A Chronograph Watch is Not Merely a Fashion Accessory: Learn How to Use Chronograph Watches and Derive Maximum Benefit from These Stylish Timepieces (2021)

A Chronograph Watch is Not Merely a Fashion Accessory: Learn How to Use Chronograph Watches and Derive Maximum Benefit from These Stylish Timepieces (2021)

An elegant chronograph adorning your wrist is not merely a fashion accessory, it is a timepiece of great utility which has multiple functions, in addition to just displaying the time. This BP Guide will explain the different types of chronograph watches available in the market, and will also guide you to use these stylish and beautiful timepieces to get maximum benefit from them. After all, a chronograph watch is not only important to flaunt your rich style and taste but its varied functions need to be put to good use as well.

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Know How to Use Chronograph Watches to Track in Style

"Chronograph" is the modern word used for a stopwatch. Pilots and race car drivers used these watches in the early 20th century to time each other and themselves. During America's golden age, astronauts traveling to outer space had watches with chronographs strapped on the wrist. So, you got one and confused about how to use a chronograph watch? It's very simple. Press the start/stop button on the its side to start/stop the stopwatch and push the button at the bottom to reset.

Know Different Chronograph Watch Styles

Fashion Chronograph

A fashion chronograph watch is designed to impress. You can find a wide range of materials and looks in fashion chronograph watches for various semi-formal and business occasions. Regalia Chronograph Men's Watch by Titan is a stylish mix of white and gold with amazing build quality and an attractive design. This analogue watch with a silver dial is available on Myntra for ₹ 9,495.00.

Casual Chronograph

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This category works well in multiple setups, including a golf/polo session and a business attire. A chronograph casual style watch is meant for daily use. Both affordable and attractive, you can find casual timepieces in resilient metals like stainless steel, which mainly focus on functionality instead of fashion. Fossil has a superb mix of quality, striking colour and design, and three chronograph dials. Fossil FS4545 black dial men's watch is a perfect choice for casual wear, available on Amazon for ₹ 5,965.00.

Sports Chronograph

And this is a stopwatch for athletes, coaches, mothers and fathers to perform their best while staying in shape. As it would be clear by its name, this chronograph can withstand the athletic training rigors and active lifestyle hiccups. Casio has a masterpiece for sports lovers. This brilliant model of the G-Shock series has resin material, crystal mineral glass, rugged construction, LED backlight and many other features. You can buy this G-Shock GD-100-1BDR from Casio's official store CasioIndiaShop for ₹ 6,195.00.

How to Use a Chronograph Watch?

You can use this sophisticated accessory as your stopwatch. The chronograph's functions are very simple to use while it adds a stylish feature to your timepiece.

Setting and Stopping the Chronograph

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  • Press the Start/Stop Button:

    You will find the start/stop button on the right of most chronograph watches. Press it once to start the timer and a second time to stop. While this isn't a hard nut to crack, you should keep an eye on the watch's hands to make sure that they start/stop on pressing the button.

  • Press the Second Button to Reset the Chronograph:

    Usually, a chronograph watch has the reset button right below the start/stop button. You should press this button before and after using the chronograph. However, be careful not to reset the watch before you have taken note of the recordings. Pressing the reset button will force the hands on the sub-dials to return to their starting point.

  • Wind Your Watch if It is Not an Automatic Model:

    Not all chronographs are automatic. The manual ones need winding every day or two for proper functioning. To wind the watch, turn it off and hold it towards your face. Brace the watch crown and start turning it clockwise until you feel some resistance. A fully run down watch could take approximately 20-30 turns for complete winding.

Reading the Sub-Dials

  • The Seconds Sub-Dial:

    This is a thin and long pin-like hand on the main watch dial. The seconds hand records every second when you are using the chronograph function. Watch this hand's movement as it signals whether the watch timer function is in use or not.

  • The Minutes Sub-Dial:

    The minutes sub-dial is likely to be present on the right side of your chronograph's face. The little circle records the minutes spent after turning the function of your chronograph on. Carefully note this one to see how many minutes have passed since you started the chronograph. A 30 or 60 on the sub-dial top denotes the maximum minutes it can measure, and it depends on your watch model.

  • The Hours Sub-Dial:

    On most chronograph watches, it is present on the watch face's left side. Similar to the other two, this also measures time. This sub-dial measures the hours spent after turning the chronograph function on. Mostly, the hour sub-dial comes into use when tracking huge events such as marathon races. Most chronographs can record up to 12 hours using this sub-dial.

Using the Tachymeter

  • To Measure Speed:

    With a tachymeter, the formula to measure speed is T=3600/t, where T is the number on the scale and t is the time (in seconds). Using a tachymeter, you can measure the speed of doing work in per hour format. For example, if you take 30 seconds to travel 1 km or 1 mile, 120 will be the tachymeter's corresponding figure. Thus, you can travel 120 km (or miles) in one hour.

  • To Measure Distance:

    Measuring distance works conversely. For this, you should know the speed of your travel. If you are traveling at 60 mph, you need to set the tachymeter to zero seconds to start. Now, at the same speed, when the tachymeter reading points to 60, you have travelled a mile.

How to Choose the Right Chronograph Watch?

  • Pick the One That's Easy to Read:

    Chronograph watches have multiple features that can make everything on the dial difficult to see. Select a watch that has a clear face and shows every sub-dial clearly. Ensure that the hands on the watch contrast your watch's face colour, which improves the visibility. You should also try a watch before purchasing to ensure that you can see everything without moving it very close to your face.

  • Buy the One That Can Keep Time for the Desired Duration:

    Before selecting a watch, you should consider the purpose for which you are going to use it. Some watches can record up to 30 minutes only, while others have a capacity of recording up to 12 hours. Thus, you should find a chronograph watch that can record enough time as per your requirement.

  • Active People Should Look for Water and Shock Resistance:

    If you lead an active lifestyle, you should select a watch that works well with sweat and intense movements. An important thing you need to take care of is the position of the chronograph button. Make sure it isn't in a sensitive position to prevent unexpected button pressing. In short, choose a watch that you can use easily when you are active.
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Identify Your Requirements Before Buying a Chronograph Watch

Once you have decided to buy a chronograph watch it is important for you to identify your requirements for which you wish to use the chronograph. This will enable you to buy the correct type of chronograph watch and give you maximum pleasure from owning, flaunting and using it. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you understand the different types of chronograph watches and how to use their various functions. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.