Make the Best Out of Your Family Time Together: 10 Family Board Games for Kids of all Ages and Adults Alike! (2020)

Make the Best Out of Your Family Time Together: 10 Family Board Games for Kids of all Ages and Adults Alike! (2020)

While you are bursting at your seams out of boredom, did you ever think about going old school back to board games? Switch off those mobile phones and enjoy these 10 family board games for some entertaining family time. Keep reading and get ready for some fun time.

Benefits of Playing Board Games as a Family

If you are looking for ways to entertain your family indoors, then board games are definitely a great option. As the recent lockdown showed us it can get pretty boring for all of use while stuck in the home. Forget grownups, how are you managing to keep the kids engaged all day? It is high time that you get both the kids as well as the grown ups to take a break from the digital screens and do something worthwhile. Remember the good old days when board games where a thing? Well, the time has come again for us to resort to our favorite retreat- family board games.
Apart from keeping ourselves away from social media and the digital world, board games have plenty to offer. Let us see what are the best benefits of playing board games as a family.

  • Enable Early Learning Opportunity and Team Working Skills for Kids
    Right from identifying shapes and colours, board games offer a lot to learn for even the youngest of members. Besides, counting and addition in the board games help sharpen their numerical skills. Moreover, waiting for your turn teaches a much-needed virtue, patience!

  • Encourage Healthy Brain Development and Memory Power
    Strategy games boost planning, organizing and decision-making skills. All members of the family can benefit from lengthening their attention spans and an increase in memory power.

  • Help Soothe Anxiety
    In especially distressing times like these, it is important, that all members of the family learn to calm down and soothe their senses. Structured board games are built-in with proper orientation thereby leading the mind to subconsciously think that everything is under control, at least for a while.

  • Best Way to Unplug and Yet Kill Time
    Getting quality, screen-free time together as a family has turned out to be more of a necessity than a luxury these days. For the family members to turn away from their digital screens, interesting things like board games are a must.

  • Teaches the Kids to Accept Failure
    Dealing with frustration and low tolerance is pretty much a common issue that parents face these days. Should they come to encounter failure, children are more susceptible to break down. But board games are an excellent way to teach kids that failures in the game (and in life!) are OK.

  • Creates Cherishable Memories for Years
    Now, under these limited conditions, most of the family members are forced to be indoors and more importantly, together! Utilize these precious moments and indulge in some interesting board games to create memories that go a long way.

Top 10 Family Board Games in India

From the most classic of all board games like chess and monopoly to the latest ones like catan and codenames, we have compiled a list of board games that ought to please both the old and the young alike! So, feel free to go through our recommended list of board games to pick the one that your family finds interesting.

Carrom Board

Remember the good old vacation days when most of the play were outdoors. Well, if at all forced to be indoors, the kids of those times found a resort in this exciting board game- carrom board. Quintessentially, a four-player game, this game can also be played by two. The coins of both the colours, black and white are required to be pushed across the board into the pocket with a heavier disk, called the striker. The red coin (or the queen), carries more points when captured.

If you have older members in the family, then its most likely that this family board game will keep them occupied for hours altogether! This game is perfect for building mental focus, attention and hand-eye coordination. A full-sized wooden carrom board with the coin set is available on for Rs. 1,399.


Chess, said to be derived from the Indian board game, the Chaturanga. This game has indeed kept people busy (and still does!) worldwide for more years than you can even imagine. The strategy game of chess involves two players and has only one motive- to capture the king of the opposing team! All pieces of the game have distinctive and unique moves. Take out your cunning moves and strategy building skills, to try your hand at the game. Though the game may take some time to play, each and every moment in the game is worthwhile to be exciting.

Put on your thinking hats and involve your family members to create some memorable moments. This board game is perfect for adults and older children. Sharpen your mental skills and enhance your memory power, focus, concentration and attention span with this exciting family board game. Check out this amazing wooden AMG Handmade Wooden Chess -10 inches on for Rs. 895.


Are kids at home feeling bored already? Well, get them introduced to this classic family board game and see them enjoy the whole day. Considered as one of the best family board games for all ages, this easy-to-play-game is equally loved by the young and old. This compact size Ludo game from Funskool comes with the board, a dice and sturdy pegs. Two or more players can create teams and play this game by guarding each other’s territories while attacking anyone making a move against them.

The board game comes in exciting colours and designs, to keep even the youngest in the family glued to the game. This family board game is ideal for the young ones to learn numbers and simple logical skills like addition. Besides, working towards a given goal, the members also learn to work as a team and engage in the game for fun and leisure. You can find this cute travel Ludo game from Funskool at for Rs. 119.20.


Here is the classic evergreen monopoly game with a twist! Yes, a twist. There is no more money in the game. What? This modern banking version of the game from Hasbro has replaced money with bank cards and a card reading unit! The all in one banking unit with touch technology makes the game creative and quick. With this modern banking version, you can easily buy properties, set rent and mortgage all at a tap of the card. Besides, the unit can scan property cards in the game. This family board game abides by all the rules of the traditional game but is amped up with the essence of technology for added fun.

Get your family members to start playing a round of this interesting board game, and see how they spend hours of fun together! The game is ideal for ages 8 and above. Sharpen your strategy and business skills and your financial wisdom while playing this family board game. Available on for Rs. 1,870.


Combine the traditional play of cards and a strategy game with chips, and you get sequence! Well, not exactly though, but almost! This challenging and exciting game can be played from two to a maximum of 12 players. First, you have to play a card from your hand. Place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. You create a sequence when you have five in a row. The first player to score two sequences before their opponents win the game. With planned strategic moves and a little bit of luck, you can turn out to be the winner in the game!

Having originated in America, this game has gained wide popularity all over the world. This family board game is easy to learn and play. The game is perfect to kill boredom and keep the whole family engaged for hours! Available on Amazon for Rs. 1,450.


Othello is an interesting and intriguing family board game that will keep you busy for a long while. The classic edition game features a playing surface with indents for discs and a set of unique reversible disks. This Othello family board game from Funskool also has a storage area for disks on the board. In the game, each player gets to place their disk on their turn alternatively. The objective of the game is to have your coloured disk on both ends of your opponent’s. This strategic board game for two players helps to hone your strategic gaming techniques. Available on for Rs. 539.10.

Plot 4

Here is an interesting and challenging fun game for the kids. The objective of the game is for the member to connect 4 of the same coloured checkers in a row. By thinking ahead and playing by the strategies, you are undoubtedly in for some exciting gaming fun. This Plot 4 game from Inrange is quite sturdy and of good quality. This family board game enhances the logical, cognitive skill and also develops hand-eye coordination in kids. Available on Amazon for Rs.335.


This outrageous picture hunt game is basically a visual game of hide and seek. The gaming board is dynamic with gaming tiles being flipped, turned or tossed all the time. Each member has to successfully accomplish 10 of the missions as mentioned in the mission card the stipulated time. The player who gets the most of the mission cards, wins the game. This family board game is great for all members of the family, including children as young as 6! Available for Rs. 789.


Scrabble is an evergreen family board game that is both fun as well as educational for all age groups. This scrabble game from Mattel is great for amateurs and beginners. The pieces are sturdy and made from high quality material. Also, the prints are indelible and made to last for long. This family board game is ideal for building vocabulary development and spelling formation in children. Available on for Rs. 764.15.

Play Panda Brain Booster Game

Thought picture puzzles are too easy for you? Then you better take a look at the play panda brain booster game. This challenging brain game involves solving puzzle problems by identifying how to arrange the magnetic pieces to form a particular pattern. Not only does this game enhance your geometric understanding and problem-solving skills, but will also relieve you of all the stress in everyday life. This family board game increases spatial and logical thinking, and also boosts IQ in children and adults alike. Available for Rs. 329, at Amazon.

Newer Family Board Games

Well, if you think these board games are not game enough (notice the pun?!), then we have some more in store for you. The above-mentioned list includes classic and evergreen games, which may not excite the many of you. Here are a few of the modern and innovative family board games that are trending in India now.

Zvata Seekers of Astrod Strategy Board Game

This is a family board game of deduction and decision making. In this exciting game, the players are seekers from various galaxies that look for the planet holding Astrod, the miraculous element. The winner of the game is the one who solves the clues and locates Astrod first. An intuitive game for all family members starting from ages 7 and above. Available on for Rs. 1,499.

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a deduction board game that is set up in the backdrop of the Hitler era of the 1930s in Germany. The game is developed by dividing the players into liberal and fascists, with one of them being the Secret Hitler. Work out your deceptive skills to find ways to manipulate your fellow opponents. The objective of the game is for the liberals to pass 5 liberal policies or to assassinate Secret Hitler. Available on for Rs. 2,082

Mayfair Games Catan

An interesting family board game, the Mayfair Games Catan is considered as one of the best and most popular games of this century. The rule of the game is to occupy and develop islands with resources and thereby expand your settlements better than the opponents. The game features some very interesting deceptive conditions that add to the fun of it. Find this family board game on for Rs. 4,999.

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Family Board Games Create Memories!

In the rat race for success and we forget everything we did as a family. Family time is very less or practically non-existent. The best way to spend time as a family is by playing board games together. Not only do they keep the kids engaged, but they also help with their cognitive skills and team skills. They help the kids understand success and failure as two sides of a coin. Board games as a family also create memories that stay with us for a long time even after the occasion has passed and the family is apart in different corners of the world.