For the Gamer Looking for  the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under 5000, These are the Most Affordable Gaming Mouse, Laden with Features to Have the Gamer Ecstatic.

For the Gamer Looking for the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under 5000, These are the Most Affordable Gaming Mouse, Laden with Features to Have the Gamer Ecstatic.

Feel the shellshock after gaming with a real gaming mouse. The gaming mouse featured herein are under 5000 and these are the best gaming mouse. They come with extra features such as programmable buttons for the gamer to customise the mouse and have the desired gaming experience. With performance and durability considered, here are the best gaming mouse under 5000.

Why You Should Use a Gaming Mouse Instead of Regular Ones

Superb Comfort and Ergonomic

The gaming mouse is super comfortable and convenient for the players as they have a contoured shape that can fit and glide in the palm of your hand giving you a smoother movement thereby preventing wrist pain. Furthermore, they have side buttons that provide more convenience and additional support during the game. The gaming mouse is created in a way that they have a good balance of smoothness along with rubber gripping in strategic areas which allow the player to perform like a professional.

Better Performance and Durability

One of the major benefits of a gaming mouse is that they provide better performance levels than the normal mouse. This is so, because, they have been specifically designed for this purpose and are built with more advanced technology. Gaming mice are particularly created to last for longer periods of use. They are made by using the finest quality materials for improved performance. This is the reason they are considered highly durable. You are suggested to opt for a gaming mouse that performs at a high level for a long time.

Best Gaming Mouse under 5000 Available in India

Zupero MFTEK Gaming Wired Mouse For PC and Laptops

This gaming mouse is made for professional players with high-quality in-built technology, ideal for pc and laptop games. It is made by using 4 LED light colors that can be changed randomly and incorporated 800-dpi blue, 1200-dpi purple, 1600-dpi red, 2000-dpi rose for better performance. Moreover, it has lightspeed, proper accuracy, and pro-grade performance to step up the game. Additionally, it has 6 keys to support macro setting efficiency for quick response in just milliseconds and 7 buttons on the sides for supportive purposes.

In addition to all that, they have an ergonomic design, sweat-free texture, and anti-slip surface so that the user does not get interrupted during the game. Furthermore, it has a strong grip and a medium-size that can easily fit in the palm. You can buy this mouse from Flipkart for only INR 1,199.

Zebronics ZEB-TRANSFORMER-M Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

In case you are looking for a pro gaming mouse, this Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Mouse is a smart pick. It is an Optical USB Gaming Mouse with 7 colors LED effect that you can change randomly. The optical sensor falls between a range of 1000 to 3200 DPI. This high-precision sensor helps the gamer to give a quick response to the movements of the opposing players. Moreover, it has 40 g acceleration, 400 IPS, and Gold plated USB with a strong 1.8m braided cable that ensures durability.

Additionally, it has a compact and ergonomic design convenient for both the professional as well as initial players. Furthermore, it has 6 buttons and high-quality USB connectors. The buttons have a 2.5 million cycles life of mouse and are dedicated to DPI, forward, and backward movements. This particular product also provides a warranty of about 1 Year from the date of purchase to the buyer. You can buy this amazing gaming mouse from Flipkart for only INR 549.

AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse Wired with 6 Adjustable DPI Levels

This AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse Wired with 6 Adjustable DPI Levels has a stylish mouse appearance. This mouse provides a high-performance with its 5000 DPI optical sensor that helps the player to counter back the movements of the opponents very quickly. Also, the polling rates of this mouse toggles between 1000 Hz, and the acceleration is almost 20 G without any interpolation. It has strong and sensitive in-built sensors, customized settings, and RGB effects. The RGB effects help you to change the LED colour of the mouse and can also be turned off manually.

Furthermore, it is very lightweight and never fails to maintain its ultra-durable strength. Moreover, the mouse is ultra-flexible and super lightweight to aid you during the game. In addition to all, it has integrated control software that provides full customization control to the gamer. You can buy this professional gaming mouse from the Desert Cart for only INR 2,909.

HP M100 Wired Mouse

HP is a well-known brand, known for its easy and robust accessories. With this gaming mouse, the player can easily record helpful scripts for their games. With this gaming mouse, you will have complete control over your game along with maximum optimization. It has a lot of the advanced features needed for excellent customization and much more. For instance, this particular mouse has a DPI setting with a range of 1,000 and 1,600 DPI for added precision when targeting, improved maneuverability, and best speed.

It also includes features like a high-end optical engine and 3.0 long-lasting USB that are required for optimum performance. Features like these will, moreover, allow pinpoint accuracy as well as consistent response. In addition to all that, it follows the strict HP durability standards and works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Also, the mouse is compatible with gaming consoles, laptops and gaming desktop computers. You can get this amazing product from India Mart for only INR 350.

AUKEY Scarab Gaming Mouse

In case you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable gaming mouse, with a smart appearance, give this one a try. This mouse has a high-performance optical sensor that falls between the range of 200 up to 7200 DPI that detects the minute movements and improve your game. The mouse has an internal endoskeleton design that reduces weight and gives a strong grip. Furthermore, the polling rate of this mouse is 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, with an acceleration of 22.5G that provides very precise and accurate performance.

In addition to all that, the high optical sensor gives the fastest responses and efficiency with a high DPI range. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the settings according to your own preferences like lightning effects, creating macros, and altering the polling rates, etc. Next, it has 7 RGB effects that have several LED colours and speed effects. The mouse nearly weighs about 75g/2.65oz, which provides a strong grip and fits in almost all hand-sizes. You can buy this from the Desert Cart for INR 1,869.

Logitech G402 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a lightweight and streamlined shaped mouse with a stylish outlook, give this one a chance. This mouse has high responsive incorporated technology with a microprocessor rate of 32-bit. It has On-the-fly DPI Switching, the USB data format of 16 bits or axis, and a USB report rate of 1000 Hz. Moreover, it has a fusion engine hybrid sensor that detects small movements and provides quick responses. On the outside, there are 8 programmable buttons, to provide additional support. The foot of the mouse is made up of smooth texture that helps you to easily glide it during the game and allows you to keep full control.

Furthermore, it has a 32-bit ARM processor, 1-millisecond report, High-speed clicking, along Full-speed USB. This amazing mouse has a tracking resolution of 240-4000 dpi, a Static coefficient of friction of about .14 µ, and a 1MS report rate that enables speed up to 10 meters/second or 420 IPS. You can buy this marvelous mouse from Flipkart for only INR 2,895.

Lenovo Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse by Lenovo has an ambidextrous design with a stylish and streamlined outlook. This Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse will upgrade your gaming sessions. It is equipped with an optical sensor, precise polling rates, and several LED color effects. The mouse also has an adjustable DPI control, with the maximum resolution that toggles between the range of 2400 DPI, in order to provide you with complete control over your game while taking those headshots. Furthermore, it features five buttons on the outer edges which allow you to perform multiple functions without using the keyboard.

In addition to all that, it has the 7-color RGB backlighting that provides LED effects. Additionally, the in-built sensitive sensors detect the minute movements and let you deliver the fast counter-response as it has 30 inches per second maximum moving speed. This gaming is simple and convenient to use and is specially designed for amateur players with a 500 fps frame rate. You can buy this mouse from Flipkart for only INR 1,399.

Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

This Ripjaw wireless mouse has an in-built Rechargeable Li-ion battery and does not need any outside battery source. You can simply charge it through your laptop or computer with the help of a USB charging cable attaching it to the mouse. Furthermore, it has a dual-gaming mode that has an advanced gaming-grade wireless connection of about 2.4 micro USB cord wired connection that provides a quick response. The incorporated sensors work at the speed of 180 inches per sec with an acceleration rate of 45G, thus giving a response time of 1ms.

Moreover, it has multifunctional buttons that give additional support during the game to help you tackle any situation. These buttons are pre-programmed for forwarding as well as backward navigation and to scroll the wheel with convenience. The mouse also provides you various options to set the sensitivity parameters readjusting your style from 1600-2400-3200 DPI. It has an ergonomic style, smooth textured, and maximizing battery life for 50+ hours with turbo fast charging of 45 mins. You can buy this gaming mouse from Flipkart for only INR 999.

CHIPTRONEX Alpha X Wired RGB Gaming Mouse


This CHIPTRONEX Alpha X Wired RGB Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic style particularly created to prevent the hand and wrist pain that can happen due to playing games for a longer time. It has an in-built DPI sensor that falls between the range of switch between 800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400 in order to enhance the speed and precision. Additionally, its highly precise sensor allows you to respond back in no time. In addition to all that, the adjustable DPI sensor provides high accuracy on the fly and allows the player to detect minute sensitivity to step up the game.

Moreover, the scrolling wheel has a lifetime of 3,000,000 cycles, the side buttons have about 200,000 clicks and 7 RGB coloring effect. This allows the player to change the colors according to their own personal preferences that create a very dynamic environment during the game. Lastly, it has 6 feet braided-fiber cable that makes sure the transmission of stable data and greater durability. This affordable mouse can be bought from Amazon at only INR 1,199.

Razer Viper Mini Wired USB Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design, smooth texture that makes the mouse glide swiftly while playing a game. It has an 8500 DPI optical sensor to track the sensitivity and then, respond accordingly. This gaming has a speed flex cable for the smallest resistance and high accuracy. Furthermore, it has Razer Optical Mouse Switches for lightspeed drive and built-in software that allows the player to completely take up the game and do customization according to the genre of the game.

Additionally, the switches have a lifetime of about 50 million clicks and the buttons provide extra support during the game for forwarding and backward navigation. In addition to all that, it has Razer Chroma RGB that has 16.8 million colors and unique lighting effects and allows you to customize the lower lighting with Razer Synapse 3 and give your game station personality. You can buy this gaming mouse at a very affordable price of INR 2,014 from U Buy.

Useful Tips to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mouse

When you are deciding to buy a gaming mouse make sure to select one that fits your hand perfectly while maintaining a neutral position of the hand and wrist. The next thing that you should look for are the programming buttons that provide additional support to the player. The buttons will help one to respond quickly and will need less effort while playing. Moreover, choose the one that has the latest in-built software and allows the player to customize the settings according to his/ her preferences. Furthermore, select the one that has a strong grip. Choose the one with either palm grip, claw grip, or fingertip grip, based on the activity you are planning to use the mouse for.

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Have a Gaming Experience Like Never Before.

What better way to enjoy gaming than not having aching wrists and tired fingers. The only way to enjoy gaming at the desired comfort level is to get a gaming mouse, designed with an ergonomic grip and immense features to ameliorate the gaming experience. For every gaming looking to get a mouse, the best and most affordable gaming mouse, that are under 5000 have been listed above.