Is Your Anniversary Forthcoming? Want to Gift Something Unique, Impressive? Take a Look at This List of 10 Best Anniversary Gift Box for Your Husband (2022)

Is Your Anniversary Forthcoming? Want to Gift Something Unique, Impressive? Take a Look at This List of 10 Best Anniversary Gift Box for Your Husband (2022)

Wedding anniversaries are a special chance to celebrate reaching another milestone in your marriage. It's about reflecting on a year growing together and looking forward to the future, reconnecting as a couple and remembering that happy day you said 'I do'. But, a celebration without gifts is incomplete. That's why BP Guide is here with an amazingly unique list of Best Anniversary Gifts for your Husband (2022).

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Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Your wedding anniversary is approaching and you want it to be a memorable day. It is on this day, a year or a few years ago, when you finally tied the knot with your beloved. It is a special day for you and your husband. It is natural that you want to make it memorable and highlight the beautiful moments between you two, since the wedding day. You have a surprise party planned for your husband, all arrangements have been made for that and everything is going smoothly.

There is but one problem- you can’t decide on the anniversary gift. An appropriate gift is important if you want the anniversary party to be memorable. The gift has to be unique, useful to your husband and should be able to express your love for him. Your search for an appropriate gift has been in vain so far but, that is going to change. This BP Guide article has compiled a list of appropriate wedding anniversary gifts for your husband. Follow this BP Guide and choose an anniversary gift for your other half.

10 Gifts That Your Husband Will Love

The following list consists of 10 gift sets that you can gift your husband on your wedding anniversary. Go through them and choose what seems best according to you.

Urbane Tech Folio

Tech gadgets have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We use at least two gadgets on a regular basis and most of our tasks are performed through them. This anniversary, give your husband a tech folio which will help him organize his gadgets and accessories. This Tech Folio from Urbane is a sleek object that is large enough to slide in a Macbook. It has two more sleeves, one of which is segregated into three compartments. The segregated sleeve can be used to hold smartphones, chargers, small notebooks and the files. There is also a pen sleeve that can be used to hold a stylus or a traditional pen. You can buy this folio for Rs.2,199.

Beard Grooming Kit

This Premium Shaving Kit from the Bombay Shaving Company that consists of 6 products. It is a complete shaving set and is made up of a pre-shave scrub, a shaving cream, a post-shave balm, a shaving brush, a towel, 20 stainless steel blades and one aggressive clamp. The pre-shave scrub, the shaving cream and the post-shave balm are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients that not only gives a smooth finish to your shave but also nourishes your skin in the process. The shaving brush is made from imitation badger hair and the towel is soft. The whole set comes at a price of Rs.3,263.

Beardo Perfume Set

This set of perfumes from Beardo has 3 unique fragrances that your husband will love. The three perfumes are called Whiskey Smoke, Black Musk and Godfather. Each of these blends are a treat to the olfactory senses and your husband will be delighted to have them among his toiletries. Each perfume comes in a 100 ml bottle and this Beardo Perfume Set is priced at Rs.2,340.

Bar Box - Cocktail Shaker Kit

Give your husband this premium Bar Box - Cocktail Shaker Set on your anniversary. He can shake up a treat for himself and you or for guests at a party. This cocktail shaker set consists of 14 pieces, all of which are made from stainless steel. The components are a 750 ml sized cocktail shaker, a 30ml-60ml jigger, a bar spoon, 2 bottle pourers, a muddler, a corkscrew, a hathrow strainer, a julep strainer, a mesh strainer, a lemon squeezer, an ice tong and 2 steel straws. It is a complete set that lets you shake any lip smacking cocktail or mocktail. This set comes at a price of Rs.1,750.

Formal Accessory Set

This Formal Accessory Set from Louis Phillipe is the perfect compliment to your husband's business suits. The set consists of a printed navy blue tie, a pair of navy blue cufflinks and a navy blue pocket square. All of these components exude class and sophistication and, are bound to elevate your husband’s formal ensemble. You can buy this set for Rs.3,324.

Office Essentials Kit

This Office Essential Kit is a collection of signature items. It consists of a leather bound, button closure diary, a leather wallet, a wrist watch, a pen, two cufflinks and a leather card holder. All of the items look classy and sophisticated. In other words, they are an elevated version of office essentials. The website allows you to customize this kit. You can choose the colour of the wallet, card holder and diary as well as the charm that will be attached to the diary cover. You can also put your husband’s name on the wallet. The kit comes at a price of Rs.1,945 and no extra charges shall be levied for the customizations.

The Man Company - Skin Care Kit

This complete The Man Company - Skin Care Kit for men will be an ideal gift to your husband for the anniversary. This set consists of 5 products- a sunscreen lotion, a lip lightening balm, a face wash, a face serum and a moisturizing cream. The face serum and face wash are caffeine based that rejuvenates the skin and makes it look lively and youthful. The lip balm is very useful for smokers especially and can bring back the natural tone of the lips. All the products in this kit are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients and premium oils, and is completely free of harmful chemicals. You can buy this set for Rs.1,822.

Marks & Spencer Collection - Nightwear

Give your husband comfort on your anniversary in the form of this pyjama set made from pure cotton. This Marks & Spencer Collection - -Nightwear is of a traditional design made of a collared shirt and loose pants. The shirt has front button closure and patch pocket detail. The pants have pockets and a functional fly. The base colour of the pyjama is blue with white polka dot prints on them. The polka dots add playfulness to the otherwise austere design of the pyjama. You can buy this set for Rs.3,299.

Van Heusen - Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit is a classic attire. Time has failed to dull its charm and it still is one of the most attractive pieces of clothing for men. Hence, it will be a fitting (pun intended) gift to your husband on your anniversary. You want to give him the best that the world has to offer. This Three-Piece Suit from Van Heusen has a skinny fit cut which makes the wearer look sharp. The blazer and trousers are grey in colour with a checkered pattern on them. The vest is dark blue in colour. They are made from a fabric which is a blend of polyester and rayon. You can buy this suit for Rs.8,999.

Corporate Gift Box - Sock Collection


It is always the small things that are the most important. Socks are an integral part of formal attires but they are also the most neglected part. People focus more on the fabric and dye of the shirts and the trousers, the shape and shine of the shoes, and almost always completely overlook the sock factor. But a large portion of comfort lies in wearing the right pair of socks. The wrong pair will make your feet hot and itchy, and your toes fidgety. Hence, giving your husband good quality socks would be the most thoughtful anniversary gift ever.

This Corporate Gift Box - Sock Collection consists of 3 pairs of luxury socks with each pair having a unique dye. There are three such boxes available. The socks are made from Scottish Lisle cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) which makes them both comfortable on the skin and elastic enough to ensure a firm grip but not be tight on the feet. The yarn is antibacterial which keeps the feet dry and free from any odour. The mesh is strengthened at the heel and toe for extra comfort. You can get one gift box for Rs.900.

Gifts You Should Avoid for Anniversaries

The above list has given you as many as 10 items from which you can choose an anniversary gift, but you still need to know what you should get him. While, we cannot pin-point the exact gift for you, we can definitely help you choose. The following list consists of 5 points that tell you what to avoid when buying anniversary gifts for your husband. Use the knowledge gained from the above list (what to get) and the list below (what to avoid) and you shall have no problem choosing the correct gift.

Membership Cards and Gift Cards

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of your togetherness. It commemorates the day the both of you took your vows and the beautiful moments that came after. A gift for such an occasion should be heartfelt and thoughtful, and membership and gift cards are anything but them. A gym membership or a shopping mall gift card seems like an afterthought or that you don’t care about this special day. It gives the impression that you had forgotten about the day until somebody or something reminded you at the last minute and those cards are the best you could get in that limited time.

Everyday Clothing

Clothing items for everyday wear are basic necessities. You don’t get them to look good. You buy them to cover yourself on a daily basis. In most cases, such clothes are bought to replace worn out home clothes. Hence, they don’t qualify as gift items. They are purely utilitarian items. Gift items, on the other hand, have to be both useful and attractive.

Objects That are Useless to Him

This should not be a consideration as it should be by default but there are times when moments of thoughtlessness make us get gifts that are absolutely useless to the person whom you intend to give the gift to. Stereotypes and generalizations are all around us. These stereotypes and generalizations associate certain products with men. We get influenced by these stereotypes and do not consider the individual when getting gifts for him.

For example, you go along with the generalization and give your husband a three piece suit. In reality, your husband has no need for a three piece suit. His workplace doesn’t demand it and he doesn’t prefer wearing them on special occasions. Such a gift is useless to him and a waste of your money.

Generalised Gifts

This point is an extension of the previous point. There are some items that are naturally associated with gifts. Some of these items are mugs and other crockery, flower bouquets, indoor plants, chocolate boxes and cards. They are good gifts for certain occasions but highly inappropriate as wedding anniversary gifts. As already said, a wedding anniversary is an intimate occasion and giving generalized gifts to your other half is not suitable. The gifts must be meaningful and be a symbol of the love between the two.

Tool Boxes

Avoid tool boxes at all costs. It is sexist to think that men love tool boxes because they are men and hence, must enjoy fixing and priming objects around the house. Tool boxes are not gift items, they are paraphernalia of certain trades. Giving your husband a tool box for the anniversary gives the impression that he is important in the marriage because he can, or should, fix and prime household machines. This makes the marriage look like a business deal rather than a personal relationship. Do not consider giving tool boxes even if your husband does enjoy fixing and priming things of the household.

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