10 Great 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend and Some Sweet Ways to Say Thank You to Him for Being By Your Side All This Time

10 Great 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend and Some Sweet Ways to Say Thank You to Him for Being By Your Side All This Time

Having a 5 year anniversary with the one you love? You should get him the most thoughtful gift ever! Every boyfriend deserves and loves to be treated nicely by the love of his life. Keep reading to get great ideas on gifts you can buy for the one you love.

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Thank Him for Being a Great Boyfriend Over 5 Years

If it is time for you to buy a 5 year anniversary gift for the boyfriend, I wouldn’t imagine a better place to be. This piece highlights 5 year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend that will make him feel loved as well as appreciated. After 5 years of being a loving boyfriend, it is only fair that you think of the best 5 year celebration ideas. When it comes to gifting, wood gifts for him is a high recommendation. That’s because the theme of 5th wedding anniversaries is usually wood and silverware for the traditional and modern themes, respectively. As much as it is not a wedding anniversary, you should read on since the article offers ideas and tips that will ensure that you get the best 5 year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

How to Choose the Appropriate Gift for A Boyfriend of 5 years

Go for A Personalized Gift

No matter the occasion, a personalized gift will always carry the day. That’s because it shows how well you know the person. Consequently, they won’t have doubts of whether you love them or the person that you imagine them to be. Therefore, as you settle for a 5 year anniversary gift for boyfriend, see to it that you buy a personalized gift. It is good to keep in mind that the two of you have been together for 5 years. For that reason, you should think carefully before buying it.

Consider Wood Gifts for Him

Since the traditional theme of a 5 year anniversary as far as love is concerned is wood, think about something of that material. From wooden combs to accessories to ornaments, the options are incredible. Make sure that they are stylish. Equally important, they should mean something to him or the two of you. For instance, a wooden chain with the date you met or went to a special place can also be a great idea.

Being Romantic is Mandatory

As obvious as it should be, many are the times when people forget this aspect. It is the 5th anniversary for crying out loud. Therefore, see to it that the 5 year anniversary gift ideas for the boyfriend and the 5 year anniversary celebration ideas are romantic. If you do that, the activities will be relevant and what you get will serve its purpose.

Top 10 Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for The Boyfriend

Personalised Cushion Gift

Source www.amazon.in

On top of our list is definitely a great 5 year anniversary gift for the boyfriend. You have been dating someone for five years. For that reason, you want him to feel special because after all, he is the special person you have been with for five years. In case you want to get him something that will bring out a smile in him, here is an idea. To get him a personalized cushioned gift is the best way out. You can get him a pillowcase with his picture on it. It is worth Rs 435 only. With that amount, you can get him something with either a perfect picture or words he loves. This will leave your boyfriend happy and feeling loved. Buy the cushion at amazon.in.

Hulk 3D Mug

As a woman, it’s always a thing of joy to make your guy feel like some kind of the world’s superhero. Sometimes, words don’t do justice to the romantic story. However, you can surprise him with a 5 year anniversary gift that will make him feel special. Get him a reliable big size hulk that resembles a superhero. Make sure that you select his favourite colour as well. This will make him happy no doubt. The fact that the product is less expensive and its great quality makes it one of the best 5 year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend. Get one of these hulk mugs at bigsmall.in at a reasonable price of Rs.899.

Astronaut USB Night Light

It is no secret that getting a perfect 5 year anniversary gift for the boyfriend is a daunting task. After all, he is a man. In addition to that, it is your 5th anniversary and you have possibly depleted all the things you could think of as a gift. However, if you have a blank mind and you can’t think of something, this is another one of the best 5 year anniversary gift ideas for any boyfriend.

Get him an astronaut USB night light. It is super amazing, and you can be assured that any man will be 100 per cent happy. It is a get-away light that simply takes you to a different kind of a world where there are no duties or responsibilities. Its design ensures that you relax the mind every now and then as it takes you to a fictional world. The two LED nights delivers a soft yellow, bright lighting that is useful everywhere. Get this lamp at Rs.599 at bigsmall.in.

Indigifts Cushion Cover with Filler for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Source www.amazon.in

There is no better feeling in the world than that feeling of love especially when it is a two-way love. However, as much as we love someone, we should show them how exactly we feel about them. A great 5 year anniversary gift for the boyfriend as simple as a cushion cover can do the day justice. Get him a cushion cover from Indigifts Production Company. It is a red cushion cover with multiple artworks which is simple but makes him feel loved and appreciated. Its material of construction is reliable thus durable. The cover measures 12 by 12 inches which is a perfect size. Get this cover at amazon.in at a price of only Rs.299.

Cheerful Yellow Roses for Him

Source www.fnp.com

As much as colour yellow is not used for Valentine's dates, it does not mean that they are less romantic or less attractive. Make the fifth anniversary romantic by getting him a yellow flowers bouquet. These roses are as exciting as their title suggests. A full bouquet consists of twenty-one beautiful flowers that have a round shape black box which is sturdy and easy to manage. In addition to that, it comes with a card where you can write all about how you feel about this relationship. Pour the heartfelt emotions out and make him feel loved during the fifth anniversary. Purchase these roses at fnp.com at a great price of Rs.1,299.

Couple's Key Chain with Initials and Date

Source www.etsy.com

You want to relay a message to the man you love, that he holds your whole heart and that he is your soulmate? If yes, this 5 year anniversary gift for boyfriend will do the trick. Settle for this key chain. Its handle makes it rank among the best wood gifts for him. It has the initial date and time. With this chain, you can let him know that he owns your heart and you love him to the maximum. This item has an amazing text that leaves him feeling appreciated. Get this item for a few thousands of rupees at gifts.com. Surprise him today with this great item during your 5th anniversary. Get it at etsy.com for only Rs.1,020.

3D Football Mug

It is no secret that most men love and adore football. It is one of the games that can make men sleep at 3.00 am even when the next morning is Monday, and he is needed in the office at 7.00am. That is how much, they cherish and love football. Is the boyfriend a member of that club? Do you want to make him feel that you love everything about him including football?

If your answer is a nod, then a 3D football mug got you covered. This is a 3D football mug which clearly demonstrates a modern look of the football game. It is a hand-painted product with a capacity of up to 350 ml with a height and width of 12 cm and 9 cm, respectively. Its handle mimics a real player playing football which gives the special man in your life a football feel. In addition to that, it is dishwasher safe and can comfortably be played in a microwave without any problem. Get this item at bigsmall.in at Rs.899 which is an easy to manage price.

A Bouquet of 10 Red Roses

Source www.fnp.com

Roses are the world’s most preferred gifts by lovers. As much as this gift sounds typical, you can make it as romantic as ever. How you present the gift, tells it all. In normal situations, we are used to seeing men award red roses to their women. However, it does not make it wrong for a woman to do the same.

In case you want to surprise him for the 5th anniversary with something new and nice, get him a vivid ten rose’s bouquet. It is a perfectly organized bouquet that hosts ten beautiful roses. It also includes a red ribbon, red packing papers, and nice green fillers. With this gift, we are sure he will feel loved and appreciated. Get this bouquet at Rs.499 at fnp.com. It is a 5 year anniversary gift for boyfriend that will never disappoint.

Best Boyfriend Engraved Golden Trophy with Greeting Card

Source www.amazon.in

If you have been dating for at least five years now, I am sure that that man is a victor. With the stubbornness women can have at times, that man is a winner. That is a special gift that girls can buy for their men. It is a high recommendation if you have been a stubborn girlfriend. It’s a kind of appreciation gift where you let him know he is a special kind of a man.

Tied Ribbons' golden trophy and card from Amazon is the best item to purchase for him during the fifth anniversary. The fact that you get to choose the ribbon makes it even more special. The trophy measures 10 x 10 x 22 cm which is a manageable size. It weighs up to 200 grams. This gift is available at amazon.in at an affordable price of Rs.599. Surprise your man today with this gift.

Stadium View 3D Wall Art

Art is one of the best fields that men enjoy doing. However, not every man can come up with a great art piece. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean that he hates artwork. Do you want to surprise the man you love and leave his mouth wide open? If yes, consider this another one of the best 5 year anniversary gift ideas for the boyfriend. Get him a Stadium View 3D wall art that you guys can put in your future house.

Get an art of you two guys and promise him a forever and ever. It is also among the best wood gifts for him. Use this item to make him see your love for him. At times, you can have it done by his favorite artists. That way he will never have enough look. Surprise him during your 5th anniversary, and you will be amazed by the happiness written all over his face. Artwork sounds a bit childish but trust us he will have to see his favorite words, picture or you two guys with a hashtag forever thing. Visit thegrommet.com and choose from different stadiums and styles. Each piece will cost you about Rs.17,800.

Bonus: Take Him Out to a Romantic Restaurant

Last but not least, here is another one of the best 5 year anniversary celebration ideas. People tend to believe that it’s only men who should surprise women and take them out to amazing expensive places. However, it should not be the case because relationships are about two-parties efforts. Giving a fifth-anniversary gift to your boyfriend is never a small thing to do.

Choosing the 5 year anniversary gift for the boyfriend is one of the hardest tasks. That’s because people tend to forget that gifts are not necessarily expensive item. They are about making that person feel loved, as it is the most important thing. In case you are having a problem thinking of something, why don’t you take him out in a romantic dinner?

Take him out as a surprise in one of dine out resorts and buy him dinner. As much as people think, it’s a man’s thing; this surprise will become one of his best. Try this out today and you will have a beautiful night together.

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Every relationship goes through a lot of difficult times, and some find it hard to endure the trials of relationships. you should be proud of yourself for celebrating the anniversary of a 5 year wedding, and what better way to spend it than a day of gifts, romantic gestures and bliss. Get the best gifts for the one you love!