Parsi New Year(2021):  Here's All You Need to Know about the History of Navroz, Its Importance, Wishes for the Day, and Gifts to Give on the Day.

Parsi New Year(2021): Here's All You Need to Know about the History of Navroz, Its Importance, Wishes for the Day, and Gifts to Give on the Day.

Navroz, also known as Novruz, Nowrouz, Nooruz, Navruz, Nauroz or Nevruz is a festival that marks the New Year for Parsi. Like other festivals, this festival is also celebrated with the same enthusiasm and here, BP-Guide will talk about the history of this festival, some rituals and celebrations and gifts that you can give to your loved ones on this day to make this festival even more memorable to everyone.

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Parsi New Year

The day of Navroz began to be celebrated in around 6 BCE and marks the beginning of the Parsi or Iranian calendar. This day is celebrated in many places over the world, including the countries of Central Asia, Western Asia, South Asia, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, on the day of the vernal equinox. This is usually on 21 March.

This day was recognized by the United Nations in 2010 as the 'International Day Of Nowruz' following the adoption of a UN resolution. This is believed to be a secular holiday and is celebrated by people of various religions like Islam, and Zoroastrianism. Navroz is meant to increase the love between people, improve their health, increase their life and patience, and lead them to prosperity.

The Parsi New Year or Navroz is also sometimes called the Nowruz Jamshidi. This is because of the myth in which said that the Persian King, Jamshid was moved by the means of air, in a chariot, and that this action astounded his citizens so much that they started celebrating this day from there onwards. Many other alike fictitious stories are present in the Indian and Turkish cultures as well, whereas, the myth of Amoo Nowruz is extremely famous in the Central Asian countries.

At first, this day was calculated by using the ancient astronomical methods, but, in the 12th century, these modes were revised many times by various rulers and governments. Many, famous, Muslim scholars like Omar Khayyam, Mahmud Kashgari, and Abu Rayhan al-Bīrūnī also examined the day of Nowruz in the lives.

The rituals for this day vary from place to place but some of the most common ones include dancing around fire and water, visiting cemeteries, visiting friends and family, and feasting together at the Haft Seen table.

Top 19 Parsi New Year Wishes

Although wishes should come from the heart but paring feelings with correct words can make the message really memorable. Here we are sharing some of the famous and well-composed messages, you can deliver to your loved once.

Everything fresh and rich,
Everything true and nice,
Everything good and enjoyable,
May God bless you with all these things, now, and always.
Happy Navroz.

May this day bring an end to all your suffering,
May all the darkness in your life fly away,
May this flame your life with nothing but light,
Best wishes to you this Navroz.

May the majesty of the King be spread in the whole world,
May God honor us in aplenty,
Let us appeal for peace and success.
May this Navroz festival give us all the joy we want.
Persisting till our last breath!
Navroz Mubarak!

May this Navroz welcome you with peaceful days that are colorful as a spectrum,
As clear as the light,
As sparkling and lively as a songbird.
Happy Navroz!

It is a time of triumph and joy. It is a time of blessing and love. It is time to think and reflect. It is a time to feast together! Navroz Mubarak!

May this festival bring the light to show you the way towards a victorious life with prosperity, love, and glory. Happy New Year.

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. Navroz Mubarak.

In each breath that you have, each time that you laugh, each praise that you give to God. I pray that God fulfills them all. May this year be full of comfort and kindness. Navroz Mubarak!

May this new year be the start of a new chapter for you, with new people, new victories, and happiness. Happy New Year.

Blessed is the person who has admires, but does not hold any grudge. Blessings sent to you as well as your loved ones for a blithe next year. Happy New Year.

May each day of the Next Year shine with extra comfort and pleasure for you as well as your family. Navroz Pirooz.

Forget about the past, think about the future, leave out the wrong, bring in the right. May this Navroz show you the right way towards happiness. Happy Parsi New Year.

May joy come at your door right now and go not before giving you a present that you are going to hold on to forever. Have a peaceful Parsi New Year with nothing but happiness!

Ring out the old, ring in the new; Ring out the false, ring in the true. Have a great year ahead. Navroz Pirooz!

May this Navroz be an end to all the dark nights of your life. May it bring new, bright days into your life. And, may you live them without worry and pain. Navroz Pirooz.

Just as birds do, let's forget everything that we do not have to bear; malice, grief, anguish, despair as well as regrets. Life is wonderful, live it with joy. Happy Navroz!

May God bless you and your family with all the happiness in the world. May all the sad be left behind with nothing but joy in the future for you. Navroz Pirooz.

This is the start of a new chapter in your life. Try to write it beautifully and live it even more so. Happy New Year.

May devotion, valor, knowledge, peace, strength, endurance, and purity be with you, now and in the future. Happy Nowruz!

Some Celebrations of Navroz

Talking about a festival and not talking about celebration doesn't natch well. When there is a traditional festival then there will be a traditional way to celebrate it also. Here we will be seeing some of the ways to celebrate Parsi New Year. As we know that people of different-different places like to celebrate in their own style and culture.

Dancing and Visiting Cemeteries

In many countries, people prepare fire and water and the ritual of dancing over the fire and streams is carried out. In Persia, now Iran, this ritual is completed on the Wednesday before Navroz and this day is known as Chārshanbeh-e Ātash or Chārshanbeh Sūrī. In Azerbaijan, on the other hand, this is done on the four Wednesdays before the celebrations. Moreover, in some houses, people fill their water supplies, on the last Wednesday before the Parsi New Year, and all their vessels on Navroz Eve, hoping that this will prevent from it finishing the next year.

Furthermore, in most regions, it is made customary to visit cemeteries and bring along candles as offerings to the dead before Navroz. In Azerbaijan, this is done on the second day of the festival and is called the 'Day of Fathers'.

Shopping and Home Decoration

No festival is complete without new clothing, a clean and fully decorated house, and gifts. So, just like other celebrations, before the Parsi New Year, people visit the malls and grocery shops to buy new clothes to wear on the day of Navroz.

The purchasing of various gifts for relatives is also done at this time and people also buy home decoration items to decorate their home according to the festival. Children are usually given small toys whereas the elders are given any traditional items or any eatables like dry fruit or any sweets.

Homes are decorated with wooden eggs on the table, and flowers like tulips and hyacinths, among other home decor items. This is also the time when people buy everything needed for the feast they are going to prepare for their loved ones on the day of Navroz.

Visiting Friends and Family and Feasting Together on the Haft-Seen Table

On the day of Navroz, all the relatives come together in a house to celebrate the day together and spread love as well. At this time, they exchange gifts and wishes for each, before the women set up the Haft Seen table for the feast. This is table is set up with the dishes, candles, water, and sometimes, wooden, hand-made eggs painted by the family members themselves.

Seen is the Iranian alphabet for the letter 'S', and so, the names of all the dishes that are prepared for the meal start from this letter. In some countries, like Kyrgyzstan, this meal is an open ritual. Even though these dishes vary from place to place, they are more or less the same.

The most common dishes for the meal are Sabzeh or green sprouts, Samanu or a pudding made up of wheat germ, Senjed or Persian olives, Serke or vinegar, Seeb or apples, Sir or garlic, and Somāq or Sumac. All these dishes represent something. These representations are health and beauty, medicine, age and patience, love, fertility, rebirth, and prosperity.

Gifts to Give on Parsi New Year

Like every other occasion, gifts can be given on this occasion to your loved once to show your love and care for them. There are some social gifts which will be very soothing on this occasion. BP-Guide will help you choosing one so that you don't need to think much and just need to select on for you.

Wooden Eggs Craft Kit

This is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones on Navroz. This is so, because, the ritual of Haft-Seen, or the meal of Navroz, requires for you to place handmade eggs on the table. So, you can paint these wooden eggs to your preference and gift them to your relative. Or, you can even give the six eggs to their to paint which will not only make them even more artistic but, also improve their imaginative skills. The six eggs are made up of non-toxic material and weigh about 400 g. You can buy these eggs from Flipkart at Rs. 429.

Farvahar Pendant

If your relatives are more of a religious type, you can give this Faravahar Zoroastrian Parsi Pendant that you can easily buy from Flipkart. This will only cost you Rs. 123 but will fill you Parsi as it will show him how respectful you are towards his religion. This pendant is made of alloy material and is in gold colour. However, the colour may vary due to digital photography and the colour tube of your screen. This is specially made for religious festivals like the Navros, and moreover, you will not have to buy a chain separately because it is included in the package.

Hand Embroidered Parsi Gara Saree

In case you want o to impress your loved one with an extremely expensive gift, this Parsi Gara Saree is probably the ideal choice for you. This will cost you a humongous Rs. 75,450 but this will show your love for them. This black-coloured saree is enriched with Parsi traditions and culture. It is heavily embroidered with golden embroidery. The saree is custom-made, and so, requires some time to be made and the colour combination can also be changed, depending on your preference. To improve it even further, it saree comes with two blouses, so do that, you have an extra one, in case one gets destroyed. This saree can be bought from Lady Selection.

Decorative Items

This home decor item is a great gift for giving on Navroz, to your Parsi friend. You can put small dry flowers in these three miniature pots to make them look even better. However, these cannot be filled with water as the painting on it is done by hand and will be spread on removed if you put in water. The diameters of the three pots are 3 inches, 2.7 inches, and 2 inches, respectively. Whereas, the heights are 2 inches, 2.7 inches, and 3.6 inches, respectively. The pots are made up of Terracotta and come in green as well as blue colour. You can buy this from Amazon at Rs. 1,060.

Persian Sweets

Everyone likes sweets, especially as gifts of festivals. This Gaz Iran Sweet is popular and well-liked Irani sweet which may be a perfect gift for your Parsi friend on the Parsi New Year. The sweet is made up of pistachios in the exquisite white chocolate. Both these constituents give the sweet a nutty as well as nutty flavour which is extremely liked by almost everyone who tastes it. This treat will show your Parsi friend that you know of his traditions, as well as his culture while impressing his family as well. You can buy 450 gms of this eccentric pleasure for Rs. 845 from Dry Fruit Mart..

Dry Fruits

Everyone likes dry fruits, especially cashews and pistachios. If you want to buy a great gift for your Parsi friend but do not want to spend a lot of money as well, this personalized gift box may be the best choice for you. This box contains four boxes of dry fruits along with four mewa bite units, weighing 25 gm. The four dry fruits include 100 gms of cashews, 90 gms of pistachios, 110 gms of raisins, and 100 gms of almonds. To personalize it, send the picture you want to be in it. The picture should have a resolution of about 300-dpi. They will be good for nearly 15 days. You can buy it from IGP at Rs. 1,941.

A Personalized Single Set Of Wine Glasses

In case you are planning a gift for a Parsi couple, these wine glasses are probably the best choice for you. These modern-styled, Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses can be personalized with the name of the man and wife on them. Moreover, it has a height of 6 inches and a diameter of 2.5 inches. There is also a picture of a dancing couple on it. You can buy this single set of wine glasses from IGP at INR 1,200. If you think this to not be sufficient enough, you can also include in some add-ons by clicking the 'Make It Special' option available on the page.

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Presence and Quality Time Is the Real Gift

Gift and other things are mostly materialistic. These are important to show some extra love and care but these are not the only way to show. Even spending quality time with family and friends and talking about the old days, nothing can beat this. Welcoming everyone with a wide smile and spending some happy moments together is the best way to celebrate any festival. Try to give as much as time possible and spread as much as love you can and this will spread happiness in all the directions.