Looking for Cool and Stylish Men’s Hairstyle for Oval Faces! Here Are 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Oval Face That Will Add you are to Your Personality (2020)

Looking for Cool and Stylish Men’s Hairstyle for Oval Faces! Here Are 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Oval Face That Will Add you are to Your Personality (2020)

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Men's hairstyle is as essential as his clothes; it is the most significant component of men's whole look. If you are born with an oval face, then you are already a lucky guy because choosing a haircut is not as challenging to you as it is to men with other facial shapes. But selecting the perfect haircuts for your face will add a significant upgrade to your personality. So, here are 10 best hairstyles for men with an oval face, which are worth a try.

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Right Hairstyle Helps Accentuate Your Facial Expressions

Got an oval face? Do you know there are plenty of stylish hairstyles for men with an oval face available out there? This is because compared to other face shapes like oblong, triangular, diamond, round, and others, an oval shape provides you with balanced facial expressions. However, a quick recommendation before we start it that you should avoid covering your forehead with the fringes. Though there is no particular rule for men’s styles and haircuts.

Still, one question arises in every man’s mind, and that is which hairstyle will suit me the best. This is one of the common questions that people ask themselves before selecting a style. And, the best way is to discover the one that matches your face shape. Head structure and shapes are the essential factors in discovering haircuts for men as per their face shape. Choosing the perfect hairstyle helps accentuate your facial expressions, but a wrong decision can highlight the worst features. That’s why we will take you to an understanding of your face shape before exploring some of the best hairstyles that will suit your face shape.

Understanding Your Face Shape

Face Width

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  • Forehead: If your forehead is the face’s widest part that slowly gets angled towards the chin, you are likely having a heart-shaped or an inverted triangle face.

  • Cheekbones: In case, your cheekbones are wide, then probably you have a diamond, heart-shaped, oval, or a round-shaped face.

  • Jaw: Have a look at your jaw width. If its wider with a narrow forehead, then the most probable shape of your face is a pear or triangular one.

  • All are equal: If your cheekbones, jaw, and forehead all are in equal width then you have either square, round, or oval face shape.

Jaw Shape

  • Pointy: See if your chin is angled and meet at a particular point. If yes, then your face is in the shape or a heart.

  • Round: If your jaw shape is round, then the face shape is either a long, oval-shaped, or a round one.

  • Square: If your jaw shape is round, you have round or oval face shape.

Face Length

If a line is drawn from the head’s top to the chin vertically and the other horizontally, comparing both helps give an idea of the face length.

  • Short: Equal face width and length with a round jaw most likely represents a face that’s round in shape.

  • Average: An average face length is the one wherein the face is longer than it is wide. A face having the ratio of horizontal to vertical lines within 1 and 1.5 is known as an average length face.

  • Long: And, when that ratio goes past the 1.5 value, it is referred to as a long face. The shape might still be a part of the oblong category.

Characteristics of an Oval Face Shape

Since this article is for men with an oval face, you got that shape if your face matches the following characteristics.

  • Your jawline and forehead have almost equal width.
  • Your cheekbones are the face’s widest part.
  • The shape of your chin is round with zero hard lines.
  • Your forehead is little wider than the jaw.
  • Your jawline is slightly round.

10 Hairstyle for Men with Oval Face

Now when you have understood how to check for your face shape, let’s explore some of the best hairstyles for men with oval face.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

With a buzz cut hairstyle, you get a small peach fuzz left on your scalp that gets the style the name of military cut. Since it doesn’t remove your hair fully, the buzz cut is a short haircut. Generally, its length is uniform and hair doesn’t curl, lie lank, or kink across the forehead. This means you don’t have to spend a huge time in front of the mirror setting up the free moving strands every morning. There are various buzz cut types available like induction, burr, crew cut, flat top, butch, and high and tight. Bumps, scars, curvature, and lumps are all the essential things used to find whether a buzz cut is right for you or not. You need to look yourself in the mirror to understand your face and head shape better.

Maintenance of this hairstyle is minimal but it doesn’t mean that the buzz cut hairstyle is maintenance-free. To maintain your buzz cut’s sharpness, you need to cut your hair every week. Besides, you also need to use a hair clipper of barber grade along with the attachments instead of a beard trimmer. In short, this hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain and looks good on oval face shapes.

Crew Cut and Fade

In crew cut, the density of the hair on the top is more as that on the back and sides. Sportsmen prefer this hairstyle because those won’t disturb when they run or play the game on the pitch. Moreover, the longer top may be slicked or spiked. Fades also change in length and height according to the crew cut. The standard fade heights are high, medium, and low. Generally, you can give style to your hair in two ways. The gel is a perfect choice for rock and wets hard look, and it does not need restyling because it puts a hold on your hair. Putties and wax are the perfect choices for the person who wants a malleable and natural look. Pomade is the best traditional product for adding some shine to your hair.

You can maintain fade at your home with a professional trimmer that is versatile and durable. Since the proportions of oval face shape are balanced, there are numerous options for crew cut and fade styles for you to try.


Another one of the popular hairstyles for men with an oval face is the Pompadour. The head top is kept longer than the sides. The top of the long hair is comb professionally, providing it with a sleek and thick look. This hairstyle has been present all over the glam world for years with most celebrities having adopted it. Further, there are various types of this style available like Mohawk style, pompadour haircut with slicked back and fringed pompadour. Choose the one according to your facial features and hair length. This haircut is considered perfect for the person who is an attention seeker. On the upwards, hair is swept while a falling brush stroke is made at the back. The cuts are very short from the sides.

Brush Up

In the brush-up haircut, the sides are kept undercut with the top hair provided a lift using some product. In this hairstyle, back and sides are short cut with taper, face, or undercut. To achieve the brush-up hairstyle, the hair on your head top should be long enough, around up to two to four inches that are the ideal length. This haircut is a perfect match for you if you have wavy or straight hair. However, you have to use a comb with a wide-tooth for wavy hair. Further, using a high-quality wax provides a messy look while mousse adds volume. And, you should style your hair with comb or brush rather than fingers. Before making this hairstyle, apply mousse or wax to the damp hair. Though experimentation allows you to find the correct amount for your hair.

While styling your hair using a product, apply it in an upward manner, and create a messy not defined appearance. Now use a hairdryer and point it to the bangs. Once style your forelock, style the hair on the head top. Next, work backwards and repeat the process until you don’t get the brush-up hairstyle.

The Fringe Style

The fringe hairstyle is the best choice for men with an oval face, and most of the famous models and celebrities have also adopted this. Leave your front lock shown on the forehead. Styling this hairstyle requires to put the back, sides, and top into the background. And then, for a fringe, you will need hair length in between two to four inches. Fringes feature undercut sides and angular finishes that may need more maintenance as compared to scissor cut counterparts. Though you may face difficulty to style a fringe, sharp fades or hard edges may help.

Various fringe style types are classic fringe, short fringe, textured angular fringe, long length wavy fringe, tousled fringe, wavy fringe, extra angular fringe, etc.

Faux Hawk

One of the coolest hairstyles for men with oval face is Faux hawk. The side cuts are short as compared to the head top. You can create spikes of the top hair or may provide it with an edgy or pointed look by connecting them towards the centre. This hairstyle is simple and easy to make if you know how to style the spikes, else you can go to the barbershop. To style this haircut, you have to maintain your sides’ fading and let crest on the head’s top. You can create a top with your fingers to spike the crest or also apply comb to the centre. Both the fading sides display an intense crest power even if it is a fringe or a crest. The faded faux hawk, the shaggy faux hawk, the long faux hawk, and undercut faux hawk are some of the popular types of this haircut.

Undercut with Comb Over

The comb-over hairstyle includes a high hair volume on the top and can be used in adaptable forms and styles. A person can adopt this hairstyle with various temples such as 2 sides fading and side parts. In the comb-over hairstyle, hair is combed to 1 side with a side part. To get this haircut, you need two to four inches of hair on the top. Depending on the volume that you desire, you can go with longer or shorter hair and adjust accordingly. To style this haircut, you need a pomade of high quality and apply gently to the damp hair. Brush or comb your hair to 1 side and away from the part. It will help them stay in one place and also give shine. With this, your comb over hairstyle is finished.

Taper Fade with a Quiff

The haircut provides a stylish look to men who have an oval face. In this hairstyle, the hair top is designed into a quiff paired with taper fade sides. This haircut is the same as the pompadour hairstyle but with a little difference, which makes it a special variation from the pompadour. The strands are designed to appear short and small throughout with large hair at the front side. When you put in comb and gel to the backward side of the hair, it creates a quiff and lifts style. The side-parted quiff, textured quiff, undercut quiff, and classic quiff are some of the quiff types.

Semi-Slicked Short Hairstyle

You can try this hairstyle when you have a broad look with a wide forehead. Semi slicked short hairstyle is easy to maintain as it includes a short length of hair. Making this style needs only a gel or pomade wax. It is a perfect hairstyle for the person who is looking for a vibrant as well as classic look without lots of hyper style statement. Though the haircut is the best fit for those with short wavy hair. Besides, you can also wear a semi slicked short hairstyle in any season. And, this haircut is great to go with casual outings or office wear as well.

Asymmetrical Haircut

The asymmetrical haircut is popular in the fashion industry. This hairstyle works best with the texture of wavy hair. It seamlessly transforms the look of any person and makes him look edgy and youthful. Winters are the best season to wear this haircut. For sporting the hairstyle, the best match can be casual tees with denim or jacket. Choosing this hairstyle during parties or fashion events can make your look more impressive as well.

Avoid These Hairstyles for Oval-Shaped Faces

While hairstyling on the oval-shaped face, you need to maintain your face clarity. What’s important is to stay away from the big bangs because it can make your face look shorter. Also, you should avoid long haircuts because they can make your face look longer. In short, for an oval face, you need to avoid both long hairstyles as well as large bangs.

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Best Oval Face Shape Beard Styles

No structural or proportionate weaknesses, men with oval-shaped faces have the luxury of experimenting with a wide range of beard styles. That said, it's essential to respect the proportions of the face and avoid making it look too round. Aim for angled finishes by showing off your features.