be the best version of yourself. It is important to be charming and pay her compliments, but only those you really mean. Make her feel comfortable and she will be encouraged to also try her best to make sure you have a good time too.

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Relax, and Make it an Enjoyable Date for Both of You

Taking a small gift for her is a nice gesture but you don't need to get yourself worked up about getting one. It is far more important to focus on having a nice time together. The purpose of the gift is simply to break ice and put her in a good mood, and there are other ways to do that. Be interesting, amusing and good to talk to. Encourage her to open up and talk about herself. When you both are having a good time, it doesn't matter if you take a gift or no.