'The First Impression Is the Last Impression!' Make Yourself Standout in
 Your Office Attire by Learning to Wear Appropriate Jewelry at Work!

'The First Impression Is the Last Impression!' Make Yourself Standout in Your Office Attire by Learning to Wear Appropriate Jewelry at Work!

Dressing up for work can be quite a gruesome task. It can be tough to choose the elements that work well with one another. Make sure to choose jewelry that is work appropriate. Stay away from extravagant accessories that take away the purpose of dressing up in a workplace environment. This simple guide will help you choose the best jewelry according to the scenario.

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Jewelry at Work Need Not be Flashy

Every woman wishes to dress up in the most comfortable yet stylish way at her workplace. However, when it comes to an organization's environment, one needs to put a great thought into assembling the perfect outfit and jewelry. When you choose jewelry for work, you need to remember not to choose flashy or extravagant designs, as they tend to be distracting. The best way to not appear so over-the-top is to add minimalistic jewelry. It is important to maintain office decorum, but that does not mean you sacrifice on the styling part.

There is dedicated jewelry collection, specially designed for office wear. You can choose daily wear jewelry that can be worn with your outfits. There are multiple online stores that sell low profile jewelry. The best selling office wear jewelry is diamond and pearl, which also works great for any formal look. Choose from a wide range of options that work best for you. It is always said that the first impression is the last one. Hence, find the perfect pieces of jewelry that will make a style statement.

A Piece of Advice in Selecting the Right Jewelry for Office Wear

Here are some tips that will help you in selecting the right jewelry for office wear.

Keep It Simple

It is a thumb rule to wear office jewelry that is quite simple. Avoid flashy pieces of jewelry, that will look over-the-top. You can consider buying a simple chain with a delicate locket. Additionally, you can look for stud earrings. There are charm bracelets that are available for office use. Heavy necklaces or danglers can be quite distracting in an office environment.

Less Is More

In an organization, the mantra of dressing should be "Less is More". The office is not the correct place to show off your jewelry. Hence, only use jewelry as and when necessary. Keep it minimalistic. Never let your jewelry make noise, as that can be distracting to others. You can wisely choose what to wear. You can skip the bracelet to wear a delicate watch around your wrists, everyday.

Top Picks for Jewellery Business Attire

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pick this classy yet stylish pearl hoop earrings that are a perfect match for your office wear. This chic piece of jewelry will work well with all kinds of outfits, be it formal or traditional. It is crafted in gold colour with stainless steel material. The pieces of jewelry are quite durable, although they appear to be delicate. The high gloss finish adds a nice touch to the statement jewelry.

The main stone used is a pearl. You can rest assured that the jewelry will not rust or corrode. Here are some cleaning tips for the jewelry. Take some warm water in a bowl and add some dishwashing soap. Dip a soft cloth in the water and gently wipe the jewelry. Now, if you are looking to buy this superb piece of jewelry, order it today at only 895 INR from Fable Street.

Peora 925 Sterling Silver Diamond

This delicate sterling silver diamond is a great choice for office use. It's simple yet elegant design isn't over the top. The beautifully carved earrings are made up of fine silver, which adds to the beauty of the model. The product is free from lead and nickel, which ensures comfort. They are also apt for individuals with sensitive skin. Make sure to keep the jewelry in an airtight or zip lock pouch or container when not in use. Additionally, keep it away from water, chemicals and perfume. Buy this peora 925 sterling diamond at only 865 INR from Amazon.

Silver Pendant with Enamel Coating

This enchanting beauty is one of a kind and deserves to be in every girl's wardrobe. This is the perfect kind of delicate piece of jewelry, that will match your office attire. It's simplistic yet attractive, which makes it apt for a workplace environment. The silver pendant is casual enough for a dinner after office, too. The stunning jewelry piece is just for Rs. 1999, and is worth the price. You can wear this neckpiece for an interview or business meeting as well. Experiment this piece of jewelry with your office wear to stand out from the rest. If you wish to make this jewelry yours, all you have to do is go to Mia by Tanishq website and buy it only for 1,999 INR.

Plain Brass Band Ring

The Plain Brass Band Ring is a stylish piece of jewelry that will compliment your office wear. The product is made from brass and is silver plated. The ring is perfect for daily wear use. The jewelry comes with Voylla assurance of quality and durability. Just like any other jewelry, keep it away from water, perfume or other harmful chemicals, as this could result in fading of the colour. The piece of jewelry comes with a 30-day replacement warranty. Add this exquisite piece of jewelry to your wardrobe and flaunt it all day around. It is available at Voylla and simply priced at Rs. 349.

Baroque Clover Bracelet

This Baroque Clover Bracelet is a delicate bracelet that will speak volumes in spite of its small size. Its elegant design is sure to win the hearts of everyone out there. You absolutely don't need anything else to complete the look. The stylish bracelet is perfect for a formal look or even a traditional one. Wear it for corporate meetings, get together or any other day at work. It is crafted with yellow gold and diamonds, that add to the beauty of the jewelry. The length as mentioned is 7.25 inches, height is 8.3 mm, purity is 8.4 Kt and finally, the weight is 1.34 g. This beautiful jewelry piece is priced at only 17,656 INR at Caratlane.

Tipsyfly Classic Personalised Charm Bracelet

These beautiful charms are a must-have for every woman out there. This funky charm bracelets are simplistic, yet have the drama in its fun accessory. The elegant design makes it apt for office use. The best part about this bracelet is that the piece of jewelry is completely customizable. You can pick the charms as per your liking and book your order. This beautiful piece of jewelry is available at Tipsy Fly just for 400 INR. Get your hands on this product now. It's now or never. Accessorize it with simple earrings to pair up in the bracelet and you are ready to go.

Tjori Blue Farheen Thread and German Silver Anklet Set of 2

This exquisite piece of anklets is a perfect accessory suitable for office use. The minimalist design is what makes it attractive as a whole. The beautiful anklet is handcrafted with natural cotton thread. It has splendid German silver beads, that add to the beauty of the jewelry. They can be worn in formal as well as traditional wear. It has gold-finished beads on the blue thread, which adds a lovely finishing touch to the model. Make this beauty yours by clicking on the link Here. The price of the product is priced just at 598 INR.

Pipa Bella Silver Encrusted Free Size Ear cuff

These delicate ear cuff are a great option of jewelry that you can own. The simple design is what makes it perfect for office use. The material used is brass and cubic zirconia. The stylish ear cuffs can be paired with simple chains, that will amp up your overall look. To book your orders, simply click on the link Here. The product is priced at just 801 INR. This piece of jewelry can be worn along with formal wear as well as traditional wear. The stunning jewelry is perfect for day wear. On the other hand, it can also be worn for meetings, casual dinners, etc.

Yellow Anthuriums

An exquisite necklace is incomplete without a pendant. This Yellow Anthuriums is a true gold product that is sure to gain the limelight. Though it's small and delicate, it is one of the best purchases that you can ever splurge on. This piece can not only be used for office wear but can also be worn for other occasions like functions, as well. The price of this beautiful stunner is 9,279 INR only. Wear them with formal outfits or traditional ones, as they go along with both.

Black Beads Simple Chokar Necklace

This beautiful black choker necklace is for every fashionable girl out there. In organizations where a more conservative practice is followed, this choker necklace is the perfect choice for office use. It is also a great gifting option for your family or friends, as you can be sure they will fall in love with this beautiful piece of jewelry. It can be teamed with formal wear or traditional too, as per your preference.

The choker is a great way to minimize the style factor and keep the accessory to a minimum. You can experiment with the neckpiece. Additionally, team it with simple earrings to complete the look. If you are have decided to make it yours, then buy it from Anuradhaart Jewellery at 675 INR only.

Guide for Choosing Appropriate Jewellery at Work

Simply follow these guidelines to have a hassle-free getting ready session to achieve a professional look. In a conservative workplace environment, try to pick stud earrings or simple chains. Additionally, choose delicate rings to accessorize. On the other hand, in more creative organizations, you can wear statement pieces.

There is a thumb rule which goes by " Try to style your look to not more than three pieces". Your colleagues or seniors would not be happy to see you dressed like you would for a wedding. Hence, it is important to make sure you dress according to the environment.

For Everyday Office

Make sure to not overdo anything. Your jewelry should blend well with the outfit you plan on wearing. Similarly, as women, we love to dress up. But ensure you remove any unnecessary piece of accessory before you leave for work. Always choose between a pair of earrings or a necklace as wearing both of them would look off as showy.

Some basic rules that can help you out there can be:

  • Do not overdo rings in both hands. Keep the limit to one ring in per hand. Engagement rings or wedding rings are totally appropriate, but anything that extravagant should be a complete no-no.
  • If you decide on wearing fashion jewelry, then make sure they are not too flashy. Additionally, avoid jewelry that is too heavy since it will interfere with your 9-5 schedule.
  • You can plan for solitaire jewelry as they are compatible with almost any look. There are a number of designs that you can look up online. They are a great choice for investments and are worth the price.
  • Another thumb rule goes by the saying, "Dress as per your position".

For Interviews

You might need to dress with special care if you are going for an interview. Some things you might need to consider are:

  • If you have interviews, keep the jewelry as subtle as possible. Your main focus should be on what you speak and perform rather than dressing up.
  • It is best to go for minimalist jewelry which adds an impressive look and will add a final touch. You would want people to look at the skills rather than your accessories or jewelry.
  • Be very careful regarding the size of the earrings or necklace that you wear. You should not wear big sized accessories that might distract the attention of the interviewer.

For Business Meetings

Similarly, different rules might apply for business meetings:

  • The best accessories for business meetings are delicate bracelets, simple chains, or earrings. Make sure not to wear every piece of jewelry as that will distract the focus of the people that are present.
  • You can wear bracelets as it will set a good impression when you make hand gestures.
  • Use small studs and accessories that are apt for meetings.
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Decide Upon Your Budget According to Your Needs!

The kind of jewelry that you need to buy depends upon the environment of your office. If you work in a casual and creative environment, you might need to spend on some funky and casual jewelry. In that case, you do not need to spend much on accessories, as you will be adding new items according to latest trends. If, on the other hand, you work in a strictly professional and/or corporate set-up, you might want to spend on some real and statement pieces of jewelry, like pearls and solitaires. These will look impressive and last forever!