Want to Learn How to Make Slime with Shampoo? 7 Recipes for Making Slime with Shampoo, Other Ingredients and Even an Edible Slime (2020)!

Want to Learn How to Make Slime with Shampoo? 7 Recipes for Making Slime with Shampoo, Other Ingredients and Even an Edible Slime (2020)!

Kids love to play with slime! Soft, gooey and flexible slime has become a favourite way for children to play with their hands. We have created this special guide for you which gives three slime recipes using shampoo as well as additional recipes using other easily found materials like glue and toothpaste. So read on!

Slime is Fun to Play With!

Slime has come to stay. Kids love the gooey, icky-smooth texture of slime and can spend hours playing with it! If you want to get your kids into making slime as a fun activity then it is easy and does not take much effort. There are many different ways of making slime with the most popular one being the use of borax and glue. If you do not have these ingredients with you or are not in favour of using borax which can be a skin irritant, then shampoo is an excellent substitute.

We have here a detailed guide on how you can make slime with shampoo and have a fun family activity!

Benefits of Slime Play

Wondering if playing with slime is a good idea? Yes indeed it is! Here are three reasons why:

  • Slime is a fantastic sensory play activity:The process of making slime can be an amazing way for kids to work with their hands. It can help kids improve motor development as they mix, knead and then play. It is also a deeply calming and relaxing activity that feels satisfying emotionally for them.

  • Slime making is educational:The chemical reaction that makes slime is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about science. This hands-on experimentation teaches them all about what chemicals do and how they behave.

  • Slime making is good for problem-solving:The process of slime making can be useful for kids to understand how to solve problems. They can use their experiments to figure out how to make the perfect slime which can give them a confidence boost.

How to Make Slime with Shampoo: Using Cornstarch

This is the most popular way to make slime using shampoo. You will need the following ingredients, most of which you should be able to find your house.

Slime with Shampoo and Cornstarch

Ingredients needed
  • Thick shampoo (any kind, but thicker the better)
  • Cornstarch
  • Preferred food colouring (optional)

  • Place half a cup of shampoo and a quarter cup of cornstarch in a large bowl, and mix them well. Pick a colour you prefer to add to your slime and mix it in. Keep kneading your food colour in until the slime is evenly distributed with the colour. Add half a cup of water at room temperature. Water enables the polymer molecules to slide past each other so as to increase the flow of your slime. Use your hands (preferably gloved) to knead the concoction to form the slime.
  • If the slime texture feels sticky, hard in the hands, you may need more water. So keep adding a little water and kneading till you reach the consistency you want. The slime concoction has a right measurement of each ingredient, if it comes out semi-hard, stretchy, moist but non-sticky.

How to Make Slime with Shampoo: Using Salt

This is another basic recipe, however this process needs refrigeration to make it work.

Slime with Shampoo and Salt

Ingredients needed
  • Any kind of thick shampoo
  • Body wash (optional)
  • Table salt

  • Take 7-8 tablespoons of shampoo in a mixing bowl. Add 2-3 tablespoons of body wash if you wish. Do ensure that the body wash is of similar consistency and colour as the shampoo though. Mix well.
  • Now start adding salt - there is no particular quantity you need to add. Keep adding and mixing until the mixture becomes thick and gooey.
  • Pop the bowl into the fridge for around 15-20 minutes. You can now take out the slime for use. Remember to store the slime mixture in an airtight box after use.

How to Make Slime with Shampoo: Using Shaving Cream

Another simple recipe to make slime using shampoo, but this time with the use of shaving cream.

Slime with Shampoo and Shaving Cream

Ingredients needed
  • Any thick shampoo
  • Shaving cream
  • Table salt

  • Start by pouring a few tablespoons of shampoo into a large bowl. Now add a few dollops of shaving cream to the bowl, but remember you need to aim for around 1:1 ratio of the shampoo and shaving cream mixture. Use a spoon or ladle to mix these two together properly. Ensure a uniform consistency. Next up is adding salt. Add around a teaspoon of salt and mix until the entire mixture is smooth. Freeze this for around 15 minutes. Remove and it is now ready for playing!

How to Ensure Safety During Making of Slime

If you are planning slime making as an activity for your children remember to provide them with protective gear. After all, these are chemicals of some form and can cause irritation to the skin or eye. Get some face-masks, gloves and also goggles.

Remain close to the children and guide them in the process. Keep them from trying to taste the concoction however tempted they are. Keep a bottle of clean water by your side so in case anything gets onto the skin or into the eye you can wash it off immediately.

Three More Recipes - Making Slime with Other Ingredients

How Do You Make Slime with Baking Soda and Glue?

Slime can be made in a variety of ways using commonplace ingredients . Here is one option using baking soda and glue.

Slime with Baking Soda and Glue

Ingredients needed
  • A bottle of all-purpose white liquid glue
  • Baking soda
  • Multipurpose contact lens solution

  • Pour the glue into a bowl. Get a separate bowl and in this add baking soda and contact lens solution. Mix well so it forms a uniform paste. Add this paste to the glue and mix with a spoon. Continue kneading the mixture continuously until it is less sticky. If you prefer a more firm texture, then add a little more baking soda to the solution. If you prefer a more liquid slime solution, then add some water.

How Do You Make Clear Slime?

Clear slime has a colourless appearance making it looks like glass.

Clear Slime

Ingredients needed
  • A bottle of clear glue
  • Warm water
  • Cold water
  • Baking soda
  • Contact lens solution (Saline solution)

  • Add the glue, cold water and saline mixture together in a bowl, and mix the solution slowly as this will ensure bubbles are not created (this can affect clearness of the slime you are making). Mix up warm water and baking soda in another bowl. Pour this mixture into the first container with the glue-saline mixture. Stir slowly until it is uniformly mixed. Leave it untouched for up to 10 minutes. The mixture is now ready for kneading. As you knead the stickiness of the mixture will reduce. In case you want it to be more sticky, then add some saline solution.

How to Make Slime with Your Toothpaste

Slime can also be made with toothpaste and glue. This recipe results in a slightly firmer slime that is great to squish while the toothpaste gives it a nice minty fragrance.

Slime with Toothpaste and Glue

Ingredients needed
  • A tube of toothpaste gel
  • A bottle of glue
  • Sugar
  • Food colour
  • A mixing bowl and spoons

  • Squeeze out the required amount of toothpaste gel into a bowl. Now add glue to the toothpaste - the amount of glue should be proportional to the amount of toothpaste used. Mix the two thoroughly until the mixture becomes slippery. Add sugar into the slime solution and stir well. This is likely to make the slime more thick. Continue mixing until the solution becomes stable and more thick. You can add food colour if you want to make the slime colourful, and even glitter! Mix well to evenly distribute the colour as desired.

Reasons Why Your Slime Fails to Come Out as Desired

Common Issues You May Face

Solution is too runny: Perhaps the amount of starch or the activator you used is not enough, so add more.

Solution is too hard: Not enough water, try adding more water. But if the solution has set, you may need to make it afresh.

Solution not stable: If the solution is not gelling, try waiting for some time and then mixing. If it is still not bonding then add more starch.

Wrong ratio of ingredients: The slime making is a chemical process, so you need to be sure of the ratios you are using. Too much or too little can cause the process to go awry. Try sticking to the recipe you choose and take exact measurements. There is of course some variation but you will be a better judge as you gain experience

Commonly Asked Questions About Slime

Is Slime Toxic to Children?

Not really, but the solution is not safe to eat, since the mixture typically contains a variety of chemicals like borax and glue. Children must be strictly warned against tasting the mixture. Accidentally consuming a little may not be an issue, provided it is taken out immediately

How do You Get Slime Out of Clothes?

A few drops of white vinegar on the stain will help wash away the slime as vinegar is known to dissolve slime efficiently. Best if you try removing the slime solution as soon as it falls as it can get more difficult after it hardens.

Can I Make the Slime Solutions in Advance and Store?

Yes, in most cases you can make it earlier. Particularly when using borax and glue solution you can rest assured it will not go hard or become unusable. However, store it in an airtight container.

How Long Can I Keep the Slime Solution?

Typically slime does not go bad. However, if it seems to have developed mould or it has dried out then it needs to be thrown out. Keep it in the fridge or even outside and it should last for a few weeks.

There's Some Leftover Liquid after Making Slime?

Just throw this liquid away. The solution typically needs only certain amount of water to bind, the remaining is usually left in the bowl.

How to Add Scent to Slime?

Use fragrance oil, baking spices in the process of mixing in the ingredients of making slime. Your slime will smell aromatic.

What are the Best Activators to be Used in Making Slime?

Activators are ingredients that are critical for the chemical reaction to take place and actually make slime. If you are making homemade slime then there are several easily available options that you can use as an activator.


Borax powder consists of sodium tetraborate. This activator is common as is the best and is available at nearby grocery stores. However be careful as consuming this chemical can cause irritation, so be sure to keep your kids from tasting the slime and of course ensure they are washing their hands after play time.

Saline Solution

Saline solution is an activator that contributes to the stretching in slime solutions. The saline that makes slime must contain sodium borate and boric acid and is usually found in contact lens solution. You cannot make saline solution with salt and water! This will not have the desired effect for making slime. You can look for a cheap lens solution for your slime making adventure.

Eye Wash or Eye Drops

Eye drops are majorly comprised of boric acid. These eye drops are a good activator to your slime solution. Most pharmacies in India have these eye drops for sale. So you should have no difficulty in getting this activator.

Pre-made Activator

Source www.amazon.in

If all fails you can use a shortcut to making the slime - a pre-made activator! This Yucky Science Slime Activator Liquid Plus replaces all the usual activators like contact lens, baking soda and borax powder. Just add PVA Glue and you will have slime ready. It removes all the fuss and makes the process smooth sailing. This 200ml bottle can make over 10 slimes so it works out pretty affordable too. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 199.

Bonus: Edible Slime!

If you are worried about kids consuming slime then why not try out edible slime recipes that use safe food products. Perfect for young toddlers, this type of slime can be fun to play with and yummy too if the little ones accidentally taste it! Do remember however tempted the kids may be, they should not have too much of it!

Edible Slime

Ingredients needed
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • Cornstarch
  • Desired food colouring
  • Flavouring essence like vanilla or rose

  • Take a pan and place it over low heat. Add together the required amount of milk and cornstarch. Stir these together continuously until the mixture thickens considerably. Remove from gas. Add in the colouring and the flavourings as per your preference. Let this mixture cool. The slime should be ready for play! If you want to store the slime, then put in into a plastic bag or container and keep it in the fridge. However beware that this edible slime will last only for a day or two even when refrigerated.
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Slime - An Excellent Thing for Kids to Play With

Slime is an excellent material for kids to play with. There is a lot of learning and creativity which gets developed in the process. However some precautions need to be taken particularly for non-edible slime. We hope you liked our guide of making slime at home and are ready to practice it and have a great family time with your children.