Looking Forward to Adding Some Trendiest Office Suits to Your Wardrobe in 2020? Here Are 9 Best Office Suits for Ladies That Will Leave a Lasting Impression at Office.

Looking Forward to Adding Some Trendiest Office Suits to Your Wardrobe in 2020? Here Are 9 Best Office Suits for Ladies That Will Leave a Lasting Impression at Office.

When you meet someone professionally, the way you have dressed, speaks a lot about you. In the corporate world, it's essential to dress smartly as there will be many people who will look up to you. Here, we have hand-curated 9 amazing collections of office suits for ladies along with skirts and trousers that will look stylish and professional.

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Importance of Corporate Dressing

Is dressing up important? Yes, it is. Wearing clothes according to the event or the environment is essential as it changes the way people look at you. They subconsciously judge you by the way you groom or dress and build trust or distrust in you. Wearing proper formal clothes for work is also very important as your dressing reflects you’re as well as your organization's values. A person who is formally and confidently dressed can easily impress a client and get good business deals in comparison to a person who is shabbily dressed in an office.

    Here are a few reasons why corporate dressing is important.

  • 1. The employees in a company are in constant touch with the clients, therefore maintaining a professional image is extremely important. The proper dressing makes you appealing and sets a standard of the company which is done through the employees directly.

  • 2. If you are dressed professionally in your office you are always ready to tackle an emergency meeting with a client with utmost confidence. The way you present yourself in front of a board room will either help you win an opportunity or lose it.

  • 3. All of us heard the saying "First impression is the last impression" and it is true. If you wish to gain respect in front of your co-workers and prospective clients you need to dress in a way so that they can trust your company and the product you sell. You will be taken seriously due to the impression you make.

  • 4. Wearing informal clothes like fancy outfits or dangling earrings can be distracting whereas a simple and crisp formal dress keeps you on your toes.

  • 5. The corporate dressing also lets you maintain a good and healthy work culture. You would not want to spoil the decorum of an office by wearing ripped jeans, sneakers or bangles. The simple and sensible dressing makes you look professional in comparison to expensive and designer clothes.

  • 6. A proper dressing will make you confident and gives you a magnetic personality. It will help you attain the respect you deserve among your co-workers.

How to Dress Perfectly for The Office

Are you ready to join your new office and wondering how to dress up perfectly for it? Here are a few tips you should read before buying new clothes for your office. There are many different ways in which you can dress up in your office, but recently professional suits have gained popularity among women. They look stylish and are very comfortable.

  • 1. It is not just the clothes that make a difference, but your overall look creates your look. A properly fitted pantsuit or a skirt sits in colours like black, navy or brown looks great on women at work. You can mix it with a crisp white collar shirt and closed-toe heels in subtle colours will make your look complete. For accessories, you can wear small diamond studs with hair worn in a bun or short soft layers. You should not wear short skirts, skirts just till your knees look good in an office.

  • 2. Before you buy a formal suit you should check the level of formality at your workplace. You would not want to be over or underdressed for work. The higher your rank is the more professional your clothing should be.

  • 3. Always know the best colours to wear to work although you can wear any colour you want if you can carry it confidently and mix it well with your accessories. Most of the formal business suits are in black, brown, tan, navy blue or grey but recently cooler colours like pastel pink, red or blue are coming into a trend.

  • 4. Your suit should be properly fitted and skirts should be knee-length, avoid wearing tight skirts to work.

  • 5. If you are dress kind of a person you can wear them with ease, but make sure they are knee-length and are in plain and solid colours. Avoid wearing tight dresses with low necklines. You can also mix them with cool, formal jackets to make it look more professional.

  • 6. Avoid wearing too much jewellery at work. Plain rings, earrings, bracelets and watches are ok.

  • 7. Dress smartly and showcase your personality through your outfits.

  • 8. Don't ever wear the office logo or colours matching your office decor to work. You should wear clothes that make you visible rather than blend in with the decor.

Trendy Office Suits for Women

Mast & Harbour Teal Blue Open-Front Casual Blazer

Dress to impress should be your motto when joining a new job. Although there are many ways you can dress up but wearing a stylish suit will give you a much more confident look. This cool teal blue blazer can be one of the best buys for your work. It is stylish and looks professional, but has that laid back casual look which you can sport every day. It is front open and has three-quarter sleeves. This cool blazer is made of 100% polyester and the lining of the blazer is 100% cotton. It is also very easy to take care of it. Just throw it in the washing machine and you are done.

You can buy this impressive blazer for Rs. 1,399 from Myntra and pair it with a formal trouser for your office.

Double-Breasted Blazer with Mini Flare Trousers

The colour white is always in style and you can never go wrong with it. You can comfortably wear it in any season or any kind of corporate setting. It makes you look stylish and different from others. This great Double-breasted blazer will surely have the people looking at you with envy. It is a cropped long-sleeved blazer and has a lapel collar. The defined shoulders make it look different than other blazers. It has front flap pockets and is adorned with metal buttons to add that extra oomph in it. It is made with 25% recycled polyester which is made from recycled plastic bottles and uses minimal water and energy. You can buy this trendy blazer for Rs. 2,590 from zara.com.

You can also buy matching trousers to go with it and make it a complete outfit. The high waist trousers come with an inner elastic waist for comfortable wear. It looks stunning and you will leave a long-lasting impression on your clients as soon as you walk in wearing this classy pantsuit. You can buy the trouser for Rs. 1,590 from zara.com.

Formal Blazers Lady Office Work Suit with Park Avenue Women Black Slim Fit Solid Formal Trousers

Park Avenue is a famous brand when it comes to corporate outfits. You can find many office suites, but these classy Black slim fit formal trousers look great on women of all ages. This is a mid-rise trouser with zip closure and has 5 pockets to make it look stylish. This trouser is made of 80% Polyester, 18% Viscose and 2% spandex and you can easily wash it in your washing machine without having to worry about running colour or fabric damage. You can buy these elegant trousers for Rs. 1,751 from Myntra.

Since the trouser is in black you can easily pair it with any colour of blazer or shirt, but if you like to go all black you can check out this classy formal blazer for women. It comes with long sleeves and pockets to make it look very professional. You can buy this blazer to team it up with the trouser for Rs. 2,188 from eassycart.com.

Classic Formal Check Pant Suit - Brown

Checks are an all-time favourite. It looks good on men and women and when checks are worn in formal pantsuit it looks great. Buying a formal pantsuit might be confusing due to so many different styles and colours, but you can never go wrong with checks. This pantsuit is in brown colour which is perfect to wear in an office setting. It has a hook for closure and has stylish pockets. You can wear a belt on the trouser to make it fit perfectly. It is made of cotton wool and is very comfortable to wear. You can wash the trouser in a washing machine, but the jacket needs to be dry cleaned so that it maintains its shape. You can buy this formal suit for Rs. 5,995 from fablestreet.com.

Allen Solly Navy Blazer with Allen Solly Olive Skirt

Allen Solly is another popular brand and makes excellent formal wear. If you are looking to change your dressing style or are getting ready for a major presentation in your office you can buy this beautiful Allen Solly Navy Blue Blazer the next time you go out shopping for corporate dressing. This elegant blazer is made from 62% Polyester, 34% Viscose and 4% Spandex and is single-breasted with a single button. The stylish stripes make it stunning and you will love to brag about it amongst your co-workers. You can buy this blazer for Rs. 1,960 from allensolly.com.

Not everyone likes to wear trousers, if you are more of a skirt person then you can buy this exquisite formal skirt in olive colour to team it up with your blazer. Match it with a solid shirt and you are all set for a presentation. This skirt is made of 100% polyester and is of knee-length which is perfect to wear in an office. You can buy it for Rs. 1,501 from allensolly.com.

Skinny Trousers with Basic Blazer

Blacks, browns and greys are common colours to wear in an office, but if you like to make a style statement you can try different solid colours. This cool pink coloured blazer is perfect for hot summers. It is made of 63% polyester, 33% viscose, 4% elastane and the lining of the blazer is made of 100% polyester which makes it very comfortable to wear. It has a lapel collar and has front jetted pockets to make it look very trendy. You can buy if for Rs. 2,790 from zara.com.

If you want to go all pink then you can buy the matching mid-waist trousers with front pockets. It has buttons on the inside and a zip in the front. The trouser is made of 63% polyester, 33% viscose, 4% elastane. You can buy these trousers for Rs. 1,890 from zara.com as well.

Red Indian Formal, Casual Blazer with Purplicious Black Formal Cotton Front Slit Women Pencil Skirt

Another great way to look stunning in your office is to buy this cool Red Indian Formal blazer in black. The blazer comes with a regular fit with a fine finish and is a two buttoned blazer which makes it an elegant piece. This blazer will look gorgeous in official meetings and will give you an extremely professional look. You can buy it for Rs. 1,599 from Amazon.

If you like to wear skirts than try this sexy front slit pencil skirt and team it up with the Red Indian Blazer to look outstanding. It is made from cotton satin Lycra and you can team it up with classy high heels and make some heads turn. You can buy it for just Rs. 748 from Amazon.

Beige Formal Blazer with Blue Flared Palazzo Pants

Looking for something different to wear this season? Check out this cute formal blazer in beige colour from Vero Moda. This blazer is very soothing in hot summers due to its cool colour and looks quite bold and classy. The blazer has side pockets which makes it easier for you to keep your phone and keys in it. You can easily accessories this blazer with nude pumps and make it look jazzy. Buy this blazer for Rs. 1,320 from veromoda.in.

You can easily team up this blazer with a slim fit trouser or a knee-length but if you want to look a little different or want to experiment with your look you can match it up with this stylish and comfortable blue palazzo. The combination of beige and blue looks stunning. You can buy it for Rs. 1,650 from veromoda.in.

Relaxed Fit Pant Suit - Red

If you are feeling hot and want to flash your bold hot look in your office for a change you can go with this stunning red pantsuit. Mondays are usually dull but when you walk into your workplace in this elegant yet bold red suit you will see many faces brighten up. The jacket of the suit has a hook closure with full sleeves and the trousers are wide-legged to make it comfortable and classy. You can either wear them together or mix and match them with different colours. It is made of cotton lycra which makes it very comfortable to wear. Simply wash the trouser in your washing machine but make sure to get the jacket dry cleaned. You can buy this classy and bold pantsuit for Rs. 6,790 from fablestreet.com.

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