Italian Food Gifts for Those Who Know Their Linguine from Their Fettuccine: 10 Italian Goodies That Everyone's Raving About in 2019

Italian Food Gifts for Those Who Know Their Linguine from Their Fettuccine: 10 Italian Goodies That Everyone's Raving About in 2019

No doubt there’s an Italian food lover in each of our lives — but what to get them other than just the basics from your local grocer? From Italian kitchen equipment to gourmet food, and other fun knick-knacks, here are the 10 best gift ideas for Italian food lovers.

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Celebrate the Ones You Care for with These Food Gift Italian Ideas in 2019

Everyone love gifts. Gifts are a great way of appreciating your friends, workmates and loved ones. The recipient gets to know that you love and care for them. They also realize how much you appreciate them. While most people are fond of tangible gifts such as clothes, electronics, and stuff, food gifts are the least known. However, they make the perfect gift for any occasion. Today, some stores specialize in food gifts alone. In fact, there are also e-commerce stores where you can get this food gift. Talking of food gifts, in this article we will look at food gifts Italian food gifts you need to consider buying your loved ones. We hope at that the end of it, you will have not only gotten the best food gifts Italian food gift ideas but also, we will have saved you the hassle of researching where to buy these gifts online.

Things to Note Before Purchasing Italian Food as Gifts

Whether online or offline, there are some things that one needs to factor in when buying food gifts Italian gift ideas. It is only when these factors are met that you will make an informed decision and buy a gift that will match the occasion and serve the purpose. While there are many things to consider, here, will closely look at four of them.

Your Recipient

Your recipient is the first thing one should consider. Ask yourself whether you are buying food gift Italian gift idea which matches the taste of your recipient. If you buy Italian chocolate for someone who loves pasta, you may not see a big smile on their face. Always look for a gift that your recipient prefers. Don't buy the gift just because you like it. Spend time to know what your recipient prefers, without asking them though as it should come as a surprise. This way you will find the right Italian food gift for them.

The Delivery Date


Majority of people ordering not only food but other gift ideas online make this blunder. They fail to check the delivery date. Most online stores take to three days to deliver your item. However, sometimes this does not even happen due to a number of factors such as if what you have ordered is out of stock. In this case, they will take longer to be delivered. You will have to wait much longer when what you are ordering is shipped from abroad. To make sure your Italian food idea is delivered in time, it is only wise to order before time or ensure the gift is available at the time of ordering.

The Right Gift for the Occasion

It is also important to factor in the occasion, for you to choose the content and ingredients of the food gift Italian gift idea. For instance, a food gift during Diwali might be different from that of valentine’s day. Food gifts for Christmas would be wines, spirits, beer, cakes and such like. They are not the kind of gift you'd buy during Ramadan for instance.

How Much You Are Willing to Spend

It goes without saying that the price of the given gift is also important. Buying a food gift Italian gift does not mean buying stupidity. You also on the same breath don't have to break your bank account to buy that gift. Actually, buy what you can afford. This calls for knowing your recipient's preference then get the affordable food gift. They will equally be impressed.

Top 10 Best Food Gift Italian to Purchase in 2019

Grand Italian Pasta Feast Gourmet Food Gift Basket


This is gift basket offers various pasta with original Italian taste. Its content is inspired by the famous mama mia handmade pasta. They include amoretti balsamic vinaigrette, amoretti pomegranate balsamic vinegar, amoretti organic olive oil, Tuscany seasoned olives, pasta mama creamy lemon herb sauce, parts mama tomato basil sauce and pasta mama Alfredo cheese source. Others include pasta mama Parmesan-parsley linguine, pasta mama garlic basil Fettuccine, and pasta mama tomato basil pappardelle pasta. That is a list of delicacies that one shouldn’t miss out. The quantity is enough to serve a relatively huge crowd. If not for a feast, the package is perfect if you want something that will last you an entire week without having to spend too much. In addition to that, the delicacies come in a fantastic basket. It is oval and woven hence presentable as well as long-lasting. Equally important, Italian food gifts are affordable. The price is Rs. 14,355 only. Visit Amazon and grab this great food gift basket.

Neetare System


Although not a food gift, this is a gift for someone who loves Italian coffee. This home coffee maker that ensures your loved one gets a Gourmet Italian café styled coffee from the comfort of their house. It is easy to use since it operates using a single button. Some of its great features include a Swiss thermostat to facilitate extraction and programmable buttons in case you want short or long cups of coffee. It is good to note that it saves energy automatically and it is also compatible with the Nettare capsules. Last but not least, it is also perfect when serving thanks to the 15 bar pressure Italian pump.

The next component is a milk frother. A single push of a button will give you a tasty and creamy froth. Its inner surface is nonstick which makes its maintenance a piece of cake. It can froth or heat a maximum capacity of 100 ml and 250 ml, respectively. You can relax while using it since it will automatically shut down once the milk is ready. It also operates silently. Therefore, it is a great partner when preparing cold coffees, macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

Then, the package also comes with 100% Arabica coffee capsules. Each capsule weighs 7.5 grams. The intensity is 5. Its acidity is also well-balanced. Its aroma is not only strong but also intense. Fortunately, this product with all these great features is readily available at Its price is Also reasonable, Rs. 14,969 only.

Chocholik Turkish Baklava - with Almonds & Pista

A bite of this Chocholik Turkish Baklava filled with the almonds and pistachio is sure to give you an experience no other. This is the best you can get your loved ones who love Italian culinary or even snacks. This one is the only brand from India with innovative special packaging. It can be bought and enjoyed any time of the year. The ingredients used to make this snack is filo pastry, almonds, butter, sugar, and pistachio. It is 100% safe for vegetarians. If you think this will be what you have been looking for all your life then you are not wrong to buy it. Now, you can order it from Amazon for a paltry Rs. 499. Spoil them with it and you will not regret your decision.

Ceramic Jars -Sugar, Coffee, and Salt Shaker


Whether it’s for salt, sugar or coffee, these Italian ceramic will not disappoint. They are hand-painted with lemon décor hence visually appealing and stylish. Those intended for coffee and sugar have a rubber gasket. They come with caps and measures 3.9 inches by 8.2 inches. On the other hand, the salt cellar has a tray. It measures 6.3 inches by 7 inches. They are presentable and also make the contents easily accessible. You are at liberty to buy the three or specifics depending on your needs. It is available at Etsy for Rs. 5,227 only.

Carnival Roasted & Salted Pistachio 200g

What more can you make for that special occasion with your loved ones if not this Carnival Roasted & Salted Pistachio which is available in 200 grams? It is a sophisticated 'Pet or Can' pack that your Indian friend who won’t resist Italian food can love being gifted with. The Carnival Roasted & Salted Pistachio is nitrogen flushed packed so that the freshness can prevail. Originally produced in Iran, it is processed in Italy and distributed throughout the world. Lastly, it is premium hand selected, so you can rest assured that is healthy and of high quality. If this feels like what your loved one can take for an Italian food gift, then you can head straight to Amazon and place your order for just Rs. 319. They can’t be happier.

Crumby Cake


If your friend or your recipient is a lover of cakes, go the extra mile and don’t buy just any cake but try Italian cake this time. This Crumby cake is the best food gift Italian gift you can buy them time round. It is full of flavour and is crumbly, just as its name suggests. It is super healthy and yummy. The ingredients are healthy and friendly. It is made of yellow cake, butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla extracts all-purpose flour as well as water. The crumby cake is sold in 13 by 9 sheet pan and comes in 12 slices. This is probably what will keep them praising you. If this is what you think you need to get them this time around, then hurry and place your order at Etsy for only Rs. 976.82

Italian Wedding Cookies, Snowballs, Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies


These Italian cookies are so delicious that you can’t resist a bite. Actually, they are the perfect mixture of sweet and buttery and has a hint of pecans. If you have a friend or know anyone who loves cookies, then this is what you should surprise them with. The cookies are baked to perfection and then rolled in powdered sugar. They are a true melt in the mouth. They are called the Italian wedding cookies they are wonderful cookies. They are also referred to as snowballs, Mexican wedding cookies or Russian tea cakes. They are now available at Etsy for just Rs. 700.23. They are hand-crafted using both organic, sustainable and also locally sourced ingredients. There are no artificial flavours involved, nor colours synthetic additives or preservatives. They are healthy and what you should gift your loved ones.

Healthy Snack Baskets


The healthy basket snack is a basket full of Italian snacks that your loved one will love. The variety of snacks in this basket range from candy to chocolate, which is vegetarian and utmost healthy. Today, you will order this healthy basket snack to India from Etsy for only Rs. 2,729.40. It is healthy and will not take a toll on their weight if they love keeping an eye on their weight. Al, so the calories involved in these snacks are insignificant. You will give them a reason for you to be the topic of the day. Order them today through a variety of payment options such as PayPal, MasterCard, visa and even American Express.

Bel Paese - Traditional

The Bel Paese is among the best food gift Italian gifts you can buy your Italian food lover in India. It is always fresh. This is because it is shipped expedited in an insulated package for freshness. This is made in Bel Paese and is made from pasteurized cow milk. It also pairs well with soft chardonnay and has a soft buttery flavour. We are sure that your recipient will be more than glad to receive the Bel Paese. It also is pocket-friendly, and you can buy several for your work colleagues or your siblings. It costs a paltry Rs. 488.45 and can be ordered from Amazon today

Lavazza Crema E-Gusto


This ground coffee is another option if you seek Italian food gift. It is a mixture of both Arabica coffee and robusta coffee. Their percentages are 30 and 70, respectively. The blending brings about a strong coffee that also tastes pleasantly. The capacity is 250 grams which are equivalent to 8.8 Oz. Each package comes with a pair at a cost of Rs. 697 only. If it matches the taste of your friend or loved one, grab it from Amazon.

Bonus: Enjoy a Meal with Them at an Italian Restaurant in the City


It is not always that you have to buy them the food gift Italian gifts. Taking them out around town to an Italian restaurant will also be a great idea. The fact that they love Italian food they know the best Italian restaurant in town even if ty have not been to there. Alternatively and what sounds like a great idea, you may also have to research online or physically for the perfect Italian restaurants and take them there. There are many Italian restaurants in almost all towns in India. Find a perfect one based on their taste and your budget.

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These days, there's no reason to. Thank modern technology. Even if you're not in Italy, you can buy authentic, Italian foods—including cheeses, meats, pastas, coffees, and more—that make fantastic gifts for foodies and Italophiles alike. Nothing comforts the soul like a forkful of al dente pasta, a bite of cheesy pizza, or a sip of crisp wine. If you have a friend or family member who's constantly cooking, eating, or thinking about Italian food, these food gifts are perfect for them.