Make Your House Navratri Ready with These Simple and Classic Flower Decoration Ideas

Make Your House Navratri Ready with These Simple and Classic Flower Decoration Ideas

The exuberance of Navratri is nearly incomparable. The immense use of colours in everything about this auspicious festival is the perfect inspiration to pick the right home decor. Take deep maroon, orange, and yellow for creative rangoli ideas. You can use these colours flowers to complement your beige idol. So, we present you the best drapes decorations for your home that will attract guests. Here we go!

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Before You Start the Decorations, Here are Some Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Navratri

Eco Friendly Rangoli for Decoration

Before you start your Navratri flower decoration in your home, you should also know about the fact that how you can celebrate a more eco-friendly Navratri this time. For this, you can start by replacing toxic colors of rangoli with flowers and flower petals. This is such an interesting idea plus your house will smell amazing too. Once you are done with the decorations, you can use these flower petals to make compost easily.

Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

If you think incense stick are all wonderful to spread that amazing fragrance then you are totally wrong about it. In fact, incense sticks are also responsible for spreading pollutants in the environment. You can rather use a hand-rolled incense stick as they have a natural fragrance which causes less pollution in the air and also spreads great fragrance too.

Clay Idol for Immersion

This applies to all sorts of festivals in India where you need to establish an idol for the Puja. You should definitely stick to clay idols as they are easy to immerse and also causes little to no water pollution. Make sure to keep things as raw and natural as possible like an idol without toxic colours would be much better than the one with all those colours. You can make a big difference through these little things.

Use Natural Source of Lighting

When it comes to Navratri Pooja decoration, people use all sorts of lighting source possible to make things over the top and to be true, it doesn’t even look that good. You can try and stick to the natural source of lighting like candles, diyas, lanterns etc. They consume no electricity and gives a very warm touch to everything too.

Say No to Plastic

This is the biggest step you can take to celebrate eco-friendly Navratri. Try to eliminate the use of plastic from the celebration. For example, use steel glasses instead of plastic cups, avoid polythene bags, do not use plastic decoration items too. You must not forget that even a single person makes a huge difference.

Navratri Flower Decoration Ideas

Idol Decoration with Flowers

Navratri flower decoration should always start from the idol first and then should expand to the whole hall or compound. You can always use fresh flowers to decorate the idol beautifully. However, the only thing you need to take care of is that flowers must be changes on every day basis as you must not use dull flowers for the decoration.

You can either match up with the colour of the statue or simply use bright coloured flowers for the decoration. Solid colours always garner the most attention and for Navratri, all the attention should be on the idol of Maa. You can also use artificial flowers if you can’t change the flowers on a daily basis.

Flower Rangoli

Through our precious Onam section, you must have got to know about Pookalam and how they are made using flowers and petals only. You can follow the same tradition here and you can use flowers instead of toxic colours to create various designs of Rangoli on the floor.

The ideal places to create the flower rangolis would be at the entrance or in front of the idol. Talking about the designs, then you can find thousands of them on the internet or you can simply create something with your imagination. The bottom line is to incorporate flowers into every form of decoration possible to keep everything fresh and fragrant.

Flower Garlands to Wrap Around Pillars

Instead of buying flower garland from the market, try to make one at home itself. It is so simple and all you need is a good quality thread and a big needle. Simply make a knot on one end of the thread and use the needle on another end. Keep on inserting flowers through the needles to create a garland and there you go.

You can use these garlands to decorate the pillars in the hall or the doors itself. Apart from the marigold flower garland, you can also use mango leaves toran to decorate the main door. When you are done with the celebrations, you can use these flowers and leaves to make compost which would be the best thing to do and you can do your bit for the environment too.

Flower Strings Behind the Idol for Wonderful Backdrop

If you are planning to do flower decoration for Navratri then you need to pay special attention to the idol. You just can’t afford to miss out on it and decorate everything else heavily. Decorating just the idol is not enough and you need to focus on its surroundings too.

For example, you can use flower garlands to set the backdrop of the idol. Simply hang the marigold flower garlands behind the idol to create a stunning backdrop. This method is easy and quick to do and you can also find marigold flowers easily in the market as well.

Flower Decorations at Gate


The main entrance of your home or hall or the area where the Navratri celebrations are being held is probably the most important area out of all. The main entrance is something which can be decorated beautifully to leave a lasting impression on every guest attending the celebrations. For these flowers are the best thing to go for.

For this, you should better choose such flowers which smell really good to impress the guests. Make torans out of these flowers to hang across the gate. You can also use flower petals to create a pathway from the gate till the idol.

Flowers and Diyas


To be true, we truly believe that flowers and diyas are probably the best combinations when it comes to decorating a certain place. And of course, there are a thousand ways in which you can use these two things for the Navratri celebration.

You can create rangolis out of flowers and then decorate them through the diyas. The other idea is to fill big containers with water and then put flowers in them along with floating diyas to create mesmerizing decoration aesthetics. You can also use big brass and copper diyas along with flowers to bring a unique vibe into the whole celebration.

Flower Toran


The next Navratri flower decoration idea is to make flowers torans with the help of multicoloured flowers. And if you think you can use these torans only on the entrance or decorate gates only then you are totally wrong about it. You can use these torans literally anywhere you want and all you need is a little inspiration for it.

There are various designs available on the internet for making flower torans. You can decorate the entire Pandal out of just torans as they look so beautiful and give out very natural and raw vibes to the whole environment. You can also include little bells along with the torans too.

Other Decoration Ideas to Consider

Use Earthern Pots


Apart from the flower-based Navratri decoration ideas provided above, you can use some other ideas too which are also quite natural. Earthen Pots or Kalash can be used to decorate the entire Puja place and it can create a theme also. You can find various pre-decorate Kalash online or you can decorate something on your own too.

Place these earthen pots strategically in the entire premise to decorate the area. You can also fill them with flowers to mix the two elements perfectly. Apart from flowers, you can also place a diya inside the Kalash and make some holes so the light can come out. It can create such beautiful decorum for visitors.

Fairy and Other Colorful Lights


When you are decorating a larger area for the Puja, then using only natural source of light won’t work at all. In such condition, you can go for fairy lights which are our absolute favourite. And the best thing about them is that you can easily buy them online in various shapes and colours too.

Apart from the fairy lights, you can use the lights of some other colours and styles to decorate the entire Pandal. But make sure that you do not overdo anything as it is going to attract too many insects around them. Also, try to neutralize the effect of these fairy lights by lighting some candles and diyas too.

Tall Brass Oil Lamps


Brass Vilakkus or tall brass oil lamps can be used for the decorations too. You can find multi-levelled brass lamps in the market which are so amazing for the festive decorations. Make sure to place one near the idol as the maximum light must be placed out there.

Also, place these lamps on the main entrance near the gates and lighten up them well. You can also create their periphery by placing some flower petals around them. All you need is some mix and match ideas to bring out the best of both worlds by flower and lighting. Make sure to use sturdy brass lamps as they can fall off easily.

Antique Figurines


Apart from using various Navratri flower decoration ideas, you can use various other elements to decorate the premises especially when it is your home. Antique figurines are another addition to this list which can be used for decoration purpose.

You can use various small and large figurines or Maa in her various forms to decorate the entire area. You can find various brass, copper, silver, oxidized idols online or in the local shops too. You are more likely to find the most amazing stuff in local thrift market. So, make sure that you keep an eye on such things as you won’t have to spend too much on them.

Chandeliers and Burlap Lanterns

And our final idea is to use various types of Chandeliers and Burlap Lanterns to decorate the Puja area. Don’t worry as we aren’t talking about those fancy and very expensive chandeliers. You can stick to paper chandeliers and can create some of your own too.

Apart from it, Burlap lanterns are wonderful idea to bring light and life to the whole Puja and Navratri Celebrations. You can also use mason jars to light them up, paper qandeels, various decorative lamps and other stuff to decorate your home with them. Creating something on your own always brings tremendous joy no matter how small or big it is.

Some Online Items to Buy for the Decoration


If you are done with trying all sorts of Navratri flower decoration and still looking for more versatility, then you can buy these decorative items online. These would work amazingly in case you are doing everything on last moment. And of course, they are quite affordable too.

Multicolour Floating Diyas (Pack of 12)


You always have the option to light up earthen diyas as they look more natural and raw. But unfortunately, because of being quite heavy, they cannot float. So, you can try this multicolour diyas which are very light and can float on water too. They are completely reusable and also saves oil too. The long-lasting flame would spread the colourful lighting of the Diya. You can buy a pack of 12 diyas on Amazon for Rs. 175.

Fairy Lights

If for some reasons you couldn’t arrange diyas and candles for lightings then you can always rely on fairy lights to turn everything magical around you. Such kind of Navratri decoration items are a big hit especially amongst young people who want proper aesthetics for their Puja. This 30 feet long LED string is available for purchase on Snapdeal for Rs. 199.

Artificial Flower Garlands (Pack of 5)


Talking about reusable items, these artificial flower garland decorations are perfect for all sorts of festive occasions. You get 5 of such fake marigold flower garlands in this pack which can be used for decorating pillars or doors in your home. They can cover a length of 58 inches in total. You can buy this on Amazon for Rs. 249.

Festive Craft Item (Pack of 6)

One of the most unique decorative items that we came across was these small kneels. You can simply hang them around the doors and windows or through the ceiling. Available in multi colours, these items look unique and very attractive too. You get 6 of such decorative items in this pack here. You can buy it on Flipkart for Rs. 129.

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