If You Are Trying to Change Your Hair Look, Then Try  These Favourite Style as Per Your Requirement for Occasions and Festivals(2020).

If You Are Trying to Change Your Hair Look, Then Try These Favourite Style as Per Your Requirement for Occasions and Festivals(2020).

There will always be some new hairstyle trends for us every season. What you need to do is to check them out and take them to your stylists. You can add some braiding details to make your hairstyle look more wonderful and alluring. Scroll down this post to find more inspirations with our awesome hairstyle below!

How to Prep Your Hair for Different Hairstyles?

Timely Trimming

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Before you try out various new hairstyle easy updos in your hairs, you should better prepare them fully for it. Further use of products, styling tools and setting sprays can damage your hair too much if you do not take care of them all this while.

The best way to keep your hair bouncy and lively is by going for a timely trimming. Trimming your hair removes split ends and damaged hair from your mane. This way, split ends won’t spread further in your hair and your hair can look like you just came out of the salon.

Go for Deep Conditioning

It might not be possible to go to the salon every single time you think your hair need attention. You need to learn to keep them shiny and beautiful on your own. The best way to do so is by opting for deep conditioning every now and then.

The best way to condition your hair by oiling them timely. Hot oil therapy works like magic for your hair and helps in restoring the lost moisture, shine and bounce in them. You can also mix a few oils together along with your favorite essential oil as it works like magic on your hairs.

Use Right Kind of Products for Your Hair Type

Before you check out a new hairstyle for girls, you should know what kind of hair you have. Whether they are too dry or too oily or just normal. Whether you have curls or waves or they are just flat and straight. This helps in determining the kind of products you should use in your hair and how you can work on all of your hair problems correctly.

Once you determine the kind of hair you have, you can choose the right kind of products for them. This will help in maintaining the quality of your strands along with treating them just the right way.

Try These Super Easy Hairstyles for Different Looks

Quick Bun Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle for wedding function then you will love this bun hairstyle here. This is so simple to make and all you need it some hairpins for it. You can easily make it on your own if you follow the procedure step by step.

How to Make It
  • Comb your hair and make a side partition in them.
  • Now start twisting one flick of the partition and tuck it behind another and keep doing until all the front haircut covered then pin it behind. Do the same for the other partition.
  • Make a ponytail out of the remaining hair and divide the hair in two equal partitions.
  • Now, make braids out of each partition of hair and pull out the hair a bit to make it look messy and loose.
  • Use juda pins to tuck these braids in the form of a bun and you are all set.

Side Pull Through Braids

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If you want to look at Boho chic without even having to spend a lot of time and effort on it then we have just the perfect hairstyle for you. This side pull-through braid is wonderful when you do not want to leave your hair open in summers. You can learn it with the step by step process.

How to Make It
  • Brush your hair well and bring them to all to the front from the side of your choice.
  • Make two equal partitions of your hair and secure them with rubber bands.
  • Now, Take the upper partition and divide into two equal partitions further and then insert the earlier lower partition in its middle and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the partition which is on top now till you achieve the whole length of your hairs.
  • Pull out your hair a bit to create a seamless and messy look and you are all set.

Cute Bow Hairstyle

Is it about the ultimate friends’ reunion or a quick brunch with friends? We have just the kind of new hairstyle easy updo that suits perfectly for such chilled out occasions. You are just going to love how easy breezy and fresh this hairstyle looks and you do not even need much effort to keep it all together.

How to Make It
  • Comb your hair nicely and keep whichever front partition you want in your hairs.
  • Now, take two front flicks and tie them together on the back of your head with a rubber band. But make sure that you do not pull out all the hair from the band and secure it in a knot style.
  • Now, divide the knot into two parts from the middle and it will start to look like a bow.
  • Take the remaining hair of the knot and pass them through the middle of the bow and secure with a hairpin from the behind the bow to keep it clean. You are all set to go out now.

Braided Crown Hairstyle

It is the time to get the best of both worlds with this half-crown braid on your hair. Whether you want to go to work or you just want to go on a casual date with your friends. This style is going to be perfect for all sorts of occasions including formal ones too. You can get to know about the step by step process right below.

How to Make It
  • Make a front side parting in your hair in whichever side you want.
  • Take a small portion from one side of the hair and make a braid out of it and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Make the same braid on the other side of the hair by taking a small portion of the hairs.
  • Now, take one braid and tuck it to the other side on the backside by a hairpin. Do the same with the braid on the other side and tuck it to the opposite side.
  • Your half crown braid hairstyle is done.

Rose Bun Hairstyle

If you have medium to long hair then you might want to try this easy hairstyle called braided rose bun. It is not a traditional bun hairstyle and it is made with half of your hair only. So, you can flaunt the rest of your hair in whichever way you want. We will recommend you to curl the rest of the hair as they look really dreamy with this hairstyle.

How to Make It
  • Divide your hair into two portions (not equally).
  • Take the hair on the upper portion and backcomb them to create the illusion of volume and then secure this hair in a ponytail.
  • Now, braid then ponytail and pull out the hair to give it a nice voluminous messy look.
  • Make a bun out of this braid by tucking it in a circular motion on your head. You can use hairpins for it. Finally set everything with a setting spray.

The Triple Braid Hairstyle

Simple braided hair is too mainstream and they do not even look that great too. If you want to add drama to your hair and give the illusion of them being quite voluminous then we have just the right kind of hairstyle for you.

How to Make It
  • Brush your hair nicely and divide them into three equal parts.
  • Make a braid out of each partition and secure each of them with a hairband.
  • Now use these braids as three portions to make one big braid with your hair and finally remove all hairbands and secure this big braid with a hairband.
  • Set the look with hairspray.

Messy Half Top Knot

One of the trendiest hairstyles these days is the uber-cool half bun hairstyle. The best thing about the hairdo is that anyone can rock it anywhere no matter whether they have small, medium or long hair length. It looks really amazing and goes well with the streetwear look.

How to Make It
  • Start with taking upper half of your hair and making a ponytail on the center top of your head.
  • Now, backcomb the ponytail to give the illusion of volume.
  • Start twisting the hair of the ponytail and secure a bun out of it then use bobby pins to secure the bun on your head.
  • Curl the rest of your hair and use lots of hairsprays to secure your hairstyle.

Super Easy Space Buns

You should experiment with your hair especially when you got a great length. This new hairstyle easy updo is just perfect for your hair when you want to create a more casual and chic look. This space buns hairstyle is something you can rock to a casual meet-up or to a house party too.

How to Make It
  • Create a middle parting in your hair and brush them properly.
  • Now, make pigtails on either side of your head starting on the temple of your head and secure them with a hairband.
  • Take one pigtail and back comb it to create a messy and voluminous look.
  • Now, twist the pigtail and wrap it in a bun form and secure with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the same steps for another pigtail and create a nice bun out of it.
  • You can curl the rest of the hair or just leave them as they are and do not forget to apply hair spray after you are done with the hairstyle.

Twisted Side Ponytail

And the last one in this section of new hairstyle easy tutorials is a twisted side ponytail. This is a very casual hairstyle for those girls who do not like to keep their hair open but still want to look up to the mark. It will take only 5 minutes to make this hairstyle and it is perfect for medium to long hair length.

How to Make It
  • Take a small section of your hair from one side and pin it at the back of the neck.
  • Now, take next section and pin it too. Repeat these steps until you gather all your hair on one side.
  • Once you do so, secure your hair in a ponytail through a hairband. You can wrap a flick of your hair on the hairband to hide it.
  • You can curl or wave the ponytail if you want.

What are the Post-Styling Tips for Taking Care of Your Hairs?

The above-mentioned compilation of the hairstyle girl easy is just perfect for all sorts of occasions. Whether it is a regular college day or work event or a wedding, you can rock them anywhere. So, even when you are meeting with your friends or having a coffee, do not forget to style your hair because they are the crown you have. Apart from that, here are some post styling tips which will help you in taking care of your hair after all the effort, products used and styling.

Go for No-Heat Hairstyles

The best tip to style your hair is by opting for such hairstyles which include no use of heat. This way you won't be damaging your hair with all the tools on everyday basis. We totally understand that you can’t achieve a certain look to the perfection without styling tools but there is always an alternative. And we tried to find such hairstyles which require zero to minimum use of heat on your manes.

Use Hair Masks

Once you are done for the week of styles and looks then you can move towards the taking care part for your hairs. Nothing works the best on your hairlike a hair mask. You can either go for the mask available in the market on do some DIY to create a recipe of your own. You can find various such homemade hair mask recipes on the internet. Make sure that you opt for these hair masks after figuring out what kind of hair you have and which mask would be best suitable for them.

Apply Nourishing Products

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If you are too much into trying new hairstyle easy updos on your hair then you should make sure that you are using a lot of nourishing products in your hair too. This can include leave-in conditioner, hair serums, keratin-based oils and many more. This way you can minimize the heat damage in your hair in the best way possible.

Hair Spa Would Be Great!

Do not forget to indulge in a hair spa once in a while. Hair spa at home won’t be that effective as it lacks proper techniques and tools. You can book an appointment in a salon or spa and go for a deep conditioning hair spa out there. This way not only your hair but your body will be having a much needed to relax time.

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Good Diet

Regardless of texture, colour or style, there’s one thing nearly everyone wants: hair that looks like it’s been through the hands of a salon professional every week. A healthy diet is to stick to for the happiest, healthiest hair of your life.Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables. The most effective home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet. You are what you eat, and what you put into your body will be reflected on the outside