Don a Casual Shirt and Impress Everyone with Your Suave Style. Top 10 Branded Casual Shirt Designs for Men That Will Make You Stand out (2020)

Don a Casual Shirt and Impress Everyone with Your Suave Style. Top 10 Branded Casual Shirt Designs for Men That Will Make You Stand out (2020)

Wearing a branded casual shirt has many advantages – it is more comfortable and affordable than a formal shirt and it doesn't compromise on your personal fashion statement. So, if you are looking for a top-class casual shirt, you have come to the right place. We have curated this list of the top 10 casual shirts for men which will not only look great on you but will also feel more comfortable and a little easier on the pocket.

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Types of Casual Shirts for Men

Spread Collar Shirt

The collar points in a spread collar shirt type point away from the centre placket and make a 90° angle downwards. You can use it as a formal shirt and a tie goes really well with this type of a shirt. The best way to wear the shirt is to leave the top button unbuttoned and pair it with a dark washed jeans or sneakers.

Button-Down Collar Shirt

In a button-down collar shirt, both the sides of the collar are buttoned to the base. However, you may choose to leave the buttons unbuttoned. The advantage of this kind of a shirt is that the collar won’t need a lot of ironing after a wash. The shirt goes well with wearing a jacket or a sweater on top of it.

Linen Shirt

A linen casual shirt is recommended to enjoy the summers. You can feel more comfortable with a gracious and stylish look due to the fabric and texture of these kinds of shirts. Linen is light and breathable and is perfect to enjoy settings like a brunch or a sundowner.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts have been making a comeback in the market in recent times. They are made of wool or cotton and have a soft, woven fabric. Flannel shirts are known for their affordability and the warmth that they provide.

Denim Shirt

Known for their versatility, denim shirts have been a favourite among the youth for a long time. They provide a flawless style to your persona with whatever other clothes that you match them with. You can surely walk into a dinner party or a smart casual dress code event with this shirt.

Reasons to Wear Branded Shirts for Men

Cotton Oriented

Cotton has premium properties to cool-off the body so that you can stay dry in summer. With a soft texture, it provides you with great comfort and luxury. Cotton is solid enough to give you a great fit even after using it for a long time. Also, a cotton-made casual shirt makes you feel pleasant and extra delicate while wearing it.

Reasonable Price

Unlike formal shirts, casual shirts are way different if you notice the price tags on them. Casual shirts are relatively affordable and less expensive and they are very popular among the common people, college students and workers.

Great Design and Quality

Though they are economical, casual shirts are made without any compromise in quality. They are typically made of 100% cotton. Also, they are well designed as such so that you can wear them on most occasions, both formal and informal.


It is very important that you feel comfortable while wearing a shirt. Branded shirts are known for these particular characteristics. Casual shirts offer great comfort coupled with great price and quality. They relieve you from the hassles of the fibres not fitting to your body.

Fashionable and Stylish

Casual shirts are the favourite type of shirts among all age groups. They provide you with a charm and add to your stylish persona. Furthermore, casual shirts never go out of style. So, it is always appropriate to invest in branded casual shirts.

Ability to Express Yourself

Casual shirts give you more free forms of expression as you are not bound with the rigidness of formal wear. So, it gives your personality a more cheerful and glossy appearance. You can even express yourself more freely in a causal shirt.

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Peter England Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Best known for their standardised fit and superior quality, Peter England started operations in 1997 in India. Currently, this company has more than 1,000 stores all over India under Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. If you are tired of wearing the same-old shirts, you can try a Peter England slim-fit casual shirt. This casual shirt is made of 100% cotton and is colourfast. You can go on a dinner date with this blue and off-white shirt and it will surely boost your confidence and make you look at your casual best. So, go and get the Peter England slim-fit casual shirt from Myntra for ₹ 959.00.

Roadster Regular Fit Casual Shirt

Since its inception, Roadster has been providing men with high-quality casual shirts at an affordable price. Look elegant and raring to show the fashion game-changer in you with this Roadster shirt. It is a regular fit maroon and navy blue coloured shirt made with cotton. It comes with long sleeves and a spread collar. This casual shirt comes in sizes from 38 to 44. Match this Roadster shirt with jeans to look casual and elegant. Go for this maroon casual shirt which costs ₹ 909.00 on Myntra.

John Players Casual Shirt

It's been over a decade since John Players started serving customers with its great fabrics. Throughout the years, this company has succeeded to hold its position as one of the most exciting clothing brands in the market. Also, this brand has grown in popularity with the youth due to its trendy and fashionable products. As for a casual shirt for men, John Player has a special checkered shirt which delivers perfect comfort and durability. It has two pockets which will further add to the casualness of your look when wearing this shirt. This casual shirt is available in sizes from 39 to 42 and you can buy it from Flipkart for ₹ 899.00.

Louis Philippe Slim Fit Casual Shirt

This premium Japanese brand was established in 1989, and currently, Louis Philippe is operating under Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. in India. It is one of the leading brands for men's apparel in India. Along with menswear formals, Louis Philippe offers the best casual shirts which stand out from monotonously coloured shirts. With its luxurious quality, this brown and beige super slim-fit checked casual shirt can really brighten up your appearance with its appealing colour and high quality. This shirt comes in sizes from 38 to 44. Made from 64% linen and 36% cotton, this shirt is sure to ramp up your fashion quotient to the next level. Louis Philippe slim fit casual shirt is available on Myntra for ₹ 2,249.00.

Raymond Casual Spread Shirt

The Raymond Group is a trustworthy brand established in 1925 and is headquartered in Mumbai. This prestigious brand produces suits, trousers, shirts and jeans in India and overseas. People admire the fabrics and garments of Raymond due to their high quality available at an affordable price. If you want an awesome shirt with extra comfort, you should consider this Raymond men checkered casual spread shirt. The cool and attractive casual shirt comes in small and medium sizes. If you want to buy this Raymond casual spread shirt, you can find it on Flipkart for ₹ 1,049.00.

Blackberrys Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Blackberrys is a premium Indian brand owned by Mohan Co. Pvt. Ltd. and was established in 1991. The brand offers you the best and latest fashion solutions. Along with formal-wears, this brand also offers urban casual shirts for you that you can wear roaming around tourist destinations or when going on a date. This brand gives you full value of your money with its innovative style and quality. This brown and blue slim fit shirt will make sure that you standout in the crowd. It has a spread collar, button placket, long sleeves, curved hem and one patch pocket. It comes in sizes from 38 to 44. To amplify your style and x-factor, you need this Blackberrys slim fit casual shirt which is available on Myntra for ₹ 1,296.00.

Arrow Sport Casual Shirt

Arrow is an international brand which was started in 1951 in New York and launched in India in 1993. Arrow is available in 1,000+ multi-brand outlets, and it produces pants, shirts, suits and jackets for its customers. There is no website article on the globe in which Arrow has not appeared in the top 20 shirt brands. Because of the style, quality and comfort that the brand offers, Arrow has grown extremely popular among the masses. If you want an Arrow Sport shirt, you can go for this printed casual shirt that will make you shine with its colour and quality. It is a 100% cotton and colourfast shirt. However, it is only available in size 40. You can buy this shirt on Flipkart for ₹ 1,209.00.

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Allen Solly Slim Fit Casual Shirt


Allen Solly is a brand owned by Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle in India. Known for its classical collection, Allen Solly provides customers with the apparels from everyday dressing to on-off court style. Along with formal wear, Allen Solly also offers appropriate casuals, which are perfect for all days. This Allen Solly slim fit casual shirt might appear plain in style but it will make sure that your style is noticed because of the elegant looks that the shirt features. It is made from 100% cotton. You can check it out on Amazon where the shirt is priced from ₹ 894.00 – ₹ 937.00, depending on the size and design.

United Colors of Benetton Regular Fit Casual Shirt

United Colors of Benetton is a popular international brand which produces high class formal and informal western-wear. Wearing shirts of this premium brand reflect makes a real fashion statement. So, update your wardrobe with this United Colors of Benetton regular fit casual shirt, which is sea green in colour and is perfect for summers. The casual shirt comes in the sizes from 38 to 46. It is made from 65% linen and 35% cotton. You can buy this shirt on Myntra for ₹ 1,624.00.

Flying Machine Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Flying Machine was established in 1980 and this brand has adopted a truly Italian style. This iconic brand has created young, bold and flamboyant designs that appeal to all age groups. Best of all, this brand is famous for authentic details and urban innovation. This grey and white casual shirt by Flying Machine is made of 100% cotton and it comes in sizes from 38 to 46. The shirt has long sleeves, a spread collar, a button placket, and a curved hem. If you want to expand your elite collection of casual shirts, this shirt is available on Myntra for ₹ 1,619.00.

Tips on Selecting Casual Shirts for Men

Pay Attention to the Fit

It is necessary to pay attention to the fitting of the causal shirt. If you want to highlight your shoulder and upper parts, the casual shirt must be fit enough to show your body features. But when you are going out in summer, choose a casual shirt that is somewhat loose and comfortable. Prefer a shirt that has an extra inch at the waist and chest so that you don’t feel any discomfort wearing the shirt.

Select Fabrics Which are Light and Breathable

This is a tip for those of you who prefer wearing casual shirts in the summer time. In this weather, casual shirts are supposed to be light and breathable to increase your comfort. The shirt should allow you the room to remove the hot spots so that you do not feel irritated by the sweat on the shirt. So, for your summer look, buy light and breathable casual shirts.

Pursue the Style

Casual shirts are more relaxed and stylish by design, and you have lots of options for styles such as classic, Italian, western and many others. The cuffs and shirt-tails make your attitude informal, and you can feel the difference. Also, the choice of the pocket on the shirt makes you feel casual. So, choose the style that best describes your personality.

Measure the Length

You have two options regarding the length of a casual shirt based on your dressing style. Casual shirts are expected to be worn as an outfit, so you need a shirt which is not much longer in length. But if you want to tuck-in the shirt under a pant, get a shirt which is longer. So, measure the length of your casual shirt before you buy it.

Consider the Colour

A casual shirt provides more freedom in the choice of colours than a formal shirt. However, this is not to say that you can choose any random coloured shirt. Look for the one that best suits your skin tone. Also, choose the colour that highlights and matches with your accessories, such as a watch, belt and shoes.

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