Make Your Lehenga Kameez Stunning with the Unique Embroidery Designs And Choose Any from Our 10 Mesmerising Lehenga Kameez Options for Garnering Attention And Looking Sensually Attractive for a Party(2019).

Make Your Lehenga Kameez Stunning with the Unique Embroidery Designs And Choose Any from Our 10 Mesmerising Lehenga Kameez Options for Garnering Attention And Looking Sensually Attractive for a Party(2019).

The modern day Indian woman is very much fashion conscious and that is conspicuously evident from the elegant designs of the embroidered blouses and cholis that a woman/girl is wearing in the present times. So, today in our article we will deeply discuss a lehenga kameez. This article provides you complete information about the various thing that you can include in your lehenga kameez viz. different embroidery styles, unique embellishments and the online portals from where you can buy lehenga kameez.

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Different Embroidery Styles You Should Try on Your Lehenga Kameez

Lehenga kameez basically is a long Lehenga top which is mainly designed up to calf length. Lehenga with the kameez is very trendy these days as they are available in numerous different embroidery designs. The beautiful embroidery enhances the overall appearance of your Lehenga kameez and makes it look truly mesmerizing. There are various different styles of embroideries have been adopted by people on their clothes like zari work, hand embroidery, sequins, motifs, etc.

Cutwork Embroidery Designs

Cutwork embroidery designs are very beautiful to gaze upon and required an optimum level of craftsmanship to design this work. This embroidery is done with the help of different coloured threads like gold, silver or other colours. To do the cutwork embroidery mainly silk thread is used, but that’s not compulsory. This embroidery will enhance the colour and texture of your kameez fabric. You can use this work to design the neck or border of your Lehenga kameez. In this work, mainly the corner part and the inner part of the design is cut.

Sequin And Thread Embroidery Designs

To give an Arabic look to your Lehenga kameez, you can decorate it with sequins and thread embroidery. The sequins and thread work embroidery is mainly seen on the neckline of the kameez. But, this work is popularly done on sarees, shawls, dupattas, etc. The selection of the sequins and thread depends on the colour and texture of fabric as the overall aim of this work is to enhance the colour and appearance of the fabric. This kind of work is commonly seen on the festive traditional clothing like Lehengas, sarees, salwar suits, etc.

Pita Work Embroidery Designs

These days pita work has seen a lot on Indian traditional wears. In some regions of India, this work is also called as ‘dabke ka kaam’ in the local language. This embroidery is done with the hand stitch using the golden thread and other small golden embellishments. Pita work is mainly done around the neck and side pleats of the Lehenga kameez. However, in the bridal Lehengas heavy pita work all over the Lehenga and kameez has been preferred.

Chikankari Embroidery Designs

Chikankari is a delicate embroidery style from the city of Nazaqat, Lucknow. This embroidery has been introduced by Noor Jahan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir. The chikan kameez is designed with the help of block printed embroidery pattern. The craftsmen embroider the hand stitches along the printed pattern. Traditionally, this work was embroidered on white fabric only, but today craft has been designed on a different type of colourful fabrics also. Pastel colour chikankari Lehenga kameez are becoming the first preference of designers these days.

Zardozi Embroidery Designs

The majestic art of sewing gold and silver thread on fabric is called as zardosi. This embroidery design has been a gift from the land of Persia. Earlier, this embroidery was part of the royal couture only. However, today zardosi work with a combination of copper or golden silk threads on the velvet fabric has been seen commonly. Timeless zardosi work is a truly royal craft and zardosi bridal Lehengas and sarees are its best example.

Unique Embellishments to Design Your Lehenga Kameez

Embellishments are small ornaments added to fabrics to make them look rich and gorgeous. Embellishments are attached stylishly to the Lehenga kameez to decorate them. They are available in different decorative patterns. The most commonly used embellish material includes fringes, beads, buttons etc. On your Lehenga kameez, you can use following fabric embellishments to highlight it.


In patchwork, a layer of some other designed fabric is attached to the fabric of your Lehenga kameez like a patch. In this embellishments technique, small pieces of fabric are joined in geometrical or abstract designs to decorate the fabric. This is a very time consuming and creative technique which is practised by a few trained craftsmen. This type of embellishments work on the Garba dresses are seen mostly.


Lace is a specially designed openwork fabric, which has multiple patterns on it. The lace is designed with open holes. It can be made by machines and can be designed by hands as well. This is another embellishment item which you can put on your Lehenga kameez. As laces are available in numerous colours and designs so you can easily get matching lace to decorate your kameez. It is stitched to the fabric, mostly lace is attached to the corners of the fabric like neck or arm sleeves.


Piping is a trim embellishment, which is used to add different lines to the outfit. Generally, in piping, the strip of matching fabric is cut and folded in the cord form to style the base fabric. You can use piping in numerous different ways to style your Lehenga kameez like you can use the same fabric as your kameez to add symmetry lines to it or you can use contrasting fabric or leather to your outfit.

Ruffles Embellishment on Fabrics

Ruffles embellishments on fabric materials are widely used in modern fashion trends as utilization of embroidery is getting minimized lately. Ruffle embellishments can be easily made from only one or perhaps twofold overlaying of fabrics. You can include heading ruffles, circular ruffles, double ruffle edges, etc., to your kameez. You can decorate neckline, hems, and sleeves of kameez with ruffles.

Shine on Embellishment


If you are designing Lehenga kameez for the party, then you should add bling to it. You have numerous bling embellishments options to design your Lehengas like sequins, pearls or other decorative buttons. You can use these embellishments to highlight neckline, hemline and other parts of your kameez. These embellishments can be sewed using the machine as well as hands.

Trendy Lehenga with Kameez Online

Okay, so if you are looking for the beautiful Lehenga with the stunning kameez, then there are plenty of options online available for you. The Lehenga with kameez can be a very good option for the ladies who don’t like to show off their skin. So, if you are ready to steal the show with beautifully embroidered and embellished Lehenga kameez, then try out following outfits first.

Embroidered Net Lehenga in Beige

This beige colour net Lehenga with the slit in the kameez looks highly trendy. This gorgeous Lehenga is crafted with the Resham and zari embroidery, and embellished with the stone and patchwork on the border. The kameez of Lehenga is designed with band collar and cold shoulder sleeves. The length of the Lehenga kameez can be customized up to 46 inches. You can pair this Lehenga with your vintage jewellery. This embroidery net Lehenga with kameez and dupatta can be ordered from for Rs. 5,700.

Printed Georgette Lehenga in Black

If you like simple and elegant attire, then this printed georgette Lehenga with black kameez can be perfect for you. This Lehenga comes with poly shantoon lining and has been crafted with the floral print, resham work, and stylish patchwork border. The Lehenga kameez is designed from a faux georgette fabric and has a sweetheart neckline. Kameez has asymmetrical hemline with 46 front and 60 back lengths. You can customize this semi stitched Lehenga according to your body measurements. Style this Lehenga with your metallic jewellery after ordering attire from for Rs. 5,062.

Cream And Peach Lehenga Kameez

This is a beautiful cream and peach Lehenga with stunning kameez and vibrant dupatta. Kameez has been designed with Chanderi silk and bottom has been crafted from satin georgette which is paired with nylon chiffon dupatta. The Lehenga is decorated with the printed tassels. So, if you have important weeding or function to attend, then pair this Lehenga with your finest jewellery and apply some makeup to look like a true diva. You can get this Lehenga kameez from for Rs. 1,980.

Beige And Magenta Silk Lehenga Kameez

Are you looking for something classy for your friends' engagement party? Then, here you have the option to get this beige and magenta Lehenga kameez. This outfit is made up of the two different types of silk fabric. The kameez is crafted from Thapa silk and Lehenga bottom from the mulabari silk, however, duppata is designed from chiffon. On the kameez, beautiful floral embroidery of magenta colour has been handcrafted. If you have pearl jewellery, then you should wear it with this Lehenga. You can order this Lehenga kameez combo from for Rs. 3,341.

Soft Net & Santoon Beige Embroidered Lehenga Style Suit

To highlight your soft feminine side, you can get this soft net and santon beige heavily embroidered Lehenga. This Lehenga is designed like a suit and finely crafted with embroidery. Kameez of Lehenga has a slit in the middle with detailed embroidery work on it. The bottom has a length of 44 inches which can be easily customized according to your height. If you have oxidized jewellery, then wear it to highlight the features of this Lehenga. Moreover, wear your high heels with this Lehenga as well. To look like a sweet angel order this Lehenga kameez from for Rs. 2,179.

Georgette Cream Embroidered Lehenga Style Suit

If you want to look like a royal beauty, then you should get this georgette cream and black lehenga. Apart from the classic combination, the heavy golden zari embroidery makes the Lehenga highly exquisite. Kameez is styled like Anarkali with the flared black sharara. To look like royal princess wear your Kundan necklace, earrings and maang tikka with this Lehenga. If you want to look like a Mughal princess, then wear passa tikka. This royal outfit can be ordered from the for Rs. 3,449.

Net Embroidery Lehenga Suit in Pastel Green Colour

Pastel colours are very trending these days, so if you want to follow the trend, then get this pastel green net Lehenga kameez for yourself. This is a net based Lehenga which is crafted with beautiful embroidery. This Lehenga suit comes with matching flared dupatta and stunning bottom. It is semi stitched piece which can be altered up to 42 sizes. The Panna studded jewellery or metallic jewellery would go very well with this outfit. You can order this pastel beauty for yourself today from the for Rs. 2,447.

Bangalore Satin Silk Lehenga Suit in Orange Colour

This beautiful designer orange Lehenga outfit with intricate embroidery work can be truly suitable for modern women. This outfit has a sharara style bottom which looks like a flared Lehenga skirt. You can customize the kameez of Lehenga as per your liking, you can customise it bare or sheer according to your style. For the functions like weddings and engagement parties, this is a perfect outfit. This Bangalore satin silk Lehenga kameez will look very modest on you. You can avoid wearing any sort of jewellery with this Lehenga as it is already embroidered very beautifully. You can wear a clip or headgear with this Lehenga after ordering it from the for Rs. 5,335.

Green Colour Bangalori Silk Lehenga Suit

This green colour banglori silk Lehenga suit is offered by brand Muta. To design the Lehenga soft and shiny banglori silk fabric is used. The dupatta which comes along Lehenga is designed from naznin fabric. There is a beautiful floral embroidery on the neckline of the kameez can be seen. The Lehenga skirt has prints on it. For parties and traditional functions, this Lehenga kameez can be a very good choice. Pair this Lehenga with your finest jewellery after ordering from for Rs. 1,699.

Maroon Resham Embroidery Georgette Salwar Semi stitched


The ravishing red colour Lehenga kameez with the clean slit in the middle is an amazing outfit. It is amazingly crafted with thread embroidery work and stylish stonework. The kameez of the Lehenga is made up from the pure silk and it comes with a shantoon inner and Banarasi silk Lehenga base. It is a perfect outfit for modern women when it’s paired with stylish and elegant jewellery. If you are a bit experimental, then you can wear headgear with this Lehenga also. You can order this girlish Lehenga from for Rs. 5,267.

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Do Not Forget Your Budget

Always have a budget in your mind. It's very easy to get carried away with the designs and get something that's way out of the budget. Everything makes you look good if you are confident and you feel happy. You give personality to your dress, not the other way around. So if the lehenga kameez you've selected to wear is out of your pocket than do not buy it becuase you are not going to wear it again and again. You can look for another one. Hope you find your right lehenga kameez !!!