No Look Can Be Complete without Proper Jewellery! Here is a Proper Guide to Choose Perfect Professional Earrings to Enhance Your Office Look!

No Look Can Be Complete without Proper Jewellery! Here is a Proper Guide to Choose Perfect Professional Earrings to Enhance Your Office Look!

The first thing you notice about someone is their face. The earpiece is the most important part of your jewellery and is one of the first things to be noticed when you meet someone. To give a proper professional appearance, you can not miss out on this detail. Choose the perfect earrings to look presentable and professional in your office with our guide on choosing the most professional earrings for your daily office wear!

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Best Earrings Brands


The founder of the New York City-based American brand, Sorelle, is Francesca Grosso. The brand is motivated to make designs that include both the classical designs and a touch of modern style as well, which captures the eye of every person with its elegance and class. Through this, all of its clients receive lots of appreciation and are always the ones standing out in the crowd.

Sorelle is the Italian word for 'Sisters' and it focuses on even the smallest of the details to make all of its crafts near perfect, if not completely perfect. Imbued with versatility, all the necklaces, rings and earrings made by Sorelle are made to evoke a sense of love and kindness in its wearers, as well as the people around them.

The foremost priority of the brand is to make their buyers content with high-quality products made by artistic and effervescent people, who only want to make their products as lively as possible. The brand has been a part of many collaborations with people from different parts of the fashion industry and most of its recognition was gained from the articles by the well-known editorials like Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

Aurelie Bidermann

Found by one of the designers, Aurelie Biderman is a fun brand with charme à la française. It created jewellery that not only looks good and stylish, but is comfortable to wear as well. The designer started from scratch and soon became one of the best earring-producing brands in the world.

Biderman did all the hard work herself, marketed her collections, told about her brand, became her own brand's brand ambassador and designed her pieces as well. She now creates jewelry that is liked by every person who sees it due to their charm, intricacy and delicacy. The excellent craftsmanship is visible in the details of every one of her pieces.

Most of her artistic designs are influenced by nature and have the design like leaves or feathers, with a capricious sense and an artful context. She creates excellent collectibles and smart, chic, and sophisticated designs that look good on anyone who wears them. Furthermore, she collects great classical and modern pieces, which are both formal and casual events.

Her entrancing and symbolic pieces are available in many different designs, shapes, and colours with many different types of stones, including rose gold, yellow gold, regular gold, rubies, diamonds, opal and sapphires, among many others. Her ingenious approach and bold vision make all of her pieces one of the best ones in the market right now.

Joomi Lim

Once she was recognized globally for all her efforts in Joomi Joolz, and then success in making world-class accessories, Joomi Lim broadened her sights and planned her entry in the jewelry industry to make a huge impact on that as well.

Being one of the best jewelry designers in the world, the Seoul Native Joomi Lim began her brand's journey in the year 2009 and since have just improved. The eponymous fashion jewelry line soon became well-known as well as a well-liked brand over the whole world.

The brand has by now risen to its height with playful, vivacious, feminine as well as modern styles that attract every person who sees the jewelry piece. The brand, moreover, creates all types of jewelry with various stones like pearls, sapphires, crystals, and rubies, etc. It also utilizes various types of shapes and patterns on them like the pyramids, sleek spheres and skulls, among many others. Not only is each style different but each piece is made from elegant, yet glowing colours, for a perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity.

Lastly, Joomi Lim has appeared on various articles and publications by renowned editorials like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, W Magazine, Elle, and Jalouse. It produces its pieces in New York City which are luxurious and unique and are sold by high-end retailers of the world.

Laura Lombardi

You probably have heard about this brand somewhere. It is among the top eponymous fashion brands around the whole globe and is managed from New York City where it also manufactures its products. The well-known designer, Laura Lombardi, gets her inspiration for her amazing designs from her childhood journeys between Italy and the New York City. So, most of her works show the cultures and environments of both the renowned areas and become instilled in a singular product.

These products are made with industrial style with a touch of the classical art and design, with each product being distinctive and oftentimes better than the last one. All of her designs, furthermore are comfortable, elegant, stylish and warm, which clearly defined the class of its wearer.

Laura Lombardi is, moreover, an environmentalist, thus she works mostly with either raw or recycled metals, which are simple yet exquisite. Also, all of Laura's pieces contain some context which makes it unique from all others in the whole market. To improve it even further, these products also depict her interest in assemblage, centering on sculpture, mixed media, as well as fine arts.

Lombardi also exercises sustainability and this shows her want towards a better yet fashionable world with a lot of great taste and kindness. Most of her pieces are available worldwide from specialty retailers.

Earrings That Will Help You Look the Best in Your Whole Office

Gia Earrings by Sorelle

This piece of jewelry that truly shows the brand Sorelle's class, along with its simple, sophisticated and elegant design. It can be bought online from the official Sorelle store and will cost you only INR 12,804. They have been crafted by hand of only the best of the craftsmen in the whole New York City. The Gia Earrings, made with only the high-quality sterling silver, contains 40 mm loops and are to be custom-made for every order. The shipping costs by the brands are none and these earrings will surely impress every other person in your office.

Serena Earrings Laural Lombardi

If you want gold earrings, you will not be able to find a better pair than these Laura Lombardi Serena Earrings. They are available to be bought from the official store of Laura Lombardi and will cost you no more than INR 13,407. It will surely impress all of your colleagues. These earrings are plated with 14-carat gold, contain hand-beaded brass and have a twist detail. It, moreover, has gold fill posts and has a diameter of 1.5 inches, with each one weighing nearly twenty grams. The plated piece by the exquisite designer should only be wiped clean and not exposed to any types of abrasive or polishing items.

Small Hoop Earrings with Crystals, Chains and Clasps by Joomi Lim

Joomi Lin creates the best pieces in the whole world and this one is no exception. So, if you want to give the longer earrings a try, you probably won't be able to find a piece better than this one and at this price, too. You will be able to get this particular product from the official international online store of Joomi Lin at just INR 14,690. To improve it further, the piece is made by only the best craftsman of New York City. This particular pair has brass as the main constituents of the earrings, with a plating of Swarovski Crystals, or better known as Rhodium. Furthermore, they have a length of about 4.25 inches. They can even be used at office parties and events.

The Talas Stud Earrings by Bluestone

If you want diamond earrings with some gold as well, you may want to give The Talas Stud Earrings By Bluestone a try. These will cost you INR 31,596 if you buy it from Bluestone. They are 18.5 mm long with a width of about 7.4 mm and a weight of nearly 3.04 grams. The diamonds in it weight about 0.176 CT whereas the gold contribution is about 3.007 grams. The attention given to the details is impressive and gives you the perfect professional look. The gold part cost INR 11, 482, the diamonds cost INR 12,832, with 6,362 making charges, and a GST of INR 920.

Melina Mask Earrings By Aurelie Bidermann

Being the most expensive one in the list, the Melina Mask Earrings By Aurelie Bidermann are also the best ones. If you buy them from Reebonz, they will cost you a humongous INR 50,304 but the attention to the detail, the quality and the class of the earrings are all worth at least this much amount. The earrings have a hook finish and are well-polished, as well. They have been made with 18-carat yellow gold with a dramatic touch that will enhance your overall look. These winged earrings have been made after the Greek actresses and feminine statues, and contain a signature dust bag within the package.

Things to Consider When Buying Earrings

Exactly Which Type of Earrings You Want

There are many different types of earrings available all around the world, with different shapes, patterns, sizes, colours and stones. Starting with the size, if you want to buy professional earrings, you should not buy the bigger ones. Instead, give the little to middle-sized earrings a try. You should also choose the ones which have a simple design, because the complex ones may show your professionalism as being pretty low.

Furthermore, you shouldn't always choose the colours that are too bright, instead, give the dark and solid or even the dull-colored earrings a try. Talking about the stones, almost all of them look the best, so, check your budget and buy the one that suits your needs the best.

Lastly, there are six major styles of earrings, all suitable for a particular need and want. The first one being the hoop earrings, they are round and worn through earlobes. Being among the most famous and classic, these earrings are comfortable to wear, come in various sizes and are usually made with gold or white diamond. Ball earrings are fine for women of all ages, with different types of clasps, and different colors and stones. Consider your eye colour when choosing this, or buy the diamond ones that suit all people.

The drop and dangles have move-able hanging details and are good for celebrations. They come in various widths and lengths as well. The diamond-accented earrings are the ones that contain diamonds in them. These can also include other types of stones and need to be carefully checked for the right diamond. These suit all women and are good for corporate events. Stud earrings, the best type, are full of grace and elegance. These are ideal for everyday office wear, suit every woman, and come in various sizes and shapes.

The last one, called the clips on earrings, are made especially for the women who do not want to get their ears pierced. They contain a tightly fastened clip, so that the earrings do not fall and are available in different styles and shapes, with different types of stones and prices.

Quality and Price

If you want to look really nice, like for a corporate event, you need to carefully check the quality of the earrings that you are buying. Now, there are various types of diamonds and other stones as well. For the diamonds, you need to check its cut, colour, quality and carat(size).

You need to choose the ones which are of the best cut and are colourless and not smoky. Talking about the carat, that depends on the shape, size and style of your earrings. To check the quality of a diamond, you may need to use a magnifying glass, or sometimes, the smokiness is also visible with a naked eye. However, if you still do not know how to check it properly, you are suggested to consult a professional for this.

For the rest of the stones, there are different types of rubies, sapphires and pearls, as well as the rest of the stones. For these, you can simply ask the seller about the stone and its quality, check it yourself or get a specialist to check it for you.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget and buy accordingly. Meaning, you need to find the perfect combination of exquisite stones, which come within your price range but do not force you to buy low-quality ones as well. For instance, if you can't afford to buy high-quality diamond earrings, you can get the ones that contain a mixture of high-quality diamonds and also some other, cheaper but nice stones.

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Check Thoroughly the Quality of the Material of Your Jewellery!

This goes without saying but it is the most essential rule of buying jewellery; check the quality of the product properly before buying something. You might not need to worry about this if you are buying from an authentic dealer or brand, in which case you will be provided with a quality assurance certificate. If you are buying from elsewhere, do get it checked with an expert to confirm the weight-age of gold and the quality of diamonds. Any sort of diamond products is accompanied by a certificate, no matter what!