Does Friendship Come First in Your Mind When Thinking About Valentine's Day? Here are Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Consider for Your Best Friend (2019)

Does Friendship Come First in Your Mind When Thinking About Valentine's Day? Here are Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Consider for Your Best Friend (2019)

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship - Thomas Aquinas". Valentine's Day is the day of love, bonding, memories, experiences, journeys and great times spent together. This day is made even more fun when celebrated with your best friend. As a symbol of love, gift them something this Valentine's which they will cherish forever.

Did You Know that Valentine's Day Doesn't Have to Be All About Romance?

Every 14th day of February, you know it is Valentine’s Day. This day is meant to celebrate the people you love, and not necessarily the person with whom you share a romantic relationship. This day is also meant to celebrate those who have been the closest to your heart. They could be your parents, your boss or any other person who has impacted your life in one way or the other. Many are single and will treat this day just like any other day. In this guide, we will provide you with several gift ideas which will surprise your special friends who are with you everyday.

How to Ensure that You Get the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Friend

Ensure that What You Give Him or Her is Unique


Everyone loves gifts! Therefore, when you decide to gift someone, to ensure that it makes more meaning to them, try to look for a unique gift. Ensure you purchase a gift that most people don’t have. This will make them feel that they are also unique. They will get an impression that you think they are special. This gift, however, does not have to break your budget. Even a less costly or pocket-friendly gift can be unique. Hence, find something that is a little uncommon..

Gift Personalisation Could Make it Feel Even More Special

Personalise a gift to make it more appealing for the person you want to gift this Valentine’s Day. If you are buying it from a website, you can choose the one which allows for more personalisation. Call them and inform them how you want the gift personalised. On the same breath, personalisation does not have to break your bank. You can do simple personalisation such as writing their name on the gift or even have the gift bear their photo. This will surely make the gift more appealing than the one without any form of personalisation. These days, you can gift someone with a personalized mug for example. Your recipient will know that you took the time to think about them and also made the gift exclusively for them.

Let it Communicate Your Message Clearly

Be careful in the way you communicate while giving the gift. You don't want your friend to misunderstand the gesture. For example, if you are a man and decide to gift your female colleague who is not your girlfriend, ensure that the message on the gift is not wrongly interpreted or cause her to worry if there are any strings attached. So be careful in the kind of gift you give and also the message you attatch to it.

Always Remember that a Practical Gift is Hard to Forget


To tell the truth, it is tough to find the ideal gift for practical people. Most of the time practical people do not like any form of clutter. The last thing they want is for you to add to the to do list, or mess up their way of life. Therefore, find a gift that looks nice and does not take up unnecessary space. You can choose something that they did not know they needed. Practical gifts are all around us and make a lasting impression each time they look at it or use it. Buy something that will make them do the things they do better, e.g. open a bottle of wine better, do laundry better, poop better and much more.

A Review of The Top 10 Best Friendship Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy in 2019

Tea Infuser Tumbler


The common urban and millennial story suggests that everybody is in a rush. You rush from your car to the desk, from there to the boardroom, from the boardroom again to the car and the process is nonstop. But chai point helps you take a breather and gives you a sip of a healthy and refreshing drink. It extends a helping hand with a stylish chai bot and a mobile infuser. It is made of high-quality glass and stainless steel. This Tea infuser tumbler can be bought on Amazon. It is for Rs. 751, and will make your friend's Valentine’s Day memorable.

Vintage Coffee Grinder


The Vintage Coffee Grinder could be the best Valentine's gift you can ever give the person you love this Valentine’s Day. It suits a modest workload. It has a classic design and an optimized coffee grinding capability for fresh coffee. Vintage coffee grinder could be used at home or in the office. The quality of the coffee grinder has an impact on the taste of espresso that your coffee machine prepares. It includes a 300W motor and commercial quality 54 mm flat burrs made of tempered steel; to perform for long. It produces consistent and precise grind size for best flavors and aroma. It is made in Italy and backed by a 1-year warranty upon purchasing from Amazon for Rs. 39,999.

Little Black Dress

The black embellished woven A-line dress comes in a round neck and is sleeveless. It has a concealed zip enclosure and an attached lining with flared hem. It makes the perfect gift for your friend this Valentine’s Day. It is made of Nylon and should be hand washed. The Dorothy Perkins dress will enable you to pull off the runway look that you have ever admired. The embellished black piece can be worn with your pair of heels and a chic jacket for a night out. You can buy this dress today at Myntra for Rs.5,692.

Luggage Tags


A luggage tag can be seen as a worthless piece of Valentine's gift, but to some people, it means a lot. It is made of PVC silicon material, and it measures approximately 10.5x6.5x0.5 cm in LxBx H. It is of the same size as a business card and is made of Silicon gel. It has an easily recognisable message on one side while the holder's details are on the other side. It will make their bags stand out every time they are hitting the road. Order yours today on Amazon for Rs. 349.

Orbi Voice

How about this Orbi voice as a gift idea for your friend this Valentine's? It delivers an ultra-performance Mesh WiFi network that blankets every inch in your home in super fast and seamless WiFi connectivity. It also fills your room anywhere you put your satellite. It is an all in one smart speaker satellite with audio by Harman Kardon and delivers a rich sound with instant access to your favorite music. The speaker's WIFI has constant coverage of up to 4500 square feet with speeds of up to 3.0Gbps. Setup with the Orbi ap. Grab yours today from Amazon for $429.99 or Rs. 29,889 (rounded off to the nearest rupee)

Pretty Hearts Personalised Cushion


Go with the Valentine’s Day theme and give her a cuddly gift. It is a square shaped cushion with a satin cover. It also has hearts on it for a thoughtful keepsake gift for your Valentine. If you want, you can further personalise this cushion using the desired image in high resolution. The cushion’s key attributes include being made of Satin and measuring 15in X 15in (lxb). It is set with filler and comes in modern prints. You will find this Pretty hearts personalised cushion at for $5.32 or Rs.370 (rounded off to the nearest rupee)

Valentine Mug

A valentine mug may seem simple, but you can’t underrate the impact that it will have on your valentine this year. It is a quality printed 110z white ceramic coffee and tea mug. It comes with a large handle so that you can have an easy grip on it. The print on the mug is premium with a high-quality ink which makes it more lively as a gift for Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s mug can handle both hot and cold liquids up to 350ml capacity. It is dishwasher as well as microwave safe. The mug is translucent, and freezer safe. A 10 days return policy backs it if the mug doesn’t suit your Valentine's needs. Currently, you can shop for it at Flipkart for only Rs.314.

Tasty Chocolate

This is a little box that packs a lot of yummy flavours. It will help you express just how much you appreciate your friend. The designer brown box comes with a lid as well as a ribbon so that you can carry it like a pouch. When you open this box, you will find 20 delicious handmade tasty chunks of chocolate. Order yours today from Archies for just Rs. 540.

Photographer Gift Set

If your friend is a photography enthusiast, then check out this combo gift. It includes a camera stationery holder, Insta camera mug, and a camera brooch. The camera stationery holder prevents your pens from falling apart, while the wooden camera brooch is classy. The insta camera mug is made of ceramic, and measures 12 by 9 by 10 centimeters. It has a 330ml liquid holding capacity. On the other hand, the camera stationery holder has a rustic look, made of wood and measures 10.5 x 9 x 8.5 cm. The brooch is a classy accessory, also made of wood and measures 2 by 3 cm. You can buy this Valentine's Photographer gift set at for Rs. 1699 today.

The Last Line Rainbow Best Friend Heart and Flower Pendant

This Yellow Gold Best Friends Charm is what you need to buy for your Valentine this year. It splits into two and sets with a rainbow diamond flower for a pop of colors. It can be worn with any TLL chain to build your pendant game. The last line rainbow best friend heart and flower pendant has 14K yellow gold with rainbow stones and also has a 20-inch chain.

The length of the heart is 0.9 inches, width is 0.5 inches, size of the bale is 0.29 inches, and the mini flower diameter is 3/16 inches. The Last Line Rainbow Best Friend Heart and Flower Pendant is available alone or with a chain. The average carat weight of this last line rainbow best friend heart and flower pendant is 0.03cts diamond, 0.04cts orange sapphire, 0.03cts amethyst, 0.03cts pink sapphire, .03 cts ruby, 0.02cts blue sapphire, and .02 cts emerald. It can be bought from for $789 or Rs. 54,843 (rounded off to the nearest rupee)

Various Ways of Spending the Valentine's Day in Style

#1 Indulge in Some Outdoor Fun

Outdoor activities can make the best gift for someone during Valentine’s day. Go out for dinner, dance, movie concert, motorsport and any other outdoor activities that may interest them.

#2 Dine Together

Take your friend or your valentine out for dinner. This way you will spend quality time together and get a chance to try delicious meals. Remember this day is for them and not for you. Therefore, let them order the food, and the bill is on you.

#3 Remind Each Other About Some of the Great Memories that You Share


Remind your friend about the crazy old things which you did together. You can together reminisce childhood days, school days, work and much more. If your Valentine is your parent, ask them to narrate some of your childhood mischiefs.

#4 Get into a Meaningful Conversation

Get into a meaningful discussion with the people you love. Sometimes a conversation is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

#5 Give Them Your Full-Attention if Possible

As mentioned earlier, this day is not for you but entirely for them. Show your love to them by giving them utmost attention. Time is more valuable than any other gift, and when they realize that you have given them full attention, they will appreciate iteven more.

#6 Go for a Homemade Gift

Sometimes an excellent Valentine’s gift doesn’t have to be bought but can be creatively homemade. Your valentine will appreciate such a gift as they will know that you spared your time to make something special for them at home.

#7 Attend a Cooking or Dance Class Together

Do they love cooking or learning a new recipe? Consider taking them for this class to learn a new method. Do they love dancing? Take them to a dance class and learn new moves. They will appreciate you.

#8 Go For a Picnic

With busy work schedules, people hardly find time to relax and unwind, and the bills take a toll on them. Therefore this valentine’s day, go out for a picnic with the person you love and care about. You can enjoy a nice time together.

#9 Stargaze

You can simply lay down with your valentine in the dark and spend time reading the sky together. It is a beautiful Valentine's gift idea.

#10 Do Something that The Two of You Love

Do the things which both of you love. For instance, if both of you love swimming or cooking, do these together. This will show that you love spending time with them.

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Make this Valentine's Day special for your near and dear ones

With some of the great options to choose from, you can make this Valentine's day memorable for your close ones. This surely will be an experience which they will cherish forever. With a range of items and to-do things to choose from, What are you waiting for?