Best Portable and USB Rechargeable Juicer in India to Give You Fresh Juice Anytime, Anywhere

Best Portable and USB Rechargeable Juicer in India to Give You Fresh Juice Anytime, Anywhere

It doesn't matter if you are a gym freak, who needs a fresh protein shake every time they workout, or a health-conscious individual, that likes to carry healthy options with them in their backpack. You can now load up on your energy whenever you want. Just pack one of these with fresh ingredients and give it a go. You can charge it with your mobile, laptop or even a power bank and use it at your office, university or gym. Here are our favourite juicers.

Buying Guide for Portable Juicer



One of the prime concerns to consider while looking for the best portable juicer in India is its capacity. You are buying this juicer for travel and with an on the go use purpose, so it should have enough capacity to blend enough juice in one full charge. Also, it should have the capacity to blend all the ingredients together effectively. You should know that portable juicer having capacity of 300-500ml can provide 1-2 glasses of juice in one go.

Construction and Materials

The construction and materials out of which the juicer is made impacts the durability of the juicer. So, whenever you buy a portable juicer, you should make sure that its quality and materials are up to the mark. Also, it must not spill while mixing and all the parts of the juicer/blender must fit perfectly. The juicer should be made out of food-grade material, as your food must not get ruined.

Performance Reviews

The meaning of a juicer’s performance is all about its motor power. The power used by the juicer to run largely depends upon the kind of technology and innovation used in it. And of course, better innovation leads to higher prices too. Although you cannot expect a portable juicer to work at par with regular juicers, it should be able to blend a fresh glass of juice every single time you use it.

Best Portable Juicer in India

Jiyana Portable USB Electric Juicer Cup


The first one on the list of the best USB juicer in India is Jiyana Portable USB Electric Blender Juicer Cup. This one here is a plastic fruit juice grinder with 380ml of capacity, which means you can always get a full glass of juice whenever you want and wherever you want. Available in various colour options, this one is completely portable and super convenient to use and charge. It is quite lightweight and small in size thus making it convenient to carry it easily with you.

Created especially for travel purposes, this portable blender comes with 2000mAh rechargeable battery which can be charged with any USB devices. You can also separate the body and bottom part of the juicer to clean it effectively. It comes with safety double click start and ensures the best results. You can buy it now on Amazon for Rs. 695.

Qualimate Mini USB Juicer

The next one we have is the Qualimate Mini USB portable juicer. Available in green colour, this one is made out of non-toxic plastic and BPA free ABS. Just like the previous one, this one also has 380ml of capacity and the package also contains 1 USB charging cable, 1 electric juicer and 1 instruction manual inside. You need to charge the juicer for 3 hours before you can finally use it. Make sure that you do not use the juicer while it is being charged or you might ruin it.

As the portable juicers do not have powerful motors, you are advised to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces for blending them. While cleaning this juicer make sure the blades are completely dry before you use it again. Unfortunately, no warranty is offered on this juicer. You can buy this Qualimate mini juicer on Flipkart for Rs.749 only.

Fitster 5 Moto Shaker Blender With USB Charging


Fisters5 offers this Moto Shaker Blender Bottle with USB Charging. It can definitely be called one of the best portable juicer in India. However, this one is specially made for preparing protein shakes and other such things which don't usually require much blending and chopping. The blades of this shaker aren’t that powerful to cut through veggies and fruits but you can always use it for blending your shakes well.

It works on single switch technology, where the fusion mixer inside creates the smoothest shakes for you. You get no lumps or mess because of the vortex formed inside. You can easily carry it around in your gym sessions. The portable shaker comes with USB charging cable and a powerful rechargeable battery too. So, now forget about making those shakes manually and making a mess out of it. You can buy this BPA free moto shaker on for Rs. 1,599.

Usha on the Go Blender


Usha is a very reliable brand when it comes to mixers, blenders and juicers in India. And they offer this on-the-go blender called BL 3621 which is just the kind of thing you want as your travel buddy for your smoothies and juices. This is a kind of advanced product that comes with 100% copper motor having 250 watts of capacity. In fact, the bottle of the juicer has 600ml capacity, which means making 2 or more glasses of juice in one go.

They offer BPA free bottle along with 2 years of warranty on their product too. You need to lock the jar with safety lock and there will be no spills and leaks. The blades are so sharp that they can crush even ice. This portable juicer can prepare juices, shakes and smoothies within a minute. Grab this on the go juicer on Amazon for Rs. 1,699.

Brayden Fito Rush

We found one of the best portable juicer blender in India, the Brayden premium portable power blender. However, unlike others, this one comes with less capacity which is 330ml. This allows you to prepare a small glass of juice in one go only. What catches our attention the most in this blender is its amazingly powerful 4000mAh battery, which delivers superb running time. This is further supported by 7.4V motor which makes sure that you get the best result every single time.

The battery allows you to operate this juicer for 4-6 hours in one full charging. This is definitely one of the most advanced juicers while also having a Turbo+ blade system, which ensures the proper blending of veggies and fruits. The stylish glass jar is further protected with a silicone ring to ensure zero leakage or spills. You can buy this wonderful portable juicer on Seniority for Rs. 1,299.

Rechargeable Portable Juicer Set

Dealhatke offers this portable USB rechargeable juicer which is quite similar to the earlier options we provided in this section. Available in green colour, this one is ideal to prepare milkshakes, baby food, detox drinks and all sorts of fresh juices. The compact and lightweight design of the juicer is something which attracts users the most. The juicer has a non-toxic body and hence you can directly drink out of the juicer cup as it is detachable. Moreover, it is easy to clean and carry too.

The double-action blade of the juicer ensures both horizontal and vertical cutting, providing the best results in no time at all. The built-in 4000mAh battery of this juicer provides wonderful running time and ensures healthy juices anywhere you want. It doesn’t even take a minute to prepare the juice from this juicer. You can buy it now on Deal Hatke for Rs. 1,299.

Bluejack Pro Portable Juicer Mixer Grinder

The next inclusion in our list of the best portable juicer in India is the Bluejack Pro juicer mixer grinder. This one comes in pink colour and you can use this juicer for both blendings as well as storing the juice. The jar is completely non-toxic and doubles as a juicer cup too, which means you can prepare as well as drink the juice out of it. The jar comes with 380ml of capacity and the package comes with the portable juicer along with a USB cable.

You can even charge this juicer in your car, through your smartphone or any other USB port. The strong motor system of this juicer provides better grinding with higher wattage. You can also make baby food in it as the jar is absolutely BPA free. Grab this portable juicer now on Flipkart for Rs. 599.

Blend Jet One Portable Juicer


BlendJet One is the most unique kind of blender unlike any other mentioned above. This premium quality portable juicer is made out of high-quality material and is also a known brand in the market. The best part about it is that it is available in various colours like black, pink, blue, purple, red etc. The BlendJet One is an amazing juicer which supports blending 8-10 glasses of juice in a single charge. This is known to be World’s most powerful portable blender which can even crush ice.

In fact, cleaning it is super easy too. All you have to do is blend water and liquid soap in it and then rinse it off and you are good to go. The juicer even has a built-in strainer which is truly a life-saving addition, especially when you are travelling. So, buy this now on for Rs. 3,099.

Tsunami Blends Rechargeable Portable Mixer


Another of the best portable blender India in this list is the brand Tsunami. They offer this rechargeable portable mixer which comes with steel blades and is available in black colour. You can use this blender to prepare milkshakes, cold coffee, baby food, juices, smoothies etc. Interestingly, the blender's jar has a capacity of 650ml, which is way more than any other jar mentioned above. The acrylic jar is made out of high quality and it is even compatible with ice.

The blender comes with powerful lithium-ion batteries and powerful 18000 rpm motor. The mixer is also 100% leak-proof with zero clumpings. The brand even offers 3 months of warranty on this product against manufacturing defects. You can buy this blender right away on Amazon for Rs. 1,299.

Automatic Portable Juicer Blender

And the last one in this list is this automatic portable juicer blender by Shopaholics. With an interesting design and compact size, you can carry it anywhere you want. This portable juicer has a capacity of 500ml and it is available in various colour options like sky blue, violet, green etc. This juicer is made out of stainless steel and has a vertical style of cutting.

It comes with a glass jar and interestingly, the juicer can be hanged with your backpack too. The one-touch operation of this blender makes it easy to use and it is easy to clean too. As the jar is detachable and comes with a cap, you can carry it around like a bottle too. Grab this juicer now on for Rs. 2,680.

Few Cons of Portable Juicers That You Might Not Know about

Now you know about some of the best USB rechargeable portable juicer India. However, what you do not know is that a portable juicer can never be as effective and powerful as a regular juicer/blender. This is why you should be well aware of some of the cons of a rechargeable juicer before you decide to buy it. Here are some of the downsides of portable juicers nobody will tell you about.

Lack Advanced Features

When you will take a look at a full-fledged juicer mixer or blender then you will notice some really cool features. You will see that they might include various modes, speeds and even different recipe options. Unfortunately, you lack all these advanced features in a regular portable juicer. You get no speed options and no modes too. You just need to turn it on and it will operate at the same speed irrespective of the type of ingredients you have used.

Not Suitable for All Recipes

Unfortunately, the design and building of portable juicers are very basic. This is the reason that you cannot use them for all sorts of recipes. In fact, if you are using too many ingredients in your juice, then there is a possibility that you do not get desired results at all. A portable juicer isn’t powerful enough to blend so many ingredients together at the same time, resulting in a lumpy mixture instead of a smoothie.

Charging Time Varies

Even the best portable juicer in India takes quite some time to charge and this can be a big disappointment at a time of urgency. In fact, the charging time varies in juicers of different brands and this can be very frustrating sometimes. Portable juicers also do not provide a long-running time even when the charged for quiet long.

Results Might Not Be Favourable


As the capacity of portable juicers is very low as compared to that of a regular juicer, the results might not be as good as you expect them to be. Sometimes the ingredients aren’t mixed and blended nicely. This might also affect the taste of the juice. In fact, the same juice can taste differently in a portable and regular juicers, which is truly a big setback.

From our editorial team

Using Frozen Fruits In Portable juicers

A lot of people prefer freezing batches of fruits to blend into smoothies later. While this might be most convenient to get instant chilled juices, it might not e so with a portable juicer. First you have to check if your juicer is capable of crushing ice or not. You can do this by determining the power of the motor. Also if you add the fruit before you leave the house, it might actually defrost before you need to blend it.