Consider Gifting Cash this Festive Season and Delight Your Family and Friends. Check out These Beautiful Gift Envelope Ideas That will Make Your Cash Gift Memorable in 2020

Consider Gifting Cash this Festive Season and Delight Your Family and Friends. Check out These Beautiful Gift Envelope Ideas That will Make Your Cash Gift Memorable in 2020

Gifting cash has always been a popular gifting option. It not only allows you to save time which you would have otherwise wasted in shopping for that perfect yet elusive gift in the shopping malls or online, but it also enables the recipient to buy something of his choice in which he perceives more value and utility. Cash can be gifted in beautiful gift envelopes which will make your gift even more memorable. Check out these exquisite gift envelopes for cash which we have selected exclusively for you.

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Reasons for Giving Cash as Gift

Everyone loves to get gifts. There are a million things which you can gift your loved once and cash is one of them. Some people feel that giving cash as gifts shows the lack of effort they put in buying a gift for someone, but on the other hand a lot of people feel that cash makes for a good gift. It gives an opportunity for the person to buy something that they like with the cash gift they received. There are many other reasons why you should give cash as a gift, such as:

  • People usually say no to a cash gift once or twice but then accept it happily. It gives them the extra cash to buy that one thing they have been planning but couldn't due to lack of budget. Money is also a good way to show people that you care for them and want them to buy something special for themselves.

  • It is a great time saver. Buying and wrapping gifts take up a lot of time and effort whereas giving cash saves your time. If you have a large family you will have to put in a lot of time to buy gifts for all the kids but giving them cash is a lot easier and they will be happy as well and rush to the store to buy their favourite things.

  • Giving cash can be boring but you can always turn it into a creative ordeal. There are a number of ways you can give a cash gifts. You can make DIY gift boxes or envelopes to put in the cash. You can make personalised notes to each member of the family and hand the cash with it to make them feel special.

  • Most of the times gifts end up sitting in the corner and never get used, or at times are even passed along. If you give cash you know it will be used and the person will thank you for it. Also if you are a grand dad then you might not be able to figure out what to give to the younger generation, therefore giving cash is a better idea. They can buy what they like or need according to their taste.

Gift Envelopes

Pink Vintage Floral Gift Envelopes in Ivory

Gifting cash can be confusing. Some of you may not know how to present it but if you put in your cash gift in a beautiful envelope and gift it, it would make the receiver feel special. There are many different types of envelopes available in the market. One of them is the Pink Vintage Floral Gift Envelope in Ivory. This beautiful envelope is made in a combination of ivory and pink. It has vintage flowers printed on both sides. The envelope is made with Renoir Plus Signature paper with a golden back flap to cover it. You can get your name printed on it or simply have a great quote or wishes printed on them before handing your cash gift. It has a self-sealing tape in the inside of the flap which makes it easy to seal it and keep the money safe. You can buy this beautiful envelope for ₹ 32.00 from Lotus Card Studio. The envelope is 17.9 cm x 8.8 cm in size and can hold any currency in it perfectly without damaging it.

Divyana Classy Elegant Paper Envelope

If you are planning to give a cash gift this season and are looking for a uniquely designed envelope then you should buy the Divyana Classy Envelope from Flipkart for ₹ 310.00. It comes in a pack of 25 envelopes. They are lovely and look beautiful with maroon, gold and silver colours. An elegant golden print is embossed on the envelope which makes it stand out. Your friends and loved ones will love to receive your wishes tucked inside these gorgeous envelopes.

Money Envelope Blue

This beautiful blue envelope is a must-buy this holiday season. You can put your cash gift in it and give it to your nieces and nephews. They will thank you for the gift and appreciate your choice of an envelope as well. It is made from an Italian mill made paper and looks beautiful. The elegant design will blow the minds of the kids in the family and you might find them using the envelope in their next craft project as well. You can buy this envelope for ₹ 250.00 from Anand Prakash. The dimensions of the envelope are 18.6 cm x 8.4 cm.

Ikat Money Envelope

If you like traditional designs then you will be happy to find the Ikat Money Envelope for ₹ 180.00 on Fab India. These envelopes are made with handmade Jaipuri paper and have the traditional Ikat print on them. It makes the envelope unique. The size of the envelope is 18 cm x 9 cm. You can fit any amount of cash in it comfortably. Your family members will love the cash gift handed to them in these beautifully designed envelopes.

Parvenu Shagun Wooden Leaf Sarton Money Envelopes

Have you ever seen an envelope that looks like a piece of art? If not, then you should take a look at this Wooden Leaf Sarton Money Envelope from Parvenu. These are beautiful envelopes with wooden leaves carved on them. You can use these envelopes in handing out cash gifts in a wedding or to someone very close to you. The receiver will love the gift and will surely keep this envelope with them for a long time as a fond memory of you. You can buy this gorgeous envelope for ₹ 499.00. They come in a set of 5 envelopes and are available on Snapdeal.

Sharda Creations Handmade Envelopes


Another set of beautiful envelopes is the Handmade Envelopes from Sharda Creations. They come in a set of 10 multi-colour designer gift envelopes. They are made with high-quality handmade paper and are quite durable. They are made perfectly with a great finish which makes them unique. You can tuck in your cash or a gift cheque and hand it to your sister at a wedding. Buy a pack of 10 of these envelopes for ₹ 310.00 from Amazon.

Gift Envelopes

Planning to give cash gift (Eidi) this festival season, then you should buy these gift envelopes for ₹ 14.00 from India Mart. These envelopes are made from high-quality handmade paper. They are screen printed and have an excellent finish. You can buy them in a pack of 4 or even a single one. The size of the envelope is 19 cm x 8.5 cm.

Kriwin Envelopes


The Kirwin envelopes are a wonder to see. They are one of a kind. They are made with high-quality paper and are designed as a fan (pankha) style which makes them out of this world. You won't find too many people using them, therefore your gift automatically becomes special when given in this envelope. The envelope is turquoise in colour and has beautiful peacock motifs on it. Peacocks themselves are known as auspicious creatures. Your family members will thank you for your gift and will be impressed by your choice of the envelope as well. You can buy them in a pack of 10 for ₹ 259.00 from Amazon.

DIY Gift Envelope

There is nothing better than to make something special for your loved ones. You can make a lot of different gifts but if you are planning to give cash gifts this season or to a friend for her wedding then you can make a gift envelope by yourself and make it even more memorable.


  • Scrapbook paper
  • Circle tracers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon (optional)

  • Instructions:

  • Take a scrapbook paper and trace a circle with the help of a pencil. You can use a circular object to make a perfect circle.
  • You need to cut 4 similar circles.
  • Now, fold the circles in half and fit them together, don't use glue to fix them. They should fit together so that they look like a box.
  • Trace the overlapping part of the circles for the four pieces.
  • Now, take some glue and put it on the overlapped traced pieces. Now, you can put them together and press them hard to fix them in their place.
  • Close it up like a box. You can also add a ribbon if you want to add another level to it.

Your DIY envelope is ready, put in your cash or a gift cheque in it and present it to your friend. She will love the effort you put in for her special gift.

DIY Envelope in a Jiffy

Another great and easy DIY envelope can be made using the steps given below. Try it and watch your mother smile with joy and pride. If you are planning to give a card with your cash gift you can make this beautiful envelope along with it.

  • Take a sheet of paper which is wider than your card. You can use a plain paper of any colour or simply use a scrapbook or wrapping paper.
  • Take the card and put it at the bottom centre of the sheet of paper.
  • Fold the insides of the paper; make sure they cover the edges of the card.
  • Fold the two top corners so that they reach the edge of the folded side. You don't need to have it touch the ends of it, the folded part should just reach to the edges.
  • Now, fold down the top flaps and close them.
  • Take glue or a sticker to hold the flap in its place and it’s done.

Etiquette of Giving and Receiving Cash Gift

Gifting cash is easy and widely appreciated but there are a few things we need to keep in mind while receiving or handing out cash gifts to our loved ones. There are a few etiquettes that should be followed while receiving or giving cash gifts:

  • The first thing to know is to whom a cash gift can be given. Although cash gifts can be given to anyone, it is not a good idea to give cash to your spouse or a close family member. If you want to give cash to a close family member you can give it to them on special occasions like weddings or graduations. It is always better to give a memorable gift to your spouse rather than handing out cash.

  • Another thing to know is how much cash should be given. Make sure you give the amount you can afford. Don't overdo it while giving cash gifts. If you are going to a lavish wedding you might feel pressured into giving a huge amount which is not a good idea. Always give the amount which you can afford easily.

  • If you are the receiver of a cash gift then you should never ask for a cash gift. It is not appropriate to ask for a cash gift unless it is from your parents or siblings. If you ask for a cash gift from friends or relatives they might consider you a greedy person, they also might feel pressured into giving cash.

  • Always show your appreciation after getting a cash gift. Thank the giver generously for the gift, you can also send a thank you note later on after the party. Remember to give equal appreciation to the people who give cash regardless of the amount.

  • If you receive a large amount as a cash gift then you should always thank the person personally and let them know how you used the money, it could be for your tuition fees, or for a down payment on the car you always wanted.

  • Make sure you never discuss the cash gifts with your relatives or friends. It should be confidential unless the giver wants you to share it with other people.

  • It is normal to protest or say no to cash gifts but do it once or twice politely. If the giver insists, you should accept it humbly and you can always buy a return or a thank you gift for them to show your appreciation for the gift.

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Make Your Cash Gift Stand Out in the Crowd

Once you have decided to give a cash gift, you should select a unique and beautifully designed gift envelope for it. This will make your cash gift stand out from the rest. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which gift envelope for cash is the best suited for you. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.