Make Heads Turn with Your Chic Look: 10 Office Wear Ideas for Girls to Look Stylish and Professional(2021)

Make Heads Turn with Your Chic Look: 10 Office Wear Ideas for Girls to Look Stylish and Professional(2021)


We've curated a list of urban-cool office wear outfits you can go for when it comes to slaying at work. Keeping in mind the best of the outfits we've picked out office wear for women which reflects their personalities better and makes an impression too. All you need to do is pick the one which suits your personality the best and experiment.

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What to Know When Buying Office Attire?

Casual Looks A No-No

When buying office wear for girls or even for guys, one thing that should be kept in mind is that your outfit shouldn’t come across as anyway casual. Although it highly depends upon your office policies on what "casual" means, you shouldn’t be careful of the line between professional and leisure clothes. Thankfully, you can find numerous options for semi-casual outfits which are just perfect for office purpose if you want to lighten up your look. You can opt for skirts, casual pants, t-shirts etc. but make sure to avoid flip flops and too bright accessories.

Keep the Balance Between Size and Comfort

It is important for you to maintain the right kind of balance between your perfect fit and your comfort all day long. Well-fitted clothes always make you look more presentable but make sure they aren’t too tight for you. It can be quite hectic to wear such clothes and sit all day long in the office.

You should also dress up according to your body type so that you can feel comfortable and confident at the same time. There is no need to follow a trend just because everyone is going crazy about it because it might not suit your body type.

Confidence is the Key

Being confident in your office environment and in everyday life is the ultimate key to be comfortable in your skin. Whether you are wearing formal clothing or just pyjamas, you should be confident in whatever you wear and whatever you do.

This isn’t just about your work but also about the fact that how you carry yourself throughout the day in office. Also, being uncomfortable and under-confident can also affect the quality of your work because of a lot of distractions.

Right Footwear is Important Too

When talking about the office wear for girls, people often forget the right accessories also have a huge impact. You shouldn’t forget that a power dressing is incomplete without the right kind of footwear. In fact, according to a study, most people notice your footwear before they notice your dress. The idea is to stick to something minimal which can go well with almost all the attires. Invest in quality footwear only.

Amazing Office Wear Ideas for Girls

Formal Office Pencil Dress

Are you looking for office wear for girls that can make you look confident and stylish at the same time? Well, we have just the perfect option for you in the form of this gorgeous pencil office dress. The stunning back zip back bandage dress comes with pearl-white buttons and a V necklace drape pattern. You just can’t go wrong with this dress for that powerful and confident look. This dress is available in teal and Carmine colours. The solid dress is wonderful to accentuate your curves while the mix of polyester, cotton, lace and spandex makes sure that you remain comfortable in it all day long. In fact, the colours are also quite powerful to make a lasting impression. You can buy this dress right away on for Rs. 2,980.

Lilac Flared Trousers

If you do not want to play it safe and want to experiment a little with your formal look then you are going to love this lilac coloured flared trouser here. As you would have known it, flared trousers are becoming super trendy. Whether it is for a casual dinner date or an office presentation, you can rock them anywhere you want.

The bonus here is the colour of the trouser which is feminine yet bold enough to make a statement and to stand out. This trouser has a button zip closure and it is made out of poly cotton fabric. You can pair this trouser with a white button-up shirt or a plain white top for that powerful look. You can also buy a similar colored blazer to complete the look. You can buy this lilac flared trouser on Faballey for Rs. 975.

Floral Print Straight Kurta

Looking for Indian formal wear for the office? You can check out this beautiful floral print straight kurta right here for the same. The stunning green coloured kurta is absolutely perfect for your formal Indian wear needs. The kurta is a perfect balance between comfort and style and it also matches both not too casual and not too formal criteria too. The beautiful kurta has a mandarin collar and three-quarter sleeves.

It is made out of cotton fabric and hence perfect for summer wear. You can pair it up with wide-legged pants or palazzo for the casual look and with cigarette pants for a smart formal look. This is a kurta which you can sport on your day out with friends or to a family get-together too. This kurta is available for purchase on Lime Road for Rs. 750.

Grey Formal Top

Your formal wear wardrobe should also have such a top which can be paired with all sorts of clothing to create different looks. In order to fit in both formal and informal environments, we picked this grey printed top for you.

This top sleeves and has polka dot print all over it. While the grey colour and straight silhouette makes it look quite formal, the polka dots details add much-needed casualness to it. You can definitely rock it in both offices as well as to casual get-togethers.

The top is available in blue colour also and features a mandarin collar with V-neck details. You are going to love the little overlapping detail on the front side of the top to add some dimensions to it. Grab this top now on Myntra for Rs. 494.

Maroon Striped Shirt

While looking for the office to wear for girls, you should make sure to buy one well-fitted and a well-stitched formal shirt. A formal shirt is something that you can pair up with almost anything like trousers, pants, jeans, skirts, palazzo etc.

This is why we picked this well-tailored Allen Solly Maroon Checkered shirt. This is a regular fit shirt that maintains your comfort while giving a polished look. It comes in vertical white and maroon stripes and made out of cotton and polyester fabric combination.

The fabric is long-lasting and breathable and hence perfect for a summer look. It has long sleeves, regular collar and regular cuffs. Wear this shirt for a presentation or an important meeting to achieve an impressive and confident look. You can buy this formal shirt now on Allen Solly for Rs. 784.

Blush Bodycon Mini Dress

Although bodycon dresses aren’t considered that appropriate for office wear but this blush pink bodycon dress will change your mind instantly. In order to look like a complete corporate chic, you should opt for this gorgeous dress with such a neutral yet empowering colour.

Made out of poly lycra fabric, this blush pink dress is sleeveless and has a wrap silhouette which actually looks quite impressive. The dress falls right above your knees and it is not at all body-hugging. A jacket can be added if you still want to tone down the look.

You can comfortably wear this dress throughout the day no matter how hectic it may become. You also have a zip closure behind the dress to wear it comfortably. The V neck design because of the wrap feature and a white button detail looks much-needed dimension to this otherwise plain dress. You can buy this dress on Myntra for Rs. 1,100.

Blue Formal Suit for Women

Nothing can beat the power of a formal pantsuit when it comes to ladies' formal office wear. Whether it is an important briefing with the client or your appraisal time. Leave a lasting impression on everyone by wearing a well-fitted pantsuit.

This suit mentioned here includes trousers and blazer and you can pair it up with a nice white formal shirt inside. The slim fit pattern of this suit makes sure that it hugs your body in the right way to maintain a combination of comfort and style.

Available in navy blue colour, this suit is all about power dressing and can make you look like a corporate diva in no time. You can use the blazer of this suit to pair up with other formal outfits too. So, invest in this suit now which is available for purchase on Modny for Rs. 1,899.

Regular Fit Grey Trousers

While curating your formalwear wardrobe, you just can’t skip out on a good quality trouser. A trouser is a piece of clothing that goes with literally anything and can make you look formal and sophisticated in a few minutes.

Check out this grey cotton-blend trouser here which is all about comfort, style and most importantly formal appeal. Pair it up with a well-tailored shirt, casual top, t-shirt or even with a kurta to achieve great finesse in your look.

This one is a solid grey trouser with side pockets and an ankle-length fit. Wear a matching blazer on this to complete a power suit look and we can assure that you won’t be disappointed at all. This solid regular fit trouser can be bought on Flipkart for 419.

Checked Shirt Dress

We found just the right kind of outfit option if you do not like too formal clothes. To keep it low and maintain the balance between casual and formal outfits, we picked this superb shirt dress for you. This one is just perfect if you do not want to look too casual but wants to stay away from those too formal attires.

This black and white checkered shirt dress is the right example to let you know how you can look stylish and stay comfortable at the same time.

This dress comes with a regular collar and three-quarter sleeves. It comes with button closure all across the length and has flared hem to provide great movement. This knee-length shirt dress also comes with a belt too. Grab this wonderful shirt dress now on Myntra for Rs. 764.

Grey Striped Peplum Dress

A peplum dress is something that is specially made for a smart formal look. You can definitely pick this grey coloured striped peplum dress for your search of office wear for girls.

The formal dress looks very elegant and classy and the silhouette is just perfect for that modern formal look. Made out of polyester fabric, this dress is perfect for all seasons. It comes with a boat neck design and a straight fit pattern.

In reality, this is not a two-piece dress but the peplum design on the waist surely gives an illusion as if you are wearing separates. Look effortlessly amazing with this dress which is available for purchase on Nykaa Fashion for Rs. 3,900.

Other Important Aspects of Office Attire

You can find a number of amazing and comfortable office wear dresses online but apparently, this isn’t enough to complete your look. You should also get to know about the other things which are important to complement the outfit you are wearing. Check out these items that you can buy online to match with your office attire.

Good Quality Belt

A good quality belt goes a long way and also improves your overall look too. Even if your pants are well-fitted, you can simply put a belt around the waist to enhance its look. You can buy this brown textured leather belt which can be paired with skirts, pants, trousers, jeans and almost anything you want. Buy this belt now on Myntra for Rs. 999.


Come on! We shouldn’t be pondering over the fact that how important a watch is for a formal look. And in order to make you look confident and well-updated with time, we bring you this Black dial rose gold watch with a matching rose gold bracelet. This special combo piece is just perfect for all sorts of attires whether formal or informal. You can buy it on Joker and Witch for Rs. 4,099.

Office Footwear

It can be quite a struggle to find the right kind of footwear to match up with Indian formal wear for ladies. But do not worry because these peep-toe pumps go well with jeans, dresses, pantsuits and even on kurtas. Available in neutral black colour, these peep toes are perfect to give you a well-polished look. You can buy these pumps on Myntra for Rs. 1,990.

Office Bag/Handbag

How are you supposed to carry all of your essentials to office without a proper handbag? In fact, a handbag isn’t just about carrying your things but also about keeping your formal look on point. Take a look at this elegant tote bag available in earthy tone of brown color. Made out of faux leather, this is just perfect to compliment your formal look. You can buy this on That 1 Too for Rs. 2,100.

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