10 8poure Sarees to Rock Your World and Dressing Style: The Bestselling Designs of 2018

10 8poure Sarees to Rock Your World and Dressing Style: The Bestselling Designs of 2018

Elegant and sophisticated sarees are a joy to wear. Today you no longer have to go hunting in markets to find them - online stores make it super easy today to get stunning sarees from all over India with just a click of a button. We bring you a curated list of striking sarees from one such online store 8poure which has a wide range of saree collection. Choose the best one that describe you!

The Beauty Of Ethnic Sarees

An Ethnic Saree is nine yards of exquisitely woven thread, intricate design, tradition, and beauty. The material, the weight, the texture, the design and the manner of draping the saree represents the culture and the region from which it originated. A saree embraces a woman making her look elegant and graceful. An Ethic saree is inspired by tradition, culture, nature, and art.

Features Of Ethnic Sarees

The characteristics of the Ethnic sarees are in their brocade. They are distinguished by the vibrant dyes, design, weight and the weaves making them rich, elegant and full of ethnicity. Some take you back to your roots and others are absolutely stunning.

  • Ethnic sarees are made of silk or fine cotton or the weave is crimped giving a simple fabric an altered look, a lustrous appearance or a sheer texture.
  • The artisans weave their magic in fabric making each saree a piece of art. The Pallu contains a mythical story, the motifs are inspired by the ancient Persians, by flowers, fauna, elephants, peacocks, mystical and celestial beings. Each saree may have a different story to tell. The silks and dyes are natural and unique to each region. It takes time to weave and create a saree.
  • The zari woven into the fabric is an art of its own. There is magic in every design, a story in every motif and steeped in tradition passed on from one generation of craftsmen to the next.

Get To Know 9 Of India's Gorgeous Traditional Sarees

There are a variety of ethnic sarees, each represents different regions in India and are draped uniquely. Listed here are a few of the beautiful, exotic, traditional, ethnic sarees.

Banarasi Silk Sarees – Rich and Elegant

The Banarasi silk sarees is famous for its design and gold as well as silver brocade or zari. The Banarasi Silk Sarees are inspired by the Mughal era. The Mughals brought the art of weaving and designing to India. The art was then passed down from generation to generation thereby creating the unique and classic Banarasi Silk Saree. It takes three artisans and 15 days to six months depending on the design to make a Banarasi Silk Saree. The designs are a fusion of Persian motifs and Indian designs creating a royal aura and a rich and elegant selection for an Indian bride’s trousseau.

There are four varieties of Banarasi Sarees and the Banarasi Silk Saree is the most significant one. The Banarasi Silk Sarees are further categorized as Jangla, Tanchoi, Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Vaskat and the superior one being the Banarasi Silk Jamdani Saree.

Chanderi Sarees – Full of Ethnicity

The Chanderi Sarees were woven by traditional weavers from a small town in Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, who practice the art of weaving textured sarees in cotton and silk with fine gold zari design.

The Chanderi Sarees are known for the unique motifs and transparent or sheer texture. The motifs are handwoven on the handloom with needles. Unique needles are used to create the different motifs and the motifs are coated with gold, silver, and copper by the weavers. The motifs are inspired by flora, fauna, fruits and celestial bodies. The texture of the Chanderi Sarees is due to the single use of the Flature quality of yarn. This beautiful saree holds a special place for its incomparable elegance and it is full of ethnicity.

Tant Sarees – An All Time Classic

The Tant Sarees are woven in West Bengal. Expert craftsmen work on intricately weaving cotton threads. The borders are a little thick and sturdy. A Tant Saree is 6 meters long. A Tant Saree is characterized by the light-weight and slightly transparent texture which makes it comfortable and an all time classic.

The thick borders and the decorated pallu make the Tant Saree festive and beautiful to be worn on various occasions and also can be worn daily as it is so light and comfortable. The designs contain floral or solar elements and modern art. Hazar butti is a Tant cotton saree which means thousand dots. The traditional Bengali sarees are cotton and have a distinct crepe like texture. The Tant Sarees are the most popular styles of Bengali Sarees.

Kanjeevaram Sarees – Eye-catching

The eye-catching Kanjeevaram Sarees are the most sought after sarees for weddings and special occasions are from Thiruvannamalai district in Tamil Nadu. The Kanjeevaram silk sarees are regal and vibrant. The motifs on the sarees are celestial forms, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, Jasmine buds, and mangoes. The designs communicate nature charmingly and beautifully.

The silk threads are made up of three single threads which are twisted together and dyed to maintain the lustre. The Kanjeevaram takes 10 to 12 days to make and for the more embellished ones it may take up to 20 days. The Kanjeevaram Sarees are woven with Mulberry silk. The texture, lustre and finish is simply exquisite. .

Assam Silk Sarees – Go Back to Your Roots

The Assam Silk sarees are all about going back to your roots. To weave a single Assam Silk Saree it takes approximately 2 months from rearing the silkworm to the finished product. The weaving process takes about a week to 10 days to complete. The motifs used on the sarees are the typical Assami Topi (Jappi) and miniature tree motifs and pigeons. The motifs are geometrical in shape. Pure zari work is also found on the sarees giving them a chic feel.

Batik Print Sarees – Full of Femininity

The artisan uses the ancient art of using wax and dyes to create magical designs. The Batik Print Sarees are from Shantiniketan, West Bengal. To create a Batik Print Saree Batik wax is used to create the design. The fabric is dyed and then the wax is removed by scraping or boiling the fabric in hot water to peel the wax. The waxed portion retains the original color, creating beautiful, unique designs on the cotton or silk fabric. Batik Print Sarees are diverse and can be worn daily wear as well as for formal functions. The Batik Print Sarees are truly full of femininity.

Sambalpuri Sarees – Absolutely Striking!

The Sambalpuri Sarees are hand woven sarees that hail from a small place called Sambalpur in Orissa. The Sambalpuri Sarees are both cotton and silk sarees. The Sambalpuri Sarees are absolutely striking as they are made from Tussar silk and soft cotton, also known as Ikat. The sarees are known for their traditional designs which are inspired by shells, flowers, wheels, swans, and fish. It is one of the most exquisite sarees in India and is the pride of Orissa. Sonepur, Bomkai, Bapta, Barpali, and Pasapalli sarees are the 5 unique variations of the Sambalpuri Saree. The Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta are famous.

Kosa Sarees – Entwined with Magic

Kosa Sarees are made from the silk which is obtained from an Indian silkworm – Antheraea mylitta,and is a variety of Tussar silk found in Korba and Champa in Chhattisgarh. It takes about three to five days to make a simple Kosa saree, depending on the complexity of the design.

The original color of the Kosa silk is dull gold, the finished product is dyed using natural dyes from the palaas flower (Fire Flower), the red pollen of the Rora Flower and the deep rose red from lac and other natural dyes. Kosa Sarees are known for their sturdiness. They are ideal and auspicious fabric to be worn to weddings, religious ceremonies, and other ceremonies. The Kosa Sarees are indeed entwined with magic and a cherished heritage of Chhattisgarh.

Nauvari Sarees – A Taste of Maharashtra

The Nauvari Sarees were made from cotton and are very popular amongst Maharashtrian brides. The traditional Nauvari Saree are adorned with beautifully designed floral prints, motifs, and patterns. One can complement the Nauvari Saree with 3/4th sleeves or sleeveless blouses. A Maharashtrian bride usually selects Paithani silk Nauvari Sarees. The fabric is smooth and is available in golden color, a preferred choice for a Maharashtrian bride. Nauvari Sarees are traditionally famous for thick patterned borders embroidered with silver or gold. Women wear the Nauvari sarees during festivals and it represents the age-old tradition of Maharashtra.

Great 8poure Sarees That You Can Gift

Pipli Block & Mirror Embroidery On Linen

Source www.8poure.in

Pipli Block and Mirror Embroidery on Linen Saree is a premium quality beautiful saree which incorporates small pieces of fabrics, of various contrasting colors and textures with mirror work creating a vision of loveliness and grace. The contrasting colors and designs makes this saree unique and distinct linen saree. These sarees are delivered to you at your doorstep depending on your location. Price Rs. 2,998.

Hand Embroidered Gujrati on Pure Gachi Tussar

An elegant, easy to drape premium silk designer Hand Embroidered Gujrati Saree on pure Gachi Tussar Saree with a running blouse piece. Very elegant for parties and formal occasions. Perfect way to walk in elegance and grace. The saree is priced at Rs. 7,598

Pure Gachi Tussar with Madhubani Hand Painting

The art of Madhubani Painting captured on Pure Hand Woven Gachi Tussar Silk has a wow effect. This Pure Gachi Tussar with Madhubani Hand Painted Saree combines the beauty of old, golden days with the modern couture on lustrous fabrics. Get it on the site for Rs. 8,598

Pure 100 Count Linen with Hand Embroidered Kantha Stitch

A stylish, chic Pure 100 Count Linen with Embroidered Kantha Stitch Saree with running blouse piece showing off the skill and beauty of the art involved in making this saree. These sarees can be worn on any occasion and is easy to drape and graceful. Buy it on 8poure for Rs. 4,098

Handloom Resham Check with Bidding Patch Work and Contrast Blouse Piece

A trendy Handloom Resham Check with Bidding Patch Work Saree with Contrast Blouse piece appeals to your distinct personality. A Saree to make you stand out in a crowd, bold, beautiful, and with confidence. Order it on the site for Rs. 2,598

Resham Check Patch Work And Embroidery Saree

An eye-catching Resham Check Patch Work and Embroidery Saree will definitely stand out. The bold, beautiful, vibrant tones are remarkable and captures the essence of the Indian culture.
Get it on the 8poure for Rs. 2,598

Hand Painted Mirror Jamdani

A dazzling Hand Painted Mirror Jamdani is a piece of art on fabric. An absolutely stunning Saree that lends a festive mood for an occasion with grace and elegance. The Saree comes along with a 1 meter Jamdani blouse piece. This beautiful saree can be purchased for Rs. 3698 on 8poure.

Pure Kora Banarasi Silk Saree

This Pure Kora Banaras Silk Saree is royal and sophisticated. It has the traditional zari weaving throughout and an antique zari pallu. It has a royalty and beauty designed all over it. This Saree comes with a running blouse piece. Find it for Rs. Rs. 6,598 on 8poure.

Pure Gachi Tussar Hand Kantha Embroidery with Running Kantha Embroidered Blouse

This Pure Gachi Tussar Hand Kantha Embroidery Saree boasts of the Kantha Stitch a very popular and yet ancient heritage of Bengal! It has tradition, culture and art across the Saree. The running blouse piece is with Kantha Embroidery is included with the saree. This gorgeous saree is a little pricey though at Rs. 7,998

Hand Kantha Embroidery on Pure Bangalore Silk

Hand Kantha Embroidery on Pure Bangalore Silk Saree flaunts the popular, ancient Indian Kantha embroidery from Bengal with grace and majesty. This splendid piece of art is grand and beautiful. This saree comes along with a running blouse piece. Enjoy owning this handcrafted beauty by ordering it on the site for Rs. 7,798

Bonus Idea: How Do I Decide What Kind of Saree to Buy?

Buying a saree from a plethora of beautiful choices can be a daunting process. Here are a few tips to help you with it:

  • Personal style: Your personal style will help you wear and carry off the saree with grace and confidence. For example, if you like comfortable and carefree clothing, avoid Silk Sarees.
  • Body type: Consider your body type while buying a saree. Sarees that suit a pear-shaped body type are Chiffon and Georgette as the fabric balances out the upper an lower body to give it grand look. Sarees with embroidery are perfect for apple body shape. Cotton and cotton like fabric are suitable for women who are overweight. Silk and organza sarees apt for women who are slim and average height women. Tall and slim women can carry heavy borders and net sarees flawlessly.
  • Current trends and styles: Take into consideration your personal style and body type to look at the new trends and styles and pick a saree that with complement the two.
  • Quality of the fabric: Indian sarees have exquisite and intricate designs on them. Always check the quality of the material so that it does not ruin the appearance of the saree.
  • Return policy: Always check if there is a return policy while buying a Saree online if it does not meet your expectation.
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Be Careful While Buying Sarees Online

Buying online has become the norm today whether it is electronics or groceries. However in case of sarees, remember to carefully read descriptions to ensure you are receiving a good quality product. Pay close attention the information made available on the site. If the info is not enough, contact the store's customer care to get the details you need before you buy it. Happy shopping!