Looking for Gift Ideas for Bhai Dooj to Amaze Your Dearest Sister or Brother? Here are 10 Amazing Gifts for Bhai Dooj, Thali Decoration Ideas and More (2020)

Looking for Gift Ideas for Bhai Dooj to Amaze Your Dearest Sister or Brother? Here are 10 Amazing Gifts for Bhai Dooj, Thali Decoration Ideas and More (2020)

Bhai Dooj is a festival to cherish the special relationship of siblings with each other. As the occasion draws closer and closer, your quest for the gifts for Bhai Dooj may be accelerating. Deciding the right gift for your brother or sister can get a little tedious and also confusing. But don’t worry! Here you will find the collection of creative gifts for Bhai Dooj. So, stop roaming around in your city for the best gift. Read on to find perfect Bhai dooj gift for yourself.

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History and Significance of Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is known by different names in various regions like Bhai Phota, Bhai Teeka, or Bhau Beej. The festival is similar to Rakhee festival, as it celebrates the special bond and relationship between the siblings. On this festival, sisters pray for the prosperous and long lives of their brothers, which is usually 2 days after the Diwali Festival. On this day, sisters apply tilak or teeka on the brother’s forehead. They offer prayers for the well-being of their brothers, who shower their sisters with gifts. Sisters feed their brothers with special sweets made on this occasion.

According to mythology, this festival is celebrated to honour Subhadra’s love and affection for her brother Lord Krishna. After the defeat of Narakasur, Subhadra invited Krishna to rejoice the victory. She applied teeka and performed aarti and Lord Krishna blessed her for this gesture.

Whether you have an older or younger sister or brother, who would have troubled you when you were kids, they are still a darling to you, so finding the best gift for them is a difficult task in hand. We have a few ultimate gift ideas for brothers and sisters that they would love it.

3 Gorgeous Way to Decorate Bhai Dooj Pooja Thali

1. Dry Fruits Thali

No festival is complete without the sweetness of dry fruits. A pooja thali decorated with almonds, cashews, dry grapes, and pistachio is sure to delight your loved ones. The aesthetically pleasing dry fruit thali is unique and extraordinarily beautiful. This is also the easiest way to decorate the thali. Arrange the dry fruits on one side of the circular thali. Place sweets, rice and other pooja ingredients on the other section and your pooja thali are ready.

2. Pearls Thali

Pearls are one of a kind of gemstones that is an epitome of beauty and calmness. The Pearl Pooja Thali brings flamboyant and sophistication to the divine occasion and the delicate beauty of pearls along with zari work, rhinestones are a perfect way to decorate an aarti thali. For DIY pearls aarti thali, you will need around cardboard, mirror and a few gold and white pearls. First, stick the round mirror at the centre of the cardboard. Stick gold beads around the mirror. Stick 4 lines of white pearls around the gold beads followed by 2 lines of gold beads.

3. Floral Thali

No pooja in India is complete without flowers. So, decorating your pooja thali with flowers makes it more traditional and appealing. Marigolds and roses are associated with all Indian festivities and auspicious occasions. These flowers are easily available and you can quickly decorate your thali with yellow marigolds and roses in any pattern of your choice to make a colourful and beautiful thali.

4. Lace Thali

Take an acrylic or steel plate and cover it with lace. Decorate the circumference of the thali with rhinestones, Kundan and gold lace to make it more colourful and alluring.

5 Gifts for Brother on Bhai Dooj

1. Champagne Glass Set

Champagne is one of the top drinks of choice for various occasions. Be it New Year’s Eve, Wedding Reception, or Birthday Parties, this is one of the most enjoyed drink. The type of glass used to serve this drink is also very important. According to research the shape of the champagne glass influences the satisfaction the person gains while drinking. Whether you are serving simple cocktail champagne or the finest one, the shape of the glass plays an important role.

There are three types of glasses and Champagne Flutes is one of them. Flutes are tall and narrow glass that comes with the long or medium stem. This is one of the common choices for serving Champagne as it retains the bubbles at the bottom due to its narrow base. Moreover, the height of the glass makes it visually appealing to watch the bubbles gradually rise. These are best for special events and occasions. The Ocean Salsa Flute Champagne Glass available on Shopclues.com will be a perfect fit to suit your brother’s hip lifestyle. The cost of this sleek and exceptionally stylish set of 6 glasses is Rs. 1,521. This unique gift will come handy whenever there is an occasion to celebrate.

2. Exotic Herbal Tea Gift Box

Is your brother a big-time tea fan? Then surprise him with the Herbal Tea Gift Box from tdtworld.com. The gorgeous black gift box includes a combination of exotic herbal tea blends in small cute tins that preserves the magical aroma of these teas. The 4 small metal tins are packed with –

  • 1. Jilulongshan Mountain Green Tea (25 grams) – The tea is good for the immune system, stress relief and weight loss.

  • 2. Yunnan Black Tea (25 grams) – This is from the Yunnan region in China and the tea is excellent for weight loss, prevent tooth decay and reduce cholesterol. It has a honey and peppery aftertaste.

  • 3. Moroccan Mint Tea (25 grams) – This tea is a blend of Gingermint, Peppermint and Spearmint and has a refreshing and minty flavour.

  • 4. Tea Garden Tea Blend (25 grams) – This is again an exotic blend of Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Hibiscus and has a refreshing and citrusy aftertaste.

The finest and luxuriant tea blends are the best gifts for a tea aficionado. The price of this pack is Rs. 2,499.

3. Beard Care Kit

One thing that is common to all beards is that it needs regular washing, hydrating, conditioning, combing and styling to keep it in the best shape. Bearded men revel in maintaining it, so a Beard Care Gift would be an apt gift for your bearded brother this Bhai Dooj. This is something he will always need it and the gift will be well received. The Beard Grooming Set from Bombay Shaving Company contains all the styling and nourishing products required to care for the mane. The Package Includes –

  • 1. Cedarwood (30 ml) Beard Oil – This light formulation nourishes both hair and skin. It can be used at night or during the daytime.

  • 2. Wood-Scented Beard Shampoo and Conditioner (100 ml) – This is a perfect cleansing solution that will keep the beard hydrated and dirt-free.

  • 3. Wood-Scented Moustache Wax (50 g) and U- Shaped Comb – This is perfect to style the beard.

The beard products are formulated with the finest ingredients that will keep the facial hair feel, smell and look fabulous. This gift will make sure that your brother has the best products to keep his facial hair well-groomed and healthy. The price of this grooming set is Rs. 995.

4. Personalised Leather and Solid Brass Finish Telescope

Is your brother an astronomy buff and has a special interest in sky watching? Although basic sky watching can be done with the naked eye, some special gears are needed to have a good look at the celestial objects. The Solid Brass and Leather Finish Telescope available on igp.com would be a great gift for your Astro-buff brother this Bhai Dooj. This cute telescope measures 10in x 4in x 4.5in and is crafted in antique finish brass. The highlight of the product is that there is a personalisation option available. You need to upload the digital image of 300 dpi resolution by clicking on the personalize button on the site. This high-quality personalized telescope is packed in a beautiful Sheesham Wood Box. The price of the telescope is Rs. 775.

5. Adidas Dynamic Pulse for Men

Even with the infinite number of gift options available, these days perfumes are still the classic choice when it comes to gifting your loved ones. Soothing fragrance can positively change the mood and trigger the feelings of serenity and peace. Also, there is evidence that a good fragrance can enhance behaviour and work performance. It lifts spirits, enhances mood and brightens up the day. So, there are no second thoughts when it comes to gifting your brother the premium Adidas Dynamic Pulse By Adidas For Men. It has a fresh fragrance of cedar, mint and citrus and low tones of fragrant woods, tonka bean and sweet fruits. The product is available on cart2india.com and the price is Rs. 2,200.

Gifts to Give Your Sister on Bhai Dooj

1. Indoor Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is an artistic and beautiful gift, especially the indoor bonsai that adds an unexpected life to the interiors. If you are looking for an occasion to gift this unique gift to your sister then Bhai Dooj is just perfect. The bonsai trees are gifts that will never outgrow nor will it go out-of-date. This living and growing entity represent the eternal bond between you and your sister. So, choose this ecologically conscious gift for your sister this Bhai dooj. The Pachira Bonsai tree from floweraura.com comes with a Buddha Idol. The Pachira Plant is a ‘Good Luck Tree’ that is popular for ‘Feng Shui’ as it creates positive energy. It brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. The Bonsai is 7 inches tall. The price of this ornamental plant is Rs. 1,599.

2. Magnetic Self Stirring Automatic Coffee Mug

Self-Stirring Mugs are an excellent product that is designed to keep your coffee or tea warm for long without changing its taste. It is a great product for those who would not like to go to the kitchen counter now and then to warm their beverage. The Magnetic Self Stirring Automatic Coffee Mug available on shopaholics.com is crafted in stainless steel material. It is powered by 2 AAA battery and is available in various stunning colours. The price of the product is Rs. 1,445.

3. Tote Bag

Bags play an important role in our style statement. Be it any occasion, need or purpose, tote bags are one of the modern-day accessories that every woman loves to own. These efficient, durable and stylish bags are perfect for any occasion. They are both fashionable and functional. These are available in an array of material from canvas to leather, which compliments their stylish looks. One of the reasons for the popularity of these bags is because they are durable and long-lasting. Tote bags are versatile. It can be used as shopping bags, laptop bags, gym bags, work bags, baby bags, beach bags, and office bags. Gift your sister the Cracked-Effect Tote Bag that is large enough to hold all her stuff without compromising on the style. This black tote bag has pleats, decorative side knots and cracked effect on the exterior. The price of this stylish bag is Rs. 1,890.

4. Floral Electric Kettle

A cup of tea or coffee is all you need when life gets demanding. However, sometimes you may not be in the mood to turn on the stove to boil water to make your hot beverage. So, in such cases, an electric kettle comes handy. Unlike traditional kettles, an electric kettle will make use of a resistor to heat. The temperature is controlled through the built-in thermostat.

Give your sister the luxurious experience of sipping her favourite beverage any time of the day by gifting her the stylish Morphy Richards Ceramica 1- Litre Electric Kettle. This kettle would be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen space thanks to its floral design. The ceramic body kettle has features like dry boil protection, auto cut-off, 1680 watts power and 230 volts. It comes with 2 years warranty. Show your sister how much she means to you with this unique gift.

5. Gold Earrings

There is a special bond between brothers and sisters. So, the gift you buy your sister should also be as special and unique as this bond, right? Gifting something that nurtures relationships would be apt. Surprise your sister this Bhai Dooj with a beautiful pair of gold earrings. When you gift a jewellery piece, it should look good and also be a symbol of your relationship. Floral designs are a sign of happiness. Gifting the Fiona Gold Earrings from Candere is like telling her that she brings joyfulness to your life. The petite pair of earrings is a perfect piece to wear every day. It has a matte finish and hence apt for office wear too. The price of the earrings is Rs. 15,863.

Easy Dessert Recipes to Prepare For Bhai Dooj

You will find plenty of options in your local sweet stores, but if you want to make Bhai dooj more special then preparing sweets at home would be so much fun. Here are a few simple dessert recipes that are not time-consuming and easy to make.

  • Kaju-Pista Roll – This healthy and traditional recipe is so easy that you would wonder why you did not think of making it before. All you need to do is just grind pista and Kaju separately. Cook the ground powder with sugar separately. Layer them in sheets one over the other and roll it.

  • Dry Fruit Shrikhand – Mix saffron, milk, hung curd, sugar, green cardamom and chopped dry fruits and the delicious dry fruit shrikhand is ready.

  • Badam Ki Phirni – This is a creamy and delectable dessert that is made by blending milk, rice and almonds with a dash of cardamom and Gulab Jal to add that magical touch.

  • Gulab Kheer – This exotic dessert is a traditional sweet dish made by cooking together condensed milk, basmati rice, full cream milk, sugar and dry rose petals. Your brother is sure to love this unique dessert.
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As you grow older you realize that no matter how many fights you have had with your brother, he will always be there to stand by your side, cheer you up in your sorrows and be your superhero during the tough times. Right? So, on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, don’t miss the opportunity to thank your brother for always being with you. The bond of love, care, and affection that you share with your brother cannot be expressed in words. Right? But you can surely present him meaningful Bhai Dooj gift to make him feel special. If you'd like to find the perfect Bhai Dooj present for your brother or sister this year, one that will them absolutely elated, take your pick from our lists of gift ideas! Whether it's a younger sibling or an elder one, we're sure we can help you get just the gift that will make them smile.