Ready to Turn Back Time(2021)? 10 Best Anti-Ageing Night Creams for Nourishing Skin While You Sleep

Ready to Turn Back Time(2021)? 10 Best Anti-Ageing Night Creams for Nourishing Skin While You Sleep

There’s nothing “anti” about ageing. It is all about how gracefully you embrace it. As you age, you will definitely get fine lines and wrinkles. But the good news is that you can make them less apparent. The skin repairs and restores itself when you sleep—which is exactly why nighttime is the best time to treat any and every issue. Read on to find a list of best night creams that come with anti-ageing benefits.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Buy Products According to Your Skin Type

Before you decide to buy night creams anti-ageing, you should first know what your skin type is. This is an important factor to consider before buying any skincare product including anti-ageing. One product does not work on all skin types and can even cause breakouts especially when you are having a sensitive skin type. So, first, determine your skin type and then buy anti ageing skin care products accordingly.

Having an Effective Sunscreen

The first step towards anti ageing skin care or simply good skincare should be buying and using sunscreen regularly. So, when you have decided to pick a sunscreen for yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind for it. Pick one which can block both UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it should be higher than SPF 30 and shouldn’t contain fragrance or parabens in it. If you are having sensitive skin then opt for sensitivity-free sunscreen.

Moisturizer is Important Too!

As we are talking about anti aging night creams here, you shouldn’t forget that their main purpose is to provide moisture to your skin. A simple moisturizer goes a long way and you should choose one according to your skin type for sure. In fact, you can choose a moisturizer which has SPF for double protection against sun as well as against signs of aging.

Go Through Product Labels

Generally, there are a lot of things mentioned on products’ labels and we often fail to understand them. So, when you read “Hypoallergenic” it means a lower risk of allergies from the product. “Non-Comedogenic” or “Non-Acnegenic” means the product doesn’t cause acne. Make sure to read that the product does not promote animal cruelty too.

Best Night Creams for Anti Aging

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer

One of the best anti-ageing creams available in India, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair anti-ageing Night Cream is a miraculous product to fight signs of ageing. The cream contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 which protects against sun damage (a major cause of dull and ageing skin).

This is basically a fast-acting moisturizer that is suitable for the skin of both men and women. You can actually see the stubborn issues like wrinkles, dull under-eye area and fine lines fading with its use.
This cream also helps in achieving smooth texture and even skin tone too. Thankfully, the cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones too. This dermatologist-tested night cream is to be massaged on the face and neck before going to bed. You can buy this Neutrogena anti-ageing night cream on Amazon for Rs.1,125.

Mamaearth Overnight Repair Night Cream

A simple but effective anti-ageing night cream formula, Mamaearth overnight repair cream provides amazing results in a quick span of time. This cream is absolutely free of silicon and paraben and the lightweight formula doesn’t even clog your pores too.

Suitable to all skin types, the repairing cream works on nourishing, repairing, hydrating and tightening the skin even in the 40s too. You can also see your skin turning a lot brighter and lighter with the usage of this cream timely.

Enriched with daisy flower extract and collagen CLR, the cream works on even out the skin tone as well as on improving its elasticity respectively. Mamaearth skin repair night cream is there to heal your skin from the day to day damage caused by pollution and hectic lifestyle. Grab this night cream right away on for Rs. 539.

Wow Anti Aging Night Cream

The next we have this Wow Skin Science anti-ageing Night Cream. The cream is prepared with all-natural ingredients and contains no parabens and minerals at all. The cream is powered with anti-ageing bio-actives – Aloe Leaf juice, olive oil, Matrixyl 3000 peptides, Hyaluronic acid and many more which are quite powerful to provide a youthful glow.

You can actually see your age spots reducing and your wrinkles and fine lines minimizing too. The cream also improves the elasticity of the skin, making it more sculpted.

The night cream suits all skin types including acne-prone skin too. All you have to do is just cleanse your face and apply the cream and massage it well before bedtime. The results are simply unbelievable and it will turn out to be a good investment for your skin. Buy this cream now on for Rs. 699.

Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

There are some night creams anti ageing formulas which are suitable for both men and women and Living Proof Night Hydration Complex is one such formula. The cream comes in a bottle like packaging and the pump really helps in easy access.

The cream works on all skin types and thankfully prepared with all sorts of natural ingredients only. They use ingredients like olive oil, sweet almond oil and soy protein to create this product. All of this works together to provide facial cell recovery from within and hence a youthful glow on the outside.

When applied regularly, the cream provides strength and elasticity to the skin which results in the disappearance of wrinkles and dull skin. Massage it every night on your face and neck to achieve healthy-looking skin in the morning. This cream is available for purchase on for Rs.342.

O3+ Professional Night Repair Cream

O3+ is a popular professional skincare brand and their night repair face cream is like another feather in their cap. Their anti-ageing formula is created to brighten and lighten the skin and to restore its lost elasticity too.

This cream is suitable for dry and normal skin only and can be used by both men and women. You can even use this cream for early signs of ageing too. While the elasticity and firmness of the skin are restored by this cream, you can also notice a radiant glow in your skin too.

The night cream works from within the skin to provide cellular repair and makes the skin well-hydrated. Important ingredients in this cream like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, almond oil etc. help in fading dark spots and makes your skin more youthful and glowing. Grab this cream now on Amazon for Rs. 802.

St. Botanica Pure Radiance Anti Aging Cream

St. Botanica offers one of the best night creams anti-ageing products in form of this Pure Radiance anti-ageing and Brightening Cream. The cream is enriched with natural and powerful ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil, Aloe Vera Extract and many more to aid your skin in achieving a youthful appearance.

The product includes Retinol and other Vitamin complex which improves the condition of your skin from within and helps you in getting rid of dull skin. The amazing ingredients work on so many ageing skin issues like dehydration, spots, sun damage, premature ageing etc. and gradually improves the overall condition.
You are going to love how your skin feels after you will massage this cream on your skin at night. Suitable to all skin types, this anti-ageing formula is a true lifesaver to rejuvenate your skin. Grab this cream on for Rs.799.

Blue Nectar Anti Aging Brightening Face Cream

If you want a completely natural solution for your ageing skin then you cannot find a better choice than Blue Nectar anti-ageing and Anti Wrinkle Cream. Their Sandalwood and Saffron Cream are a completely natural way to heal your skin from its ageing issues.

Of course, you cannot completely get rid of the problems but with the help of this night cream, you can definitely reduce the signs of ageing to quite some extent.

They use 14 different types of herbs in this formula and you can start using it from the age of 25 too. Apart from subsiding wrinkles and fine lines, you can feel your skin to be more hydrated and fresh than before. In fact, you can use this product as a day creams too as it is quite lightweight. Buy this anti-ageing natural cream now on for Rs.865.

Pure Biology Enhanced Night Cream

The next one amidst this list of night creams anti-ageing formula is Pure Biology anti-ageing Night Cream. Powered with effective ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, Baobien Tientm, FisionTM etc, this cream is super advanced in reducing fine lines and wrinkles even with a few days of usage.

The cream deeply penetrates within the skin to hydrate it and works on new cell generation to fight the signs of ageing. You can also achieve brighter and whiter skin with its use along with a reduction in age spots.

You can massage this cream on the face and neck before going to bed (in an upward motion) to achieve firmer and younger-looking skin. This cream is quite effective in getting rid of sagging skin too. So, grab this powerful formula now on for Rs. 4,600.

Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti Aging Nourishing Night Cream

Lotus Herbals offers Youth Rx Anti-Aging Nourishing Night Cream formula which proves to be quite beneficial for people suffering from major skin ageing problems. This cream works on accelerating skin lifting, firming and sculpting. So, now you can finally say bye-bye to old and sagging facial skin.

The protective action of this formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles like they were never there on your skin. Regular application of this cream opens up your pores to provide more oxygen to your cells so that you can achieve fresher and more glowing skin.

This is a preservative-free formula and hence leaves no side-effects on your face. The revolutionary Gineplex Youth Compound induced in this cream is effective in achieving a youthful face in no time. Buy this cream now on Nykaa for Rs. 544.

Lakme Absolute Youth infinity Skin Sculpting Night Cream

And finally, we have, Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème which is one of the best anti-ageing night creams for the 40s. Yes, you read that right and you can start using an anti-ageing cream even in your 40s because it is never too late to start caring for your skin.

This cream is formulated with insta-collagen boosters which work on tightening your skin while the luminizing pearls infused in this cream helps in giving a brighter look.

This non-comedogenic cream is recommended by top salon experts to achieve supple, youthful and glowing skin in very quick span of time. Repair and regenerate the beauty of your skin no matter what’s your age. Grab this cream now on for Rs. 880.

Lifestyle Changes / Skincare to Suppress Signs of Aging Naturally

When you will start to make simple lifestyle changes, you would notice that you don’t need night creams for anti aging anymore. Well, you may need them later in your life in your late 40s or 50s but we can assure that you won’t see early signs of aging. So, apart from keeping yourself well-hydrated, here are some other lifestyle changes you can make to keep your skin radiant naturally.

Sun Protection

The first step towards a healthy and youthful skin is sun protection all day and every day. When you are out in the sun, try to wear full clothes to avoid exposing your skin. Moreover, you can also apply sunscreen with higher SPF. Also, do not forget to put on sunglasses with UV rays protection. Even when it is a bit cloudy, do not forget to put on your sunscreen.

Keep Your Face Relaxed

Apparently, making continuous facial expression can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your face. When you make a facial expression, your muscles contract. If you do this every day then it will cause permanent lines to show because of this contraction which can make your face look dull and old. Hence, keep your face relaxed and calm.

Focus on What You Eat

Many people say that what you eat you become. This is why eating healthy and nutritious food always shows well on your body and skin. Apart from using night creams anti aging skincare routine, you can also work on cleansing your body from within. Your diet should be well-balanced consisting of fruits and vegetables as it prevents skin aging to quite some extent.

Be Gentle on Your Skin

While cleansing your face or applying any product on it, you should be gentle on your skin. Especially when you are exfoliating your skin, make sure that you aren’t using a harsh motion to scrub your skin. This can escalate the process of aging and also causes fine lines to show on your face. Make sure you wash it off with gentle hands and the same applies for putting on moisturizer and other products too.

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How to Choose a Night Cream?

Selecting the right night cream that suits your skin tone is crucial. When choosing a night cream for yourself, ensure that the cream is not too thick. A thick night cream clogs your skin pores. It becomes difficult for your skin to breathe. Whenever you choose a night cream, ensure it is fragrance-free. Cleanse, tone, apply your eye cream, your serum—and most importantly don’t forget your night cream. Hopefully, you’ll have a good eight hours when your skin can be pampered and nourished while you do nothing but get some beauty sleep.