Celebrate Your Husband's 35th Birthday with 10 Very Special Gifts (2020)

Celebrate Your Husband's 35th Birthday with 10 Very Special Gifts (2020)

Your husband's 35th birthday is something that needs to be celebrated with a little more care as he has almost reached an important stage in life and not to forget he's offically approaching middle age! To get him over the birthday blues, surprise him a gift that will make him cherished and special! Read on for some awesome ideas!

Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift for Him

Keep in Mind His Lifestyle

Your husband is going to turn 35 this birthday, so you need to do something memorable for him to make him feel special. You must look for a gift that can encourage him and boost his confidence. 35 is the age where his focus is only on future as he now has a complete family. At this age of life, he just entered into a new phase of life where he has a burden of responsibilities depending on his shoulders.

Gifts that you planned to give him can be helpful as it can encourage him and induce the feeling of anticipation, admiration, and togetherness. This way he will always take over his stress at work. Make him feel special and loved on his 35th birthday by giving him gifts fulfiling his lifestyle. Choose a gift that can be helpful to him at this age too. Health-related products, professional products, and some sort of entertainment products are the best choice that you can gift him on his 35th birthday.

Give Him Something to Keep Him Healthy

He is going to his 35 soon so why don't you focus on his health. The ageing process has a deep impact on health as well as on his productivity at work. Being a responsible wife, you must avoid your husband getting your husband being unhealthy. On his 35th birthday gift him something which could take care of his health and keep him fit and healthy.

You can buy him a fitness tracker gadget like Fitbit fitness tracker, strength stability tracker, or any exercise type of equipment to maintain his fitness. Keep in mind that you are ageing as well so the biggest advantage of giving such gifts to him is that you can also use those fitness gadgets to keep yourself fit too. Such gifts will prevent him from unwanted weight loss or gain and will keep his mind free from stress thus improving his productivity at work.

Support His Hobbies and Passion

There is nothing more adorable than giving him something which supports his hobbies and passion at this age too. Talk to him about his passion and interest, and pick the gifts accordingly. If he loves music, then gifts like good quality earphones would be the best choice for this purpose. He might be a football fan so support his passion by giving a memorabilia or a football accessory, he is going to love it.

It doesn't matter how much old he is, being a loving and caring wife you must take care of his interests and passion. Talk to him about this indirectly and then surprise him on his coming birthday. Such activities would make your relationship even stronger, and he will feel blessed to have a wife like you in his life. List down the gifts and select that perfectly suits him.

10 Unique Gifts for Husband's 35th Birthday

Photo Collage

A nostalgic photo collage will make him remember of all those past moments that you both spent together. The little moments of romance, fun and enjoyment that are captured forever in photographs can be used to create the perfect gift for his 35th birthday. These are the moments which he will cherish forever and to have them compiled together in a special little collection is sure to bring him immense joy. To create a photo collage go through old albums. Select the photos which are significant in some way. It could be a photo of him on his graduation day, or on a family trip with his parents, photos of him with you in the early days of your relationship etc.

After sorting out special photographs, send them to Etsy , and they will take care of the rest. After 2-4 days, you will get your beautiful photo collage carved in number 35 which reflects his journey till present. They offer 4 styles, and you can pick any one of your choices. Cost is dependent on the number of photos you send. For 15-25 photos, you will be charged Rs.2.920. You will get the digital print of the photo collage. If you want you can take a printout of it and get it framed.

35th Birthday Mug

Add a bit of whimsy to your husband's morning coffee session by gifting him a coffee mug with a fun quote. A personalised coffee mug with a cool 35th birthday message will make him ease up a bit about turning old and grant you a few laughs as well.

This coffee mug from Etsy is made of ceramic and weighs 11 ounces. It can hold 11 ounces of liquid beverages. It can be used at home or at the office for drinking coffee or just as a fun addition to his desk. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. The design printed on the mug is of high quality giving it an overall attractive and smart look. Buy this birthday mug for Rs.962.

Fitness Fitbit Tracker

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You would not want your husband to be unfit or unhealthy. So to make sure that he stays energetic, fit and healthy always give him something on his 35th birthday which could help him to maintain his fitness and energy. Exercise plays a vital role in any person's healthy lifestyle. Buying him some portable exercise equipment which he can use in office too would be of great help. Tracking the essential health data will also allow you to make changes in the routine to keep him fit.

A fitness tracker is always the best product when it comes to health and fitness equipment. Buy him this Fitbit fitness tracker which will track calories, steps, sleep, and heartbeat to present an important health-related data. If you find any lacking in the schedule, then make changes according to it. Tracker's OLED display allows him to see any call or notification of his mobile phone. In-built GPS will track exact distance and pace during his cardio session. Buy this cool gadget for Rs.14,699 on Amazon.

Nautica Voyage Intense Perfume

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If you want your husband to smell the best all the time even at that this age too, then you must go for the best cologne you can buy for him. This Nautica Voyage cologne will meet your requirements. It offers a very light and crisp fragrance which is very refreshing. Your husband will feel the youthful sensitivity and subtle charm.

This Nautica Voyage perfume is anchored by the mixture of sea notes, sea salt, citruses and coriander. Also enriched with the apple, green pepper, palm leaf and geranium. It also has Brazilian redwood, musk, vetiver and patchouli.which give a very genuine smell. Buy this for around Rs.1,830 on Amazon.

Massage Pillow

At the age of 35, pain in different parts of the body is a common phenomenon. To prevent it from happening to your working husband you should give him something to eradicate this problem. A massage pillow could prevent this from happening. Buy him a Shiatsu Pillow Massager from Amazon which can be used with any type of chair. It can even be fixed on a car seat at neck level to help him deal with his neck pain.

Its 3D nodes relax the tight, and sore muscles and advanced heating function will be helpful in relieving the aching muscles of the neck. Being a versatile, ergonomic, and due to its compact shape, it can be used to relax any muscle group of the body. Adjustable straps attached to the massager will make it convenient to fix it according to your own way in the chair or body itself. Heat system automatically shut down after 20 minutes to prevent excessive heating. Buy this pillow massager for Rs.7,758 on Amazon.

DecoBros Desk Organiser Caddy

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On his 35th birthday, give him something which would make his work life a little easier to handle. Something which helps him save energy and time would allow him to spend more time with his family. A messy desk is a great hindrance to productivity. Help him keep his desk neat and tidy by gifting him a desk organiser.

This desk organiser caddy comes with 5 compartments to organise his stationary, pens, and another office equipment. It can also be used to keep his valuables like wallet, mobile phone, watch, and card holder. It comes with a small drawer which can be used to keep his business cards. Other than this, the organizer also has two shallow compartments to keep things like clips and pins. Buy this organizer for Rs.1,716 on Amazon.

Life Security Box

You can give him a birthday gift which helps him keep his valuables safe and grants him mental security. A gift such as a strong storage case where he could place all his important valuable stuff is really useful and keeps him considerably stress-free.

The Amazon Basics security safe is made of stainless steel making it resistant to rust. It has a digital lock and 4 bolts at the back for mounting on the wall. It requires 4 AA batteries for digital access to the locker. For emergency purpose when you forget your passcode or batteries are dead, it has two love bolts which can be unlocked with the emergency keys provided. The digital display shows 3 different symbols for unlocked, locked, and low battery warning. You can get this safe for Rs.5,910 on Amazon.

RFID Blocking Card Holder Wallet

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Nowadays we hardly use paper money for transactions. Therefore we are assuming that your husband is the owner of multiple credit or debit cards. So a card organiser would be quite a thoughtful gift to give him.

This JunoBull RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet Cover case- Holders Wallets holder is made of cowhide leather which is equipped with military-grade proprietary blocking material that blocks the RFID signals that can breach cards data. It has 9 card slots for any Credit, debit, ATM or other bank cards and 2 pockets for holding cash/money/coins.The design of the cardholder looks compact and handy. Overall the product is of top quality, and it will ease his job to organise important valuables. Buy it for Rs.675 on Amazon.

Leather Messenger Laptop bag

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Every corporate man requires a laptop for his profession. He may need something to carry his laptop and its accessories comfortably. You can give him a strong and nice laptop bag which will take care of his gadgets and devices. This bag is made of cowhide horse leather, and rugged wash canvas fabric long-lasting durability of the bag. Interior foam padding present on bottom and sides of the bag absorbs the impact protecting gadgets from damage.

There are a main compartment that will fit a 14-inch Laptop and there are two pockets more which can be use to store other things such phone, powerband and other things which you need to bring. Buy it for Rs. 6,529 from Amazon.

Travel Tech Dopp Kit

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Does his work involves travelling for work or business purpose? If it is so, then he may require something to organise his technical stuff during his travelling. Understand his need and then select the best gift that you can give him on his 35th birthday. You can even give him something which will make him concentrate more on his work.

With the help of this Dopp kit, he can easily secure his gadgets and mobile accessories like earphones, charger, or batteries. This tech Dopp kit is made of premium vegan leather. It measures around 9.25 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 3.2 inches in height. You can even personalise it with 3 letter monogram. It could be his short name or any design you want. Buy this special gift for your working husband for Rs.4.276 on gifts.com.

A Pleasure Tour with Him

On this coming birthday, he will complete his milestone of 35 years, and this is the age where he has the responsibility of the whole family which makes him goal oriented, and he forgets what it feels like to be young. It would be a great idea to surprise him with a romantic trip on his birthday so that he can relieve the days of his youth once again. Plan a surprise trip to his favourite destination and revive all those old memories that you spent together.


Take him to the seclusion of Kerala which is a pretty and beautiful place for the tourist that is seeking a solitude, some personal time away from the hustle bustle of the city. You can enjoy its lovely beaches, backwaters, and hill station. Enjoy many romantic experiences with him and do some adventurous activities together to remind him of his 20's. He will love this surprise and hence will strengthen the bond of love you share.

In Kerala, you can opt for many adventurous activities like camping, swimming, or surfing. Beautiful beaches and a cool breeze will keep his mind free from stress. You both can also go for a herbal massage which will pamper and relax him after the long hour of the journey. Watch the sunrise together and spend some quality time with him at Alappuzha Beach. Hold his hand and walk slowly over the sand, this will make him feel loved and he will always appreciate you for being in his life.

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Make his 35th a fun filled experience with thoughtful and unique gifts.

Don't let your husband feel old or lonely on his 35th. Keep him happy and feeling fulfilled with a day filled with gifts and good wishes from friends and family. Reaching middle age is a point of transition in a man's life. To deal with the various emotional and physical changes is often stressful. So make his life a bit easier with well thought out gifts.