Have You Upset Your Boyfriend? Here are 10 I'm Sorry Gifts for Boyfriend To Make Things Right With Him

Have You Upset Your Boyfriend? Here are 10 I'm Sorry Gifts for Boyfriend To Make Things Right With Him

Fought with your boyfriend and looking to make it up with a gift? Arguments are a part and parcel of every beautiful relationship. Take it as an opportunity to show him how much you love him and reignite the romance all over again. Here are 10 of the best apology gifts ideas to make sure he knows you're sorry and you want to make it right. Remember, love will always find a way, so read on. The important thing is to not forget your love for each other and be open to compromise.

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Making Up to Your Boyfriend

Why is Saying Sorry So Important?

There are differences of opinions, challenges and conflicts in every relationship. In love too, there comes a times when you stick your foot in your mouth and then it gets challenging to ease the tension. When you are apologetic about something you need to be aware that when you say you’re sorry, it actually means you’re stating a fact, by saying you won’t repeat it, you’re committing to a promise and when you want to make it up to your beloved, you’re taking on a responsibility. So with a healthy combination of these three points and love, peace and forgiveness, you can fix all conflicts!

Look for Unique and Effective Ways to Apologize

Get creative, witty and unique with your response to the conflict! Making a move after an altercation can be awkward. Saying ‘I am sorry! Let’s kiss and make up’ in a creative way like printing it out on a sun board with cute smiles, hearts or kisses can be delightfully endearing, sure to melt his heart. You’d scrabble the apology with the game tiles on counter tops, bathroom, closet or living area with candies, flowers and short love notes. If he’s an avid reader, perhaps get him ‘the five languages of apology – how to experience healing in all your relationships’ book with a message on the front page of the book explaining your guilt and a promise to better yourself with an invite to read the book together.

But Make the Apology Personal

When it’s time to confess, don’t rationalize your argument or make it impersonal by getting him a greeting card, or just a gift. Instead, make an effort and put your heart into it by connecting with his emotions. Explain your reasons for the disagreement, your fears and insecurities. Express your love and his place in your life. A combination of your heartfelt words of apology, care and personalized gifts, keepsakes will reveal the love you have for him and how sorry you really are. Options like picture frames, t-shirts, pillows can be customized with whatever you’d like to include, notes on reasons you love him so much or love messages in a bottle can be your close connections to your boyfriend.

Gift Ideas to Say I'm Sorry!

Apology Basket

Bring a creative twist to your apology with this I am sorry basket with an assortment of goodies that are witty, edible or fragrant!
For the basket – make a colorful question box with some cute emojis, and text that says ‘I’ve been such a jerk. Will you please forgive me? With two checkboxes right under the question with a Yes/No option and then sign it off with PS: I love you!
Include: an eraser (acknowledging that you’ve made a mistake), a felt or foam heart (saying I am sorry I hurt you), a world symbol/globe/picture (denoting he means the world to you), a watch or something symbolic of time (so you can turn back time), a puzzle piece (implying he’s an important part of your life), smiley (because he makes you happy), candle (because he lights up your life), band-aid (to heal the hurts), sponge (to absorb your good memories), a polo mint (which implies without him there’s a hole in your life), button (sew you guys can patch up) and a lollypop (because you suck and you’re sorry).

Open When Kit

Create your own ‘open when you are mad at me kit’ with printables and small accompaniments. You can create personalized sorry notes like an official apology addressed to your boyfriend with reasons of your outburst and the correct measures to make up for it, a let’s mend this note with a band-aid, sorry about the unintentional word vomit card, reasons why I love you, and similar.

You can also attach a little token of love with each note like candies, a flash drive with his favorite songs or songs that imply apology, flowers or witty love coupons that include a romantic dinner together, an ice-cream date, running an errand of his choice, a big hug, one argument win with no questions asked, a back rub or sensual massage, a ‘anytime anywhere cuddle’ session, a walk holding hands, etc. Get as creative, witty, loving and colorful with your notes and tokens as you can and there’s no way you won’t get him to cool down.

Exotic Orchids

Source www.fnp.com

Flowers make for a beautiful and appropriate apology gift that open doors for making up, and bringing a smile to your beloved’s lips. Send him some blue orchids that represent elegance, class and uncommonness. Orchids are captivating and pleasant too, plus they would also imply that you respect him a lot and with the beautiful blue color, you’d also aim at wiping his blues away! When you pair it a card that says, ‘blue without you, I am sorry, please forgive me?’ he’ll have no choice but to open his heart and let go of his anger. You can buy a unique orchid arrangement in a vase, or bunch in a budget of your choice at ferns and petals in the range of Rs. 900-1,500.

Plush 'sorry' Donkey

A cute soft donkey is a lovely way of expressing your guilt and apologizing to your boyfriend. Wearing a t-shirt with brown sleeves with a donkey carrying flowers and saying ‘I’m sorry’ as a design the donkey is simply adorable. He can even remove the t-shirt later if he wants! The donkey is 8” with its eyes and facial expressions all embroidered on it. It is also easily washable, to be tumble dried. So when you feel like an stuck up, this is the perfect way to let the love of your life know! You can buy it from Amazon.in for Rs. 1,328.

You could also give a cute teddy bear expressing your heartfelt apology such as this cute pink teddy wearing a T-shrt with the message "Please forgive me". You can also customise the message! Available on Amazon for Rs. 899

Source www.amazon.in

Apologise with Poetry & Music

Poetry is one of the most reflective, loving and figurative ways of expressing your feelings. It absorbs the essence of your thoughts and usually calls for an emotional response. In addition to apologizing for your wrong to your boyfriend, you can also include a poetic dedication appropriate for your situation, something that is heartfelt, romantic and touching for your relationship.

Write a poem on your own or take inspiration from someone, just make it as unique and different as is your relationship. You’d also quote song lyrics to enhance your apology or create a play list as a gift to go with your apology. You can make the first track on the list your apology and mark the others as love songs for him. Play it in the background when you’re having a heart-to-heart.

Heart Bamboo Plant

Source www.fnp.com

Gift your heart to the love of your life. A bamboo plant is considered a harbinger of good luck, positive energy and happiness to its receiver, when it is shaped like a heart, it also ropes in love to bind it all! Get a beautiful gift box and wrap the bamboo plant in it, adorning it with a little bow or ribbon to make it visually more appealing. Attach a little love note to the box that says how special he is to you and you couldn’t think of a better gift than a heart shaped plant that would not only strengthen the love you have for him, but also bring him an abundance of good things in life! The plant is almost 11” with 2 bamboo stalks potted in a tin container of 3 x 2.5 inches. Available on ferns and petals it is priced at Rs. 849.

Apology Video

Another unique way of making your apology evident is to make an Apology Video, just tape yourself and voice your love for your boyfriend, explaining your reasons for the outburst. Usually one tends to write out their feelings or audio tape them, the video is a notch up in the ‘make up’ process.

It’s a classy way of confessing to your err in judgment and communicating your repentance and love with an object he can retain for life. You can tape the video and send it by email, or via text or even add it to his phone when he’s not looking or around, post it on social media or an appropriate website and then share the link with him.

Romantic Indoor Picnic

Invite him over for a talk, surprise him with an intimate evening together and convey your guilt to him. You can organize for a romantic picnic indoors, lay a blanket or throw on the floor, make the ambience romantic by adding a few scented candles, smoke-free and serving either his favorite meal, that you’d have cooked yourself or ordered from outside.

You’d also order in a pizza, shaped like a heart to add to the apology effect with a short sorry note. Usually the pizzerias will oblige if you request them citing your apology thought, but if they don’t you can ask them to help arrange the pizza toppings in a heart shape. Bring in a few beers or some wine, soothing background music and your heart to the table and let the transformation begin!

Donkey in a Jar' Sorry Card

Source www.etsy.com

This cute little sorry card is a perfect way of expressing your guilt. With a glass vial stuck on the center of a card with a donkey in it, you can write a personalized note and then frame the entire thing. You can make it yourself or order it on Etsy for Rs. 855 or USD 11.75. You can also print out some additional note cards on the side and gift it all as a set. The coupons can be themed as love coupons redeemable when desired and they can either be presented all at once or given one at a time. You can improvise and make it a unique and unforgettable experience for him.

Custom Cupcakes

Customize some yummylicious cupcakes for him and slay him with a double dose of apology and love in one go! These cute Cup Cakes from wishacupcake come in a set of 6 and are all handcrafted. They come in a variety of flavors and you can make your choice as per his preferences and then personalize the message on them. Else go for this love theme which come in an assortment of heart styled, alphabets and couple, rose designed Cup Cakes. These sweet delights will not only serve his sweet tooth but also appease his hurts. They are priced at Rs. 1,300.

Bonus Tip: Say it With a Gift but Mean It from the Heart!

Bonus Tips:

  • There are several unique ways of apologizing and you make it even more special when you do it with love. Your expression of remorse and your words can make all the difference to this conflict. These need not be the only way in, but they do add to the effect of making your boyfriend feel special and cared for. And if you include a surprise element with your apology then it would be an added advantage, because it will reveal just how much you love him and have gone to an extra length to make up for the upset.

  • You’d design a love book for him, in which each page is dedicated to him and a reason why you love him so much. A bunch of sticky notes in random places like his work desk, the bathroom mirror, on the cookie jar, his bread box, his laptop bag, his wallet, shoes, the bathroom mirror or on his car dashboard can work just as well. Fill them all with witty one-liners and make them as creatively apologetic as you can. Get him a pack of nuts with a personal note that says ‘I know I drive you nuts, please forgive me. I am sorry!’

  • You can also buy him a few chilled beer cans, wrap them up together with an attached note saying ‘let’s break the ice’. A pair of flip-flops with a tag that says, "I will make things flip instead of flop if you forgive me", will be a different way to say you’re sorry.
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Make the Apology Meaningful

If you have hurt your boyfriend, you have to make sure your apology is something that addresses why it happened. Admit your mistake and reach out to him. Know your boyfriend and frame your apology based on what will make the most impact on him. Will he prefer a note, or a heart-to-heart chat or a sentimental gesture. Do what it takes to ensure he knows you are sorry for upsetting him