10 Trending Kurtis with Long Jacket Style That You Need to Buy Right Away (2019)!

10 Trending Kurtis with Long Jacket Style That You Need to Buy Right Away (2019)!

This article tells you all that you need to know about how to style long jacket styled kurtis and also suggests 10 such trendy kurtis that you can order online. Read on to find out more about them!

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Kurti With Long Jacket - New Trend on the Block

A kurti is probably one of the most comfortable clothing items for women. This concept of a kurti is even more appealing in the summer heat given the nice, soft fabric that is usually used to make kurtis. No wonder women are increasingly depending on these to be comfortable at their workplaces, colleges and almost everywhere else.

The trend these days is to wear a kurti with a jacket. This is a style statement that is quirky and looks sophisticated at the same time. And it turns out, women are loving the look! The jackets range from short, midi to long. Jackets, in fact, change the look of the kurti entirely, giving a kurti a new avatar with every other jacket.

Why is the Jacket Style Kurti So Popular These Days?

The major reason that you find all those gorgeous kurtis with long jackets splattered all across your Instagram is that they are a rage right now. Women across the country are experimenting with them and it has become much of a fashion statement right now. The major reasons that it is so in-trend is because of the following:

1. Perfect Combination of Modern and Traditional

Highlight of the kurti with long jacket look is that it is the perfect ode to tradition with subtly mixing it with a pinch of modern. It works seamlessly by giving you the best of both worlds and also opens lot of options to experiment. You can explore styles and trends in your styling that showcase your sense of fashion and creativity.

2. Works Better for Formal Occasions Than Regular Kurtis

You can wear this combination for occasions like formal get-togethers, casual evening with friends and even for small parties. However, it works best for formal occasions and can also be added to your daily office wear wardrobe. It gives the formal work wear vibe while also making sure that you feel light and comfortable. Also, by simply pairing a different long jacket with the same kurti, you can actually wear it longer and better.

3. Can be Paired With Jeans, Leggings, Pants and Palazzos

The other point that is making this combination so popular with women right now is because of the way in which it can be paired with actually anything and everything. From jeans to leggings to even pants and palazzos - you can rock it with any type of bottom wear. For women looking to wear this to work, pants and leggings are perfect options while for casual occasions palazzos and even jeans would work.

Top 10 Trendiest Kurtis with Long Jacket Style That You Need To Buy Right Away

If you are someone who likes to pick their clothes off the internet then you will certainly like the list we have specially curated to include some of the trendiest styles on kurtis with long jacket. The pieces are not very expensive and are distinct in design.

1. Jaipuri Kurti - Printed A-Line Kurta with Long Jacket

Source www.ajio.com

If you take a look at this particular piece, you are bound to fall in love at first glance! This one is a beautiful blue kurti with Jaipuri patterns adorning it. Over this darker shade of blue resembling the colour of the ocean, is a long jacket. This jacket that extends almost up to the end of the kurti is a lighter shade of blue with beautiful designs all over it. It compliments the kurti and enhances its appearance. A product from Jaipur Kurti, this stunning piece is available on Ajio at a price of Rs.1,410. Given the simplicity and the aura of this kurti, the price is reasonable, making this piece a must-have.

2. Nitya Octane Blue & Red Kurti With Long Jacket

If you love sporting distinct kurti designs, then you can blindly trust Cilory to bring you some of the greatest kurtis you have ever seen. This one is no exception. It is as beautiful as kurtis can get. It is a stunner and will be so in a party if you wear it to one. This kurti is a navy blue piece with a beautiful long jacket. Both the kurti and the jacket extend right down to the ankles. While the kurti is a simple navy blue in colour, the jacket is a gorgeous red, complete with little designs that are studded on it. The colours mould beautifully together. This piece is available at Rs.1,649 only!

3. Aasi Red Cotton Printed A-Line Kurti with Jacket

This is the evergreen kurti design and colour combination that will never fail. A bold red, plain cotton kurti paired with a printed jacket with three-fourth sleeves, this piece is available on Tata Cliq for Rs.879. The design is simple, yet beautiful and can be worn for formal as well as casual occasions. It has a round neck with black colour tassels and an ankle length. You can pair with slim fit jeans or leggings or if you are wearing it for a traditional occasion, then a pair of palazzos will also work. You can also avail Cash on Delivery (COD) on this and a 30-day return policy in case of size issues or other concerns.

4. Red And White Jacket Style Kurti

This kurti is a little different from the other kurtis, and that is beacuse of the charm that it brings to your wardrobe. Instead of having a separate jacket with the kurti, it has a top that forms a jacket. The kurti, a basic crimson in colour, has a white top that blends with the kurti but not before taking up the appearance of a jacket. This top is white in colour with red patterns decorating it. The three-quarter sleeves of this kurti stand out and enhance the look of it. This stunning piece is available on Voonik at Rs.699 only!

5. AJIO Printed Long Jacket with Front Tie-Up

Source www.ajio.com

If you are the kind of person who frequents parties or social gatherings, or if you have something coming up in a few days, this is perfect for the occasion. This kurti has whatever is required in a party-wear. It oozes sophistication and bling in the same breath. And that is something that is rare to find. The kurti is a beautiful golden in colour, simple and sophisticated. The bling comes in with the jacket. It extends throughout the length of the kurti. The jacket is reddish maroon with a lot of work all over it. The fact that it is to be tied at the waist makes it even more stunning. Available on Ajio, this one will cost you Rs.1,999 and is completely worth it!

6. Festive & Party Embroidered, Embellished Women Kurti (Yellow, Blue)

Flipkart is the one-stop destination if you wish to buy affordable yet trendy cloths. If it is a kurti, then there is hardly any other e-commerce site that will get you kurtis at such an attractive rates. This particular piece also has a long jacket that is navy blue in colour. Along the ends of the two sides of this jacket are floral designs embroidered in yellow. This matches with the yellow kurti beneath this jacket. The colours complement each other and complete the look. This one is sold by Kanchan Collections at Rs.656. Grab it before the stock runs out!

7. Navy Blue Georgette Printed Kurti with Jacket

Source www.saree.com

This kurti, available at saree.com at Rs.1,480, is a blue-on-blue piece that produces a trendy look. The jacket is the main attraction as it has been designed differently. The front bit of the jacket is relatively smaller than the portion at the back, creating the illusion of waves at the sides. The kurti underneath is plain blue, allowing the jacket to do the work. This is one kurti you will not like to let go of.

8. BIBA 3/4th Sleeve Embroidered, Printed Women's Front Slit Jacket

This is another three-quarter sleeve that makes a statement. With a chequered kurti beneath, the jacket is navy blue with embroidered designs at the neck. What is unique about this jacket is the front slit that it flaunts. It is made out of polycotton and is a good addition to your summer wardrobe. This kurti is from Biba and is available on Flipkart at Rs.2,499. You can pair it with leggings or even a skirt or palazzos for the perfect look. It is a nice option for formal occasions or casual get togethers.

9. Inddus Green and Grey Embroidered Kurti Palazzo Set with Jacket

This one is a show stealer and a perfect addition to your wardrobe for occasions where you want to make a style statement without overdoing it. In monochrome shades of green, grey and pink; this set of a kurti with palazzo is available on Tata Cliq for Rs.3,807. It has a green coloured kurti with a round neck paired with a pink coloured jacket. The palazzo is in a blue-grey shade. The material is a kind of art silk. You can trust this combination to make heads turn at a evening get together, or even at formal parties.

10. Women Floral Print Flared Kurta (Pink, Blue)

Another kurti available on Flipkart, this one is sold by Attire4ever at Rs.799 only. This piece is available in pink and blue variants. The kurti underneath the jacket is pink in colour while the jacket is a shade of blue with intricate work adorning it. The three-quarter sleeves are a plus.

What Will Work Best With a Long Jacket Kurti?

Now, this is a question that pops up every time we open our wardrobe to find something to wear. A long jacket is very much in trend and rightfully so! They enhance the look of your kurtis and make them even more stunning than they usually are. But you might be wondering what to pair up with a long jacket kurti. You are in luck for we will give you an overview of three things that will make you look even better!

1. Heels

If you are wearing a long jacket kurti, then heels are a must. Heels give you the extra height that makes the kurti stand out. The higher the heels, the better the look. However, some kurtis look equally great with platform heels, too. You can further match the colours of the kurti with that of the heels. A little bling on your heels will look great with such pieces. Some of the best heel styles that work with almost any kurti include wedges, peep-toes and block heels.

2. Earrings

Earrings are something that we women wear instinctively. These complete the look that you wish to achieve every time you wear such a kurti. Earrings are to be chosen carefully, however. Sometimes you might want to go with silver jewellery while at other times you might choose the golden ones. A substitute to silver jewellery is oxidised jewellery. These are very much in trend and much cheaper than silver pieces. They are also easily available in various styles and designs.

3. Handbag

Handbags are the essentials that we just cannot seem to ditch. But handbags are not just restricted to being essentials, they also make distinct style statements. A matching handbag with a pretty kurti is what you need to look stunning. Handbags, these days, come in all shapes and sizes. Choose the one that best matches your attire and your purpose for the day. Carry this with confidence and this is enough to make you look the best!

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