Best Gifts for Boyfriend in 2018: 10 Cool Gifts for him for Christmas and His Birthday

Best Gifts for Boyfriend in 2018: 10 Cool Gifts for him for Christmas and His Birthday

Looking for a great gift for your boyfriend's birthday, or a romantic and sweet gift to tell him thank you for all the nice things he does for you? Boyfriends are always pampering you with small gifts, taking you out for movies and dinners, and always being thoughtful and caring. It's time to return the favour and treat him to a wonderful present.

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Simple Steps to Getting a Perfect Gift for Boyfriend

Plan and Organise in Advance

Gifting is just another way to express the love, care, affection, and care for loved ones. However, if you are looking out on something for your significant other, it needs to be special. There are many occasions when you can buy a gift for your boyfriend in 2018 like his birthday, your hook-up anniversary, or any other special day in his life.

A gift doesn’t always need to be materialistic, and considering the bond of love you share, you can plan out on giving him an experience that he will remember for life. You can go out on a drink-date or a dinner cruise, go on spa together, or any other place that you both like to visit. Whatever you choose, make sure that it delivers the right expression of your love towards him. Also, make a note of all the occasions when you could be thinking to gift him something, and start planning ahead of time to avoid any last minute hassles.

Gift According to the Occasion

Celebrating his birthday is different than celebrating the emotions of love on Valentine’s. Thus, it is essential to consider the occasion that you are planning to give him a gift on. Try looking for a gift that correlates your emotions with the occasion. Though you don’t need to stick to any particular occasion to give him a gift.

Flowers are a common, but a great way of expressing feelings for a varied occasion types. While availability of flowers depends on the season, you should also consider his personality and the type of occasion before buying a flower bouquet for him. For instance, popular flowers for Christmas include Christmas cactus, holly, or poinsettia plants with green leaves, Christmas Amaryllis, or you can add pink, red or white flowers.

If he loves to go out on fun activities, like hiking, trekking, fishing, or camping, you can buy him something that he can use on his trips.

Give Him Things He Wants

Being a girlfriend, you are likely to know the interests of your boyfriend, and you can use this knowledge to find the right present for him. Try to recall whether he mentioned something he needs to you or to any of his friends, or if he is looking to buy something but is not able to. You can also get him something that will solve a part or all of his problems.

Or you can go the other way, considering what he actually wants. On a usual note, men do want to be acknowledged and cherished with a unique gift. For guys who are geeks, a gift should be something that makes them enjoy using it, and fits right in their personality.

A Great Gift Does Not Mean an Expensive Gift

Buying gifts shows the recipient the special place he holds in the giver’s life. However, money isn’t always an answer to expressing your deep emotions and care for him, and there are a number of other things that you can do, more valuable than an expensive materialistic gift brought from the market. Personalised gift like a photograph of you two together framed or an engraved keychain can make up for some unique options.

A customised jar themed on ‘The Reasons I Love You’ can be a cute expression of your feelings along with the efforts that you will be putting in to make him feel special. Get a regular jar, decorate it to make it looking cute and lovely, and add special messages written on small paper chits in it. You can choose a theme like ‘I love you because….’ and write down various reasons why you fall for him every day. Inexpensive, but a highly valuable gift, can be used to express your love for him on Valentine’s Day or just a random day to make him feel special.

Cook his favourite dish if you want to make him feel really special. This is another option you can choose to make his day. Plan a date at home, wear a smart apron, and get in the kitchen to prepare what he loves to eat the most. Let him enjoy, not only the meal, but your company, smiling and chatting and feeling the bond of love that you share. It is advised to keep the recipe simple and avoid going too hard, so that you can enjoy more time with him rather than in the kitchen, that will be the best gift for your boyfriend.

10 Gift Ideas That Will Make Him Fall in Love with You All Over Again

Trendy Wrist Watch

A watch serves both casual and professional additions to a man’s outfit, but one watch can’t fit all occasions. If you are looking for something small, but stylish, gift for boyfriend, you can consider a decent watch that can be worn on certain events. No matter how many timepieces he already owns, adding a new and different one to his collection will always be welcomed. Plus gifting him a watch means gifting him your time, and more specifically, a right to every minute and second of yours.

Looking for something classy that goes on with both casual and formal attires? Take a glance of the Kenneth Cole Black Dial Chronograph Watch for Men. A quartz movement under the 3 subdials within a black dial along with the date window enclosed in a stainless steel case is a great choice. Get this classy gift with leather strap and a fastening buckle for him from Titan’s official website for Rs.10,495 and add elegance to his personality.

A Good Perfume

If he doesn’t like to wear a timepiece on his hand, but you are still looking for something compact, give a thought to gifting him a perfume. Being small in size, a perfume bottle can be carried easily along with, and makes up for a great surprise gift. Not only this, fragrance is considered as a classic gift choice for both men and women. Choose a fragrance that defines his personality alongside expressing your affection for him.

If he has a strong personality with a decisive character, the United Dreams Be Strong Eau De Toilette could be a perfect match with its spiced flavour. The mix with fruity hints of lime, mandarin, and grapefruit, combined with jasmine, floral scents, nutmeg, ginger, and peppercorn spices is energized by cedar wood, and incense cistus flower. Get him this fragrance by United Colors of Benetton from Nykaa for Rs.1,291, expressing him to stay positive and live free always.

Slick Leather Wallet

Just like a watch, your man might not be satisfied with one type of wallet. And, if he loves pairing different accessories to match with his clothes, adding another wallet to his collection could help him keep a choice for special occasions. However, you need to be careful about the selection of style and the one you are going to gift him should complement his personality.

Peter England is a well-known clothing brand, and getting a wallet of the same as a gift is no less than making him feel special. The brown-coloured, 9 cm x 11 cm, bi-fold piece goes on perfectly with a formal attire and contains enough slots to carry all of your cash and cards. Get him this worthy addition to his accessories list from Peter England’s official store for Rs.799.

A Funny or Funky T-Shirt


When giving him things that contribute to his wardrobe, you can move out of the accessory section and find something to give him for the clothing section. He might be having a range of formal and casual wears, so you should consider gifting him something different like a t-shirt with some funny quote on it.

The Atrangi Store Men’s Printed T-shirt with Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe printed on it is a great choice. Not only the quote connects to the laughing moments you shared while looking at those memes, the cotton-made T-shirt will make him feel comfortable and look smart with its regular fit. Get him this half-sleeve t-shirt for parties and casual wear from Amazon for Rs.499.

Romantic Date Night

If none of the materialistic items entice you, or you want to make him feel special in a different way, what could be better than a romantic date night as a gift for your boyfriend? Here are a few ideas to make your date a special one:

  • Go stargazing on your terrace or the backyard, and if you wish to move out of your place, choose a nearby park that allows visitors at night. All you need is a laser pointer and some ground covering along with a geeky enthusiasm to enjoy various constellations in the sky. Don’t forget to bring appropriate snacks, drinks, and covers as per the climate.
  • You might find a cultural event around that you can go and visit on your romantic date night. Do consider any fun or enjoying activities you can do before planning a date around the local event.
  • Apart from a cultural event, you can also look for a movie night or a concert, especially if it's his favourite band performing.
  • If you are lucky, you could have an event nearby when fireworks are displayed in the sky. Plan your date around the same and have a sparking night
  • If you both love hanging around at pubs and bars, you can find a list of places that offer sample-sized beers in small glasses. Plan a tourney through all the bars that offer small drinks and go from one to the other to have an enjoyable night out sampling beer.
  • Or pamper him with a massage at home. Make a candlelight environment, check out some easy and relaxing massage techniques online, and set the mood for a lovely romantic evening.

Personalised Inside Text Polaroid Photoprints by UC

Want to gift something that is unique, lasts for lifetime, and is not materialistic but personal? How about a personalised set of memories, in the form of photographs around your living space. Surely, this will make up for one of the best, unique gifts for your boyfriend in 2018 and will never let him forget about your love, affection, and care.

You can add life to your room with the Personalised Inside Text Polaroid Photoprints by UC. Printed on art paper of 250 gsm measuring of 8 x 10 cm, a set of your favourite images makes up for a great wall décor. Pick up your best of memories together and gift him this unique remembrance in a cute box, from Gift Ease for just Rs.275.

Fitbit for the Fitness Freak

Some guys just don’t like materialistic things which serve no purpose or are meant just for decor. So, if yours thinks the same, don’t buy him any such item that he just keeps, but the one that he can use every day, every minute. Think about buying a fitness tracker that will take care of his health, and also yours, by buying one for you and pairing the same with his tracker.

Fitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband is a worthy product to buy for the same reason. The swim-proof tracker lets you track distance, steps, and calories burned, notifies the wearer of calls and texts with color-coded LED lights and unique vibrations. Get this multi-featured activity tracker from Amazon for Rs.6,075 and record your daily workouts, set and meet goals, and lead to a healthier life ahead.

Superhero Apron

Is your boy different than most men out there? I mean, does he love cooking or loves to try his hand in the kitchen? You can gift him something like a recipe book, but that might pinch him on his confidence, or he might feel offended that you doubt his cooking skills. You can get him something funny like an apron with a superhero printed on it.

Big Small brings a Superhero Apron which could be a unique match to your hero in the kitchen. Made of cloth, it is easy to clean and put on, and comes with different superhero options, like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Get him this funny, yet lovely, apron from for Rs.499.

Beard Catcher

Shaving or trimming the beard is a man’s regular job and this one comes with a clutter of hair around the sink whenever he shaves. Make the clean-up routine after trimming easier for him; most men get used to the sight of beard trimmings around the sink, but if he is a cleanliness freak and it bothers him, he would be wasting time each morning cleaning it up. If you are living with him and it doesn't bother him but most definitely annoys you - a beard bib to catch the trimmings is a great gift for both of you!

The Beard Catcher from is the perfect match for the purpose. Made of a durable nylon cloth, its sturdy suction cups attach to the mirror with ease, and prevent the faucet from choking. The built-in locks along with the suction cups make the cloth keep stuck to the glass surface, giving him a large area to catch the trimmings. Gift him this time, clutter, and hassle-saving gift from Big Small for Rs.499 only.

Brown Canvas Casual Backpack


If your man is a regular traveler, something other than those regular gifts, something that meets his travel needs could be a better gift for your boyfriend. When talking about travel accessories, a bag is one of the easiest and probably the best things to be considered. However, the bag should be spacious enough to carry all his travel accessories.

The Brown Canvas Casual Backpack is a mix of style statement and a much-needed travel accessory. The compartment design makes it both collapsible and spacious while the wide straps make it easy to carry. Made of canvas, the 16 x 14 inch bag is a perfect gift for many occasions. When you buy him this one from IGP for Rs.1,640, do tell him to avoid much exposure to sunlight or perspiration in order to avoid staining and discoloration.

Bonus Tip: Give Him Experiences Instead of Gifts

Sometimes, materialistic gifts don’t entice a person but a valuable experience does. Take this opportunity to show off some skills, make him feel special, and do something that stays in his memory forever. Here are some ideas to get you started; you can modify them or use them as inspiration for completely new ideas:

  • Buy him a ticket to his favourite show or a live concert, and get one for yourself too, so as to enjoy a nice time together.
  • Create a dance floor at home in your living room, and enjoy a party within. Dance the way you love, and no one will be there to judge your moves. Do avoid loud music and stomping if you are on an apartment above others, and prefer slow dancing.
  • Cook up his favourite meal and invite him for a special dinner. Wait, does that seem like a common idea? Arrange a cooking competition by inviting a couple of friends to judge you both. Get some recipes online and prepare different courses of a meal to enjoy the same after you get done with the competition.

Or you can choose any other idea considering what activities you like to enjoy together, and this will be one of the best gifts for your boyfriend this year.

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Men Value Sentiment Over Things

What will really touch your boyfriend is the thought behind the gift rather than the actual present. No doubt he will be very excited and thrilled by a trendy gadget, watch or perfume, but even a simple present which shows him how much you care for him will hold great value in his eyes. Make him a meal, bake him a cake, shower him with affection, fuss over him, and watch how he has a ridiculously happy grin pasted on his face for the rest of the day.