6 Yoga Mats to Add Comfort and Convenience While exercising, Making the Activity a Lot of Fun.

6 Yoga Mats to Add Comfort and Convenience While exercising, Making the Activity a Lot of Fun.

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Fitness regimes and yoga are essential forms of exercising, that help keep the body healthy and the mind stimulated. It is important to perform yoga, by using a proper fitness and/or yoga mat. Practicing yoga simply on the ground, by using no means of cushioning support is an awful idea. This could lead to pain and discomfort in the joints, especially in the knees, ankles, elbows, and the neck. So, to help you, here is a list of top Yoga Mats

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How to Choose Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat is your companion while performing the asanas and choosing the right Yoga mat is quintessential to get the proper grip and comfort during exercising on them. There are a few basic differences to be considered while selecting one. If you’re a novice in Yoga, then you should select mats with more comfort and grip. Choose a light yoga mat with a thickness between 5 mm to 8 mm. For people doing the intermediate level of yoga, who practice for long hours, a mat with a thickness between 5 mm – 8 mm is still fine, but with better quality. For advanced practitioners, 1mm – 5 mm is recommended and for kids, the thickness of the mat should be between ¼ inch – ⅛ inch.

Importance of Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat is advised by Yoga teachers because it acts as a shield between your body and the ground, hence saving the energy and heat from getting earthed. Secondly, Yoga is practiced indoors as well as outdoors. So, while at home you can perform it on a carpet, etc, but Yoga mats are easy to carry outdoors where you may not get a clean and dry ground to practice Yoga.

Best Yoga Mat Available in India

Strauss Floral Green 6 mm Yoga Mat

The padded Strauss Floral Green Yoga Mat is 6 mm thick, reversible, slip-resistant, and comes with a bag that has a bag strap to carry it easily. The mat is designed to prevent you from skidding while performing yoga postures and is comfortable enough to prevent your knees and feet from any potential damage. This mat can be easily rolled and carried in the bag provided along with. The dimensions of the mat are – width 61 cm, height 173 cm, and it weighs around 1 kg. You can order this yoga mat by Strauss from flipkart.com for Rs. 699.

Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat

Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat is made from high-density NBR foam which is comfortable and easy to use. The mat provides maximum cushioning to your knees, legs, ankle, and back while protecting them from any impact. The slip-proof and waterproof materials provide greater stability and you can practice yoga postures without the fear of slipping and accidental injuries. The easy carry strap which is provided free with the yoga mat makes it easy to take along and the sturdy material is tear-proof, anti-damage and made from nontoxic and latex-free material. The mat is 8 mm thick, 180 cm long, width is 60 cm, and weighs 1 kg. You can order this Kobo Athletica Yoga Mat from amazon.in.

Paffy Yoga Mat

The floral printed Paffy Yoga Mat looks beautiful with the textured patterns, is 6 mm thick, and made from washable material. The Yoga mat is anti-skid on both sides and comes with an attractive cover with a brand logo. The mat is padded and has enough firmness to withstand the pressure exerted during the yoga postures, yet comfortable enough to protect your knees, legs, and back from the hard ground. The mat has qualities like shock absorbent, compression resistance, slip prevention, anti-scratch, rebound resilience, and lightweight. This Paffy Yoga Mat is available for Rs. 899 on paytmmall.com.

Ase Yoga India Cotton Yoga Mat

The cotton yoga mat by Ase Yoga India is made of 100% cotton yarn weaved by experienced artisans. The sweat absorbent material ensures that the mat remains dry while you are practicing tough yoga asanas. The mat can be rolled easily and carried as it fits in a little space once rolled. The mat is made of cotton, hence the little roughness on the surface makes it anti-skid as well. The dimensions of the mat are – width 27 inch, height 75 inches, and thickness 6 mm, weighs 1.8 kg, and is washable. One side of the mat is rubberized to make it anti-slippery; it comes with a carry strap and is listed on flipkart.com for Rs. 799.

Craftsfy TPE Yoga Mat

Craftsfy Yoga Mat is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), which is an eco-friendly material and has higher durability, density, and resilience than PVC or NBR mats. TPE is free of PVC and latex, is non-toxic, and doesn’t have any smell or harmful chemicals in them. TPE, being a high-density material provides 30% more cushioning than other yoga mats and the dual-layer yoga mat has a tear-resistant mesh between the upper and the ground layer. The upper layer has 3000 anti-skid lines while the lower layer has a wave pattern to give a strong grip on any surface. The size of the mat is 6 feet by 4 feet, is 6 mm thick and it comes with a strap enabled carry bag. You can buy this mat from amazon.in for Rs. 1,999.

XL Gentle Yoga Mat 5 mm - Green

A yoga mat designed especially for the gentle yoga asanas. The mat is 5 mm thick, 215 cm long, and 70 cm wide, while it weighs 960 gm. The XL Gentle yoga mat has a soft feel, provides a firm grip on the floor, and is easy to transport with the soft strap which is provided with the mat. The discreet lines on the mat provide you stability while practicing yoga. You can purchase this XL Gentle Yoga Mat 5 mm – Green by Domyos for Rs. 1,999 at decathlon.in.

Care for Your Yoga Mat

While you are excited about your new yoga mat, do remember that your body is exposed to the mat many times during a yoga session; hence, maintaining the hygiene and cleaning of your yoga mat is equally important. The best way is to clean it with a clean washcloth using soapy water before first-time use and once in a week. You can also use a mat spray with essential oils which not only disinfect but also add a nice smell to your mat. A 50:50 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water is also useful for cleaning your yoga mat while hanging it in the sunlight is a natural way to disinfect and get rid of any smell.

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Consider the budget before buying a yoga mat. Because it will let you decide to buy the best yoga mat for your requirement. If you are willing to invest more in high-end yoga mats, then go with the top-notch models available online. Usually, the price of yoga mats in India ranges from Rs.700 to Rs.2500. Certain additional features like stickiness and padding can add few extra bucks to the cost of yoga mats.