Are You Bored Out of Your Mind Staying at Home 24/7? Here are Some Exciting Games You Can Play At Home with Your Family! (2020)

Are You Bored Out of Your Mind Staying at Home 24/7? Here are Some Exciting Games You Can Play At Home with Your Family! (2020)

With the ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is stuck in their homes, and it inevitably gets difficult-staying indoors, going over the same things, and doing the same tasks again and again. If you're finally bored out of your mind, here are some exciting games you can enjoy in your home with your family. Read on to find out more.

Think Games are a Waste of Time? Think Again!

Games Keep Your Mind Active

It is pitiful that as we pass our life, our mental and physical abilities decline. Engaging in some physical activities like going to the gym can slow down the losses we face mentally and physically. You must stave off mental decay to keep an active brain. Playing brain games like chess and other video games that needs an active mind offers to curb spiritual loss.

Studies have proven that people protect themselves by being involved with video games from Alzheimer's or Dementia compared to the people who don't get involved in playing video games. A variety of studies indicated that people who play video games have a better memory and feel optimistic. The clear message of these studies is to gift your grandparents PlayStation and Xboxes to keep them healthy.

Games Enhance Your Processing Speed

It is difficult for people to process information as soon as they listen to it in many situations. For example, motorists are provided with a piece of large information and are asked to decide rapidly and accurately about the changes to be made as they cannot afford any mistakes. However, processing speed does not matter in decision-making situations in our lives since fast decisions can lead to dramatic implications.

Video games demand quick processing of information and rapid action. Delays in response or indecision are punished. Therefore, gamers are very motivated to reduce their human error as much as possible and increase the reaction time as much as they can.

Studies prove that the reaction time of the gamers is much better than that of non-gamers. That is not surprising at all, but what may be surprising is that this reaction time generalises to the tasks in daily routine. Hence, they have accurate decision making power with better reaction time. They process things more rapidly and hence respond quicker, but the accuracy in their decision is good at the same time.

Games Enhance Your Social Skills

Video games do not only have mental benefits, but it can positively affect your social life as well. A moderate amount of time spent on gaming can actually offer you a lot of benefits, while an excess of time spent can also result negatively. People who are socially awkward in the real world can feel much more comfortable when socialising on a gaming platform. They can get the initial social training on video games and can feel more confident when interacting with people in the real world.

10 Best Games to Play At Home

Scavenger Hunt

If you haven't played a scavenger hunt game in your life yet, you haven't experienced one exciting activity! This is the favourite game of most kids as they are growing up. A scavenger hunt involves finding items from a list in a particular location. It all depends on the number of participants involved and the number of items you want them to find. Then, write down the list of items on a page and hand these over to participants. If these items are hidden in arduous spots, you can do one of these two things. You can either write clues next to each item in the list all at once or write clues on each item that leads to the next clue.

To spice things up, you can leave coins in each spot. Start with tens of rupees and then work up to the end with a thousand!


The next game is not only fun but also very healthy. It is time for you to refresh your creative, logical, and cognitive skills with an excellent puzzle. You can buy one online or even make one on your own. You can start by drawing a picture on a firm yet a soft piece of cardboard. Then, use a marker to outline puzzle pieces directly on the outline. Now, cut out these pieces with a cutter, mix these, and let the game begin. It's that simple. You'll be targeting two birds with the same stone. First, you'll engage your creative skills by drawing and crafting the puzzle pieces. Then, you'll be using your logical skills to solve these puzzles.

To spice things up, you can pull out a thousand-piece puzzle. It will be challenging and exciting at the same time.

Never Have I Ever

This is one of the most popular games that have been in trend for a long time now. The ideal way to play this game would be to involve at least a dozen people, or even more. The idea of this game is similar to the musical chair in the way that there is one less chair than the total number of people. Organise the chairs in a circle towards inward. Now, as an example, the person in the center of the circle will announce, "Never have I ever cheated on a test." Anyone who has ever cheated on a test will get up, leave their chair unoccupied, and find a new chair. The person in the center will also run towards an empty chair. Whoever gets left behind will be the new person in the center. They will now announce what they have never done.

Would You Rather

The next game simply depends on how fun you can make it. The more innovative you are, the more fun this game will be. First, mark the two corners of the room. In this game, the players will move to one side of the room or another, depending on what they prefer, given two options. For instance, the first set of options might be, "would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds?"

In this game, also we have an "it" who announces the question. Once he announces the question out loud, the participants have to make a choice. If you would want to have the ability to fly, you will move towards the left side. However, if you would rather have the ability to read minds, you will move towards the right side. By keeping track of the answers, you can check for who has the most in common with each other.


You have probably played the game of Things at one point in your life. If you have, it'll be much easier for you to adapt to this game. Instead of paying the full price for the actual game, just make up the question yourself. If you have never played this game, you're in for a rollercoaster of emotions! In this game, one person is the "it" who announces a statement that has a thing as an answer. For example, this statement could be "things you shouldn't do in a relationship." Everyone now writes on a piece of paper, a thing that shouldn't be done in a relationship, such as cheating. Then, move around the room, allowing people to guess a match up of a person and an answer. If they are right, they score a point. The person whose answer was guessed out is out. Continue moving around the room until just one person is left. He/she wins.

Tic-Tac-Toe Frisbee

To play this game is challenging; this is what makes it even more fun. You can divide the participants into teams or simply play one on one. To begin with, construct a tic-tac-toe board on the ground by using a tape; you can also use chalk for a temporary game. The squares should be big enough for a Frisbee. It is also ideal to have two colours of Frisbee for this game. Then, keep turns for each participant to throw the Frisbee and try to land it in one of these squares. If accomplished, mark an X in that square. The Frisbee only counts if it does not touch anyone of the grid lines drawn with the chalk or tape. Repeat these steps until you have a winner! A player wins if he has landed all three of their Frisbees in a row. Beware, things can get quite wild!

Simon Says

This popular game can never get old. To begin with, choose a player to be Simon. The rest of the participants will form a circle or line in front of Simon as he calls out an action aloud starting with the phrase "Simon says". For instance, "Simon says jump." The participants now have to do exactly what Simon has said by jumping. Simon will also have to carry out that action. If Simon calls out an action without mentioning "Simon Says", the participants must not execute the action. If a participant still performs the action even though "it" has not mentioned "Simon Says", he is out. It's that simple. To spice it up, Simon could perform an action without calling out an action. Also, the last player left in the game wins and deserves a prize!


Hangman is a pretty exciting yet straightforward word game. It involves two players. One player "hangman" challenges the other to complete the spelling of a word before a drawing of a hung man is finished. For instance, hangman thinks of the word "happy" but does not say it out loud. He then writes five blanks for each alphabet of the word happy. Below these blanks, he draws an empty rope.

The second player attempts to spell the word by guessing each alphabet. Each wrong guess leads to the body part drawn on the swinging rope - the body parts (chances) you have are as follows: a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. If the hangman is drawn before the player guesses the correct word, the player who chose the word wins. To spice things up in this game, think of difficult words!

Keep The Balloon Up

You can go for this fun activity on a calm, windless day or simply inside your house during the quarantine. How long can you use your hands to keep a balloon off the ground? We'd suggest you get prepared for things that are about to get rowdy! This could be one of your rambunctious sports activities. Be prepared to take lots of candid pictures, for you'll want to treasure these memories forever. Simply blow a few balloons for this activity and tell the participants not to let it touch the ground. What a fun activity!

A few tips to get things more exciting? Take note of how much time does it take for one person to keep one balloon off the ground. Once they've mastered the basic skill, add some challenges such as blowing up two to three balloons per person. You can also limit the body parts that can touch the balloon to spice things up.

Best Video Games to Play

Grid Autosport


Grid Autosport is one of the most underrated games in the gaming industry right now. That is because the game has a price tag of $9.99 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 version. However, that is not a lot if you once know what it has to offer. It is a racing game, and the best thing about it is that you can play it offline. Other than that, you get to enjoy excellent graphics, and the game also has to offer above-average gameplay. It has offline support as well as controller support with a variety of race types. It is a fantastic game for people who love racing games.

Alto's Odyssey

Alto's odyssey is a very refreshing game to play on mobile. There is a sense of connection about this game through its colours and views. There is no slavish adherence to what went before. The first game was bright white and snow-capped mountains; however, here it is mopping through a desert shaded in colours of orange and purple. While the core gameplay loop remains the same, there is still a beautiful thrill to everything that the game offers. This is a game that a lot of people were pleased when it was initially released.

The game is free to play, but it is an ad-supported game, so you will have to bear those ads while playing the game, but it is worth it!

Really Bad Chess

Forget about the traditional version of chess you've been playing. When you're not even online, fire up Really Bad Chess and examine yourself to think divergently.

In this game, while the chessboard remains usual, the items are entirely random. You might begin with three kings and a single pawn, while the computer could have only one king. It makes you abandon everything you understand about chess and makes you think out of the box.

As you build your ranking, the AI's level remains the same, but it gets upgraded pieces to begin.

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