Shopping in USA will Become More Exciting When You Compare the Price from India. What Cheaper Things Can You Buy for India When in USA?

Shopping in USA will Become More Exciting When You Compare the Price from India. What Cheaper Things Can You Buy for India When in USA?

Who doesn't like gifts? And if the gift is from the US that too at the cheaper price then India, it will be cheery on the cake. Don't know what to buy and what not to? First, we will suggest asking the particular person itself but if you can't, then BP-Guide will help you in choosing the best thing from the best place.

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Which is the Best Way To Shop in US for Indians: Online or Offline?

In the United States, 40% of the population shop online however, the share decreases in certain categories like groceries, pet food, clothing, cleaning essentials and so on. For tourists like Indians, it can be different. According to the recent study, it was determined that more than 50% of Indian tourists like to shop online to save time and cost.

Both kinds of shopping experience have their own pros and cons. At one end, online shopping on top websites like Amazon and Walmart can save you a bigger amount due to their continuously running discounts and coupons. Online shopping also saves your time as you do not particularly have to visit anywhere and you can utilise the same time for other things you want to do in the US. Some tourists love to shop from the malls and the stores because they believe in checking the items themselves before buying.

If you have the time, we can suggest you buy groceries, clothes and cosmetics directly from the stores as you can explore different options and also save a good amount as there are many sales ongoing most of the times. But if you are looking to buy some gifts like gadgets, MacBook, winter essentials, kitchen essentials, branded bags, sunglasses etc., for your people back in India, we would recommend you to go for online shopping.

Top 10 Things to Buy in USA That are Cheaper Than India

While going to or coming back from the US back to India, you may wonder what to buy for your loved ones as they must be expecting something different from what they can easily get in their native country. If you are also on the same track, check out the below items that are actually worth buying in the US than in India. Also, you save thousands of dollars if you buy them in the states as they are a lot cheaper and are of better quality than in India.

New Apple MacBook Pro: A Must Buy Product to India

Apple and its products including the iPhone is the brand that we always dream of. Buying Apple in India can be a bit tricky and not everyone can afford it but if you are in the US, you can save hundreds of dollars and thousands of rupees. You wouldn't believe but you can easily save up to $500 if you buy an Apple MacBook pro in the United States.

The New Apple MacBook Pro has a stunning 13.3-inch Retina Display with True Tone technology. It has 8 GB RAM and the battery life goes up to 18 hours of unstoppable performance. The smooth touch of the MacBook can make you fall in love with it. Moreover, it has16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning is incomparable. If you want to buy this new Apple MacBook Pro, you can visit the and can buy it at the discounted rate of $987.50 (Rs. 72,086.51)"

Branded Watches: Every Person's Need and Choice

Branded watches are one among such options that are relatively cheaper in the US than in India. You can count the most expensive brands like Fossil and Kenneth Cole among them. One such cheaper branded watch that can be purchased at a very cheap price in the US is Fossil Men's Coachman Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Cuff Watch which is available at an affordable rate of $139 (approx. 10340 INR) only. But if you try to buy the same watch in India, you may end up paying $200 or more and that too if it is available in the market or online.

Hence, you can imagine the price difference is quite high. This mesmerizing watch from Fossil is extremely stylish, is interchangeable with any other strap of 20mm from the same brand. It has three separate dials to track hours, minutes and seconds. Fossil Men's Coachman is highly water-resistant up to 330ft which means you can wear it during your workouts, shower time and even during swimming. But it cannot resist water during Scuba Diving which is a small disadvantage of it. Also, the watch has a stainless steel case with a silver-tone dial and a date window which makes it look more appealing. You can buy it in three different colours: Brown, Silver and Black. You can buy the watch from

Vitamins & Supplements: Another Body Essentials

You can choose from a variety of available vitamins and supplements for your dear ones back in your country. You can not only present it to your family but to your close friends and even colleagues in the office, they will much appreciate it. Most of us don't know that vitamins are typically made in the USA and hence, they are imported to India after which they are sold at very high rates in the Indian stores. While being in the states, you can purchase these body essentials at cheap prices, we are lucky enough, aren't we? Vitamins and other essential supplements are useful for our different needs like proper hair growth, bodybuilding, fat burning, or even fat gaining and etc.

You can purchase from a wide range of essentials like Omega 3 Fish oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 etc on different shopping sites operating in the US. One such vitamin that you can buy is Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7 by Sun leafy. It is available at which is another best shopping site offering best discounts at the best price of $14 (approx. INR 1,063.56). These vitamin D3 capsules are easy to swallow and are Gluten-free. These are beneficial for your immune system functioning and responsible for proper bone growth.

Branded Bags: Every Woman's Dream

If you are looking to buy something branded for your sisters or wife, branded bags are the best options to buy in the US. Most of the Indian ladies go for first copies or replicas when it comes to purchasing the branded bags from the renowned and most expensive brands like Michael Kors, Gucci, Prada etc. as these brands are not at all affordable for a common person. Each bag may start from 50,000 INR and the price goes up while looking for the most expensive brands. However, you never know which is the original one and which is not. You may get these bags at lower costs also in different markets but finding out an original piece is a tough task especially in a country like India.

If you are visiting the states then you must buy a branded bag for your girl as these brands are quite affordable to purchase there. You can find many cheaper options also as there are many other US brands that offer extremely good quality stuff and fabric in the list of bags. One such example of a branded bag is Gucci Logo Moon & Stars Black Leather Cross Body Bag. Its retail price is $1750 but on eBay, you can easily buy it at the best price of $1,099 (INR 81,226.90 approximately). If you try to buy the same in India, you may end up paying about 1.5 lakhs or even more. This extremely beautiful bag from Gucci has black coloured leather fabric and a golden detailing on it. Every girl will look stunning with this beautiful bag on!"

Kitchen Utensils: Every Indian Home Needs

Kitchen utensils are the need of every home. Mainly in India where the cooking is the best practice where every Indian woman cooks for almost 3-5 hours a day, a good and high-quality kitchen utensil is a basic necessity. You can purchase extremely good quality kitchen utensils at very cheap rates from any store like Macy's or Ikea or even shop online at best available discounts. When it comes to quality, US has something that is irresistible because it has a standard. You can also choose from a wide range of dinner sets, branded crockeries or even baking items from any of the local stores where they have it on Sale or discounts. You can avail discount coupons on one of its top sites like Walmart.

KitchenAid 6 Piece Essential Kitchen Tool and Gadget Starter Set is the best sample for showing the heavy discount and a branded item under $10 only. Its retail price is about $47 (approx. 2800 INR). If you buy this stylish 6 piece kitchen tool online at Walmart, you get this at $9.17 (approx. 618 INR) which is quite low as per US standards.

Perfumes: The Best Fragrances Ever

How can we forget about perfumes while out in US? After that's the basic luxury which we all need and it should of an extremely good fragrance. Burberry is a well-known brand and is not available in India. Burberry being the most luxurious brand in the range of perfumes has its own class. If you are looking to buy something extraordinary for your partner or even friends, Burberry Classic Eau De Parfum Spray, Perfume For Women, 3.3 Oz is the best and the cheapest option. Its retail price is about $98 (approx. 6000 INR) that seems a bit out of the budget if you are in India. While out in the US you can buy his extravagant fragrance for your lady love at only $39, a big discounted rate at Walmart, US.

There are many other options available when it comes to buying perfumes under $20 or even $10. Rather than buying one or two big bottles, you can purchase many different brands under low costs and all would prove much better than fragrances available in India. Even a local American brand will be of better quality than those available in India.

Branded Clothes: Must Cheaper Than India

If you didn't buy clothes in the states then you did nothing. After all America is all about fashion where the biggest cinema industry, Hollywood has its roots. You can buy clothes of different fashion from any outlet in the US. You can shop in the local stores, in the nearby malls or even online at best available discounts.

One such amazing collection for clothing is available at Sears, USA. Buying clothes is never enough. Especially if you can get brands like U.S. Polo and Benetton without burning a big hole in your pocket, If you try to buy these brands here in India, you may end up spending the whole month salary but in US, these brands are available as less as $10 only.

One such product from the branded collection is U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Sweatpants available at a nominal rate of $13 (approx. 1200 INR). It looks unbelievable but the truth is these brands are just like our local brands in India however the quality and fabric are much better than the original collection of these brands. The sweatpants from polo have two zipper pockets that add convenience to the body and also has an elastic grip which makes easy to wear and highly flexible during running, walking or even at workouts.

Wireless Headsets Audio: A Big Price Difference Can Be Seen

If you have younger brothers or gadgets freak friends back in India, then this is a must-have. Brands like JBL, Beats and Skullcandy are difficult to buy in India as they are either not available or are very costly. You can purchase this Beats 970109585M by Dr. Dre EP On-Ear Headphones in White which is not easily available in India, at Sears, US at a very nominal rate of $89 (approx. 6585 INR). In India, only authentic stores have these headphones and that too at very costly rates. The price difference may go up to $100 compared to India.

These premium headphones by Beats are noise isolating delivering precise and clear sound of the music you love. You may also engage with Siri if you wish to and it offers you a remote talk to answer or end the phone calls at your convenience. These audio headphones come in stunning white colour offering sleek look. It also has an inline remote and mic.

Sports Shoes: Exclusive Collection In US

You will fall in love with the quality and collection of sports shoes available in the US. America is the manufacturer and the world's biggest exporter in the sports shoe industry. Brands like Nike and Adidas has their roots in the states. So, you can definitely count them in your shopping list. You can find a variety of sports shoes from the best American brands available at bigger discounts at Oakland Raiders Fan Custom Themed Running Sneakers Shoes for women men kids are available in all sizes for women, men and even for the kids. These stunning shoes are of the best material and can be worn on tough and even frictionless surfaces.

These stunning and stylish sneakers are fall-safe. You can wear them on watery surface easily and can stay safer. These custom fan-made sneakers are available at a heavily discounted rate of $69.89 (approx. 5000 INR). The price seems a bit over budget but the pair can turn out to be the best among all you already have. All you need is the safest and the most trendy looking sporty shoes so here you go!

A Drone With Camera: An Amazing Gadget for Brothers

Drones need a license in India if you want to have flown them. But drones are most loved by the young folks. If you want to gift your little brother, a drone with a camera then this is the best option as it is not much expensive and can be easily packed in your luggage.

Ryze Tech - Tello Boost Combo Quadcopter comes in two colours: white and black with a camera. It has a very good rating on Best Buy, also has an unbelievable price of $149 (approx. 12000 INR). Drones are not the cheaper options to buy rather they have starting rate of $500 dollars or more if you want one with more features. In this scenario, the Ryze-Tech drone with a camera covering all necessary features is the best option to buy.

Planning a Trip To USA? Know How to Shop & Save

If you are looking to shop more and save even more, then you need to be a little smart and clever enough in planning your shopping while in the USA. You may find cheaper options in many stores but getting the right product under your budget is a tricky task and not everyone can do it being a tourist of course. So, before buying cheaper items while in the US, you need to follow these essentials steps:

  • Know who wants what: Every family member would have their own choices. So, ask them before you leave the country. It will be relatively easier for you to plan out your shopping and budget if you would know what they like or dislike.
  • Plan your priority: There may be a situation when you want to buy something for everyone. In this situation, you may prioritize your shopping list. For example, you can put an electronic gadget in your list at the top if someone more closer to you wants it and then write for another one. Sometimes, budget is an issue to buy everything for everyone hence, prioritizing your shopping will work out properly. You may, later on, find something cheaper for other people who are not so close to you.
  • Prepare a proper list: After setting people and things to buy on priority, you should start writing them finally on a paper as it will avoid confusion later on.
  • Prepare a budget : After making the list of requirements and budget the next thing will be to set up your budget. Without a proper budget, you may end up by spending undesirable money
  • Go out with your list : Read and find out places where you can find specific things in your list on Sale or at discounted rates
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Always Think Before Buying Anything

Getting things cheaper in the USA is true but still one cannot blindly buy anything. Before buying there should be one thing in mind that it will not be returnable easily because the USA is very much far from here. Apart from that carrying so many things and bigger things will also not be an easy task. So before buying anything, one should definitely take care of another person's wishes and then he/she has to think about carrying too. Other than that buying something from the USA will be really cheaper but not everything. Most of the things which are made in the USA, will be cheaper.