Tired of Giving Typically Boring Gifts? Why Not Give Your Loved One a Quirky Gift and Have a Good Laugh Together? 10 Quirky Gift Ideas for 2020!

Tired of Giving Typically Boring Gifts? Why Not Give Your Loved One a Quirky Gift and Have a Good Laugh Together? 10 Quirky Gift Ideas for 2020!

Gifting is an important aspect of our social life. But if you are tired of giving those plain old typical gifts then it is time to change track and give a quirky gift to your loved one. You can be sure that your gift will come as a pleasant surprise for him/her, stand out from the rest of the gifts and everyone will have a good laugh together. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of the top quirky gifts ideas which will help you choose the right gift for your loved one.

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Why Get Quirky/Unusual Gifts for Your Loved Ones

We all love gifts, receiving gifts is fun but buying a gift is an art. When you buy a gift for a loved one it shows the amount of time and thought you have put in for buying that special gift for that person. Buying gifts is important as you need to keep the person's style and preferences in mind so that they love the gift they have received.

There are various gifts available in the market for people of all ages and when it comes to gifting a friend or your boy/girlfriend you ought to make it fun. You can always go for conventional gifts but buying a funny or quirky gift will bring a smile to their face.

Usually quirky is a word taken in a negative sense, but for fun-loving people with a good sense of humour, it will be interesting and even endearing. A quirky gift is bound to attract attention and will keep them talking about it for a while.

You can find these quirky gifts related to home decor and personal items. You will enjoy their expressions when they unwrap a unique gift given by you, not to mention that your gift will be the one which will stand out from all the other gifts.

Here is a list of some funny, unusual and quirky gifts for you to choose from:

Quirky Gifts for Him

Tiny Poker Playing Cards

Poker is loved by many, and if your man or your friend is one of those people who live to play poker you can buy this set of tiny poker cards for him. You can get creative with the packing and pack it in a regular card box and watch them as they open it up to find these cute mini cards in the box. Poker is a fun game and men like to spend their evenings with their friends playing poker and doing man things. They will be surprised to see these tiny cards and will be the centre of attraction amongst their friends, plus his friends won't be able to cheat in the game as they are so tiny which makes it next to impossible to peep in. They can carry it with them in their pocket and make everyone smile as soon as they see it. You can buy this cute and funny gift for them for ₹ 275.00 from Geek Monkey. It contains a full set of 54 cards with 2 jokers and he can even use it for magic tricks amongst his friends.

Toilet Pot Metallic Keychain

Women tend to gross out when seeing things related to our routine bodily functions, but men usually have fun talking about it. Your boyfriend will like this Toilet Pot Metallic Keychain, don't be surprised to see him throw away his regular key chain as soon as he gets this one from you. This quirky gift will give him a hearty laugh. This keychain is designed as a commode with a liftable lid and almost looks like the real thing. You can buy this funny gift for ₹ 250.00 from bigsmall.in and watch that naughty grin on his face.

Box of Insults

Everyone has that one friend who loves to make fun of all in the group. If you have that one friend in your group you ought to get him this one gift that will make fun of him in return. A Box of Insults is a great way to insult him back in a fun way. This gift will show him how close he is to your heart and his making fun of you or insulting you is not taken to the heart and reciprocated. He can sit back and read them while no one is there and learn a few tricks of insulting or making fun of others too. The Box of Insults contains 21 sarcastic funny insults and can be bought for ₹ 249.00 from Oye Happy.

Crack of Dawn Crafts 3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box

Source www.amazon.in

Valentine is around the corner and so the search begins for the best gift for your man which will bring a smile to his face. Although you can create an explosion box yourself but why invest your time in it when you can buy this Crack of Dawn 3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box for just ₹ 499.00 from Amazon? This beautiful box has spots for 60 photos. Upon opening, it reveals the memorable pictures and has a small gift box in the centre. You can buy this unique gift and surprise him with your creativity.

Bandages - Put a Plaster on It

If your brother is an adventure loving guy and is accident prone then this tin of bandages is a great gift for him. The tin contains cute, colourful bandages to bring a smile even when he is in pain. Regular bandages are boring but showing off your boo with these cool bandages will make him look hot and cute at the same time and he will love the attention he gets from the ladies because of these. You can once again become his favourite sister if you get him this tin of medically approved bandages for ₹ 550.00 from Dottedi.

Quirky Gifts for Her

Quirky Earring - Knife, Fork & Spoon

Source jholmaal.in

She is a wild soul and loves to display her unique personality in various ways and you can help her in doing so by getting her these Quirky Knife, Fork & Spoon Earrings. These funky earrings display a mini fork, spoon & knife which makes it a modern piece of jewellery for your friend. They are bound to create attention and will make her stand out in a crowd. Not everyone will be comfortable enough to sport these quirky earrings but if your friend likes to collect unique items, she will love it. Each pair is silver plated with a great finish and will enhance her style to a higher level. You can buy this pair of earrings for ₹ 299.00 from Jholmaal.

Recycled Paper Pencils with Assorted Seeds, 2B

Source www.amazon.in

If your mother loves anything that has to do with nature, then these recycled paper pencils would be a great gift for her. She can use it to make her grocery list or write in her journal. The seeds at the end of the pencil make it unique, she can use the pencil and at the end plant the stub in soil with the capsule facing downwards. After a few days of watering and love she will be happy to see little plants sprouting from within the soil. These pencils are made of recycled paper and have a variety of seeds in them like tomato, chilli, morning glory, tulsi and marigold. You can buy these environment-friendly pencils for her for ₹ 259.00 from Amazon.

The Queen Mug

If she is the queen of your heart then show it to her by gifting her The Queen Mug. She will love this beautiful off-white coffee mug with a metal handle made out in the shape of a crown for your queen. Women in general like to be pampered and when she will receive this thoughtful gift from you, she will be more than happy to show it off to her friends and boast about the love your two share. You can buy this wonderful gift for her for ₹ 599.00 from The Shopcircuit and tell her that she is the "Queen of Everything".

Ella the Elephant Planter

Most people in metro cities are forced to live in tight and small spaces, therefore they have to compromise with their love for greenery, but not anymore. You can buy these cute Ella the Elephant Planter for your wife and watch her smile from ear to ear. She can plant her favourite flower, colourful succulent or herb right in the middle of the house and enjoy every minute of it. This beautiful planter will breathe life into your room as well as in your life. These planters are small enough to sit on her kitchen window sill or on her study table. She will adore them, flaunt them and off course love you a little more for getting her the set of cute little elephant planters. You can buy this adorable and unique gift for ₹ 490.00 from The Wishing Chair.

Dreamcatcher - White Light

Dreams are wonderful, they are like watching a movie throughout the night and enjoying every bit of it. If you have a little sister who is the dreamy kind you can buy her a beautiful dream catcher with white lights for her bedroom. Dream catchers are popular Native American charms which were initially hand woven and decorated with colourful feathers. The objective of the dream catchers was to bring peaceful dreams to your loved one and keep the unpleasant dreams and nightmares away from them. Your sister will love to hang it in her room and venture into her dream land. You will love to hear her dreams in the morning and feel good about the gift you got her. You can buy this beautiful piece of art for ₹ 849.00 from PropShop24.

Tips on Buying Quirky Gifts

Gifts are so much fun and when they are unusual or quirky, they get even better! They give you a chance to laugh with your loved ones be it your family members, your best friends or a lover. Buying a great gift can be tough specially if you want to make it a memorable one. Here are some tips that can help you figure out how to buy these unique gifts:

  • If your friend is tech-savvy then buying her/him gadgets is a regular thing, but now you can find some great goofy gifts online which are related to technology. With a little research you will be able to find funny looking gadget holders, wires, pen drives, etc which will make him/her laugh.

  • For a person who loves to eat, you can look for crazy looking utensils with funny pictures and prints on them. They will love to use it in their kitchen or to serve food in a party and talk about it.

  • If your friend is a fashion follower then you can go for some eye-catching new fashion trends like weird earrings, fluffy slippers or memorable socks. She will love to flaunt it around and tell tales about it.

  • While you are out shopping for a unique gift, you should always keep the personality of the recipient in mind like getting a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit for your creative friend or a mix of herbs or spices for your chef friend. If your friend is the serious kind then go ahead and get her the book she always wanted to read. We all have that athletic friend in our group who is crazy about being fit, well you can find great fitness related gifts for him or simply get him a gift card for his favourite gym.

  • Just make sure that the gift you get should be fun and goofy. They should bring a smile on your loved one’s face or may be bring back a unique memory you two shared secretly. You can always get personalised gifts which are a great hit and are meaningful too. They are appreciated by all and are kept close to their heart for a long time. You can even add a crazy nickname on it to make it funnier for them.
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Quirky Gifts are a Great Idea to Bring Zest and Humour in Your Relationship

We have all received those serious gifts on special occasions and ceremonies. Why not do something unusual and think of giving a quirky gift to your friend or family member? You only need to ensure that you know the person's tastes and preferences and also that he has a great sense of humour. Your gift will surely bring a smile to his face like no other gift would. It will also bring zest and humour in your relationship with that person. We hope you liked this BP Guide about quirky gifts. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.