Pick One of These Bhaubeej Gifts for Your Sister and Bond with Her on This Wonderful Festival of Sibling Love (2019)!

Pick One of These Bhaubeej Gifts for Your Sister and Bond with Her on This Wonderful Festival of Sibling Love (2019)!

This article recommends amazing Bhaubeej gifts that you can gift your sister on this beautiful occasion that celebrates the bond between siblings. Apart from online gifts, we have also come up with bonus ideas that you can try to make it a special day for your sister. Read on!

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How to Pick a Bhaubeej Gift for Your Sister?

Decide the Budget

It is a rather difficult task to buy a Bhaubeej gift for a sister or any other such lady in your life. They do not like things that easily and that is why we are here to help. First and foremost, the thing that you need to do is to decide your budget. If you are still a teenager then you should better start saving your pocket money so that you can buy something good enough for your sister.

Choose for Something Useful

We always ponder on this special tip that you should buy something useful rather than showpieces and other such irrelevant items. There are several things you can consider for the same, like a wallet, handbag, clothing, watch, jewellery, etc. Of course, it depends upon what your sister likes the most and what she needs at present. For that, you would have to do some (just a bit) social media stalking as well as pay some attention to her wishes or preferences!.

Clothes Always Work for Girls/Women

There is no doubt in the fact that almost all women or girls are crazy about receiving surprise gifts. But if you want to be more particular about the Bhaubeej gift ideas for your sister then you can buy clothes for sure. As she is your sister, you should know about her taste and style. You can buy something accordingly for her and it would be a great thing to do. If you can’t visit the market then you always have online shopping portals to help you out.

10 Superb Bhaubeej Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Personalized Jade Plant

Simple gifts often turn out to be quite significant and this Jade Plant here is perfect as a Bhaubeej gift for your sister. Jade Plants are seen as the symbol of good luck and prosperity and that is why giving it to your sister is quite like praying for her happiness and good luck in life. To make it more special for Bhaidooj, they have aligned it with the theme. It has 'Number 1 Sister' imprinted on it which is quite fitting for this occasion.

The beautiful Jade plant is a type of succulent and doesn’t require much care too. This plant comes with a black ceramic pot in which it is planted. This special gift for your sister on Bhaubeej would make her day. You can buy this plant with the pot on fnp.com for Rs.349.

Chocolate Pack

If there is an ideal combination for festivals then it has to be chocolates and dry fruits together. And with these fruit and nut chocolates here, you get the best gift for your sister on Bhaubeej. Of course, it comes in a variety of brands but we picked this Sapphire fruit and nuts chocolates which are quite amazing. They come packed in a tin box in a 90gms pack. What you get inside is different types of dry fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins and hazelnuts covered in milk chocolate.

This is surely a mouth-watering combo and there is no way your sister won’t like it. This chocolate gift box is perfect for all your loved ones and it is entirely vegetarian too. You can grab it on archiesonline.com for Rs.199.

Antique Jhumkas

If you are totally clueless about recent fashion trends then you surely need our help in it. Your next Bhaubeej gift for sister can be something more fashion-related and trending too. So, for this, we picked these jhumkas for her that she is going to totally love. You should know that silver oxidized jewellery is quite trending these days and also it goes well with both traditional as well as western wear.

So, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity of Bhaubeej to impress your sister with your shopping skills. These classic jhumkas here also have a bit of gold-tone in them which further accentuates their looks. These beautiful drop and dangler Jhumkas are a total win in the parties and get together. You can buy this pair on mirraw.com for Rs.379.

Skinn Perfume for Women

If you are finding it difficult to find something for your sister and have a more practical approach for gifts then you would surely like this set of Skinn Perfumes by Titan. Here you get a combo pack of 2 perfumes at a reasonable price and you cannot doubt the quality and lasting effect of these perfumes. You get Celeste and Sheer fragrances of Skinn Perfume which come packed in a gift pack. While Celeste has floral notes and sandalwood essence, Sheer has more fruity notes with a dash of pink pepper.

This unique combination in both the perfumes makes them more playful and sensual in smell. Both the perfumes are skin-friendly and last quite long too. You can buy this gift pack of Celeste and Sheer perfumes on skinn.in for Rs.1,441.

Cake and Flowers Combo

There is no alternative to the combo of cake and flowers. Whether it is someone’s birthday or anniversary or occasions like Bhaubeej, you should definitely go for these if you can’t think of anything else. Such kind of Bhai Dooj gift ideas will never let you down. So, we picked this combination of black forest cake along with a bouquet of 10 roses.

You get a variety of roses in this beautiful bouquet, like red, white, pink and yellow. Also, the cake looks super delicious. It is delivered fresh to your doorstep and you can also choose from other cake options that are available in eggless and egg-based variations. Make sure to place your order in time so that you can receive it fresh on Bhaubeej. Buy this combo now on igp.com for Rs.1,045.

Photo Hanger Organizer

Special people deserve special gifts and when it comes to your sister, you would not want to leave any stone unturned for her. So, make this Bhaubeej all about the beautiful bond of siblings and gift your sister this stunning display organizer for pictures. It is something more than that as this organizer allows you to showcase all the precious moments on the wall and that too quite creatively.

This organizer comes with wood clips through which you can hang the photos through the thread. This is a casual and neat design and you can go a step forward and organize some amazing pictures on your own too. You can surprise her by hanging this memory display in her room on the occasion of Bhaidooj. So, don’t wait anymore and buy this now on amazon.in for Rs.699.

Soft Toy

Another clichéd but a lifesaver Bhaubeej gift for sister that she would surely like is a soft toy. It majorly depends upon what kind of things she likes and you can give her the same type of soft toy. There are various options available in the market too like a teddy bear, rabbits, pooh, emoji soft toys, etc. To keep up with the theme of Bhaubeej, we picked this cute rabbit for your sister. It even comes with this cute heart tag which says “Best Sister” on it.

If you want to keep it simple but significant, then it would be a great choice. This soft toy is small but cute and quite adorable to have around. Buy this cute rabbit now on Flipkart for Rs.423.

Mini Makeup Pouch

If your budget is tight on this Bhaidooj but you still want to buy something nice for your sister then we have the perfect recommendation for you. This Nykaa mini makeup pouch is the perfect gift for your sister. The stunning pouch is travel-friendly and small in size and most importantly, it looks quite feminine with all the bling and blushing gold shimmer on it.

This pouch comes with a zip lock on top and turns out to be quite amazing when it comes to carrying makeup everyday. It is waterproof and there is no way your sister won’t like it. This was one of the cutest designs of makeup pouches that we came across. You can consider more of such items according to your budget but till the time buy this one on Nykaa for Rs.199 only.

Wrist Watch and Bracelet Combo

This time buy such Bhai Dooj gifts for sister which not only impress her but also leave her entirely awestruck because of your excellent taste in gifts. We found this beautiful watch and bracelet combo on Chumbak and we can assure you that this is one of the best gifts you will ever find for your sister. The super stunning watch comes with 3 cute bracelets and if you will take a look at the recent trend then it is all about layering even in the wrist.

So, the fun twist of the watch with the bracelet is going to look super trendy and super fashionable. There is no doubt that it will serve as the perfect accessory for both traditional and modern attires. The colours are kept nude, like beige, gold and baby pink which go well with almost everything. You can buy this combo on Chumbak for Rs.1,995.

Trendy Sling Bag

And finally, we have our last recommendation to make and we picked a really cute and useful handbag for it. Handbags are a girl’s best friend as they carry their entire world in it. You never really know what can be there inside a girl’s handbag. We picked this black coloured handbag for your sister on Bhaidooj which comes with scarf detailing on its handle. The handbag is small in size but has a compartment inside which can carry your important stuff in it. You are also going to love the pompom detailing on the handbag. This handbag serves as the perfect sling bag too as the attached chain allows you to carry it around comfortably.

Made from PU Leather, this sling bag has titch button closure along with a zip lock for extra protection. You can buy it on Koovs for Rs.1,199.

Try These Offbeat Ideas Too

We tried our best to pick some special gifts for your sister which she would definitely like. However, if you are thinking about something different and offbeat, then we have some recommendations to make in that category too. You can pick these ideas over mainstream gifts to make it extra special for your sister on this Bhaubeej.

Take Her Shopping

There is no doubt about the fact that girls love shopping. So, the best gift for a sister on Bhai Dooj would be that if you take her out to shop. Rather than buying a gift on your own and then having to return it because she didn’t like it, you can rather take her to shop. This way she can buy whatever she likes and you two will get to spend some much-needed sibling time together too.

Visit an Amusement Park Together

It is high time that you should put your work-life behind and have some fun. For this, you can plan an amusement park outing with her. You can invite more of your cousins so that your gang can have some much needed relaxing time. The entire day filled with fun and laughter would come as the best gift for your sister.

Plan a Dinner for Her or Cook Something on Your Own

We rarely get to spend some time with our siblings, let alone having dinner with them. But this Bhaubeej gift for sister can be different as you can take her out for dinner to some nice place. Or even better, you can cook for her all on your own. For this, you always have YouTube to help. This would be a great gift to flatter your sister with your cooking skills.

Bhaubeej Card

A Bhaubeej card would be a wonderful idea to remind your sister how much you love and care for her. It is no big deal to make a card on your own, especially when you have the entire internet to help you out. And do not forget to paste an old photo of you two in it to revisit the amazing and fun memories you guys have.

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Gifting someone is an art that needs a lot of careful consideration in order to master. Always take into account the receiver's preferences and tastes before buying them something. If you are still unable to find something, get them a gift card of the places they like to shop at. In that way, they can buy whatever they want and will be grateful to you for it. Happy gifting!