Looking for Some Good Books? We Have Got Books for All: Books to Read Online/Offline from Kids to Teens

Looking for Some Good Books? We Have Got Books for All: Books to Read Online/Offline from Kids to Teens

Books are always said to be a true friend of anyone. People are using books from generations and the ways of reading are changing. Now many people opt for online editions of books too. Reading books is always healthier and it's scientifically proven. Keeping the age and type of books in mind, we have come up with the best books available for all ages, from a nursery kid to an adult teen. Giving ties to these books will not get wasted for sure.

People who read books live for around two years longer than those who don’t, irrespective of gender, wealth, education or health, according to a Yale University study.

Books to Read Online for Kids

Books are considered to be our best friends and it’s all the better to inculcate this habit since childhood. With changing times and technology, everything is going digital, be it shopping, banking, property search, business, communication or even studies.

At the age when we were learning to play gully cricket, today’s generation is swiftly downloading apps on their mobiles and even playing games on them. Kids catch and learn things pretty faster as they have a clean and uncluttered mind and thus it’s imperative to provide them with the environment and material to inhabit the right knowledge and habits since the beginning; as this learning is going to build a strong foundation for the later part of their life.

Most of our educational systems provide textbook knowledge, which kids are supposed to mug and retain then answer a few questions in their exams to secure good marks and make you feel a good parent in society. But, how much of the information we have grasped from our school books are used in our day-to-day life?

Well, it’s time to provide something better and relevant apart from the usual and routine school fed information to your kids. Hence, we have selected few books to read online for kids as nowadays kids are more interested in reading online rather than a physical book and these books would add some value to the overall mental health and personality development of your child.

Online Books for Pre-School Kids (3-5 Years Age Group)

This is the age when kids are learning about language, colours, relation, about animals, nature etc. and are trying to observe things they watch and the events they witness. This is the age when toddlers are to be nurtured with soft and subtle information in a way that they can easily understand and relate to. The below-mentioned picks are meant for the pre-school age group and children can easily learn a few important basics through these books.

One, Three, Five, HELP – Early Maths Story

This colourful maths book tells an interesting story about insects, beetle nuts, bugs and how these tiny creatures tackle a challenge with the help of odd and even numbers will surely grab the attention of kids towards odd and even numbers and counting. Moreover, kids will learn about different kinds of insects like coconut beetle, ladybug, cicadas, lily moths, spiders and lacewings etc.

Also, the story teaches about the importance of teamwork and working in a group. This small storybook teaches few basics about digits and the importance of odd and even numbers. So this will a complete package for a kid, which will be a good start for any kid. This book can be read on freekidsbooks.org.

My First Book of Animals – Animal Book for Babies and Toddlers

We all know that toddlers love animals and if you have a pet at home, then it is all the more likely that your kids share a special bond with them. My First Book of Animals – Animal book for babies and toddlers is a book which can be beneficial for kids to learn about the names of different animals and identify them.

This book has handmade art of animals like rabbit, snail, zebra, dog, cow, lion, walrus, cat and mouse, pig, frog, penguin, camel, sheep, turtle, snake, monkey and rooster. All the animals have their names written beneath their sketches and you can take a test of your child by scrolling only the sketch of the animal first, hiding its name and let the kids pronounce the correct name of that animal. This book can be downloaded from freekidsbooks.org.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Short Bedtime Stories for Children Ages 4-8

Source www.amazon.in

Moving on from information sharing to an all-time favourite topic of kids across the planet i.e. bed-time stories. This book has five nice stories for toddlers which includes Little Star Friends, Pirate Ship Adventure, Adventure to the moon, The Magical Frog and Where is Teddy? Apart from this, one additional section called Just for Fun Activity is also provided at the end of the book. This is an excellent storybook for kids and has cute images to keep the toddlers engaged and interested in the story. The free edition can be read by downloading the free Kindle App.


This short book will be valuable for introducing alphabets to the toddlers by way of animated objects and animals. The A to Z has been presented in a colourful and attractive font which the kids are going to like and will be easily able to remember the letters by simple day to day life characters as simple as a Dog and Airplane. Moreover, they can also learn about new objects and animals while learning about the alphabets. The book is available at magickeys.com.

365 Moral Stories

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The three to five year age group is the apt time to sow the seeds of culture and moral values in your children and with this e-book available in your device. You will have easy access to 365 stories which will guide your kids with good moral values for over a year. This 200-page storybook is available on Amazon for Rs.311.85 for the online (Kindle) edition and the hardcover variant is also being provided for Rs.430.

Online Books for Gradeschooler (5-12 Years Age Group)

The middle-age kids or the age when kids have graduated from the pre-school and entered into school is the time they start learning more about the outer world and have a lot of questions popping in their minds. This is also the age where kids start to learn to differentiate between right and wrong. If proper guidance and information are provided to the school going kids, then you can easily shape them into strong and honest individuals; when they grow up as adults. We have picked a few books for this age group which can imbibe wisdom, humour and love for subjects like English and Science in the tiny-tots.

The Jungle Book

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Most of us have either read about it or watched the TV series and movie etc. and now it’s time to pass the baton to the next generation. Trust us, you will re-live your childhood while explaining about the good characteristics and leadership qualities which your kids can learn from this story. Your child can read the Kindle edition for free on Amazon of The Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling and enjoy the world-famous story of Mowgli, Baghira and other interesting characters.

Tales of Panchatantra

Panch means Five in Sanskrit and these storybooks are a series of five books which have various stories and all of them are full of wisdom, knowledge, information and humour. The five parts have interesting stories about Friendship, solution of problems by wise means, leadership, money and many other important aspects of life. There is immense learning packed in these stories written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma and are available to read on talesofpanchatantra.com.

Stories of Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman is a well-known personality in India and many TV serials have been made on him and books being written. The tales of Tenali Raman have been told for ages and all these stories are based on real incidents and the witty tales are full of wisdom and intelligence. Tenali Raman was a court jester in the Kingdom of King Krishna Devarayar and his clever ways of solving complicated problems make these stories an interesting read and can be downloaded from arvindguptatoys.com.

English Pronunciation: Pronounce It Perfectly in 4 months Fun & Easy

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Written by Ken Xiao, one of the best books for perfecting pronunciation at the elementary level, this book has a print length of 191 pages and is available on Kindle (e-book) for Rs. 49, as well as the paperback edition, is also available on Amazon. This book will help your kids to easily pronounce the words which are used in everyday conversations clearly and appropriately.

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book

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This Science book explains the principles of science in very simple ways with the help of everyday tasks such as boiling of rice, ice floating on the water or what is gravity etc. There are dozens of amazing experiments for kids, which are kid-tested and interesting. The best part is that they can be performed using plane household items and cover basic science topics as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to the latest technology, engineering and even outer space. You also would want to participate in these fun experiments with the kids and enjoy the wonders of science. The e-book can be read for free on the Kindle App.

Online Books for Teens (13-18 Years Age Group)

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The teen years is the age when kids are trying to adjust with the physical and mental changes taking place in their life and simultaneously have started weaving the dreams of their future life. This is the time when kids need more attention and guidance from their parents and teachers and hence it becomes all the more important to provide them with some good literature. The e-books selected below are carefully picked and will provide the required motivation and information to your kids, allowing them to choose the right path and enhance their intellectual and spiritual possibilities.

Help Your Kids with Science: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide

Source www.amazon.in

A useful science book for the age group of children 11-16 years, this book explains the complicated concepts of biology, physics and chemistry with the help of pictures, diagrams and easy to understand illustrations. There is also a glossary of key science symbols and terms. The Kindle edition is available online for Rs. 369.55 and paperback version is also available on Amazon.

The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla is the most underrated and unsung Scientist of the modern era without whom modern inventions like the telephone, television, radio, auto ignition and AC generation and transmission wouldn’t have been possible. The book covers the entire life of Nikola Tesla, starting from his early life to his young age inventions, his struggles, his contribution to the world and his vision and also the uncompleted inventions which may have completely changed the course of electricity, as we know today. This amazing and motivational book is available on Kindle App for Rs.64.12.

Shoot, Dive, Fly: Stories of Grit and Adventure from the Indian Army

Source www.amazon.in

Written by Rachna Bisht Rawat, this book is focused on introducing teenagers to the Indian Army and gives them insight about the life, adventures, challenges, thrills and the perks of being a part of the Indian Armed forces.

The book encompasses 21 exciting and bone-chilling stories of the will and bravery of the men in uniform and also throws light on the different aspects of their life, be it ballroom dancing, playing polo, detonating bombs, real-life combat, flying fighter planes to eating snakes when the situations call for such action. Few pages are dedicated to the interviews of men and women who have served in the forces and their real-life experiences during war or warlike situations. The book filled with courage and pride is available on Kindle for Rs. 96.61 and no wonder that the book has got five out of five stars from more than 138 customers of this book on Amazon.

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

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Moving from war towards Spirituality, “The Immortals of Meluha” written by famous writer Amish Tripathi is an epic tale about how Shiva, who was a man some four thousand years ago; and how he transformed into a God.

The story is based in 1900 BC and rules around the Suryavanshi rulers of the Meluha Empire. Meluha was a great kingdom established by Lord Ram and when Suryavanshi’s were facing several threats on their Kingdom as Saraswati, their primary source of water was facing extinction and their enemies Chandravanshi’s have allied with the Nagas to descend upon them; their only hope is the Tibetan immigrant Shiva. Can Shiva be the Hero who can save their empire? This is the first book of the Shiva Trilogy and your kids would learn something new about our history and culture from this book. This book can be read on Kindle for Rs.212.80 and paperback is available for Rs.224 on Amazon.

Katha Chanakya

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Chanakya, the beloved teacher of Emperor Chandragupta; who transformed Chandra: the boy to Chandragupta, The King. Chanakya’s teachings are impeccable and practical even in today’s era and everyone has something to learn from them. Authored by Radhakrishnan Pillai, the book narrates the tales from the life of the Great Chanakya and has stories of wisdom for dreamers and thinkers. This book can be a great gift for teenagers to sharpen their management skills and strengthen the practical aspects of life. Kindle edition to read online is available for Rs.184.17.

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Start from Zero and Make It a Habit

Start from Zero and Make It a Habit. It's true that nowadays people are reading less. Today's generation doesn't read much they like to see but we should know that reading is very important for brain exercise and people should not leave this habit. Even if we don't have a habit of reading we can just start with as less then as a page of reading a day and it will become our habit of daily life. For the new generation, we should provide them with books from the starting itself. Science says that it will help them to improve their mental abilities. Happy Reading.