The Right Gifts can Make an Everlasting Memory of Husband's First Birthday After Marriage: 10 Best Gifts for Men in 2020

The Right Gifts can Make an Everlasting Memory of Husband's First Birthday After Marriage: 10 Best Gifts for Men in 2020

The first everything in a new relationship is so magical. The first time he brought you flowers, the first holiday you went on together, your first Valentine's, and most importantly, your husband's first birthday after marriage. We know how important that first memory is for you, which is why we have some of the best gifts for men that will be ideal for this day.

Choosing the Right Gift for Husband's First Birthday: the 5 Point Plan

Find Something That Suits His Passion

Buying the right gift for someone isn’t an easy task. And it is all the more difficult if it is to be a gift for your husband. You may think you know your husband inside out. But you would still be wondering what to get for him; that too if it is the first birthday of your husband after marriage. You may choose to ask your friends or search the net. Finally, it has to be your decision though.

The best you can do is sit and think about it. What kind of a person is your husband? What are the things that he likes most? For example, if he is a sporty type, buy him something related to the sport that interests him. You may get him new whites if he is a cricket guy. Or a fitness watch if he likes going out for a jog or walk. It can also be a set of chess pieces if he likes playing the 64-square game. In case he prefers tinkering around the home, get him a set of tools. It will please him while also coming in handy in case something needs fixing.

You can also think out of the box and get him something that he least expects. Like tickets for the theatre in case he is the indoor type. You can use your charms to get your guy out; followed by a dinner outing. Or you may get a painting for your bedroom or sitting area. There are many things that you can think of if you give enough time to dwell on what you want to gift.

Couples' Gifts and Utility Items

In case you want to include yourself in the gift, think of couple gifts! That could be something that both of you enjoy. The bonus is that while it will please him, it will also give both of you quality time with each other. It could be the same type of dress for the two of you or a reservation for a place where both of you have wanted to go.

Nowadays, being stylish is the in thing. You can get something for your husband that’s “in” and adds to his wardrobe. Whether clothing or accessories, or something that stands out and attracts people’s attention. There is always something that you may buy if you can go to the men’s store. It could even be what he has wanted to replace but hasn’t found time to do so or has just neglected it. Like a new wallet to replace the old, a new pin for his tie or a new belt in place of what he has used for long! Come to think of a belt, you can always get a new buckle, as many belts come with replaceable buckles.

If you give it enough time and keep in mind the budget available to you, you can always find the right gift for your husband. Who knows him better than you and what he has been missing!

Recognise and Fulfill His Needs

It could be really tough choosing the right gift. While this is true, it also does not mean that you will pick up something that he will be forced to wear just to please you. Imagine you are happy thinking that your husband is wearing what you have bought for him. In reality, what he has been doing is grinning and bearing it!

The best thing is to take real interest and know what your husband does at work and what his personal preferences are. There are specific requirements for every profession. So research or find out what could be of use to your husband while at work. It could be as simple as a unique pen if your husband is an accountant or lawyer. People will ask “Hey, where did you get that from!” Imagine how his friends will feel when he points out that it a gift from his wife!

Pay close attention to your husband. See how he looks or grooms himself. There are suitable shirts depending on whether your husband is fair, dark or medium. If he is the beard type, you can get accessories to ensure that it is well kept. You just have to find the right place to choose the required accessory and buy it. That doesn’t mean there is nothing for the clean-shaven. There are various shaving kits and after-shaves to boot.

If the husband is the bookish type, you can go to the popular store in your area to find out what is the latest. You will by now know what types of books he reads. You can make your choice accordingly. There are also Kindles available with friendly screens. They can pack not one but a range of books of his choice. If your guy is a sportsman, you can go to the particular store and choose what you feel he may like. If nothing else, a new pair of shoes is always welcome.

Or the simplest solution is just asking what he wants! Maybe you can borrow from him in case you run short of money for buying the gift he has suggested! All is fair between wife and husband, isn’t it!!

Remember the Gift is for Him, Not You

There is always this fact that you are you and he is he. You may think that your husband may want a particular thing. But then what he wants may actually be something else! Thus, it would be a better idea to discreetly sound him out before deciding on what to buy. It would also be good to observe what his peer group is using in terms of dresses or accessories. Then, gift what he does not have. Or, you may go to a store and see what is trendy and choose that as a surprise!

From among the many things and depending on your purse, you may choose a jacket, cologne, a hoodie, a video game, a flask or bottle, among other things. If you go to a gift shop, there are many choices available. And you will definitely find something that will convince you it is right gift. If nothing works, then just take him out and splurge on his your own way.

Scour His Online Shopping Carts and Wishlists

You may also scour online looking for a gift. It may be possible for you to know what your husband looks for online when browsing. That should not look like you are prying though. What he has been looking for could provide you a clue to what he may need. And that will help you give him a surprise!

Always remember that men generally prefer something that can be utilized by them. So just see what could be of utility in your home! That will be like killing two birds at one shot! Not only will your husband like it but will also use it at home! The gift benefits you too! Also remember that men are brand conscious. They would like to go in for a brand that is well established and has proven record. Buy your husband a product of the brand that he likes.

Moreover, buying online is advantageous because you need not spend on transport. The goods available also come to you at a lower cost. And there is a wide range of choice available.

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Love!

Personalised Cake and Flower Bouquet


There are loads of personalised gifts available. They are not limited to just the cake with your favorite line for him. It could be personalised jewelry with your husband’s initials. It will be there with him forever. Or it could be a coffee mug with both his name and picture. And that will last till it breaks. You can always get him a new one though!

Personalised gifts are always a great reminder. They will always give your husband memories of you; the effort you took in giving the gift a personal touch. As a surprise, you may even pull out your wedding photograph with him and gift it in a frame. You may end up spending the entire evening just recalling what all that happened!

A personalised gift is also better as it is unique. Often, people find that the gift that they have received is what their friend too has got. That sort of chips away the joy.

A personalized present has an added value to it that is irreplaceable. A personalised cake or a bouquet of flowers can be refreshing yet simple. You can order a custom photo cake from You can send in a favourite photo of his and get this cute gift done! The Photo Cake Half Kg retails at Rs.899. It is a delicious heart shaped cake which can be personalised to your liking. You can add a bunch of flowers along with this for your partner's birthday.

Favourite Wine or Scotch

If your husband loves a drink, you can get him the favorite brand that he talks often about but avoids because of the expense. That will be a great idea to 'tip' him off. Of course, get that drink only if it is going to be the two of you or a closed group. If there are going to be a larger number of people, it is better to leave the choice of the tipple to your husband. You can just organise the eats.

A bottle of his favourite wine or scotch can be an elegant present. You can add to the collection in your home cabinet and enjoy while celebrating his birthday. The Jacob's Creek is a special wine . It has a medium-high intensity and contains a intense liquorice flavour. It is available at where it retails for Rs.1100

Suit Accessories


You may want to present your husband something formal. For that, you may think of a tie, cuff links or initialed handkerchiefs. Such things help build a connect between you and him. His colleagues may also ask him about them. They also do not cost much but please a lot!

Sir Michele Designer Pink Micro Silk Tie, Pocketsquare and Cufflink Set for Men is a good choice. It is available at Amazon where it retails at Rs.1,299. An elegant tie with a set of classy cufflinks can be the perfect accessory for your charming man.The tie is the centerpiece, made of satin with a set of matching pocket square and cufflinks. This can be a perfect present for your hubby's first birthday.

Casual Shoes


An elegant-looking pair of shoes can steal your husband’s heart. Shoes are one thing that men like to show off. You can check out the dominant colors of his trousers and get him shoes that go well with them. A matching belt will be a bonus for your husband! Shoes are also available online at very competitive rates.

Footwear is often responsible for enhancing even a simple look. You can gift your husband a trendy pair of shoes. The crocs Men's Loafers are a stylish footwear option. It retails at Rs.2099 on It is a premium quality product that will be comfortable and durable.

Electronics and Gadgets


You can also gift your husband a gadget if you think he is the type. There are many gadgets available online at reasonable rates. If you have a tech-savvy husband then you could think of gifting him a utility cool gadget. You can choose an electronic device like Xbox, Wireless headsets, Bluetooth speakers, phone, etc. or a general utility gadget.

If your hubby likes quirky things then the Basethings Self Stirring Mug is a unique gift idea. It retails for Rs.280 on It is a self-stirring mug for all your favourite beverages. There is no need for a spoon along with your drink anymore, so if he hates reaching for the spoon, all he has to do is hit the button for the liquid to start whirling around the mug. This can be a cool birthday present for the lazy love of your life. It also comes with a lid that can keep your drink warm for a longer duration. You can pair this gift with another item.

Car or Bike Accessories

In case you guys have a car or bike, you can also choose an appropriate gift for your husband depending on the vehicle. They can be key chains, fragrances, steering or handle grips, universal mobile chargers or Bluetooth equipment. It is worth spending on them because they are a great utility.

There are several utility car accessories like bluetooth cassette adapter, auto timing chain and gears wall clock or universal cell phone air vent car mount holder, etc. In case he's a biker you can buy the Premium Quality Fox Motorcycle Riding Knee and Elbow Guard; a set of 4 in black retails at Rs.1790 on It is composed of a high impact resistant plastic shell which is adjustable with an elastic strap with velcro for a secure fit. The contents include 2 elbow guards and 2 knee guards of premium quality. Or how about a Car Mobile Holder that is available on Snapdeal.

Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

If you want to think really out of the box you can do something fun to spice things up in the bedroom. Body painting can be a creative and sensuous idea. You can have a lot of fun with each other while letting your imagination lose. The Chocolate Body Paint Wine Flavour is a delicious liquid in a tube. It is a sexy present that you can use to have a little fun. A tube of 120 gm retails at Rs.599 on

You can also spruce up your bedroom as a surprise for your husband. You can plan to see a movie too if you have missed out on one.

Plan a Surprise Getaway


If you want to have real fun, you can plan a surprise holiday for his birthday and get away from your busy usual lives. You can plan a small road trip for the two of you or a short holiday to a destination of your choice. It is important to keep both your choices in mind while planning such a holiday. Be sure to include places that interest the both of you. This can also be a fun way of getting to know each other better and spending some time together.

You can tell your husband to keep himself free for a couple of days starting with his first birthday post marriage. You can plan a holiday with him, choosing on the destination, booking the hotel and reserving the tickets. It will be a surprise for him when you ask him to pack his bags and order a cab for the airport or railway station.

A Lavish Home Cooked Meal

They say the best way to a man's heart is his stomach. You can plan a great dinner with what he relishes. That you wouldn't want to be taken out will itself be a great surprise for your husband.

You can prepare a romantic five-course dinner for him to surprise him on his special day. Not only can you include his favourite dishes but this can be a good way for the two of you to spend some quality time together. You can either stick to his favourite dishes or try some new ones out. Roasted spiced leg of lamb or chili lime steak with roasted vegetables can be some dishes to try out. Steak can be another fancy option for a romantic dinner dish. For something lighter, you can try a lemon garlic pasta. Light up a few candles and put on some music to set the mood before you can enjoy your romantic dinner.

Wall of Memories


You can prepare a beautiful wall filled with pictures and memories of the year you shared together. You can follow some simple steps to create this gallery wall. First, you need to decide where you want to put up the pictures and check if the room is appropriate for the display. After you have chosen a wall, you need to decide on your style. If you want to keep it traditional you can choose a very simple and effective style or you could go for something more decorative. You then need to gather and print all the pictures. Simple frames can be a good idea if you have many pictures. Finally, fix the pictures to the wall and you have a wall full of memories that you can cherish together.

You can arrange the entire house in a manner that it brings out memories. You may have your wedding and other photographs placeed at strategic places to make him recall the very moments you would like him to. And such an ambience will make you happy too.

Sports Related Gifts

In case your husband is a sports enthusiast, you can get him the appropriate memorablia. You can gift him a sports kit or a sports equipment that he has been wanting. If it is a jersey of his favourite team, that will be a double delight. And if there is a match on that very day, you buying those tickets will be the icing on the cake! You just need to think how you can include his love for sports to make his birthday special.

Bonus Tip: Spend Wisely as You Need to Plan for a Family

Finally, you must remember to keep the expenses within your budget. It is not a good idea to overspend if it can get difficult for the two of you later on. A fantastic time while being financially prudent can make your husband again go down on his knees! It is also advisable to spend moderately and save for your future needs. You need to decide on a budget and avoid the idea of multiple presents. A single thoughtful present will be more than appreciated. Most of all, it is the thought behind the present that should be valued and your husband is sure to appreciate that.

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There Are Many More Birthdays to Come

Everything about a new relationship seems so extraordinary and you may be bursting with love for your new husband. The first birthday may seem like a very important event where you have to outdo yourself with lavish gifts and grand gestures. Do make your man feel special, loved and pampered, but instead of looking at it as a one time event see it as one of many happy moments to look forward to. It will take some of the pressure off. So what if you don't get it perfect the first time, a marriage is all about figuring the way out together, and you are expected to stumble every now and then.