Think You Know Everything About Embroidery? 10 Beautifully Embroidered Kurtis and 6 Popular Styles of Indian Embroidery (2019)

Think You Know Everything About Embroidery? 10 Beautifully Embroidered Kurtis and 6 Popular Styles of Indian Embroidery (2019)

Enamoured by the traditional Indian embroidery work! We from BP Guide bring to you the best embroidery works from every corner of India. Exquisite fabrics; Shining threads; Intricate work; All make for a breathtaking kurti that is coveted by many. Choose one these 10 stunning kurtis and showcase the beauty of Indian work.

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Famous Indian Embroidery Styles


Originating from the lands of Lucknow, Chikankari is one of the most sought after Kurti embroidery type which is quite expensive too. Chikankari is done by doing embroidery on a block print pattern. Afterwards, the piece is washed to remove the traces of the print on the cloth. One of the most popular Chikankari on Kurti is white on white which looks quite elegant.


Phulkari, as the name says, is the embroidery of flower motifs done on different types of fabrics. It is mainly practised in the Punjab region and many women do such kind of embroidery in their free time. Such type of embroidery is done in a reverse manner and performed on hard naturally dyed khadi cloth. Contrast is used as the key in such kind of embroidery style.

Rajasthani Patch Work

Rajasthani Patchwork is one of the most unique additions to this list of embroidery styles. In this craft, small pieces of clothes are stitched together to form a decorative pattern. You can spot stunning thread work on these patches which are backed by a layer of clothing underneath. It looks quite like a treat to the eyes.


You can spot Kantha embroidery in many Kurti design and patterns. It is mainly practiced in Bengal and Orissa by rural women. It is done by performing running stitches along with edges of a pattern. Motifs like birds, flowers and animals and seen mostly in Kantha embroidery style. Moreover, you can spot this type of embroidery in bedsheets, dress material and even in sarees too.


Zardozi is one of the oldest forms of embroidery style which is done by using gold and silver threads on a piece of clothing. It comes from Persia and became quite popular in the Mughal era in India. Zardozi looks quite elegant and usually embellished with different types of stones too. You will mostly see this embroidery in lehengas.

Mirror Work

Mirror Work is a popular embroidery style in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It flourished in the Mughal period and is available in three forms which are Machine cut Shisha, Hand Blown Shisha and Shisha embroidery. The use of mirrors and thread work all around them looks extremely beautiful and makes the fabric stand out.

Some of the Most Amazing Embroidered Kurtis You can Buy Online

Turquoise Blue A-Line Embroidered Kurti

Talking about the Kurti embroidery designs, you are going to love this turquoise blue A-Line Kurti. The embroidered Kurti has a unique high-low hem that looks quite stylish and trendy. Along with three-quarter sleeves, the Kurti has button detailing on the front. The embroidery is done on the yoke part with contrast coloured threads.

The embroidery has zig-zag line patterns and floral motifs. You are sure to love the minimal look of this Kurti which is quite appealing to be true. They have used rayon fabric which is quite flowy along with a mandarin collar. This solid Kurti is perfect for casual wear and you can buy it online on Myntra for Rs. 1,559.

White Chikankari Kota Kurti

Chikankari is the most intricate and detailed form of embroidery, that you can’t find an alternative to this form of thread work at all. If you take a look at the history of this art form you will find the white on white work quite popular. Hence we picked a piece which is quite a fitting example of this work.

This white chikankari kota Kurti has Mukesh work done on it with white threads which looks no less than breathtaking at first sight. The long white Kurti is crafted in Kota Doria. It also comes with an inner slip. We would recommend you to pair it with matching palazzo to look like a million bucks when attending a party or wedding. This stunning kurta can be bought from Nykaa for Rs. 3,000.

Beige Kantha Work Kurti

Kantha work is a popular form of embroidery and we have got a kurti for you representing the same. This dark beige kurti with mandarin collar and full-length sleeves looks simple but what catches people’s attention is the Kantha embroidery done on one side of the Kurti. The floral and leafy pattern is beautiful but still quite minimal in appeal.

The Kurti has some button detailing on the yoke and even the embroidery is done with contrasting colours. This Kurti is made of cotton fabric, perfect for hand wash and doesn’t require any special care. You can buy this Kantha work Kurti on Amazon for Rs. 800.

Unique Dark Blue Coloured Embroidered Kurti

We have got a pick from the latest, absolutely trendy and super stylish embroidery design Kurtis. Here you get a Kurti and palazzo set made out of heavy georgette fabric. The heaviness of the fabric withstands the process of intricate thread work and looks perfect even after a long time.

Talking about the Kurti, it has an uneven hemline which is short from one side and longer on the another. This navy blue coloured kurti is paired with matching navy blue palazzo. The embroidery looks like phulkari embroidery because of the floral and leafy pattern on the Kurti. The use of pink and red colours in floral embroidery looks quite stunning on the backdrop of blue Kurti. You can buy this piece on Peach Mode for Rs. 1,499.

Embroidered Straight Kurti

A cotton blend Kurti often makes a perfect choice for detailed embroidery work like this pink Kurti here. This simple and straight Kurti is so subtle but the embroidery done on it makes it look like designer wear. With a round neck and calf-length, this Kurti is perfect as casual wear for work or college. You can match it up with legging or palazzo of your choice.

Talking about the embroidery, they have used orange and blue colours to create beautiful patterns on the front part of the Kurti. The Kurti even has a small pocket on the left side with embroidery details. You are surely going to love the finishing of this Kurti which is quite impressive at such a low price. Buy this Kurti now on Flipkart for Rs. 399 only.

Blue Rayon Embroidered Kurti

The next Kurti we brought for you is a blue-coloured rayon Kurti with multicoloured embroidery work. The Kurti looks quite flamboyant in look because of its print and colour. You can spot contrast paisley print on the Kurti which is quite beautiful. This is a round neck Kurti with 3/4th length sleeves and straight cut look. The ankle-length of the Kurti makes it look quite stunning.

Talking about the embroidery, multicoloured embroidery is done on the yoke part of the Kurti. The embroidery is done in contrasting colours with resham thread that looks absolutely designer. If you want to buy this kurti then it is available for purchase on Mirraw for Rs. 999.

Short Embroidered Kurti

We have mostly picked full-length Kurtis in this segment and it is the time to bring some versatility. So, we picked this short Kurti with beautiful embroidery details on it. This short Kurti is available in orange colour and has a mandarin collar look. This Kurti is made out of high-quality cotton fabric which is considered quite ideal for intricate embroidery work.

Moreover, it has quarter length sleeves and is of thigh length. The embroidery is done around the button work on the neck. The use of beige and cream threads looks quite spectacular on the popping orange colour and maintains the balance of colours too. This Kurti is perfect for casual college and works look. You can order it online on Shoppersstop for Rs. 899.

Pink Anarkali Embroidered Kurti

Are you looking for more traditional designs? Then you are sure to love buying this pink coloured Anarkali Kurti with minimal embroidery done on it. The beautiful cotton blend Kurti in baby pink with teal blue on the hem and sleeves looks quite stunning. This Kurti looks simple in appeal with quarter length sleeves and round neck. There is embroidery done on the yoke area with blue threads.

The crisscross pattern of the embroidery is simple yet stunning. Also if you look closely, you will realize that the Kurti has self-print design too which gives a great element to this otherwise simple Kurti. The good quality embroidery doesn’t require any special care and it is suitable for even machine wash too. You can buy it on Snapdeal for Rs. 679.

Net Embroidered Kurti

Pakistani embroidered Kurtis are quite popular in India and that is why we decided to pick one for this list too. These types of Kurtis are generally quite embellished and have embroidery detailing from top to bottom. This net embroidered Kurti depicts the same work. Here you can find heavy embroidery work done on the delicate fabric of net which looks breathtaking.

This ice blue Kurti not only has a matching thread work but also contrasting red and white embroidery detailing. To support the fabric further the fabric is used as an inner too. Such fully embroidered Kurtis are perfect for party wear and other functions. However, this is an unstitched piece and you will have to get it stitched on your own. You can buy it online on Shoprex for Rs. 1,490.

Black Kurti with Floral Embroidery

And our final recommendation for this list of embroidered Kurti is a black A-line Kurti with detailed embroidery done on it in multicolour. Interestingly, this viscose Kurti is neither too short nor long enough like other ones. You can pair it with jeans or jegging to create a unique fusion look. Multicolour detailing on this black Kurti makes a popping effect which is quite beautiful to look at.

Moreover, this Kurti has a deep round neck and quarter length sleeves with a little cut on the edges to give a flowy ruffled look. Talking about the embroidery details, it is done heavily on the neckline with the influence of colours like yellow and pink. You can buy this Kurti on Lime Road for Rs. 725.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Embroidered Kurti?

For someone new to the concept of thread work like embroidery, you can check out great recommendations on Pinterest. But, before that learn how to pick some of the best-embroidered kurtis for yourself through this quick guide right below.

The Finishing Should be Good Enough

Finishing is the key for embroidered outfits whether it is Kurtis, sarees, lehengas or something else. Look that there are no loose threads, and every single embroidered pattern has a good quality of finishing done to it. Any sort of loose thread can ruin the outfit over time. So make sure to always pick Kurtis with a proper finish even if you have to pay a little more.

Know the Type of Thread Used

If you think that knowing just the type of embroidery is enough then you are totally wrong about it. The type of thread used determines the quality and price of the clothing too. For example, regular threads are more likely to get ruined with time while resham threads not only look extremely stunning but such embroidery is long-lasting too.

Know the Technique and Pricing

As we talked about, there is a variety of Kurti embroidery done in different parts of India. Before buying a Kurti, know that what kind of embroidery is done on it and the price accordingly. While the Chikankari and Zardozi is an expensive form of embroidery, you can find Kantha and Phulkari embroidered pieces on nominal pricing.

Colour Combination with Fabric Used

A sturdy fabric used for embroidery always goes a long way. Other popular fabrics used for embroidery are muslin and cotton. Make sure to look for the fabric before buying a Kurti or other such clothing pieces. Also, the thread colours used should complement the colour of the fabric in some way otherwise it will look quite a mismatched piece.

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Indian Cultural Heritage and Its influence on Indian Embroidery Techniques

India's rich cultural heritage has given birth to various interesting embroidery techniques inspired by diverse traditions. From Chikankari to Zardozi, we have something for the simple and elegant to rich and stunning. Not only sarees, but you can also enjoy them even in Kurtis. They have evolved to adjust and adapt to the growing trends and are trendy themselves. If you are like us, someone who appreciates the rich Indian embroidery techniques you would love the collection we have for you. However, when buying in real-time you need to keep an eye on the work themselves for authentic work. Authentic and original work has an even and finished product without loose threads. Look for sites that vote for quality and originality in their products.