Get Creative with Your Bhai Dooj Rangoli This Year: 10 Designs to Inspire You and Set the Stage for This Special Festival (2020)

Get Creative with Your Bhai Dooj Rangoli This Year: 10 Designs to Inspire You and Set the Stage for This Special Festival (2020)

It's high time. All the gifts and materialistic things are available in the market in just one click. But can a money bought thing compare with effort? Surely it won't. So this Bhai Dooj, it's time to show your love to your brother/sister by making some efforts like making a rangoli or some handmade gifts. It doesn't really matter if you are good or bad at this because BP-Guide has tips and easy ideas for you to make this happen even if you are not good at this. Let celebrate the fest in a better way together.

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Bhai Dooj Rangoli for a Sacred Brother-Sister Celebration

A brother-sister relationship is always special. An emotional roller coaster of fights, tears, screams, and laughter and bonding of love built on trust and togetherness. Bollywood songs have paid tribute to the Bhai- Behen Jodi with a number of heart touching songs like the yesteryears Bachchan hit ‘Dekh Sakta Hoon Main’ and there are also special occasions dedicated to this bond. Bhai Dooj is one of those celebrations of the evergreen brother-sister story.

Story of Bhai Dooj and The Celebration

Bhai Dooj has an interesting story to tell.

Once, Yamraj, the Hindu God of Death visited his sister Yami. She welcomed him warmly with an aarti, tilak, garland of flowers, and his favourite sweets. Yamraj blessed her and named the day as Yama Dwitiya. It falls on the Shukla paksha Dwitiya of Kartika month which is on the second day of Diwali. On this day the sisters pray for the long life and success of their brothers.

Bhai Dooj is also linked to another story where Lord Krishna after killing Narkasur paid a visit to his sister Subhadra. She welcomed him with aarti, tilak, flowers, and sweets.

There is a third story revolving around Bhagwan Mahavir. After the nirvana of Bhagwan Mahavir, his brother Nandivardan was depressed and lonely. During this time he found solace in sister Sudarshana. Bhai Dooj is celebrated as a salute for the caring sisters.

How is Bhai Dooj celebrated?

Bhai Dooj celebration has a set of rituals to be followed and involves a happy family get together. The celebration is a simple one where the sister applies sindoor and rice on the brother’s hand and also places betel nuts, kaddu, betel leaves, and coins in their palms. She then pours water on the brother's palm reciting sacred mantra and ties kalawa on his hand. After that, she puts a tilak on his forehead and offers him his favourite sweets. The brother gives her gifts and they take the blessings of the elders. The brother promises to protect the sister always and the sister prays for the long life and prosperity of the brother.

There are slight variations in the custom in different regions. In Nepal tilaks of seven colours while in Bengal the tilak is made of kajal and sandalwood paste. In some places, the lamp is placed facing south in the thali. And what do women without brothers do? In Haryana and Maharashtra, they worship the moon instead. If the brother lives far away and cannot visit the sister, she sends her prayers and wishes through the moon. Sweets are prepared in plenty for the occasion and vary with the region. Maharashtra welcomes Bhai Dooj with basundi poori and West Bengal with Khaja.

Bhai Dooj Thali and Rangoli Design

The pooja thali is decorated with wonderful rangoli designs. You can also buy thalis that come with pre-decorated rangoli. Choose a medium-size thali so that everything can be placed without crowding. The thali is beautifully decorated by the sister and roli, rice, aipun, and coconut are placed in it. Coloured grains, flowers, buds, beads, and sequins also find a place in the thali adding to its beauty.

Find the Perfect Rangoli for Bhai Dooj

Everyone has a different talent. Some know how to make others smile, some know-how to make rangoli and gifts. But of course, every brother and sister want to gift something to each other. Buying something from the market is a different thing but doing something for other people, making some effort will surely be loved by others. This time BP-Guide is coming with some tips for both easy rangoli making and DIY gifts. Try these and make your brother/sister feel loveable.

Be Creative with The Items

Try DIY gifts that will stand out for their creativity. It makes an impact of care and love as well. You can introduce your mix of fun and memories into these gifts adding your brother's favourite colours or tastes.

Gift Cards with An Emotional Message

Use gift cards along with the gifts. Select some message that talks about something special about your relationship.

Sweets, Flowers All are Great in The Thali

Put some sweets and flowers in the thali and make it attractive. It makes a perfect gift for Bhai Dooj.

10 Great Ideas for Bhai Dooj Rangoli Designs and Gifts

We have put together designs for you to decorate and get appreciated by your brother and DIY gifts that are great to display your love.

Before you start on the rangoli design, read the required items common for all the designs and keep them handy.

Things required for drawing a beautiful rangoli

  • Colours of your choice. Try to stick to natural colours by using rice flour, turmeric powder, and chilli powder. Chalk or chalk powder can be used for drawing outline.
  • Flowers of different colours.
  • Diyas to decorate the sides.
  • You can use paper cones to fill the colours inside the rangoli. Always fill the rangoli completely without leaving any open spaces.

A Simple Rangoli Design

Try this simple design with beautiful green leaves and bright purple and red flowers.It is quick and easy with the green giving the message of prosperity. Before you start to, keep a fine-toothed comb handy to trace the wave patterns.

How to make the rangoli

  • Draw a rectangle on the floor to form the outline of the rangoli. The outline should be of the size you want the rangoli to be.
  • Sprinkle the violet colour inside the rectangle. Put the powder inside a medium filter and sprinkle it through the filter. This will give a sprayed appearance. Leave space in the centre and in between.
  • Sprinkle the green powder in the vacant space.
  • Take a fine-toothed comb and make wave patterns on the powder and cover the rectangle completely.
  • Place a wide circle of orange colour on one edge and draw a white circle just inside it.
  • Next to it place a wide circle of purple colour and draw a white floral design inside.
  • Repeat this by alternating between orange and purple circles.
  • Draw stems of green leaves between the flowers in such a way that it covers the rangoli in a wave-like manner.
  • Leave some orange flowers on the top without leaves.

Rangoli Designs with Dots

This rangoli design is drawn by joining dots. The pattern is a bit difficult and it might take a little bit of practice to get the design right.

How to make the rangoli

  • Draw dots on the floor with blue powder or any colour of your choice.
  • Connect the dots to form the design shown here.
  • Fill the spaces creatively with colours you like.
  • Place the diyas on the corners or centre to enhance the look.

75 + Simple Rangoli Designs

This rangoli design is drawn by joining dots. The pattern is a bit difficult and it might take a little bit of practice to get the design right. It is shaped like an octagon and stands out from the usual square and round designs. The whole design centres around flowers making it attractive.

How to make the rangoli

  • Draw dots on the floor with blue powder or any colour of your choice.
  • Connect the dots to form the design shown here. The dots are joined to form attractive flowers and buds.
  • Fill the spaces creatively with colours you like.
  • Place the diyas on the corners or centre to enhance the look.

Easy Rangoli Designs for Beginners

Is this the first time you are trying to do a rangoli. Do not be nervous. We have a few simple designs for you. These patterns are extremely simple and are meant to help beginners. Let's try the basic star pattern here drawn of two triangles and dots.

How to make the rangoli

  • Trace the outline on the floor. These are simple outlines and can be finished fast. But since you are just starting, it is recommended that you practice drawing it on paper or board first.
  • Draw the triangles one inverted on the other to form a star.
  • Fill the space with simple colours and flowers. The choice and creativity is left to you.
  • Put colourful dots as you please on the rangoli.

An Amazing and Fast Design

This is perfect for a beginner for it is amazingly fast and simple to draw, while you get a beautiful design that looks complicated.

How to make the rangoli

  • Draw 3x3 dots on the floor using white powder.
  • Connect the center dots on the edges to form a square.
  • Now draw four petals circling the outer dots.
  • Inside each petal, draw a twirl going through the dot.
  • Draw small petals and ovals in the space between each of the large petals.
  • Decorate the inside of the square by drawing semicircle along the sides. Put a few straight lines inside each semi circle.
  • You can fill colours or flowers of your choice inside the design.

Rangoli Design with Flower Pattern

This rangoli design uses both flowers and colours and It takes a bit of practice to draw this one.

Before you begin, apart from the colours keep a wooden plank, a rectangular lid cover, and a wide-toothed comb handy. You also need three medium-sized plastic rings for drawing the outside circles.

How to make the rangoli

  • Keep the rectangular board in the centre and draw straight lines outside the board to form 2 parallel house shapes.
  • Draw lines inside to divide this shape into equal rectangles.
  • Now, sprinkle white colour powder inside each alternate rectangle.
  • Sprinkle the yellow colour powder in the remaining rectangles.
  • Using the wide-toothed comb, make wave patterns on the white and yellow powders.
  • Now remove the board because the outside design is ready.
  • Place five orange dots in the inner edge on both sides. Next, place five red dots, followed by purple dots, green dots, and pink dots. You can also use colours that you like for variety.
  • Now keep the rings on the top of the design to form a concentric shape. Sprinkle white powder along the inside of the rings.
  • Sprinkle green powder inside the overlapping space to make beautiful leaves. Draw a yellow line inside the leaves.
  • Put orange dots along one circle and blue dots along the other circles.
  • Fill the spaces in the circle with orange and green powders and draw connecting lines from the outside edge to the inside. Put white dots and colourful designs also as per your choice.
  • Place the bangles on the other edges and place dots of any colour inside. Draw lines from the outside to the centre.
  • Pace two green bangles on each side of the flowers and put three green dots inside. Remove the bangles and connect the dots. Repeat for the other flower as well.
  • Add more decorations as you wish a and place the diyas on the edges.

A Creative Rangoli Designs

These rangoli designs are highly creative and look complicated. The details that go into each design makes it awesome. These designs are meant only for experts. Most of these designs follow a circular pattern with floral designs and decorations along the outer circles.

How to make the rangoli

  • Draw the design on the floor. Ideally, draw the circles first and then draw the floral patterns inside. Take time to get it right.
  • Decorate with your favourite colours, flowers, and diyas to make it look creative and beautiful.

Bonus: Cute DIY Gifting Ideas For Your Brother

The best thing to do on Bhai Dooj is to spend the time with your brother. Have fun, reminisce, and bond together and then give him a sweet gift that he'll cherish

DIY Pen Holder with Keyboard Keys


Give your brother a gift that you have made out of the things lying at home. Your thoughtfulness and effort will definitely be appreciated. A DIY gift always stands out than a store-bought one for the care that went into it.

How to make the pen holder

  • Take an old keyboard and pull out all the keys.
  • list element

Your brother will love the look of gadget this pen holder gives.

DIY guy's bracelet

You can make a beautiful bracelet for your brother in as less than 10 minutes. This bracelet is a perfect gift that your brother will love wearing always.

Things required

  • Thick black chord
  • Metal rings
  • Bolts
  • Cello tape and nail polish (optional)

How to make the stunning bracelet

  • Measure the chord to three times the length of your wrist. Paste it on the table.
  • Take another long chord and keep it below the first one and tie a knot.
  • Repeat and make a few more knots.
  • Now put a bolt through the thread and make a few knots.
  • Next place the ring and make a few more knots. Repeat all the steps till you get a desired length.
  • Put nail polish on the last knot to keep it in place. Once it has dried cut the extra long edges.
  • Take another thread and place it along the additional part of the bracelet that is not knotted and make a few knots.
  • Tighten it to make a circular shape.

DIY Men's Keychain

Here is a great idea to make a keychain at home and impress your brother.

Things required

  • Carabiner
  • Blue and beige silk threads
  • Glue

How to make the keychain

  • Apply glue on the carabiner and attach the blue thread followed by the beige thread.
  • Loop the threads around the carabiner completely except the clamp and cut off the excess.
  • Use glue while looping as required.
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We all are well aware of the relationship between brother and sister. All these efforts that a brother or sister make for another person, is not because of any festival. It is because they want to see happiness on another's face. So using these BP-Guide methods, show them your immense love through your effort. It will mix more and more happiness and sweetness in relation.