Tired of Dull Skin? May be It's Because You Lack Vitamin C. Here are the Best Vitamin C Enriched Night Creams IN 2021

Tired of Dull Skin? May be It's Because You Lack Vitamin C. Here are the Best Vitamin C Enriched Night Creams IN 2021

Dark circles, dullness and wrinkles are all signs of lack of Vitamin C in our body. Apparently our body does not produce Vitamin C , so we must take care our body's Vitamin C deficiency. There are various creams available in market, but we suggest a few of the best. So checkout some of the Vitamin C enriching night creams of 2021.

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Why Our Skin Needs Vitamin C from External Sources?

Vitamin C is an important resource for our wellness but unfortunately is not produced in our body. That is the reason why you need to ensure the intake of vitamin C from the external sources. Our skin needs vitamin C as it enhances the collagen production, reduce fine lines and other signs of aging. You must have noticed that most of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C are known to be a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are one of the topmost requirements for our skin in preventing damage to the cells.

Apart from these benefits, Vitamin C is also known to reduce the hyperpigmentation and increase the radiance in the skin. Before we dive deeper into the vitamin C rich products that you should add to your skin care routine, let us talk a bit more about the benefits of adding Vitamin C to your daily skincare regime.

Reasons to Add Vitamin C to Your SkinCare Routine

Hydrating and Brightening

A derivative of vitamin C, magnesium ascorbyl is known for its skin hydrating properties. By reducing the transepidermal water loss, the skin holds the moisture better and therefore remains hydrated. On the skin brightening front also Vitamin C is an effective solution as it helps in getting rid of the dullness in the skin and retain the radiance.

Reduce Hyperpigmentation

As we discussed earlier, Vitamin C is a very potent ingredient found in creams, lotions and even naturally that helps in reducing the pigmentation and dark spots. Applying vitamin C rich lotions and creams reduces the effect of an enzyme known as tyrosinase, an ingredient that enhances the pigmentation. Make sure that you protect your skin from the direct sunlight and apply vitamin C rich cream on a daily basis to reduce the pigmentation.

Reduces Sunburn and Soothes the Skin

When we say free radicals, it generally means that the atoms without electrons. Since these atoms look for new electrons, it might cause much damage to the skin. Now, antioxidants ensure that the atoms get the electrons and therefore reduce the damage. Vitamin C is rich in electron and in addition it also increases the cell turnover therefore replacing the damaged cells with the healthier ones.

Lowers Aging Signs

Last but not the least, Vitamin C helps in reducing the fine lines and other such signs of aging by keeping the skin healthy and radiant. As vitamin C increases the collagen production, it maintains the elasticity and firmness therefore reducing the signs of aging.

Top 10 Vitamin C Creams And Serums For Your Skin

DERMA E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream, 2 oz

An intense repair formula, this night cream from Derma restores the goodness of the skin and repairs it overnight. Apart from removing the finer lines and other signs of aging, the cream also restores the radiance of the skin. Moreover the probiotics and rooibos work miraculously with Vitamin C to retain the natural moisture of the skin thereby keeping the skin hydrated.

What makes it a best night cream vitamin C is the use of stabilised vitamin C rather than the unstabilized. Compared to the unstabilised vitamin C, the stabilised one blends in the skin and deliver better result. Apply a rich layer of this Derma E cream on your face and neck after cleaning your face in the night. Massage your face in circular motion and let the cream absorb. You can buy this very effective night cream with the goodness of Vitamin C from www.amazon.in for INR 3,211.

Mom & World Repair + Renew Youth Firming Night Cream, 50gm - With Vitamin C, Retinol For Smooth & Bright and Younger Looking Skin

Get an advanced overnight skin care with this Vitamin C loaded night cream from Mom&World. The intense formula of the cream comes packed with natural super-moisturising agents such as shea butter, avocado oil, grape seed oil, wheatgerm oil and other such ingredients that boost the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

A fine blend of other ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C, E, B3 and hyaluronic acid helps in combating with the problems such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Among other things, this night cream from Mom&World stands out for its safe ingredients are soft on skin and suitable for all skin types. Buy this cream on www.amazon.in for just INR 549 and give your skin a dose of all the ingredients that revitalise the skin and make it look younger and fresher.

St.Botanica Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Night Cream

Give your skin a natural brightness and radiance with this St.Botanica cream which comes loaded with Vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic acid. Ingredients like vitamin E, B3 etc bring remove the aging spots, fine lines and other issues that our skin tends to suffer overtime. On the top of that, the natural oils help in moisturising and conditioning the skin. Vitamin C is the natural antioxidant that helps in retaining the youthful skin and reflect the inner glow of the skin. Just the right amount of moisturiser without making your skin greasy helps in balancing and retaining the natural moisture of the skin. Above all, be assured that you are not treating your skin with paraben, sulfate and other harmful chemicals because this cream is loaded with all natural ingredients. You can buy this night cream on www.nykaa.com for just INR 599 and your skin care routine for the night is sorted.

Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream Jasmine & Patchouli

A rich blend of Vitamin C and other natural ingredients, this night cream from Forest Essentials is a perfect kick of freshness and radiance that your skin needs. Ayurvedic ingredients like Jasmine and patchouli is the right combination for nourishing the oily skin. Various other herb infusions like anantmool repair the damaged skin cells, retaining the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Soothing to the skin and packed with the essential oils, this night cream is your best shot at getting a radiant and problem free skin. Free your skin from the torture of chemicals such as parabens and petrochemicals that are present in a lot of creams available in the market. You can buy this vitamin c rich night cream in a eco-friendly packaging from Forest Essentials on www.forestessentialsindia.com for INR 2,695.

Vitamin C Night Repair Kit

A night repair bundle from one of the most well loved cosmetics company in India, is a perfect combination of natural ingredients and Vitamin C. You get the goodness of ingredients such as B3 and B5 essential for hydrating your face, repairing it and rejuvenating from within. Apart from that, the bundle also helps in reducing the fine lines and dark circles. Get rid of pigmentation, blemishes and uneven skin tone with the regular application of Face serum. The serum comes infused with the goodness of Kakadu plum, one of the richest source of Vitamin C. Deep penetration of the ingredients in the skin not only helps in repairing the skin but also ensure the elasticity and firmness making the skin look younger and brighter. You can buy this night cream on themomsco.com for just INR 1,217.

Naked Detox Green Tea Night Gel with Vitamin C, 50m

Your Skin needs the right amount of moisturiser throughout the day and night is no different. This Green tea night cream enriched with Vitamin C maintains the right balance of moisturiser on your skin. Apart from Vitamin C, the cream is loaded with Green tea extracts – yet another rich source of antioxidants helping in getting rid of fine lines, reducing pigmentation and dark spots. Further, the hyaluronic acid retains the right amount of moisture required for the skin. A natural detox for your skin, the cream is also infused with caffeine that helps in soothing the skin and give a healthy glow. Last but not the least, the cream is free from SLES, SLS and silicones making it safe for regular application on the skin. You can buy this cream on www.mcaffeine.com for just INR 575 and give a complete nourishment to the skin.

Skin Reviving Night Cream ( Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid), For Youthful, Glowing Skin – 30 ml

A pure bliss for all skin types, this reviving night cream from khadiessentials should undoubtedly be the part of your night skincare regime. Experience the goodness of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid enhanced by the bio-actives such as Vitamin E, Green Tea, Jojoba oil, collagen and retinol. All these natural ingredients help in reducing the fine lines and moisturizes the skin from deep within. Get flawless and toned skin by reducing the blemishes and pigmentation on a regular application of this cream. Above all you can be assured when using khadiessentials products that it would be chemical free, parabens free and will not include other harmful chemicals such as silicones, mineral oils etc. Just take a couple of drops onto your fingerprint and apply evenly on face and neck after cleaning your face. Massage for a couple minutes with the tip of the fingers in circular motion. You can buy this vitamin C enriched cream on www.khadiessentials.com for just INR 821.

Coccoon Repairing Night Cream with Vitamin C- Kakadu Plum and Shea Butter

A must have in your daily night routine, this cream from Coccoon is loaded with the extracts of Kakadu plum, one of the richest source of Vitamin C. The special formula of this night cream regenerates the skin while you are sleeping for an unmatched glow in the morning. Moreover, the ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E work wonderfully for removing the UV damage and restores the moisture of the skin leaving it soft. For the best result, apply the cream on a cleansed face every night and leave it overnight. You can buy this cream www.nykaa.com for just INR 584.

The EnQ Vitamin C Night Cream

The night cream is loaded with Vitamin C extract and other antioxidants therefore providing hydration and nourishment to the skin. Moreover, Vitamin C helps in lightening and brightening the skin, it builds a strong antioxidant defence system. When used on a daily basis, it can help brighten dull skin, diminish acne scars, even out skin tone, hydrate skin, and help it from pollution. Buy this vitamin c rich night cream on Amazon for just INR 500.

Himalaya Vitamin C

The organic Vitamin C in this night cream from Himalayan is super essential for building your natural defence during the night when you are sleeping. Not only the cream promotes the cell turnover but also guards against the daily toxins. Daily application of the cream will render the skin smoother, firmer, and more rejuvenated. A powerful blend of vitamin A, C, B3 and E along with hyaluronic acid restores the moisture and elasticity making it look younger and radiant. You can buy this Himalayan organic night cream on www.flipkart.com for just INR 699.

Tips for Best Results on Using Vitamin C on Your Skin

Use the Right Concentration of Vitamin C

There are a slew of products in the skincare market that have different concentration of vitamin C. On an average this concentration lies somewhere between 5% and 30% and can have different effects on the skin. Therefore, according to your skin type the concentration of Vitamin C should be selected. Similarly, if you have pigmentation issues then make sure to pick the cream with higher concentration of Vitamin C.

Avoid these Ingredients with Vitamin C

Generally Vitamin C is safe on all types of skin without any side-effects. However, if you are the one with sensitive skin then using the products with the vitamin C infused might be a little stingy. Make sure that you are not using the benzoyl peroxide products when using vitamin C in some form or other. Its just that you should not use these two ingredients one after another and keep a safe distance of time between the application of both.

Store the Vitamin C Cream the Right Way

It is a known fact that vitamin C is extremely vulnerable to light and air. Both air and sunlight enhance the oxidization process in the vitamin c and therefore rendering it less effective. Therefore, storing vitamin c cream away from direct sunlight and air is always the better option.

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Vitamin C Enriched Creams are the Next Step Towards a Glowing Skin in 2020

Skin problems are always due to lack of proper Vitamins and minerals. Lack of Vitamin C is just another example of this. So take another step to a glowing skin by maintaining proper amount of Vitamin C to your body.