10 Thoughtfully Unusual Birthday Gifts for Wife to Show You're Not Done Trying to Impress Her Even Years After Marriage (2020)!

10 Thoughtfully Unusual Birthday Gifts for Wife to Show You're Not Done Trying to Impress Her Even Years After Marriage (2020)!

Do you remember how much effort you took over her first birthday, how much you fretted and worried everything wasn't perfect enough? Do you take the same effort even after several years of marriage? The flamboyant gifts and sweeping gestures have been replaced with something more intimate and comfortable, but the effort can still be there. Try these unusual gifts to show her you're not done trying to impress her.

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How to Make Your Wife’s Birthday Special?

Birthdays are special. Of 365 days in a year, this is one day that is completely hers, it is the day she was born. Birthdays not only bring a truckload of presents but also an abundance of love from people close to her. That said, the toughest part of a birthday is picking a gift. Gone are the days when gifting your wife clothes or makeup was a way to win her heart. Innovative and memorable surprises are the route to go to make her day awesome.

3 Tips for Selecting a Birthday Gift for Your Wife

  • Explore the Gift Options That Your Wife Likes
    Make a list of things that your wife likes or defines who she is. Now think of an item that goes with the list, don’t bother whether it is big or small. This way, you are going to come across some cool ideas and she is sure to appreciate how thoughtful and personal your gifts are.

  • Give Her Something Useful
    Don’t choose a gift just for the sake of giving her something. Make the birthday gift some thing perfect and unique. Fashion accessories, crockery, photo frames etc are all passé and she may even get annoyed that you think household items are suitable gifts for her. Think out of the box and buy something that she will cherish it.

  • Eperience vs. Physical Gift
    If your wife values an experience rather than a physical gift then consider this option. Instead of picking a material item give her something that will be a fun experience to her. It could be a concert, restaurant, local event or an activity that she enjoys the most.

10 Unusual Birthday Gifts for Wife to Make Her Feel Special

A Birthday Getaway

A special getaway is a perfect opportunity to treat your wife to some undivided attention and love. Whether she is an adventurous person, the party kind or just easy going there is always a perfect holiday destination. A quiet weekend getaway to a pretty cottage, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is something she may just love.

For adrenaline-pumping adventures, you can visit Rishikesh, home to the highest bungee jumping in Asia. Goa is a favourite for party animals and water lovers. With luxurious cruises, private beaches and thrilling water sports, it is an excellent place to spend a birthday. If scenic beauty is what you desire then Tosh in Himachal Pradesh, Gokarna and Coorg in Karanataka are some places you can visit. A trip to the beautiful islands of Andaman is also a great way to spend a birthday.

For celebration on a bigger budget, an international trip is the way to go. A party in Rio De Janeiro or Las Vegas, a road trip on the picturesque highways of Australia or Norway or a cruise from Singapore to Thailand are all great trips to go on. After all the excitement during the day, a great way to unwind and make her feel special is by treating her with a gourmet romantic dinner. Just remember to put some effort and keep your wife's interests in mind, let her choose what she wants to eat, see or do, even if normally she goes along with what you want and she will cherish that night forever.

Replica Miniature Doll

A birthday is an opportunity to convey how much you love and appreciate your wife. A 3D miniature doll of herself is a thoughtful surprising gift that you can pick for her this birthday. These cute handmade statuettes are an ultimate gift idea. You can add a poem or a love note along with the gift to make her day more beautiful and memorable.

There are a couple of websites which allow you to order such dolls.These personalized booble head dolls are made of PLA filament and all efforts goes into it to make it resemble your loved one from head to toe. All you need to do is share few pictures of your wife, preferably from all angles. It takes a couple of weeks to deliver the final product. So, you need to place your order in advance. A single Mini Me – 3D Custom Clone Doll will cost you Rs.5,700 on geekmonkey.in.

Paint a Portrait

How about making your wife’s birthday this year a joyful memory? A customized original hand-painted portrait preserves the memories for years and generations to come. Bring to life not only your love but anything that she cherishes or matters to her. It could be her pet, a family member or anything that she deeply loves and adores. Before presenting this special gift to her you can say a few thoughtful words and watch a torrent of emotions cross her face and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she has tears in her eyes.

The whole process of getting the portrait done is simple. All you need to do is pick the size, frame and the art medium. Upload your photo and get it painted by the artist. Portriat Flip offers multiple options like acrylic painting, oil paint, charcoal, etc. A pencil sketch like the image above can cost between Rs.1,900 to Rs.10,800 depending on the size, number of people featured in the image and whether you opt for a rolled or framed canvas; choosing express delivery instead of the standard 22 to 24 business days will also cost more.

Gift Voucher for Creative Workshops

Attending workshop is an amazing way to enhance your knowledge as well as to step out of your comfort zone and try various new things. Gifting your wife, a voucher for one such workshop is not only an innovative idea but will allow her to indulge in something she likes. There are several workshops available in several creative fields conducted across the country. You can choose from a single-day workshop or month-long classes.

  • They could attend yoga classes, which is apt for someone who likes taking care of themselves or dance classes or an art workshop. The Yoga Vedic Workshop is conducted in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 4 times a year. March (17th – 22nd), June (16th to 21st), September (22nd to 27th) and December (22nd to 27th) The yogic practices taught at the workshop cleanse the body and helps build a better life and relieves stress. This is a one-week residential workshop that also includes accommodation and food.

  • If your wife loves dance for fun then a dance workshop would be an exceptional way to enjoy her day. Vobium has listed dance workshops conducted in India at various cities. These workshops range from few days to few weeks and various dance forms are taught at the workshops.

  • If your wife is an art aficionado then why not give her the pleasure of attending art workshops. Eventshigh has listed art classes conducted in various cities in India on their website. You can browse through and choose a suitable one based on your wife’s interest.

Custom Fingerprint Band

Fingerprint bands are the hottest trend at present and an amazing birthday gift option for your loved one. Moreover, you need not shell out an obscene amount on this exclusive gift. Fingerprints are unique to a person, so why not turn the ring unique by engraving your wife’s fingerprint on it. These rings are available in various metals including gold, silver and platinum and the price of the band depends on the metal you choose.

It is a simple process to send the fingerprints, which will be explained to you once the order is placed. The fingerprint engraved ring from Augrav is one such personalised ring made of silver. It costs Rs.2,999. There is also an option to customize the ring. If you want an expensive metal instead of silver then you can go for white metal. You can also include a name, gemstones or diamonds to further enhance its appeal. Order it here.

Birth Month Flower Earrings

Flowers are the most beautiful creations in nature. They not only spread pleasant aroma in the air, but each flower has a symbolic meaning to it. In the Victorian Era, besides the Bible, every home had guidebooks to decipher the language of flowers. Like for example, Red Chrysanthemum is symbolic to ‘I Love You’. If you are looking for something to convey your love and emotions to your wife, you have a wonderful gifting option and that is – Birth Month Flower Earrings.

Each zodiac sign has a specific flower associated with it reflecting the characteristics of the person born therein. Gifting such earrings is a novel way to honor your married relationship. These are real dried flowers so the delicate beauty of it never fades. Isn’t it a graceful idea to gift your wife a pair of such earrings that has her birth flower? Add on a birth flower necklace to go with the earrings to make her day. You can find these earrings on uncommongoods.com and each pair of earrings cost Rs.2,845.

Spirit Infusion Kit

For some reason, if you want to gift your wife with something peculiar but a fancy stuff then a Spirit Infusion Kit is a great gift, especially if your wife is a big fan of good old alcohol.

These kits typically come with a recipe and instructions booklet, a 1000 ml infusion jar, a 750 ml liquor bottle, and other important stuff such as funnel and strainer which makes infusing your booze with mind blowing flavors as easy as a cake walk. With the help of the recipe book that comes with the kit, your wife can use the stuff that is commonly found in kitchen such as pomegranate, watermelons as well as spiced apple cinnamon to create an exotic and refreshing drink that is just perfect for any occasion be it a birthday toast or a weekend exclusive event.

Gift your wife this spirit infusion kit along with her favorite alcohol like bourbon, rum or vodka to make her day awesome and help her become more creative with her craft. You can purchase the infusion kit on amazon. The kit includes complete instructions and recipes and costs about Rs.17,410.

DIY Unwind and Destress Basket

A thoughtful gift from her man is what all women desire. If your wife’s birthday is just around the corner and you don’t have much time in your hand then a DIY Basket curated personally by you showing your admiration and love is just perfect. There is no doubt that it will make her emotional and you are sure to win that coveted ‘Best Husband of the Year’ title.

Pick a basket from supermarket that is big enough to fit all things you want. You have plenty of options here from bath salts, bath bubbles, scrubs, scented candles, essential oils, facial masks, hand mitts, cute stuffed toy, massage tools, gourmet version soaps, a book or a magazine or any other thing that you think can make your basket awesome. Once your basket is filled with all the supplies, wrap it carefully.

A bunch of roses, a champagne bottle and a chocolate cake that costs Rs. 3,699 from 99blooms.com will be a cherry on the cake. Make her feel special this birthday with the Relaxation Gift Basket.

Stylish Ear Cuffs

For a bold statement, ear stacking earrings on your ear is the way to go. For this, ear cuffs are the recent in thing and your partner would surely love one. Ear cuffs are available in many shapes and sizes and many require no piercings. They can be styled with a simple stud and gorgeous hoop earrings. You can pick yellow, white or pink gold and trendy designs to make your wife feel special.

Bluestone.com sells several beautiful diamond ear cuffs ranging from Rs 15,000 to 70,000. According to the website, their floral designs are most popular among women and you can pick one for your loved one.

Snack Subscription Box

A subscription box is a curated niche-oriented items that are delivered physically on a periodic basis. Receiving such subscription box is an exciting experience. There are several options to choose from, mentioned below are 3 cool ideas:

  • Healthy Subscription Box: if your wife is a health freak then this is the perfect gift for her. There are several healthy and delicious food subscription boxes available to choose from. The Gourmet Box was one of the first online food stores to provide various monthly subscription box in India. They send you new products to try every month to sample and eat new gourmet food. My Embrace Box is another subscription box that brings healthy goodness to your doorstep every month. They provide a mix of snacks, staples, beverages and dessert based on the type of box you purchase. Snackable offers an array of snacks to calm those mid-meal pangs of hunger.

  • Book Subscription: if your wife is passionate about collecting and possessing books then book subscription boxes is just perfect for a delightful reading session. The Big Book Box subscription is available in 3 categories. You can select the best plan and place an order. Bibliobox subscription offers an indigenous experience to bibliomanias. The box focuses on international and Indian writing with fascinating bookish merchandise.

  • Clothing subscription box is another amazing option that includes ultra-cool fun stuff in it. Style Cracker is for young ladies who love customized curated designs by a stylist. Each box is priced based on the number of things you need in it. A 3 item box is INR 2,999 while a 5 items box is INR 5,499.

Bonus Idea: Make Her Feel Special on Birthday and Everyday

Wooing your loved one in not only important while courting her but also after you have tied the knot, and continuing on the same train of thought, here are some BONUS IDEAS to make her feel special on her birthday and every day. ‘Put her morning coffee in a thermos’ which obviously keeps the coffee warm and makes her feel pampered and cared for. Men are thought to be creatures of practicality which can be a bit intimidating for your wife and can make her question your feelings for her. Therefore, just by being very honest about how you feel about her and how you ‘appreciate’ her for what she does for you and your family as a whole can make her feel a lot calmer and let her cherish you even more.

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