Going to Convert Your Spare Room into a Home Gym? Best Gym Weights You Can Purchase for Training at Home (2020)

Going to Convert Your Spare Room into a Home Gym? Best Gym Weights You Can Purchase for Training at Home (2020)

It becomes difficult to hit the gym every day if you're a working professional, and in these pandemic times, it is impossible. Do you regret not having purchased gym weights and other exercise accessories earlier? Fret not! In this post, we bring you the types of gym weights which are available in the market with the best online options for you to order directly.

Benefits of Weight Training that Most People Tend to Ignore!

  • To keep yourself fit: As the muscle mass reduces with age, you must start exercising, and strength training can increase your bone density. Strength training helps to develop strong bones and manage your weight. People who wish to lose weight and stay fit can choose weight training. It increases metabolism leading to more burning of useless fat and calories.

  • Better quality of life: Lifting weights keep you healthy and give you a better life. When you set up a goal for yourself about having a regular schedule and achieving it makes you feel better. Moreover, a heavy training schedule makes you rejuvenated to take up the challenges in life. You are better equipped as you have an open mind and are free from any diseases. Moreover, exercising leads to better sleep, which helps you to stay alert and more productive at work. Weight training also helps in confidence-building for all and helps to manage stress and anxiety. Besides, being healthy also improves self-confidence.

  • Minimises risk of injury: While weight training can keep you healthy and keeps your body in shape, it also prevents the risk of injury. If you do weight training continuously, your tendons and ligaments also endure movement and stay in shape. These are the tissues that connect your muscles, and as they are in shape, you are not prone to injuries. Studies have also shown that weight training also reduces arthritis pain. The muscles have a cushion that can protect the joints. Moreover, it also helps in preventing the loss of flexibility and balance.

  • Improves metabolism: It is said that weight training improves the metabolism rate and keeps the body fit. Studies have also shown that every pound of muscle burns around six calories per day, even when the person is at rest. There are various ways one can do strength training, like doing bicep curls, or using weight machines. It increases muscle mass, which improves the rate of metabolism. As the body gains more muscle and burns out the fat, you happen to have a healthier body. And growing more muscles lead to more confidence and developing a penchant to continue to exercise. And the excellent story goes on.

  • More confident about life: Weight and strength training improves your quality of life and instils the much-needed confidence in your life. And it does not need to be a dull affair! Numerous training videos can help you in making your sessions exciting. Over time you can increase the intensity of your training sessions, and you can make use of the various ways to spice up the training sessions. As you achieve the goals set by you for yourself, you also increase your confidence levels apart from having a fitter body.

  • Better at sports: Strength and weight training form an essential part of the workout routine of renowned sportspersons. It helps them to stay free from injuries and stay fit. It also helps to improve stamina and endurance levels. An effective programme can enhance the strength of the body and increase the metabolic rate, which keeps sportspeople fitter. Even amateurs can benefit from the weight training if they wish to carry over the benefits to the sports arena.

Types of Gym Weights You Must Know About

Olympic Weights

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These plates are a standard in the fitness world, and they come with a 2 inches hole at the centre. They can fit on most bars that you will see in a gym. They can also be of different types. The competition plates are ones that are carefully weighed and carry a certificate. They are usually used during competitions. Training plates are not regulated tightly, but the central hole is as per standard regulations. The Olympic discs can also be used with 1-inch barbells with the use of adapters.

Bumper Weights

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The bumper weights are seeing an increase in demand due to spurt in Olympic lifting. It is a solid rubber disc that can be used for Olympic lifting without the fear of any damage to the person or the equipment and the floor. The technique plates are made from a single piece of rubber and come in light weights as an introduction to beginners in Olympic weightlifting. The competition bumper plates are accurate, with very little to no tolerance for error.

Fractional Weights

The fractional bumper plates include lower weight discs up to 5 kilos. The 0.5-1.5kg discs have no metal insert at the centre. The weights can be added to the end without having to remove the cuff. It is an ideal scenario during competitions.

Standard Weights

Standard weights are usually used in home gyms and come cheaper too. The central hole of the standard weights measures 1 inch and is not suitable for Olympic barbells. They look to be smaller than the Olympic weight plates.

Best Gym Weight Products in India

Kore K-PVC 20kg Combo 3 Leather

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When you are looking for gym weights, you will look for a combo package of sorts. It would be beneficial if you had an entire package for your workout session. The combo package from Kore includes 20 kilos of PVC weight, covering 4 weights of 2 kilos each and 4 weights of 3 kilos each. The weight combo also consists of a 3 feet curl rod and 2 14 inch dumbbell rods. The package also includes gym accessories like pure leather gloves, a backpack, a hand gripper, 2 locks, and clippers along with a skipping rope. The equipment is made from a durable material. The comprehensive set is ideal for gym freaks who are trying to set up some space at their home.

It is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 1,499 on Amazon.

Protoner 20 KG PVC Home Gym Combo

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Unable to go to the gym due to pressing requirements? You may set up a gym at home by using gym weights and other accessories from this combo offer from Protoner. Protoner is a renowned brand in the fitness industry. The package includes 4 weights of 2 kilos each along with 4 weights of 5 kilos each. The combo offer also includes 2 dumbbell rods of 14 inches each, one curl rod measuring 3 feet, and a 5 feet plain rod. Accessories like a gym backpack, gym gloves, a hand gripper, a skipping rope, and 4 locks and clippers are also included in the package.

The gym equipment is made from PVC material and ideal for weight training. The disadvantage of the product is that the dumbbell rods have metal only on the outside. It is available for Rs. 1,549 on Flipkart.

Cockatoo Quad Rubber & Integrated Metal Grip Weight Plates

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The Cockatoo range of products is known for its high-grade rubber used for its products along with the integrated metal grip for the gym weights. The durability of the products allow even seasoned fitness freaks to do workouts for a longer stretch.

The weight plates from Cockatoo does not include any combo offer, but the company has a wide range of weights across the Olympic and Regular range. The Olympic range is available in multiple weight sizes, viz. 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg, 12.5 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg. The product is available on Amazon, with a price ranging from Rs. 749 – Rs. 9,499. A 2.5-kilo weight is also available on kdclick.com for Rs. 975.

Generic Home Gym Combo, 20Kg

This range of gym weights come in a combo package that allows you to set up your gym easily. The 20 kg combo includes 4 weights of 3 kilos each and another 4 weights of 2 kilos each along with a 3 feet curled rod with locks and a 5 feet plain rod with locks. The combo also includes a pair of dumbbell rods, a pair of hand grips along with a skipping rope. It will not occupy much space and allow you to do your daily easily without much fuss. It is available for Rs. 1,324 on Health Kart.

Aurion Spare Vinyl Weight Plates

If you are looking for ideal weight plates for your cardio exercises at your home, you can choose the Aurion vinyl weight plates. The products from Aurion are known for their superior quality and are made from the best quality materials.

The weight plates are impact and scratch-proof vinyl material along with compacted cement filling. The vinyl plates are durable. The plastic surface does not allow much noise that provides the peace needed to concentrate on your workout regimen. A pair of 10 kg plates costs Rs. 985 on Amazon.

Aurion also has a combo pack of gym equipment that includes 4 weights of 3 kilos each along with 4 weights of 2 kilos each. The combo pack also includes chrome-plated rods, 14-inch dumbbell rods with a fibre grip. It also includes a pair of gloves, handgrips, etc. The combo pack is available on aurionworld.com for Rs. 3,299.

Bodyfit BF-30KG Combo Home Gym and Fitness Kit.

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Bodyfit is another renowned name in the fitness industry that provides durable weight training equipment. This combo fitness training kit from the Bodyfit stable contains 30 kgs of weight plates along with a 5 feet plain rod, a 3 feet curl rod, 2 dumbbell rods of 14 inches. It also includes accessories like a gym backpack, a skipping rope, 4 locks and clippers, a pair of hand grippers, and a pair of pure leather gloves.

The home gym fitness combo is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,375. The combo offer is ideal for the perfect workout to tone your muscles.

Sporto Fitness 30 Kg Home Gym Combo

Sporto is a major fitness brand operating from North India. They provide premium quality products in the fitness, apparels and sports industry and operates the largest online health and fitness store for men and women. Being a predominantly online supplier of equipment, they provide secure packaging and an easy 7 days replacement guarantee.

Along with the 30 kilos of weight plates, the combo offer also includes a 5 feet plain rod, 2 dumbbell rods of 14 inches each, and a 3 feet curl rod. It also includes a pair of hand grippers, a skipping rope, 4 locks and clippers, and a pair of leather gloves.

The combination is perfect for muscle builders and is durable too. It is available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,599 on sportofitness.in.

Cosco Weight Plates

Source cosco.in

Cosco is a listed company with high-quality products in the sports and health and fitness industries. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and had a revenue of Rs. 133 crores in 2018-19. They have a variety of sports and fitness equipment and are a leading manufacturer of such goods.

They provide 30 mm and 50 mm rubber-coated weight plates of various sizes, including 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20kg, and 25 kg. These durable and sturdy rubber are three-holed and are ideal for your weight training as part of your overall strength training exercises. The 10 kg weight plate costs Rs. 2,520 on cosco.in.

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Consult a Specialist Before Starting Weight Training!

Strength and weight training have proven to reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, back pain, and arthritis and diabetes. However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you take the advice of a specialist before starting with excessive training, and even a doctor if you happen to have prolonged health problems such as asthma. It is always better to be preventive than to face the consequences!