For the Perfect Fit, Create Your Own Custom Made Lehenga: 10 Beautiful Lehenga Dress Materials to Design Your Dream Outfit (2019)

For the Perfect Fit, Create Your Own Custom Made Lehenga: 10 Beautiful Lehenga Dress Materials to Design Your Dream Outfit (2019)

Lehenga, as we all know, every girl want to carry in almost all functions. But sometimes it happens that girls couldn't find the exact one that they desire. So it's better to purchase the lehenga material by your own and use this for designing your dream lehenga.

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How to Pick Perfect Fabric for Your Lehenga

Okay, so if you are getting hitched this year or you have to attend a special wedding event this year, you have to think about one absolutely important thing. That’s how you are going to dress up? Dressing up is the important part of the weddings, so if you are clear that you are going to wear flared lehenga for the ceremony, then your work isn’t done here. Because one of the important factors which should be considered while selecting your lehenga would the fabric of the Lehenga. The fabric is the main structure of your lehenga so it has to perfect without any extra questions asked. To select the perfect materials for your Lehenga to consider following things always;

By Season

The fabric of your Lehenga should be always selected after considering the season in which you are going to wear it. Like, if you are getting married in summer or attending a summery wedding, then keep the fabric of your Lehenga light. The heavy fabric will make you feel uncomfortable, for summer season functions opt for chiffon or georgette material. Even for the spring or monsoon season, you should wear light fabrics like crepe or net. However, if you are preparing for the winter event, then you can pick all heavy and shining fabrics like velvet, brocade, silk, etc.,

By Location

The next thing that should be mull over is the location of your event. Such as if you are attending a wedding in Rajasthan during the hot days of summer, then wearing heavily embroidered velvet Lehenga is a self-destructive mission. You will boil yourself to death if you try that combo. Similarly, if you opt for net Lehenga for the hilly wedding, then you will be frozen by the end of the event. So, keep the location of your party before making the selection of your fabric for the Lehenga or any other dress.

The Shape of Your Body


Well, if your friend wore flared silk Lehenga on her wedding, then it doesn’t mean that you should wear it to. The selection of Lehenga fabric should always be made after considering your body type and shape. Everybody type requires a different type of fabric to highlight its features. Like, if you have the slightly curvy body type, then fabrics such as brocade or silk are going to make you look more stuffy and over. However, if you go for the net or georgette lehenga here, then these fabrics will highlight your everybody curvy in a sensual way rather than make you look stuff toy. So, first be clear about your body shape and only then, finalize the fabric for your Lehenga.

Embroidery Style

You need to consider all the embroidery style and embellishments that are going to work with your lehenga. If you are bit experimenting type of person and want to include lots of embellishments in your Lehenga, then you have to select fabric accordingly. For embroidery and embellishments, you should opt for the fabric like velvet, crepe, chiffon, and georgette for that. However, for print work or patchwork, you should use the cotton or silk fabric. But, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on embroidery and embellishments, then you can select the fabric brocade which doesn’t require much embroidery work as it’s a woven fabric.

Shine and Texture of Fabric


Another factor that needed to be considered is the shine of your fabric. Like, if you want Lehenga in the brighter and shiny side, then you have to select fabrics like brocade, silk or crepe. But, if you are not a big fan of the shine and glossy fabric, then you have to pick fabrics like cotton, net or georgette which has less shine in them. Moreover, you should think about the texture of your fabric as well. If you have sensitive skin then you should avoid wearing fabric which is itchy or has threads in them like brocade. For sensitive skin person, mainly cotton is very good fabric option.

10 Lehenga Dress Materials That You Should Order Now

Now, you know which type of fabric is going to be ideal for you to style your lehenga in, then it’s time to order the perfect lehenga dress material for yourself. To order the beautiful lehenga dress material to customize it according to your style, you can order the dress material online. There are plenty of different e-commerce stores from where you can order the stunning lehenga dress material immediately. However, for quick reviewing, you can check out following lehenga dress material online asap.

Maroon Pink Unstitched Lehenga

The pink is the color of the festival and celebration, so to make the occasion more special and vibrant you can wear the unstitched pink and maroon Lehenga. The lehenga material is the lightweight net. Lehenga base is assorted with the beautiful zari work and diamond embroidery accessories. The choli of the Lehenga is designed with the plain round neck and embellishments. Lightweight net lehenga makes the perfect outfit for the summer wedding. You can order this Lehenga from the for ₹1515.

Blue Taffeta Circular Lehenga

Well, if you are looking for something simple and stylish for your bestie's wedding, then this blue taffeta silk Lehenga is perfectly designed for you. The circular lehenga is suitable for the owner of curvy body type. Flared circular Lehenga is designed with the golden embroidery pattern on the whole base. Kurti of the Lehenga is of plain blue Bangalore silk and the neck of the choli can be easily customized by you as per your liking. The blue flared Lehenga can be paired with the golden jewelry or large gold jhumkis. You can order this blue stylish Lehenga from for just ₹619.

Women's Cotton Silk Dress Material Lehenga Choli


The dark bottle green color is very trendy and looks great on the person who has fair skin color. If you want to make the trendy appearance on your friend wedding, then you should get this bottle green silk stylish Lehenga dress material for yourself. The Lehenga border is heavily embroidered with the golden zari thread which will make the perfect A-line Lehenga bottom. The golden choli looks stylish with the overall design of Lehenga. You buy this style oriented Lehenga from the Amazon store for ₹600.

Velvet Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli


For the cozy winter weddings, this velvet blue semi stitched Lehenga dress material is the best. You will feel comfortable and cozy in this velvet outfit. The Lehenga has created a beautiful flare at the bottom so when you hit the dance floor with this lehenga, then you can create the perfect circular flare with the Lehenga. Moreover, the Lehenga has simple net dupatta which you can easily drape on your body. To get the soothing velvet Lehenga dress material from Amazon store you just have to pay ₹949.

Embroidered Lehenga

If you are looking for something affordable for the party, then this magenta lehenga with the multicolored choli is perfect for you. The bottom of the Lehenga is designed with golden goats. The dupatta of the set is also styled with the traditional golden gotta. This is something very lightweight and comfortable to wear for simple traditional functions. With your simple jewelry wear this multicolored Lehenga will be a great option. Buy it from Flipkart for ₹399.

Dark Blue Embroidered Lehenga

If you are one of those people who like silver more than the golden color for embroidery, then this blue and silver stylish dress material is for you. The lehenga bottom is studded with the heavy silver embroidery. Lehenga choli and the dupatta is also studded with the silver embroidery and embellishments. This blue Lehenga dress material is available on Flipkart for ₹445.

Banaras Handwoven Art Silk Unstitched Lehenga & Blouse Fabric with Meena Work

This is the handcrafted unstitched Banarasi art fabric Lehenga for your important family functions. The beautiful styled Banarasi border Lehenga which is very exquisite and elegant. For the wedding of your sister or brother, this Lehenga is going to be perfect for you. The blue, magenta and golden Banarasi handcrafted Lehenga is an image of elegance. You can pair this Lehenga with the traditional gold jewelry and gajra for the hairs. So, immediately order your Banarasi silk Lehenga from for ₹5999.

Banarasi Handwoven Semi Silk Unstitched Lehenga & Blouse Fabric with Yellow Dupatta

To look the real goddess of elegance, you should wear this handcrafted yellow and grey Lehenga. The elegance and richness of Banarasi Lehenga will make you look like the princess of the royal kingdom. You have to wear your traditional gold jewelry and other traditional accessories like mang tika with this Lehenga. So, to enhance your inner beauty order this Banarasi silk Lehenga from for ₹7499.

Grey & White Poly Chiffon Printed Dress Material

The fairy-like grey colored Lehenga with the shades of pristine white, which will make you look striking and more beautiful. This gorgeous piece is made of poly chiffon, this Lehenga is quite comfortable to wear and easy to drape as well. Team it with minimal jewelry and step out for a wedding party of your bestie. This lehenga can be ordered from for ₹2719.

Wedding Dress Fabric and Lehenga Dress Material

To show your creativity with the Lehenga designing, you can get the purple gold brocade dress material to design the Lehenga of your dreams. This is a beautiful blended benarse silk brocade floral motifs design fabric in Purple and Gold. The fabric illustrates small golden woven motifs on silk base of fabric. You can get this purple brocade dress material from for ₹400 per meter.

Lehenga Wearing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

After designing your dream Lehenga for your party, you need to carry your Lehenga perfectly. If you haven’t worn Lehenga properly, then the whole look of your beautiful Lehenga is list. The real beauty of your Lehenga lies in the method in which you wear it. If your Lehenga or it’s dupatta isn’t draped perfectly, then you might not able to look as great you have thought. So, don’t make the following mistakes while wearing your Lehenga.

Not Too Tight

This is a very common mistake that people do most. They assume that tight lehenga will make them look slimmer. But, that’s wrong as tight lehenga make the wearer uncomfortable and suffocated. The tight lehenga won’t let you move freely and you won’t be able to enjoy the function as well. So, don’t over tighten your lehenga as it only going to make you look hideous rather than sexy.

Wear It Right

Now, you have to wear the lehenga in the right manner as it has been designed. Well, the high waisted lehengas are meant to be worn above the waist, but it doesn’t mean that you wear it below your bust. That’s going to make you look slightly odd. So, wear your lehenga in the correct manner and if you don’t know how to wear lehenga properly, then take professional help.

Shape of the Lehenga

There are plenty of different types of lehenga available like A-line, fish cut, etc., but every lehenga style isn’t suitable for every body type. Like, A-line lehenga will suit someone with the short and heavy built body type person. Whereas fish cut lehenga will suit someone with slim and long body structure. So, select a style according to your body type.

Find the Perfect Accessories

Your look isn’t complete until you accessorise your lehenga properly. Like, if you are using latkans on your dupatta or lehenga, then make sure that they aren’t too heavy when you tie them around your body. Especially, the gotta border of your lehenga should complement the embroidery, otherwise it will look cluttered and messy. So, use only those accessories which will look good with your outfit. Don’t use unnecessary accessories to highlight your lehenga as it will make you look stuffy rather than stylish.

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More Layers, More flares

Flared lehenga look stunning. It gives the perfect touch to your look. Before purchasing the lehenga material what you need to consider is purchase the material in full length so that there should not be any shortage of the cloth in designing you lehenga.