Hand and Wrist Comfort is the Foundation of a Happy, Healthy Workspace(2021):  10 Ergonomic Mouse to Avoid Aches and Allowing You to Stay Productive Longer.

Hand and Wrist Comfort is the Foundation of a Happy, Healthy Workspace(2021): 10 Ergonomic Mouse to Avoid Aches and Allowing You to Stay Productive Longer.

Working long hours can be challenging enough, which is why you need to make sure your workspace or office is as comfortable as possible. For this comfort, you should invest in an ergonomic mouse. This kind of mouse is designed for a more natural fit and better forearm position. Read on as we unveil the 10 best ergonomic Mice for different uses.

Play or Work - An Ergonomic Mouse Always Keeps Your Hand Comfortable

Back in time when desktops were a thing, a mouse was an essential accessory but laptops changed it all. Today, you get a touchpad and buttons on the device for mouse clicks. But you must agree that it is not that comfortable when you need to use a mouse for the long term. It could be for gaming, designing, or any other crucial task.

A burning pain feel is common among people who use the mouse a lot. That’s not a burn but your joints suffering from stiffness. Prolonged use might lead to constantly shaking hands. If that’s what you have been feeling lately, maybe you need to replace your mouse. An ergonomic mouse offers a comfortable experience with a slanted design, easily reachable buttons, and more features.

In short, an ergonomic mouse is much more comfortable and suitable for power users than an aesthetically pleasing flat touchpad.

What are the Different Types of Ergonomic Mouse Available?

Vertical Mice

Have you ever wanted to pick your mouse up and still be able to use it while relaxing your wrist? A vertical mouse is what can give you comfort while not impacting your work. It helps reduce the stress on the central nerve that comes from pressing against any surface for hours. It’s just like you are holding a mouse vertically the same way you would use a joystick. Thus, by eliminating the stress, it saves you from getting the pain in fingers and wrist. However, you might need to spend extra time mastering how to use it the right way.

Trackball Mice

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Spending a long time using the mouse also causes upper-arm and forearm pain. This comes from the continuous back and forth movement. So, if that’s what you are struggling with, using a trackball mouse is a great option. This type of ergonomic mouse brings you a big trackball on the top surface. You can use this trackball to control the cursor movement with your fingers instead of moving the mouse. Thus, letting the hand stay comfortably at a place reduces the pain and tingling that comes with a regular mouse.

Pen Mice

The most uncommon one, a pen mouse is an ergonomic mouse type that puts the buttons on the pen-like body with the tip serving the trackball (movement) function. Some pen mice might look like fountain pens kept in their respective inkpots. You would need to push them against a mouse pad or a relevant surface to control the cursor movement. Others might get you a laser pointer for that purpose. However, the need to curl fingers around the mouse for using its buttons is something of concern. It might still be uncomfortable like using a pen for hours. But if you are into some design job, this might be the best option at work.

Standard Ergonomic Mice

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Many times, users feel like the regular mouse isn’t a big pain but causes some stress. And if you don’t wish to move away from that regular mouse, you can use the standard ergonomic one. This covers standard mice with better shapes to give more comfort to your hand during use. The shape lets you keep your hand in a natural position, reducing stress on the nerves, fingers, and wrist. Plus, it won’t take much time and effort to make a switch.

Top 10 Ergonomic Mouse to Buy in India

With all that information, you might have already decided mouse you need. Let’s go through our top 10 picks across categories for you to make a choice easily.

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless

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As Logitech says, the MX Master 3 wireless mouse is designed to enable creatives and coders to perform better. It features an advanced mouse wheel made of machined steel for tactical performance. It can scroll as high as 1000 lines per second with a precision of one pixel without making a sound. Another feature of the mouse is its ergonomically crafted shape that lets your hand rest in the most natural position. The thumbwheel adds more to the comfort and functionality of power users.

You can customize the mouse for different applications. However, you can also use pre-defined customizations for Word, Excel, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Chrome, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other software. You can buy the amazing mouse from Logitech’s Official Website for Rs. 9,495. It’s also available on Amazon for Rs. 7,495.

J-Tech Digital V628 (Gen2) Ergonomic Mouse

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If you are looking for a vertical mouse, J-Tech Digital got the best one in store. Its vertical, ergonomic shape offers a complete rest to your hand and wrist, keeping the fatigue away. It also caters to the difficulty of adjusting to sensitivity due to the vertical shape. You can change the sensitivity from 600 to 1600 DPI based on how fast or slow you want the cursor to react to your hand movements.

Moreover, a smooth bottom also allows for less friction during movement. Weighing around 300 grams, the mouse might feel heavier in the beginning. However, you can reduce the weight by removing the detachable palm rest and thumb buttons. A premium finish, quality material, and compatibility with Mac and Windows make it a great pick. If you are interested in adding this to your computer accessory list, head straight to Amazon to buy it for Rs. 5,823.

Amazon Basics Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Mouse with Fast Scrolling

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For fast scrolling, better control, and enhanced efficiency, you can get this wireless ergonomic mouse from Amazon Basics. Thus, you can enjoy online shopping, moving through articles, watching photos, and creating documents faster. Its compatibility with multiple Windows versions and availability of assorted colours makes it a great choice.

Coming to the design and functionality part, the mouse comes with a great ergonomic design. Alongside allowing comfortable long-term use, it enables you to work from a distance with 33-feet of wireless connectivity. Simply plug in the USB adapter to your computer and laptop port and start using it. In addition, the AES-128 encryption provides much-needed security for a wirelessly connected device. With a 1600 DPI laser sensor, smooth tracking, and reliable precision, you can use it even on a glass surface.

Buy the amazing ergonomic wireless mouse from Amazon for Rs. 1,749 and get one year warranty as well.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

When it comes to computer accessories, how can Logitech stay behind? That’s why we have a second from the brand on the list. The M570 wireless trackball mouse prioritizes comfort and ergonomics, making it a great pick for power users. In addition, the trackball design is pleasing to the eyes as well. A tiny USB receiver allows you to use the mouse comfortably within a distance of 30ft from the desktop or laptop.

Another exciting feature of this mouse is its power efficiency. A single AA battery can last for as long as 18 months on regular usage. While the design makes it fit easily on both large and small hands, the trackball design prevents fatigue due to hand movement. Add this plug and play mouse to your computer accessories by buying it from Cart 2 Indian for Rs. 6,800 along with a 3-year warranty cover.

ZUYOKI 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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Here’s another vertical mouse on the list that can save your wrist and fingers from the stress of prolonged use. ZUYOKI’s wireless mouse comes with an ergonomic design to reduce wrist pressure. Not only this, but the design is pretty enough to make you fall in love with its looks. Features include a 3-point setting for DPI resolution (800, 1200, and 1600) and a 2.4GHz wireless receiver. While the wireless option lets you use it conveniently from a distance, the DPI adjustment option makes it easy to adjust to the cursor movements with a vertical mouse.

Under the hood, ZUYOKI has used high-quality material to make it equally durable. The mouse comes in two styles or charging models. You can either use two AAA batteries to use the mouse or charge it for a USB cable. You can buy this mouse for various uses including those related to gaming, work, and studies. Impressed by the beauty? Get the 100g, 5-button wireless ergonomic mouse now from Amazon for Rs. 1,399.

Anker Ergonomic Wired Vertical Mouse

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It could be one of the most lightweight vertical mice out there. Weighing at only 127g, it brings a futuristic, sleek design to life. And it’s not just good in looks but functioning as well. You get DPI resolution options including 1000 and 1600 to adjust the optical tracking sensitivity to your convenience. The mouse offers a highly convenient internet surfing experience with dedicated next/previous buttons. With a total of 5 buttons, the mouse is a comfortable accessory for various applications covering designing, gaming, and internet surfing.

If you are worried about the wire mess, it solves the issue with a decent length cable (4.8ft). On buying the mouse, you get a warranty cover for 18 months and technical support for a lifetime. The vertical wired mouse by Anker is available on Amazon for Rs. 6,076.

Amkette Kwik Pro Wired Optical USB Mouse

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If you are looking for a mouse with a regular design but ergonomic shape, here’s what you need. At the first look, Amkette Kwik Pro appears like any other mouse you would buy from the market. It got the basic features, 2 buttons for left and right clicks and a scroll with a click in the center. However, what makes it better is an ergonomic design that will enhance your performance without going out of the regular mouse league.

Another plus point of buying this mouse is its long-term durability as it is tested for 1 million clicks. The premium finish adds the comfort of using it for a long time. You can buy this wired ergonomic mouse from Amazon for Rs. 229 and get a manufacturing warranty for 6 months.

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

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Yet another basic-looking mouse with a great ergonomic design. Logitech M235 packs advanced optical tracking and 2.4GHz wireless technology for higher reliability and freedom of movement. Plus, its power efficiency lets the batteries last for a year on regular use. On the design front, the ergonomic shape features a soft rubber grip. The scroll wheel is also kept smooth to allow better performance and comfort to the user. The mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.

You can connect the wireless mouse with your computer or laptop using a USB receiver. The small size allows you to use it conveniently at the home, office, or on the go. Get a Logitech wireless mouse from Amazon for Rs. 595 with red, blue, and gray colour options available.

HP M270 Gaming Mouse with Backlit, 7 Buttons

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Gamers, you will love this. HP M270 not only looks like a gamer’s mouse but performs like that too. It enables precise cursor positioning with a high-end optical engine inside. A 3200 DPI offers high-definition optical tracking for a highly responsive control over the cursor. However, you can adjust the movement speed with the optional 4-speed DPI feature.

What makes it a bliss for gamers is the 7 buttons provided on the mouse. This way you get more controls and functions to perform with just one hand over the mouse. And, not to forget, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable for you to enjoy long hours of gaming. With a button life touted to be 3 million clicks, you can add this to your gaming accessories list for Rs. 499 from Amazon.

ASOI 2020 Upgraded Vertical Wireless 2.4G Optical Ergonomic Mouse

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Last on the list, it’s another vertical mouse with a beautiful, comfortable, and functional design. You can work without worrying about stress on the hand and wrist nerves as the mouse lets you work with a natural handshake position. Being healthy ensures better productivity at work and performance in games. Unlike the regular wireless mice that depend on batteries, this one has a rechargeable battery inside and a USB cable to charge it. Moreover, connecting it is also easy through plug and play.

Besides gaming and designing, it also simplifies internet surfing with dedicated previous and next buttons. And you can adjust the sensitivity to your convenience with 3 DPI levels available (800, 1200, and 1600). The mouse comes with an unconditional warranty for 3 months. And you can buy it now from Amazon for Rs. 1,378.

Bonus Tip

Ensure Proper Mouse Posture for the Best Use

Whatever mouse you choose, the right posture always supports performance over any other. To start with, the mouse should be positioned relative to the body with your elbow at 90-degrees. The mouse shouldn’t be too far or close, shouldn’t be gripped too tightly as it can cause pressure, and should be moved through the arm and not the wrist. In addition, go to system preferences to choose a convenient blend of double click and cursor speed. In the end, taking frequent breaks prevents stress from building up and lets you work better always.

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