Creative Gifts for Husband on 5th Year Wedding Anniversary and Exciting Ideas to Recapture the Romance

Creative Gifts for Husband on 5th Year Wedding Anniversary and Exciting Ideas to Recapture the Romance

The challenge about anniversary presents is you find yourself competing against you to outdo what you did or bought in the previous years. Sounds familiar? Whether you are looking for exciting new ideas to surprise your husband with on the 5th wedding anniversary or just need a little inspiration, find here everything you're looking for.

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Choosing the Right Gift for Hubby on Wedding Anniversary

Keep in Mind Your Hubby's Preferences

Wives are always excited and interested about the birthdays of their husbands and other special days, and express their emotions with unique gifts. While you only want to see joy and happiness on your husband’s face, it is advised to consider his likes and dislikes before starting to look at gifts for him. And when you are going to celebrate your 5 year wedding anniversary, gifting him something that he likes is the perfect way to show your love and care.

Gift him something that complements his personality, pick a sporty gift for the sports lover, something for his pet if he loves his pet a lot, or anything else like that. Gifting him something thoughtful and interesting will make him feel special and will further strengthen the bond of your relationship.

Remember if He Needs Something

Apart from likes and dislikes, a gift that proves useful in his life, be it for his professional goals or personal or emotional needs, will be readily accepted. As his partner for the last 5 years you might have observed a lot about what he needs, or desires to have, or something that will make his life a bit simpler. So, start thinking the other way round as how valuable gifts on your list will impact him, and this will help you choose something meaningful and useful.

For instance, if he is a busy person at office and has a high usage of phone during the day time, a portable power bank might be great to eliminate his low battery woes.

Make Him Feel Special

Undoubtedly, any gift, chosen or prepared form heart, will make him feel special as it will have your emotions connected to it. But, you might be in the dilemma on what to choose. You can surprise him by gifting him something he desired to have but never expected to receive it as a gift. Here are a few ideas for romantic gifts that you can implement to make him feel special, depending on his personal traits.

  • A non-materialistic person will love to be surprised with a collection of special moments. These can be his memories with you, with his friends, family, and others.
  • A personalised love note, included in a handmade card will fill him with emotions, and remind him of all the lovely memories you have had during these 5 years of your marriage.
  • Look out for something meaningful, which could be something he never asked you for but always needed. Considering the type of relationship and the bond you share, pick out an occasion-specific gift with him and his preferences on mind.
  • Make him feel like a king for the day. From start till end, fill the day with everything he likes, his favourite meals, a movie, a game, or anything else that you know he likes and/loves.

Out of the Box Ideas to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary

Plan a Date Night to Recreate Your Dating Days

After spending 5 years together as a family, you might have missed those times when you went on dates, enjoyed each other’s company, and kept the romance burning. Though increased responsibilities have reduced the amount of time that you can spend together as a couple, you can revisit those days again with a romantic date.

Prepare dinner at home. Sounds illogical here? Yes, you prepare dinner daily, but for this, you should prepare something special for him, make the environment romantic with only candle lights, some flower petals sprinkled here and there, and not to forget, a special dress that he loves to see you in. You can also plan a moonlight dinner, if you have a good open space at home, like terrace or veranda.

If a date-at-home idea doesn’t excite you, you can plan something at his favourite restaurant. Add excitement to this by getting ready separately and meet each other like you did way back before marriage.

Surprise Him With Lunch at His Office

During his routine schedule at work, he either has his lunch packed in the morning and heats it up before eating or eats his lunch at a restaurant near his office. In any of the case, you can let him eat freshly prepared homemade food (if possible, his favourite item) at his office lunch hour. Simply prepare a meal and surprise him at his office. You can add more excitement and love to it by syncing up your lunch time with him and enjoying the meal together.

However, if lunch plan doesn’t seem feasible, you can call up his favourite people (friends, colleagues, family members) at home and give him a surprise. Let him have a meal together with all his favourite people..

Send Him Flowers and Chocolate

As mentioned above, sending lunch during office hours or catching up with your husband for an afternoon meal might not be feasible for all. Here, you can choose the alternate of sending him flowers and chocolate. Generally, this is considered as a man-thing to send a bouquet and a chocolate box and if you plan such a thing, this will surely make him feel special.

Chocolate is medically proved to be healthy, if consumed in moderation as it is said to release PEA (Phenylethylamine), which promotes the release of feel-good endorphins. But make sure that you good quality chocolates that he likes, and don’t forget that moderation is the key to healthy chocolate consumption. Among flowers, orchids are a good choice if you are willing to show care more than your love for him. Once considered to be lavish and for-rich only, orchids are now available in hybrid breed forms, making them an appropriate gift for every occasion and person. Or you can consider other options of cute gifts for him to amaze him this anniversary.

Plan a Celebration Party

Instead of buying him yet another gift, arranging a party to make him feel special is another great idea to celebrate your anniversary with your husband. Here are some ideas how:

  • Arrange a party at your home or a rented private room for a small gathering, or in a hotel ballroom, a rented venue space for a considerable large gathering.
  • Get invitations pre-printed from an online store or buy cards from a local store and write each invitation by hand. Including an RSVP card could be a better idea as it will let you know how many guests are going to attend the party.
  • Partying at home or outside, hiring food caterers is always a good idea. You don’t want to be occupied in just serving the dinner and gathering plates during the party. You can also add appetizers and drinks to the menu to make the celebration last longer.
  • A party seems incomplete without decorations. If you want to go minimalist, you can focus on only the center table and cover all other tables with tablecloth. You can add the couple picture on a banner, put the wedding dress on display (if it is still intact), or put some other memorable items from the wedding day on display.
  • Entertainment is another important part of a party. For a gathering at home, put your sound system at use or rent a karaoke machine, and hire a DJ if partying outside.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Amazon Echo


If your husband is a tech-loving guy, he would love to receive Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, powered by Alexa. The Bluetooth speaker operates on voice commands, which you can use to play a favourite track or playlist at the party as well. Along with music control, the Dolby-powered speaker also lets you make calls, get weather, news, and alerts, control smart home devices, set alarms, and do a lot more.

He will love the immersive 360-degree audio experience, and the Echo can listen to you from all directions, even in noise, using beam-forming tech, noise cancellations, and 7 microphones. Apart from controlling devices from Syska, Philips, Oakter, and TP-Link, this smart speaker will simplify things for your husband, like ordering food from Zomato, booking a carpenter from Urbanclap, booking an Ola ride, and much more.

Not only this, you can also add this cylindrical, Bluetooth-powered device to your party, discussed above. Connect it with the smart lighting at home and let the Echo adjust lighting according to your mood. For instance, soft lights to welcome the guest, followed by party mode, and then focus lighting on the center table if you plan to cut the anniversary cake.

Buy Amazon Echo form Amazon for Rs.9,999, available in black, grey, and white colours, and experience the first steps to the automated futuristic environment, opening way to many valuable gifts you can buy him in the coming years.

An Elegant Wristwatch

For a man, a watch can be more than just a timepiece on his wrist. It is also seen as an insight into his personality, character, style, and look. Thus, choice of the right watch for your husband is an important decision, for which you will need to consider his profession, likes, and dislikes. Gifting him a perfect match to his personality will not only delight him, but also put you at a higher importance level in his life, for showing such a care and attention.

St Mawes with a black-coloured dial and Japanese quartz movement is a great option to choose. The 6 mm thick watch with adjustable length of 160-200 mm and 18 mm wide brown strap will look perfect on his wrist and boast of his personality traits on both professional and casual fronts. Available with interchangeable straps, you can get him this elegant timepiece from Daniel Wellington for Rs.12,399.

DIY Photo Album of Your Journey Together

Don’t feel like going out and buying a gift from the market or the options available just don't personal enough to give to your hubby this anniversary? You can still do the same by sitting at home. All you need is to gather some memories (memorable pictures of yours together) and transform them into something worth keeping for long.

A scrapbook is one of the great cute gifts one can think of, wherein you can add words to describe sentiments and desires along with each image. Or you can surprise him with a collection of your favourite photos together in a photo frame hung in your bedroom before he returns home on the anniversary day. You can also choose to showcase his journey since childhood via photos.

Turn Up the Romance with a Well Planned Evening

Some love celebrating their special days partying in public while others love to go private or at most with a few special people. For your 5-year anniversary, you can plan and celebrate the evening together at a special place, it could be your first date venue, where you first met, or where he proposed to you. Recreate any special moment from your past spent with him and make him feel loved by showing you remembered all those dates and details. Women are better at remembering such things than men, so he won’t doubt if you stray a little here and there from the actual details.

If you have moved out of the city or such a venue isn’t available, you can make some other plans to spend a memorable evening with him. Plan out for a movie or some other out-of-home entertainment activity, go on a long drive, or have your dinner from a favourite restaurant. The basic idea is to make the evening special by doing anything you can to make him forget the world and spend a wonderful time together.

However, a busy schedule can ruin any and all the plans. If you are in such a situation, you can drop a note for your busy husband. Mention that you want to make his evening and night special, reading which he will finish his day off early and rush back home to explore his romantic gifts on his anniversary night.

Platinum Love Band

Sure he already has his wedding ring but he may not always want to wear that shiny gold wedge on his finger. This is one jewellery item that is highly unlikely to be on your list for your husband, but is probably one of the first things that strikes his mind if he thinks of a gift for you. However, before buying a band, take into consideration his daily routine, work type, and other things where a band can look graceful or become a hurdle in his work.

If he is a teacher, an IT professional, a manager, or in any other profession where looks matter, the Paris Platinum Band would be a great gift for him. The jewellery store may not be the first place that pops into your mind, but it can be a treasure trove of possibilities when gift shopping for men. With 950 Platinum metal purity and an approximate weight of 4.59 gm, the band doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist. Order the dazzling platinum ring and let him show off his special gift among his colleagues and friends by spending just Rs.23,544 on Caratlane.

Swiss Military Toiletry Bag


What could be better than a high-quality travel bag for a person who loves traveling, or has to move around places for work? Get him a bag that doesn’t seem bulky but allows him to carry all his essentials to wherever he travels the next time.

The Swiss Military Blue Toiletry Bag is a great option as it offers a huge storage space with multiple pockets along with a PVC-lined separate pocket for razor and tooth brush, a quick access pocket, and 2 additional mesh pockets. The polyester bag is water-resistant bag with a functional design and it weighs just 249 gn and is easy to carry. Buy him this travel-worthy accessory with a butterfly locker and zipper closure from Amazon for Rs.1,036 and get a 6 month manufacturers warranty.



iPhone has been a favourite among business professionals, managers and just about everybody. However, the immersive display experience with the all-screen iPhone X is sure to entice all, and would make for a great gift for your husband. Not only this, the 64 GB ROM combined with A11 bionic chip inside along with the embedded M11 motion coprocessor meets all the processing requirements, both personal and professional. If he is due for a smartphone upgrade this could be the perfect anniversary gift for him.

Buy the grey-coloured iPhone X with 64 GB ROM, 5.8 inch super retina HD display, dual 12 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera from Flipkart for Rs.84,999 and surprise him on your 5-year anniversary.

Fitness Tracker

With increased responsibilities post-marriage, men are likely to put on some weight, due to one or the other reason. Reminding him to stay focused on his health would be a great gift and will show your deep concern for him. Since you can’t be with him all the time, taking a note of all the activities he does, an activity tracker becomes one of the best gifts for husband that can help you and him keep track of his health.

Fitbit is a popular brand for making tech-based wearable devices that not only your husband, but you can also use. You can go for a morning walk, play a game, or hit the gym together and help each other stay healthy with a pair of activity trackers. Heart rate sensor, pedometer, and sleep monitor are a few of the features of an activity tracker.

Though you may find a number of options online, Fitbit Charge 2 would be a great option as it comes with a number of functions. However, one band doesn’t suit all personality types, so you can also buy a replacement band for him to match his personality. Replacement bands are specially designed for Fitbit Charge 2 and are available in multiple sizes. Buy the fitness tracker on Amazon for Rs.13,872; it is available in grey and black.

Bonus Tip: Surprise Him With Something Unusual

After all those gift items suggested for your husband on your 5-year anniversary, here’s a bonus tip for you to add more to the gift. When choosing a gift for a man, clothing items, a wallet, and a cologne are some of the common and the easiest to choose items. However, you can choose such an item with some purpose or theme or a special context to avoid making it just another item in wardrobe.

Alternatively, you can plan something different for him, like a surprise getaway to let him break out of the regular routine and enjoy some time. Find a deal from coupon site like Groupon and gift him some serenity without breaking the bank, or book a spa day for relief from the daily stress and tiredness. You can also add facials, pedicures, and even a hot bubble bath to add some fun to the day.

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Take the Lead

Usually it's the men who initiate things, be it asking a girl out on the first date, or organising the anniversary celebration. On most days you may enjoy letting him take care of these things and he too may like to be the one who plans what you will do for the anniversary. But every once in a while your husband or partner will be thrilled to have you take the lead; surprise him by telling him to be ready for a dinner date, or that you have booked plane tickets. It could put an interesting spin on your romance.