Looking for Something Formal As Well As Comfortable? Check out this Men's Office Blazer Range in 2020.

Looking for Something Formal As Well As Comfortable? Check out this Men's Office Blazer Range in 2020.

Blazers are the most comfortable and professional attire which compliment your outfit. So, be it an important office meeting, or a casual party, a Blazer will always make heads turn. Besides, they also protect you from extreme weather. Below, we compile a list of best Office Blazers for men in 2020.

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Blazer is the Perfect Add-on to Your Formal Attire

The corporate culture is shifting from a formal culture with strict protocols about your dress every day to a simpler way of working that allows individual preferences. But wearing a blazer in addition to your formal attire can work wonders for your personality. Especially if you had to attend a client meeting or an urgent meeting with your senior management.

It is crucial to select a proper blazer that suits your personality. And it is equally important to ensure you carry it well. Studies have shown that the way you dress conveys a lot about you. Hence you must be careful about what you wear. The color and design of the blazer must match with your personality. However, there are too many brands that are available that makes choosing the best ones a bit difficult. In this article, we will discuss some of the points to consider when selecting the ideal blazer for you.

How to Select a Blazer for Yourself

The Length

You must always wear the blazer and check its length. The length of the blazer is essential when you are visiting important events. Wearing a blazer of shorter length will not look professional at an official event. Also, wearing one too long will look awkward.

Also, ensure that the shoulder seams of your blazer are in line with your shoulder. The shoulders of the blazer should not be wrinkled. Just check that some part of your shirt peeks through when you bend your wrist with the palm facing the ground.

Your Personality

The color and design of the blazer should suit your personality. If you are a fresh graduate, a classic blazer in grey will good on you. For an experienced manager, a textured navy blue blazer will suit your personality. You can wear it to your meetings as well as the after-office parties.

Based on your personality, you can also choose the two-button or three-buttoned blazers. The two-buttoned ones provide a classic look and make you look taller. A three-buttoned one is ideal for taller people, and the buttons will be higher up on the chest.

The Size

It is crucial to get the size of the blazer right. Else you will look awkward wearing it. The fit on your shoulder is important. The shoulder seams of the blazer should not go down from your shoulder level, nor should it cramp up too much. You must also have the chest and the waist measurements done by the salesperson to ensure it is a correct fit for you.

A blazer with a bigger size will not look good on you, and you need to find a good tailor to customise it for you. But isn't it better than one with a shorter size as the tailor would not be able to be of much help!

Does it Fit Well?

Always make sure that the blazer is fitting you just fine. When the top button of the blazer is fastened, it should slightly touch your midsection but should not be too tight. On the other hand, if it is too loose near your stomach, you need to choose another one. The collar of the blazer rests on the collar of your shirt without too much gap in between.

The position of the armholes is equally essential. On the one hand, it should not be tight at the armpit; but there should not be too much room either. The buttons should start above your belly button. Wearing a perfectly fitting blazer is important; otherwise, you will not look comfortable in it.

The Weather

You must choose your blazer based on the weather. It should also double up as your overcoat when the weather is a bit cool. There are blazers available for colder regions. They are warm enough, and you can wear it with formals as well as casuals.

For warmer weather, you must wear blazers made from lighter clothing. There are also blazers made from lighter materials, like cotton and linen. You must pair them with trousers based on the color of the blazer.

The Color

The color of the blazer must be based on the reason for buying the blazer and your personality. The ideal one is a black colored blazer as it works just well for everyone. The grey and navy blue ones are also common for a formal set-up. A brown blazer should be kept aside for your parties. If you wish to be a change agent, you can opt for more vibrant options, like blue, maroon and other vibrant colors.

Best Blazers for Men in 2020

MANQ Men’s Slim-Fit Combo Formal Blazer

MANQ has over 25 years of experience in the men's formal wear market. Their products are made from the handpicked fabrics that lead to the fantastic quality of menswear. MANQ has a wide range of blazers, cutting across sizes, colors and designs. Their blazers are a great combination of design and expertise of the team that produces exquisite products. They also present the latest trends in design across all their menswear range.

This slim fit formal blazer is available in sizes 34 through 50. Always request the salesperson at the store to help you with the correct size. This solid pattern blazer can be paired with formal trousers as well as a pair of jeans. The two-button blazer has three pockets at the front. It costs Rs. 1,878 on Amazon.

Raymond Men's Notch Lapel Slim Fit Blazer

They are a renowned menswear brand, with over 95 years of experience in the menswear industry. Its menswear products are known for the trademark quality of the fabric. No wonder it has a high brand recall among the modern male. It is known for its wide assortment of blazers that infuse a sense of self-belief in the person wearing it. Its product makes you stand out from the crowd due to its contemporary design and modern outlook. You can wear it to your meetings as well as the after-office party.

This solid slim fit blazer is ideal to be worn to the meeting with your senior management. The fabric is a mix of polyester and viscose that provides the added energy. The black blazer has a notched lapel collar and must be machine washed. It is priced at Rs. 2,999 at Amazon.

Park Avenue Navy Blue Solid Super Slim Fit Single Breasted Formal Blazer

It is among the most popular menswear brand in the country, and their range of products are known to be of premium quality and suitable for different occasions. They are renowned for their classic design and impresses others through your modern dressing. The blazers are lightweight and provide an added comfort to you. There is a wide range of sizes and designs that provide you with lots of choices. The brand has a timeless appeal and is mainly a blend of wool and polyester.

This navy blue blazer with a notched lapel collar has three front pockets. It has double button closures and has a double vented back hem. There are four more built-in pockets. It is available in sizes 36 through 46. The blaze is made from a mix of terylene and rayon and is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 4,099 on Myntra. It also has a detachable waistcoat.

BELARIO Men Fashion Mens Navy Blue Casual Wear Blazer

Belario is another renowned menswear brand offering a wide range of blazers. Be it a wedding or an important meeting at your office – you only need to choose one as per the occasion, and it will enhance your personality.

It is an extremely slim-fit blazer and ideal for the well-built male. This navy blue blazer is made from premium Poly Viscose fabric from Raymond, and the pure black shading provides the added elegant looks. This solid pattern blazer is priced at Rs. 2,100 and is available at Amazon.

Blackberrys Men's Notch Lapel Slim Fit Blazer

Blackberrys is another renowned brand for menswear. In line with their philosophy to think into the future and innovate, their designs are trendy and attract people of all ages. Since 1991, they have been stitching premium quality blazers and suits and other menswear. The Blackberrys range of blazers combines the classic elements through a stylish fit that is bound to turn heads wherever you go. Its trendy designs of blazers can be worn with any formal trousers.

This elegant denim blue color has a long sleeve and a notched lapel collar. It has three front pockets, and the fabric is a mix of polyester, silk and bamboo. You must only bleach the blazer with chlorine. It is priced at Rs. 3,052 on Amazon.

Van Heusen Checkered Single Breasted Formal Men Blazer(Dark Blue)

Van Heusen is a renowned brand for formal clothing for men as well as women. It is a brand from the Aditya Birla group that is renowned for providing premium quality products at reasonable prices. The brand is known to design menswear for power dressing. The products break the thin line that exists between your professional and personal life.

There is a wide range of blazers that exude the same level of professionalism and charisma. The fabric is sourced within the group and is known for its premium quality, and you will respect the texture across the entire range.

This checkered polyester blended blazer is dark blue. This skinny fit blazer is ideal if you have a good physique and must find a place in your wardrobe to be worn to the meeting with senior management. You can pair with any trousers. It is available at Rs. 3,599 on Flipkart.

Louis Philippe Men's Regular Fit Navy Blue Blazer

It is another brand from the Aditya Birla Group and is also known for its high-quality menswear range. It is also among the largest menswear brands in the country. The brand has its unique designs that follow the latest fashion trends. The blazers are made of premium-quality polyester viscose fabric. It is never an erroneous decision to invest in a blazer from this brand. The designs are such that you can wear them for all occasions and pair with a wide range of trousers.

This slim fit navy blue has a self design and is single-breasted. It has a double vented back hem with three pockets in the front. The shell is of linen and has a lining of 100% cotton. It can only be dry cleaned. It is available in sizes 38 through 46 and is priced at Rs. 6,799 on Myntra.

Oshano Solid Tuxedo Blazer

Oshano is another menswear brand that provides an array of superior menswear products. The classy design follows the latest fashion trends and keeps you in line with modern times. Their range of trendy blazers is fit to be worn to the office and also to job interviews.

This blazer is made from a mix of cotton and polyester. The slim fit light blue blazer is stylish and has a linen texture. Its elegant design can make you stand apart from the people around you. This jacket blazer has three front pockets and button closure.

It can be paired with a trouser or chinos as the occasion might be. The blazer can only be dry cleaned and is priced at Rs. 1,999 and is available on Amazon.

Arrow Newyork Men's Notch Lapel Slim Fit Blazer

Arrow is a heritage brand that occupies a unique space in the menswear industry in the country since100 years. As the urge to dress well does not change, Arrow has been trying to introduce technical innovations in the Indian market since its entry in 1991. It is among the top premium menswear brands in the country.

They use linen and poly-viscose for most of their clothing range. They bring modern technology to their products, and you will be comfortable when wearing them. Their range of blazers is trendy and comfortable at the same time. This slim-fit navy blue blazer is made from 100% polyester fabric. The solid design blazer has a notched lapel collar and can be machine washed. It is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 3,990 on Amazon.

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Get Comfort while Looking Professional with these Amazing Men's Blazers for 2020

We hope that you will be able to choose the best blazer for yourself from this list. These Blazers will add up to the elegance of your formal attire, while making you look fashionable and stylish.