Have You Been Looking for Smart Wallets for Men? Get to Know their Types with Best Brands of Smart Wallets Available in India (2021)

Have You Been Looking for Smart Wallets for Men? Get to Know their Types with Best Brands of Smart Wallets Available in India (2021)

You may have heard of an RFID scam, where the fraudster was able to use an RFID-enabled credit to steal money from its rightful owner. So the question is, how can one keep themself safe from falling victim to such a scam? The answer is, by using a smart wallet. These truly are one of the best inventions for men's day-to-day usage items. Find below the best smart wallets for men you can buy in India.

What is a Smart Wallet

With the introduction of paper currency in the 16th century, wallets were also invented to keep money safe. And since then, wallets have evolved according to the size of the currencies, trends, needs, etc. Wallets are an integral part of a man's attire, and men love to keep it stylish and flaunt it too. While wallets are being used to keep currency, bills, coins, cards, drivers license, ID cards, passport, etc., the increasing no. of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) skimming and pickpocketing cases have created a demand for smart wallets which can protect you from fraudsters, give an alarm on your smartphone the moment it's away and can be tracked with the help of a GPS or Bluetooth.

A smart wallet for men is a wallet created with design and technical improvements. These enhancements are mostly for safety, convenience, and to track it in case you forget or lose your wallet. Few smart wallets also come with additional space for keeping extra articles, pen, etc., and are meant mostly for frequent travelers. These smart wallets can range from Rs.500 to a few thousand rupees, depending upon the features, quality, and brand, etc., and you can pick the one you want to slide in your pocket as per your habits, requirement, and budget.

Different Types of Smart Wallet

You like your wallet sleek, smart, stylish, with Bluetooth connectivity, RFID protected, with GPS tracker, connected to an app, or big enough to hold your passport and international currencies! That's right, like many smartphones and devices, wallets are also smart in many different ways. You would be surprised to know that there are wallets that can open beer cans, are strong enough to brave any weather conditions, and then there are automatic wallets. Let's look at the various types of smart wallets that are more than just a small bag to carry your money.

  • RFID protected – These are the basic smart wallets and you can get one for as less as Rs. 500. The term RFID is used for Radio Frequency Identification, which is a technology used in contactless credit cards. This technology allows you to pay wirelessly at a merchant's card reader, thus saving you from the hassle of swiping, entering the pin, and OTP's, etc. But fraudsters can try to steal the data of your credit card to duplicate and use your card. RFID protected wallets have an aluminum or metal fabric layer in the outer walls, which protect the RFID frequencies being intercepted by fraudsters.

  • Minimalist – Tired of carrying a bulky wallet which is difficult to keep in your back pocket? And you have to take it out every time before sitting, which is a bit embarrassing at times! The minimalist smart wallet will just be the right cardholder for you. In general, small wallets are called cardholders as they are designed to carry a few cards, plus have a money band that can hold few currency bills. So, if you are the 'less cash, more cards' kind of man, a minimalist wallet is the right fit for you.

  • Tactical – A tactical wallet may have few built-in tools like a knife, bottle opener, ruler, a box cutter, and small wrench, etc. These are minimalist wallets with survival capabilities. You can carry your cards, money bills, driving license, etc., as well in these tactical wallets. These wallets are quite popular with adventure lovers, military, outdoorsmen, and tracking enthusiasts and are mostly built with a metal frame and leather covering. Features like cutting a seat belt in an emergency, acting as a phone stand, or prying out a nail make it a fabulous smart wallet.

  • Trackable – For many, a smart wallet is incomplete if it doesn't have a technology that can keep track of it or make it difficult to lose. Also known as anti-theft, anti-lost, GPS wallet, theft-proof, or Bluetooth wallet, this type of wallet is equipped with the technology through which you can easily locate it. The trackable wallets have an inbuilt tracking device that helps you track the device using an app on your smartphone.

  • Simply Smart – You can call them plain smart or simply smart as these wallets may have the combined properties of all the different types of wallets mentioned above. They can also have additional features like a pop-up card ejection feature, which has names like pop-up, pop-out, card ejector, automatic, slider, quick access, and slider. This feature helps you have all the cards in front of you without even unfolding the wallet, and you can pick, use, and slide back the required card with convenience.

There are few more wallets like indestructible smart wallets, titanium money clip wallets, metal and leather wallets, and wallets made from exotic materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel, etc. which fall under the category of smart wallets.

Benefits of Using a Smart Wallet

The safety of your hard-earned money is the most important feature of a smart wallet. An RFID feature saves your credit card from being cloned, and you can use your cards at a merchant POS, hassle-free, contactless, and with peace of mind. A smart wallet keeps your personal and financial information safe from thieves. You can track your smart wallet if misplaced, lost, or stolen.

Moreover, with cashless, mobile-based, and contactless payments becoming the new norm, people prefer to carry less cash, which is a good thing as it saves you from the hassles of always keeping enough cash or change. Thus, the sleek wallet card holders serve the purpose of keeping your cards safe, and you can also carry a few money bills in them. Few smart wallets come equipped with mini tools which are quite useful during outings and adventure trips

Smart Wallets for Men: Best Brands Available in India

Now we know a little bit about smart wallets, the types of different wallets, and how they are beneficial for men. Let's further explore a few smart wallets which can be carried in style by the modern man while they serve as a necessity and fashion statement as well.

Secrid Miniwallet Vintage – Cognac With Silver Cardprotector

Made from Vintage Leather, this crafted wallet has a wax finish that provides it a stonewashed look. This leather ages well with time and has a premium look. The compact size of 65 mm x 102 mm x 21 mm can easily fit in your pocket and has a coin pouch, currency slot, three card slots which can hold four embossed or six flat cards, business cards, currency notes, and receipts; and comes with a snap button type wallet closure.

The RFID protected wallet has an internal mechanism through which your cards slide out at the touch of the button located at the bottom side of the wallet. The smart wallet by Secrid comes with a 2-year warranty and is available on williampenn.net for Rs. 7,900.

Voyager Leather Wallet + Anti-Loss Electronic Smart Tech

The Voyager Leather Wallet + Anti-Loss Electronic Smart Tech by Cuir Ally is one of the many innovative products by Cuir Ally, an India based startup. This wallet contains a made in Europe smart chip which is powered by a replaceable battery and provides features like wallet loss alert notification on your smartphone, ring your wallet or track its location using the smartphone app, take selfies from your smartphone using the wallet as a remote and check the last seen location of your smartphone & wallet from any device connected to the internet like a laptop, tablet, etc.

It also provides a feature through which you can double press your wallet to ring your smartphone even when the phone is in silent mode. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, the Voyager Leather Wallet is available in three colors – black, brown, and blue. You also get a sleek metallic pen, a notepad, and a 1-year warranty with this product. The wallet is crafted from 100% genuine leather, can easily fit two passports, a flight boarding pass, spare sim card, pen and notepad, more than eight cards, and mostly all the international currencies. The amazing smart wallet is available for Rs. 3,499 on cuirally.com.

CONTACTS Men's Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

CONTACTS Men's Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallet is equipped with RFID blocking and made of genuine leather. It will goes great with jeans and can be a perfect gift for your loved one too. This exclusive leather wallet by Contact is available for Rs. 996 at amazon.in.

Pitaka MagEZ Wallet

Pitaka's minimalist cardholder, the Carbon Magnetic Modular Card Holder, is a slim wallet that can hold up to 6 cards and is also RFID protected. Made from carbon fiber, the MagEZ wallet is slim but sturdy, and you can keep your money, cards, ID, etc., in the wallet layers, which can be added or removed as per your requirement. The layers are connected through the strong magnet and keep your possessions safe in the sleek wallet cardholder. The Pitaka MagEZ wallet is available for Rs. 5,832 on Pitaka.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

The RFID protected travel wallet by Bellroy has separate sections for tickets, bills, and passports. The wallet has hidden compartments for keeping extra cash, four quick access card slots, and 3 extra slots to keep a sim card, sim ejector pin, and a pen. You also get a micro travel pen and three years warranty with this smart wallet, which is available for USD 129 (approx. Rs. 9,000) on bellroy.com, and they do accept shipping to India.

Dezyn London Leather Money Clip Walletwith RFID Protection

Another minimalist smart wallet that is sleek, stylish, can hold up to 8 cards, equipped with RFID blocking technology, and the metal money clip allows you to keep several currency bills. The wallet is made of supple calf leather, and available on amazon.in.

Hide & Skin Men Brown Genuine Leather RFID Card Holder

The Hide & Skin RFID blocking wallet is made from premium grain leather with an inner lining of durable cloth. The unique metal composite layering provides the RFID blocking technology, thus making it a skimming proof wallet. The stylish C clip can easily fit 4 – 5 cards, and you can easily access the cards with just the click of a button without having to unfold the entire wallet. Despite all these features, the smart wallet is available for just Rs. 599 on Flipkart.com.

Leather Talks Smart Wallet

It looks like any normal wallet, but this stylish wallet has the qualities of a smart wallet embedded in its core. The inbuilt tracker can help you find it back if lost or stolen, whereas the GPS location recording feature helps you to get back to track if you are lost or misguided at a new place or city, and the smart alarm feature keeps you notified of important schedules and meetings. The wallet has a remote shutter and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The wallet can store up to 5 cards and has two compartments for keeping cash, bills, IDs, etc. This smart wallet is available for Rs. 1,554 on croma.com.

Bonus: How to Take Care of Your Wallet

Cleaning and wiping your wallet on a weekly basis with a damp cloth keeps it shining and dirt-free. Moreover, it also removes any stickiness, lint, and dust from the wallet. If using a leather wallet, then you can use a leather cleaner to clean it occasionally. Few leather wallets are made of soft or exotic leather; hence always test the leather cleaner on the inside part of the wallet in a small area. If you find no discoloration or effect on the leather, then use a small amount of the leather cleaner, rub your wallet with a clean cloth to clean off the grime, and finally rub off with a dry cloth to remove the traces of the leather cleaner.

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A Smart Wallet Solves the Problem for Men!

Men generally carry their wallets around in their back pockets, which makes it more prone to getting pickpocketed, getting caught in an RFID fraud, or simply losing it because it dropped out of the pocket. A smart wallet not only helps you keep your things more organized but also help prevent all of these from happening and keep your belongings safe. For instance, even if dropped it somewhere, one with tracking ability could easily be tracked! It is genuinely a smart accessory for the smarter man!