Discover the Marvels of Science with Fun Physics Toys for Your Desk. 10 Physics Desk Toys That Will Keep You Enthralled for Hours in 2020

Discover the Marvels of Science with Fun Physics Toys for Your Desk. 10 Physics Desk Toys That Will Keep You Enthralled for Hours in 2020

Science in general and physics in particular impacts our life everyday. There are so many phenomenons and marvels of physics that we see around us but ignore in our daily life. Would it not be great if we had a portable toy which we could keep on our desktop and it would remind us of a concept in physics that we have long forgotten? We have created this guide just for this purpose. It will introduce you to the top physics desk toys which you can keep anywhere and be enthralled for hours.

Why Do You Need Physics Desk Toys?


As any science fanatic would agree, physics is life. It is used in the environmental studies to identify issues and to construct structures that improve the environment. It is used in astronomy to work around our gigantic universe in which we are nothing but mere specs. It fills homes, from the simple microwave oven that utilises waves to heat your favourite dish to the car that you use to commute.

That said, a physics desk toy is a must for anyone and everyone who is a fan of science. Whether you want to learn about the adaptable chain of Rydberg atoms in Newton’s Cradle 2.0 or watch a mere toy defy the laws of gravity in the Balancing Bird, these physics desk toys will bring vivid colours to your life. Many of these can also be used in a classroom to teach the underpinning knowledge of physics! So, hurry up. Get these toys as soon as you can.

10 Best Desk Physics Toys

Newton's Cradle 2.0

As all physics lovers know, in a usual, adaptable chain of Rydberg atoms, one electronic excitation localises on two atoms that are the closest to each other, compared to others. Here’s where the magic of Newton’s Cradle kicks in, it highlights how a play between electronic and atomic motion results in electronic excitation that further results in a propagation through the Rydberg chain as a unified pulse. In this way, a vivid entanglement is observed. This entanglement makes its way along the chain. This underscores the momentum transfer in the Newton’s Cradle. Newton’s Cradle, as the name suggests, is based on the laws of Newton.

If you’re a fan of physics or transport phenomena, this toy should definitely be on your desk by now! The Newton’s Cradle changes colour with each swing, that said, it will glow the entire room with its physics. It comes with three colours for the balls which can be interchanged by pressing the side button. You can place it either on your office table or on your shelf. You can buy the Newton's Cradle from Amazon for US$ 32.99 (or about ₹ 2,376.00).

Wave Form Helix

You’d want to find a simple stair case for it brings out the child in you. However, this isn’t and shouldn’t be your “run-of-the-mill” version of a toy. If you’re a physicist or an adult, you’d evidently want an advanced version of a helical stairway! Fret not, the Wave Form Helix is there to save the day. This Wave Form Helix has a very high spring rate constant, this gives the helix the added benefit of carrying more mass than any other toy in the market. As we all know, more mass equals to more momentum, so this toy performs nothing like those older versions that can’t pace up the masses added. You wouldn’t want them, after all, performance is the key. You’d be surprised to see the look on your child’s face once you show him this Wave Form Helix!
The features of this Wave Form Helix include a coil diameter of 3 inch, a closed length of 4 inch, and an extension length of 10 inches. You can get this wonderful toy from Scientifics Direct for US$ 18.95 (or about ₹ 1,365.00)

Pendulum Wave Desktop Model

We’ve all heard about the pendulum! If you’re an Iron Man fan, you are probably already enchanted by this toy in the movies. It’s not your fault. Pendulum Wave Desktop Model leaves everyone awestruck. Once you release the pendulums, you’d find them swinging back and forth to promptly develop a wave pattern that cycles through disparate phases. It’ll get you addicted to coolness. The spontaneous phases, beats and frequencies of the Pendulum Wave Desktop Model come with an initiator stick that lets you release the pendulums all at once. It comes with 1 inch diameter steel balls and a guide that helps you through. You can get your very own Pendulum Wave Desktop Model from Scientifics Direct for US$ 44.95 (or about ₹ 3,327.00)

Resonance Bowl

It’s not just the physics but the history of this bowl that make you want to own one. The Resonance Bowl, also known as the Chinese Spouting Bowl, first made its appearance in the Han Dynasty. At the bottom of its basin, the Chinese Spouting Bowl has four cool dragons that can be seen sprinkling water on the sides of the wall of the bowl. It is believed that only the nobles, scholars and socialites in the Ming Dynasty used to own this. Apart from the exotic look that it entailed, the Resonance Bowl was looked up to as a symbol of happiness, strength and robust life.

To enjoy this toy at its best, we’d suggest you to get a mat along with the bowl. Because of the engineering and design that goes into its construction, the mat aids in prevention of a slip and offers larger standing waves by restricting the vibrations to the bowl. However, a well-folded, damp towel ought to suffice as well.

If you rub your palms against the bowl, you’ll observe a distinctive sound from the bowl. You can always brag about it without actually having to say anything, anyone within close proximity will be surprised by the amazing intonation it delivers. If you rub the handles, you’ll notice the water surface ripple around the rim. With time, the water drops develop into continuous streams like water jets. The water jets begin and end with each rub to the handle.

The Resonance Bowl, in a gist, is used to demonstrate waves and their behaviour. The spouts of water rise from the waves depending on the precise frequencies in the guide. With practice, water can spray to a 20 inch radius around the bowl! Practice is really the key here. The bowl measures 15 inch and is 6 inch deep. You can get the Resonance Bowl from Scientifics Direct for US$ 134.95 (or about ₹ 9,717.00)

Tranquillity Drum

The tranquillity drums are an amalgamation of modern technology and ancient craftsmanship in that they combine the Zen sounds of ancient Chinese musical instruments with the soothing resonance of a tropical Caribbean steel drum. You can either gently brush your fingers or make light strokes to form a heavenly ambience, which ought to take all the load off your shoulders! It’s not just the soothing music it creates that makes it stand out but also the unique acoustics that you can get out of this drum. It features a magnificent steel cylinder that comes with a zippered satchel of two mallets. For beginners, there is an entire hand book available. It should also be noted that the drums weighs about 2.27 kg.

Another interesting aspect of this drum is that both adults and kids can make the best of this Tranquillity Drum. Its simplicity attracts all! The partner kit that comes with the drum also provides coloured stickers for identifying each pedal. This colour approach helps kids to easily play around the music. Also, the hand book comes with both nursery melodies as well as pop music melodies. You can get your very own Tranquillity Drum from Scientifics Direct for US$ 129.95 (or about ₹ 9,357.00).

BrainSpark DigitDots Multi Coloured

The DigitDots are a complete package of eight different colours. The magnets in DigitDots are made of robust and high quality material that will allow you to easily distinguish the fake product from the real one. Each package consists of 200 nickel magnets with eight extra magnets, a carrying case, a cutter card and a design instruction guide. Furthermore, each magnet is 5 mm in diameter.

We’ll walk you through a short review on how to fully use this package. These 5 mm magnetic balls attach very lightly together, this allows you to develop infinite number of designs. It lets your inner innovative beast out. By playing around with these magnets, you will not only be stimulating your creativity but also developing your problem solving skills. These problem solving skills are used to both copy designs and create your own designs. With the help of DigitDots kits, you can also build giant sculptures. The possibilities of these are endless.

Can you imagine a game that helps relieves stress? Well, this is the one. These toy magnets reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This is because they are an amazing tool for improving your focus, concentration, and listening skills. They give a soothing sense of calm, cosiness and warmth to all. The DigiDots packages also add a novel fun to your life. The fact that they can be used both by adults and kids makes them the coolest toys of all. You can gift these to your co-workers as well, they can help them relax and soothe during important meetings or gatherings. These are amazing games for anyone and everyone! You can even compete with each other to see who creates the most innovative and wide array of designs.

Lastly, these DigitDots can be carried away very easily. They are completely portable, you can take them with you anywhere you want to. The partner case that comes with it makes it easy for you to protect these during trips. You can use them during your breaks, commutes, travels, classes, meetings, etc. The DigitDots come with endless possibilities. You can get your own 224 pieces DigitDots package for US$ 23.97 (or about ₹ 1,726.00) from DigitDots.

Foucault's Pendulum

What does our next physics wonder looks like? Foucault’s Pendulum is a huge ball mounted from a long string in such a way that the plane perpendicular to its swing is not restricted to a particular axis, instead, it always rotates in relation to the surface of the Earth. The history of pendulums is also one of its kinds. In the 1800s, the physicist Jean Foucault assembled the first pendulum in Paris. Initially, the pendulum weighed 28 kg and was made with iron suspended by a robust steel wire 60 meters in length. The motion was set forward by bringing the iron ball to one end and releasing it to get a swinging motion. The fact that the first demonstration of the Earth’s spin on its axis in a lab was the rotation of the plane of swing of the Foucault’s Pendulum makes the pendulum even cooler. The exotic view that you find as the Foucault’s Pendulum makes charming Lissajous patterns in sand. Starting from basic school to study science tables to advanced colleges to study harmonic motions as energy is transported from a pendulum fluctuating from one plane to another plane at perpendicular angles. A Lissajous diagram is developed from two sine curves intersecting at right angles. The Foucault's Pendulum is available on Educational Innovations for US$ 52.95 (or about ₹ 3,812.00).

The Original Gyroscope


The gyroscope highlights the very principle of conservation of angular momentum. Angular momentum is observed in various day to day activities such as bicycling, satellites, aeroplanes and space shuttles. This gyroscope comes in a complete package, it contains a stand, a starting string and a guide that takes the user through the entire setup. You can brag about your gyroscope in house parties or office, it’s very adaptable and can be displayed anywhere and everywhere. The key features include a high quality, well-constructed, and engineered string, stand, gyroscope and packaging. It highlights the principle of angular momentum perfectly. You can get this gyroscope from for US$ 8.99 (or about ₹ 648.00)

Balancing Bird


Can you imagine a cool physics desk toy that defies the very principle of gravity? Well, the Balancing Bird is here to fulfil your craziest science fantasies. This toy shatters limits and balances on the very tip of your finger. You’ll only need small changes to adjust it on your finger. You can balance it on top of your laptop, a counter, or a jelly disk - practically anywhere! It’s small size makes it very easy to commute. So if you’re at a gathering or a meeting, the Balancing Bird will always give you an opportunity to brag! If you are a physics teacher, you can perform demonstrations with the Balancing Bird in your classroom and provide an opportunity for all students to ponder over! Get your Balancing Bird from for US$ 4.99 (or about ₹ 360.00)

3D Magnetic Field Tube


The 3D Magnetic Field Tube comprises of iron filings that allows you to imagine magnetic fields around an Alnico (Aluminium-Nickle-Cobalt) magnet. By changing the location of the Alnico magnet inside the magnetic field tube you’ll find the iron filings form an exotic string together, these will be clear 3D structures in the shape of the field lines itself. The magnetic field tool is very effective in demonstrating the principles of magnetic fields and their interaction with iron metal. The key features of the tube include a plastic tube filled with iron filings, an Alnico magnet, instruction booklet, 3D structures and much more. The possibilities of forming 3D structures with mere iron filings are endless, say goodbye to your monotonous non-physics toys! The 3D Magnetic Field Tube is available on for US$ 19.99 (or about ₹ 1,440.00)

Brain Training Games That Can Sharpen Your Mind

Do a Crossword — Just Not Too Often

Crosswords have been and always will be, due to the suspense, the best of all mind training games. Studies have even highlighted how solving these puzzles delays the onset of dementia! So, it’s not just the fun that you’d play this game for, but also the added bonus of mind sharpening features it entails. However, one small issue that comes with the excitement of playing a crossword puzzle is that you can get too good at them, this means, if you’ve cracked the way to solve these in a short span, you’re not giving yourself enough of a challenge. You can always opt for other mind sharpening games to keep that adrenaline going!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Another type of puzzle is the jigsaw puzzle. It is a magnificent tool for keeping track of your short term memory! This is because this game allows your mind to work through various colours and shapes to present a visual picture. The more the puzzle pieces, the harder your brain has to work and the greater the accolade! It’s so exciting that studies have shown that merely placing a piece in its correct place releases the hormone dopamine. How dope is that? Jokes apart, jigsaw puzzles are one of the trendiest games of this time. You can also remove the colours so as to work around the shapes.


Sudoku is not a game but an addiction! This exciting game relies on your memory and makes you look ahead throughout the game. If you place a 7 in one box, you’d have to place a 4 in another, and in this way, the planning that goes into Sudoku aids in improving your short term memory planning. It’s a popular game that you can either play online or on paper. You can ever get books from your nearest bookshop to ace it. Furthermore, there are a number of difficulty levels in the game that you can try out. This game is the epitome of perfection!

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