Do You Want to Brighten His Birthday with an Amazing Present? Here Are 10 Special Birthday Gifts for Your Husband That He Will Adore Forever (2020)

Do You Want to Brighten His Birthday with an Amazing Present? Here Are 10 Special Birthday Gifts for Your Husband That He Will Adore Forever (2020)

Your husband is your friend, your guide, your relentless support, and your partner-in-crime who completes your life in a beautiful way. Of course, his birthday celebration means a lot that you can make memories with our collections of amazing gifts. Let your husband smile with our amazing, thoughtful birthday gifts that he will cherish for a long time. Read on to find fun and affordable presents ideas that the man in your life is sure to love.

Surprise Your Better Half with a Gift of Love on his Birthday

Out of all kiths and kins, a husband is the one you spend your life with, and share adores and love. He always stands for you in all the bad and good times and supports you in your walk of life. Besides, he is probably the one making your birthdays special with heartwarming gifts and mid-night surprises. Now, on his birthday, you can return the favour by making him feel special with a special birthday gift husband.

At times, small fights occur in every relationship, but it does not affect the bond's charm. And surprises are the perfect way to keep that glow. There are lots of options available that can help you amaze your husband and bring a massive smile on his face. Whether your husband is a foodie, outdoorsy type, likes a cup of tea, or spends his leisure time at home with you, there's a perfect gift for everyone. It would be best if you discovered something you are sure he will like. Here, let's check out some ideas about the best birthday gift for your husband.

Tips for Choosing Gift for Your Husband

Select Gifts as Per His Taste and Personality

This is the foremost factor in selecting any gift because every person is distinct from another person. And for your husband, you need to keep his taste and personality in mind. For this, you have to observe his habits, dislikes, likes, and daily routine. It would be best to think about what things bring a smile on his face while selecting a birthday gift for him.

Add a Personal Touch

Anything that gets a personal touch grows up into something more attractive and appealing. You can do the same while choosing the best birthday gift for your husband. It could be something related to the time when you met for the first time. Or you can choose something else that you both admire. Thus, you can quickly satisfy him with your choice when you add some emotion to your gift.

A Walk to Remember

When there is good weather, a morning walk at some nature trails or parks is a great way to please the mind. You can do the same for having a good time with your husband. A long drive, swimming day out, or a bike ride are some of the options you can go for with your husband. Spending quality time makes your relationship stronger.

Take Suggestions from Friends and Colleagues

You can take help from people (his colleagues and friends) with whom your husband spends time out of the home. People who know him closely can provide you best ideas regarding his dislikes and likes. You never know, you can learn about his hobbies or a childhood obsession. Considering all these things, you can easily find the perfect gift for your husband.

10 Best Birthday Gift Husband

Here's our pick of 10 best birthday gifts to make the day memorable for your husband.

Personalized Gifts

The concept of a gift becomes fresh when you customize the items with a personalized touch. And nowadays, all the things like bags, wallets, perfumes, and coffee mugs can be personalized, and everyone likes it. Do keep this option in mind when selecting a special birthday gift for your husband.

Personalized family mugs are a great pick to show your love, care, and affection towards the family (not only husband). You can find a unique collection of personalized mugs with sophisticated simplicity and artwork. In this collection, one side of the cup features the artist's depiction of every member and personalized using items of your choice like clothing colour, hair, skin tone, and first name of the mug owner. And the other side shows the family name. This mug is made of ceramic material. It measures 4.5-inch in height, 3.25-inch in diameter, and has a capacity of 15fl. Oz. Also, it is a top-rack dishwasher as well as microwave safe. The Personalized Family Mug is available at Uncommon Goods with a price tag of Rs.2,255.

Unique Lovebirds Photo Frame

A unique lovebirds photo frame is another perfect birthday gift for your husband. It includes a canvas stretched over a frame made of solid wood, and indulges sawtooth hanger. The frame measures 21 inches in height and 15 inches in width. You can customize it with a personalized message, getting the name of you two written with a lovely heart around. Gift him this, and you will see him smile big with emotions of love flowing down his heart.

Get this Unique Love Birds Photo Frame customized at the Royal Gifts site for Rs.2,699.

Plan a Cruise Trip

Even if you are spending good time together, a cruise trip allows you to add some cherishable memories for life. And, this makes up for a perfect romantic gift for your husband if he loves to travel. You can present this as a kind of sweet gesture from your side to your husband.

Depending on how and with whom you want to spend the day, you can book this trip for only 2 of you. Or you can arrange a big cruise party, inviting family and close friends as well. However, this would require you to make some extra effort as the trip needs some arrangements. But the end experience is definitely worth it. Considering the weather condition, dates, and budget, you can select international or Indian cruise vacations.

Enjoy a great great time together, and you won't forget this time throughout your life. The Jalesh Cruise (Chennai- Highsease- Chennai) trip is pre-planned for two nights and three days and costs Rs.24,500. You can book this trip with Thomas Cook.

Wooden Plaque

Wooden gifts are getting lost in the charm of those new-age gifts available online today. But they still have their fame and glamour, and they give an idea of how to be long-lasting while satisfying the purpose. You can get a favourite thing engraved on this wooden plaque, and make it a personalized gift for your husband. You can also post a great picture of you with your husband, and present him this personalized gift on his birthday. This wooden plaque measures 13.97cm in height and 22.86cm in width, and is available on Archies' Online Store. Buy this My Life Personalized Wooden Plaque from the store for Rs.499.

Homemade Photo Book

Every anniversary marks another year spent. And you can make this day memorable for your husband by giving him a unique as well as a beautiful photo book of memories. This isn't something that you provide once and forget. Instead, you can make the book age with him by adding new images in the future. This could be the best unique birthday gift your husband could get in years while expressing your feelings of love, care, and affection.

The scrapbook from Paper Plane is a beautiful book with 15 back colour sheets, allowing you to paste memories on 30 pages back to back. It comes in a size of 22cmX16cm with a cover made of hardwood. The scrapbook photo album is available in multiple colours and a rectangular shape. You can purchase Paper Plane Design DIY Happy Birthday Scrapbook Photo Album from Amazon for Rs.345.

Vintage Steel Men Pocket Watch

Did he ever mention having a pocket watch? If he is one of those who love to keep and adore vintage items, there could be no better gift on his special day. Get him a vintage pocket watch to flaunt among his colleagues and friends.

The antique timepiece comes with a Sheesham wood box, a long chain, and a round dial working on the quartz movement. The colour of the dial is golden, and the underlying material is pure brass. The dimensions of the watch are 20X10X10cm. The best part of this watch is that it features English numbers as well as Hindi Devanagari digits. The Artshai Antique Golden Pocket Watch with Wooden Box and Hindi Devanagari Digits is available for Rs.795 at Amazon.

Cocktail Shaker Set

If he loves antiques, give him a vintage item, and if he loves to drink, get him a cocktail set. Be a house bar hobbyist or a cocktail connoisseur; you can always upgrade his drinking experience at home. The cocktail shaker set is the best gift for your husband to enjoy with his drinking buddies. This also delivers a message that you aren't concerned about his drinking as long as he does not cross limits. This could be the first item for his home-bar or an add-on to the existing collection.

This vintage-inspired cocktail shaker set could also be used during small parties with family and friends at home. It has a fantastic royal look as it is prepared from steel, glass, and wood. The complete set includes four handle jars, one shaker, one jigger, one bar spoon, four straws, one clip, and one wooden muddler. The capacity of the shaker is 450 ml, and that of the jars is 150ml. With this set, you can serve mocktails, juice, cocktails, or other beverages. Order this Cocktail Shaker Set - Pack Of 13 Pcs from Big Small to gift your husband at a nominal price of Rs.1,299.

Customized Sculpture

Still not found your pick? Looking for something more innovative as well as unique? A sculpture (customized one) could be your type of surprise gift for your husband's birthday. You can add a unique touch to this gift by capturing a special memory within the sculpture. And while presenting this gift, you can add more emotions by recalling those memories you have put in the gift. This gift idea will surely make the day for your husband memorable for life.

Check out the cute handmade replica doll to surprise your better half. It will serve as a memory as well as a beautiful gift item. You can order a 7-inch Handmade Mini Replica Doll for Rs.7,500 or get a Couple at Rs.14,500.

A Long Road Trip

We talked about a cruise trip before. But not everyone might be having that much time and budget in hand. However, if you are not that high on budget, you can plan a road trip for sure. Add some excitement to this by covering the eyes of your husband. It is human nature to react differently to things, which happens unexpectedly. It would help if you asked him not to try to see where you are going and keep it a surprise by preventing any hints from coming out.

These trips can go amusing and give you lots of fun and happy moments to cherish later. Also, your husband will never forget this day. To make it more special, you can invite family or friends, and beautifully decorate the destination. For this, you can choose a farmhouse or some similar place. On the way, you can add some more exciting elements to make the journey equally exciting.

Phone Docking Station

What type is your husband? Is he the forgetter one who almost always fails to recall where he left his belongings? Or is he the organized one who loves to keep things in order? No matter what, both types of people will equally appreciate the gift of a phone docking station. Not only a docking station, but this one's a whole platform to keep his glasses, pens, wallets, phone, and keys. This birthday gift helps your husband stay organized and get rid of the frustrating clutter on the desk or shelf.

This wooden docking station comes with dimensions 26cmX28cmX1.2cm. It is made to hold all types of mobile phones, allowing your husband to use it even after updating to a new model. The construction material is wood, and the colour is brown. Other features include lightweight and compatible for the office desk as well as a dining table. On the front is a tray to hold a stylus, pen, or a pencil. The product is eco-friendly and is prepared using the premium pine (a high-quality material). There is a holder for two-to-three watches on one side and a hook on the other side. You can purchase JAAMSO ROYALS Wooden Mobile Docking Station from Amazon at the price of Rs.999.

Bonus Tip

Cheer Him Up with a Surprise Sports Party

Here's a bonus tip if you are still unable to decide what to buy for him. If your husband loves watching sports with friends, why not invite them over for a fun time? You can throw a surprise sports party for him, calling his friends beforehand, and getting refreshments and snacks ready. If you desire to create the party more affordable, do a few coupon clipping before shopping. Your husband will love this surprise on his birthday.

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Well, to bring that surprising and a precious smile on your hubby's face, all you need to do is just choose an apt one from this collection. We make the occasions more special, between the two of you with our best collection of romantic keepsakes, and make sure that you both cherish it every moment. So, what are you waiting for? The moment is coming, buy and send presents to husband online and rekindle the romance in your life.