10 Heartfelt Gifts for Husband on Valentine's Day in India and Three Ways to Mark This Special Day(2020)

10 Heartfelt Gifts for Husband on Valentine's Day in India and Three Ways to Mark This Special Day(2020)

Love does not need a reason or a day to be celebrated! However any opportunity to remind your hubby of your love shouldn't be missed. These curated lovely gift ideas for your beloved husband are great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Read on find ways to make this day remarkable, as well as romantic and practical Valentine's Day gifts for husband.

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Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day in India

Always Look for Ways to Make Him Feel Special

Having a supporting significant other makes life ten times more beautiful and easier. Having a husband who is always there to cheer you up, share your joys and shoulder your burden makes you want to make him feel like as precious as possible. Calling him by cute and slightly bizarre names is a great way to make someone feel his exclusiveness in your life.

Another way is to remember the date and time of the important occasions in married life. This might sound a little old fashioned but really signifies someone's importance in your life. Remembering the dates of your husband's appointments and interviews is another way to make him feel valued. Similarly, giving importance to little things only because they are important to your husband and appreciating his work can make him feel as if he is the luckiest husband alive. Nevertheless, at special moments and special occasions, small tokens of care and affection have a great impact; consider it. These acts of love need not be reserved just for Valentine's Day but all through the year.

Valentine’s Day Matters!

Valentine's day is of vital importance in any marriage as it signifies commitment, symbolizes love and remembrance of love. It gives two people in a beautiful bond an opportunity to honour and celebrate each other's companionship. On a daily basis we see couples splitting up, mentally damaging each other, being the source of displeasure in each others’ lives and bring out the worst in each other. So, in a world in which all of this is a common sight, having a spouse who is a friend to you is no less than a miracle hence it should be realised and valued.

It’s true that for a lover every day is a day of love but as human beings we know that our feelings keep fluctuating all the time, we can hate the person we love the most. Hence, keeping a day just for what you and your significant other have in between is extremely necessary. Valentine’s day is that time of the year when everything is showered in pinks and reds and making men not uncomfortable wearing those colours. Why? Because it is vehemently a special day. A day that is to be valued by both of the people sharing a special bond. Make sure you bring something extra romantic on the table this Valentine’s day for your beloved husband.

Cherish the Beautiful Bond With a Token of Love

In order to really make the best of the hours you have for each other, put your phones and everything else aside and give him your undivided attention. Let him know how much this marriage means to you and how positively it has impacted your life through the years.

Because we are living in a world that worships petty materialism, most of the women will tend to get more and more expensive things for their husbands, just so they can take pride in showing off their gifts to their colleagues. If you are really into buying the most expensive things for your man then remember - in this busy world nothing is more valuable than your time and your attention.

Your ability to enjoy everything he has to offer thrills him far more than your capability of buying him a top-notch Gucci suit. Let alone, practical gifts have their importance that can never be neglected. One must learn to find the balance between the concrete and abstract of a relationship. Whatever you plan to present to your husband on this Valentine’s, make sure it’s everlasting.

Giving Him the Best Valentine's Day Gift: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

  • It’s a Two Way Street: A great recipe for a good relationship is to be completely transparent and open with each other. Unlike women, men are under tremendous pressure to act 'manly', one implication being they must not show emotion openly, so they take really long to open up. On this day make him feel immensely cozy with you and permit him to lay his heart open to you. But to bring about that specific phase, you’ll have to make some real effort in getting your husband something that’ll make him melt. For the purpose, one might consider presenting a lovely gift that will remind your husband that yes, you are the one.

  • Make Him Feel Like a King! It’s time to make the emperor of your heart feels royal for real. Glam up, be a queen, wear that outfit you know he really loves to see on you. There is more to it than just looking appealing. Your husband will see how much effort you have put in yourself especially and exclusively for him. When you are choosing a gift for your husband, know his traits and the kind of a man he is so that you can complement that with the gift you’re presenting. On a day as special as the Valentine’s, reign over your king's heart by making him savour his favourite dish cooked by you. If he likes his mom's or aunt's recipe, take the recipe from them, practice it twice and you will be good to go!

  • Don’t Wind Up Ruining His Surprise for You While Preparing a Surprise for Him: All your efforts will go in vain, if your husband gets the hint of what you are up to on this beautiful day. Don’t talk to him all day and pretend to lose your cool over trivial matters on the day prior to Valentine's day. Make him believe that you have nothing planned for him this time. And then surprise him!

  • His Nature and Expectations: Valentine’s day allows couples to become 'we' again. To revive the spirit of love you once had on this day, start being the girl your husband once fell in love with and proposed to be his life partner. For instance, if playing video games makes him feel good, instead of bashing him for wasting his time, sit by his side and praise him for being a great gamer or even start playing with him so that he won’t feel left alone.

10 Romantic Gifts for Husband on Valentine's Day in India

A Smart Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Watches are accessories which upgrade any look by tenfold, making your man go from drag to absolutely fab, give him an air of punctuality and perseverance. Furthermore, watches are one of the very few accessories that nearly every man likes having. In this smartphone era many people do not consult their wrist for a quick time check, yet wrist watches are far from getting obsolete and smartphones haven’t really killed the purpose of watches because they are quick to drain their battery and then technology on your wrist becomes the savior.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch is available on Amazon for Rs.17,995. It is the kind of watch that promises to compliment just about every look your man dons, while multi tasking as a smart wearable.


Source www.amazon.in

It’s always good to smell great. Perfumes are undoubtedly one of the best inventions of all time. They not only make a man look more attractive but they also evoke memories and helps people to express themselves. If your man is fond of soft subtle fragrances then Jovan White Musk Eau de Cologne is just right for him. It’s the kind of perfume that one can wear from day to night, it’s a daytime scent but also suitable for night time. It has a touch of fruity scent but also has a strong masculine musky base to it. Priced at only Rs.524 on Amazon, this also stays on skin for a very long time.

Shaving set

Source www.amazon.in

It’s so tricky to shop for men because there are only handful of things that they use which can also be given as gifts to them and even then men often already have those things. New things only pile up among the other extras but a shaving set is an extremely practical gift for your lovely husband. Your man will use it no matter what. Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Essentials Value Kit at amazon.in has it all - shaving cream, scrub, after shave balm and shaving brush only for Rs.1,114!

Handy Smart Notebook

Source www.amazon.in

If you want your husband to be precise with spending money, not forget important appointments and dates then there is no better and elegant present for him than a notebook. Men tend be a little more reckless and forgetful than women which takes an unpleasant form when they become fathers so if you want to fix your husband’s carelessness then make him habitual of jotting down important things and make him habitual of making to-do lists. Parent your husband before he becomes a parent himself but without hurting his ego obviously! Buy him an Cuir Ally Dexter Smart Erasable & Reusable Notebook. It measures 130 mm x 210 mm and has 240 pages. It is a very graceful book and comes in a perfect handy size, easy to carry and easy to write on. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

Top Trending Electronic Gadgets

Source www.amazon.in

Men love gadgets as much as women love makeup. In the same way women spend hours drooling over online makeup pages, men salivate at the sight of shiny new gadgets. Even if it doesn’t grab your interest, do it for your beloved husband. Try to know what kind of gadgets appeal to him the most. Earphones are very useful and can be a great gift for your man. There are many varieties available, Bluetooth and wireless, in-ear and headphones as well as sound cancelling earphones.

Wired earphones are convenient as they do not need to be charged but often the wires get entangled which further breaks the circuit inside them making audio gadgets turn into rubber threads. However, the invention of wireless earphones solves the problem. Get your husband this cute little iBall B9 Nano Earwear Ring-Dock. Priced at Rs.899 on Amazon, these earbuds supports all iOS and Android devices.

Family Timeline Photo Frames

Source www.amazon.in

Who doesn’t love taking candid pictures of family time, where everyone is acting crazy and lunacy is at its peak? Those eye catching pictures are everyone’s favorite and surprising someone with these cute and random pictures can make them feel really fuzzy inside as those pictures serve as a reminder of all the precious moments spent together. Getting such pictures framed increases their beauty and it's so much nicer being able to see them more frequently when they are up on the wall.

Get all the secretly captured family moments framed and on Valentine’s day surprise your husband by replacing old wall frames with the new crazy ones. To do this you can get the Beautiful Family Memories Set of 14 individual wall photo frame in various sizes. These photo frames cost Rs.1,599, and are made up of wood and unbreakable plexi glass with adjustable hanging hardware. Buy them on Amazon.

Formal Jacket

Source www.amazon.in

There is something special about formal wear that makes an ordinary man suddenly turn into a striking gentleman. The neatly pressed creases and sharp cuts give any man an aura of self confidence. Buy him a full suit, but even a nice jacket can do the trick. Men love looking self-confident so grab this super cozy and super decent Men Fashion Fit Formal One Button Suit Blazer from Amazon and make your man grateful to have you. It is available in colours black, wine red and grey, and is priced between Rs.1,300 to Rs.1,950, depending on the colour and size you choose.

Couple’s Bracelets

Source www.amazon.in

Couple’s bracelets, or distance bracelets as they are often called, are a fancy way of making your partner miss you when he is leaving home or you are leaving home for a long period of time. Buy these His & Hers Bracelets in high quality stainless steel from Amazon. You will get two sleek bracelets both made of steel each bearing a sweet message of love; the male one has a band with the message 'Her King', while the female one has the message 'His Queen'. Elegant and understated you both can flaunting this reminder of your love through your day. Buy it for Rs. 1,049 from Amazon

High Quality Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Men are not obsessed with new bags, laptop cases and wallets. The wallet your man has is most probably five to eight years old if not ten. The wallet they have is torn from the side and the coins keep slipping from its hole. In spite of this men still don’t understand the importance of a new wallet, or at least a functional one. Being his wife, the responsibility to make changes in his life fall on your lap, specially if he doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. Purchase this elegant looking WildHorn Brown Men's Wallet for only Rs.440, before your man's perforated wallet loses any more money. You can also get him a customised wallet with his initials on it.

Valentine’s Day Love Notes

Source www.amazon.in

You can write sweet things about your husband and post it on his time-line; you can make a video of him too but the truth is the hard copy still holds attraction, and handwritten things make everything seem more genuine. You can get a couple picture of the two of you hand drawn. Think of all the things that you and him have enjoyed doing together and put in a list. Next, write each down on a separate card and on Valentin's day make him go through each card. You can also buy a stack of such love notes. Grab Love Shack Hundred Reasons I Love You Box is priced at Rs.374 on Amazon. Fill the cards with sweet messages and memories, this will be the breakthrough of love between you and your beloved!

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It Is a Big Deal

Such a lot of fuss is created over Valentine's Day and the shops and streets are overflowing with corny heart shaped gifts and cheesy romantic lines to woo and wow loved ones. Don't let this spoil what is actually a wonderful excuse to be over the top romantic for a day. There is no fixed idea of romance and you can do appeals to you the most. You need not even involve hearts, red roses and boxes of chocolate but find your own unique way to celebrate. Because your man may already know it but it's important to tell him that you love him.