10 Sarees with Crop Tops: Elegant And Sexy Combo Ideas For 2020

10 Sarees with Crop Tops: Elegant And Sexy Combo Ideas For 2020

The boring saree-blouse combination is passe for many of us! Taking on a modern look, mixing sarees and crop tops is a trending style today. Not just for the bold, this look can be carried off by almost anyone provided you choose the right top. Explore our list of cool crop tops for every style and occasion.

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10 Crop Tops to Go with Any of Your Sarees

The Basic Black Crop Top

We truly believe that you must start from something basic and hence this basic black crop top will turn out to be just perfect for your mix and match of Saree with a crop top. In fact, every girl must have these basic tops in their wardrobe to create various styles out of them. This basic black crop top comes with boat neck and 3/4th sleeves and the length of the top ends just above your belly button.

The best part about having a black crop top is that you can team it up with any kind of saree without worrying about matching colours or prints. Also, the black colour looks quite edgy and brings out the best out of your saree. You can choose the length of the sleeves accordingly. Buy this amazingly basic black crop top from jabong.com for just Rs. 424.

Go with Sheer for That Fancy Feeling

Sheer is the most trending fabric type these days and you can find all top models and actresses rocking this trend very well. You can join this bandwagon too but in a different way. We have chosen a combination of fringes plus sheer for you in form of a mesh crop top which is going to make you look thousands of times more amazing and happening than ever. Teaming it up even with a plain saree is going to level up your look to great extent.

The black colour minimizes the over-all look and balances out everything very well. The sleeves are full length but the mesh material makes it look classy. The highlight of this top is the fringes which are too good to be miss. Strongly recommended for a saree having Swarovski work on it. Buy this sheer crop top from House of Indya for Rs. 850.

Go Quirky with Some Stripes

Nothing works better than stripes for a day-time wedding. You need to look your quirky best at this time and Indian saree crop top is the best combination for this. Stripes always look playful and very attractive but never wear such designs at night as it can totally dull your sparkle. For the pick, we have this short-sleeved white crop top with black stripes all over it. As the trend for broad stripes is quite done, you should better move towards the narrow stripes for the rescue.

The “not so high” turtleneck plays as the USP for this crop top while the short sleeves keep the look minimal yet attractive. A black and white saree is going to look fabulous with this crop top and would make you feel stand out of the crowd. You can purchase this striped crop top from flipkart.com for Rs. 749.

Add Some Oomph with off Shoulder Crop Top

An off shoulder crop top have the power to make or break any look no matter whether it is traditional or western. You must pull it off with ease and subtleness and please never adjust your off shoulder crop top in public as it looks really weird.

We have picked this geometric print shoulder crop top for you ladies with a ruffle hem. You have got elastic at the shoulder as well as the waistline of the top so you can now forget about adjusting it timely.

Like the previous crop top, it is recommended for a daytime function as the colour is going to look quite fresh and vibrant in day-time rather than that of a night function. A light colour solid saree is going to look fabulous with it. You can buy this denim off shoulder crop top from faballey.com for Rs.480.

Crop Top with Unique Front Design

It is the time to take your style game to the top-notch level with this very unique Saree with crop top combination that we have for you. This crop top has a very unique front design and the side cuts add another X-factor in it. The low cut on the neck and black colour of the crop top makes it look super sexy and stylish. You really need to be quite confident to wear this one.

Everything about this knitted crop top is unique and make sure to wear the right kind of saree with it to justify its unique design. We would recommend the trending stripes saree with it but keep the front drapes loose to make most of the top’s front design. Buy this amazing crop top from myntra.com for Rs.510.

Crop Top with Ruffle Sleeves

There is no such thing as too many ruffles and our next recommendation of crop top is going to justify this really well. The peach coloured solid crop top has minimal ruffles on the hem of the sleeves. While the front look of the top also has very beautiful ruffled detailing too.

The neck of this top has a tie-up feature which allows you to adjust the fitting a bit. The soft fabric, as well as the soft colour of this top, makes it look really pretty. For a girl who believes in pretty dressing, would love to wear this crop top with a saree. To be true, this top can be teamed up with literally anything. Do not forget to choose a saree with a contrasting colour with it to justify the color and design of the top. This crop top is available on myntra.com for Rs. 559.

Knit Crop Top

Source www.shein.in

A knit crop top surely looks kind of sporty and gives very chilled out kind of vibes but when teamed up with right kind of saree, it can bring out the best of both worlds for you. The combination of crop top saree blouse online is quite popular and you must also experiment with it at least once. For the recommendation, we have a Yellow short sleeved knit crop top for you pretty ladies whose fitting is really amazing.

The fabric used is a combination of polyester, spandex, and rayon which is going to accentuate your figure even more. Perfect for the summer wear, this crop top is ideal to be worn in the day-time or specifically morning time functions. A black coloured saree is going to look amazing on it. This knit crop top can be bought from shein.in for Rs. 511.

Turtle Neck Crop Belly Top

We have got just the right crop top for the winter seasons which can also be teamed up with any kind of saree. A black turtleneck crop top along with full sleeves can be worn along with an edgy saree to accentuate that modern look out of it.

The high neck sans you from wearing any kind of necklace but you can surely team it up with nice cocktail earrings. It is also available in various colours too like grey, off-white and maroon too. The material is pretty stretchy so size won’t be an issue and the overall look is going to be great for any kind of woman. This turtleneck crop top can be bought from andindia.com for Rs. 600

Want to be bolder? Try this sexy Mock Neck Cutout Top from f21. Made of ribbed material, the top comes with short sleeves, an open cutout back with a cute self-tie closure. Team with a sexy georgette saree and it will be a look that will definitely be a head turner!

Peplum Crop Top

Source www.shein.in

The next pick for the combination of Saree with a crop top is a peplum crop top. A very nice and pretty crop top available in burgundy colour. The sweetheart front design and strappy sleeves complement the peplum design really well.

The crop top looks every bit of elegant and the ruffles at the bottom side are not over the top to keep things subtle yet stylish. Perfect to be worn at night, you are totally going to love this colour. A light coloured saree specifically in baby pink color is going to look fabulous with it. However, the fabric does not have any stretch so keep up with the size guide. You can buy this beautiful peplum crop top from shein.in for Rs. 657.

Bralette Crop Top

Source www.shein.in

We would like to be very clear with you all ladies that you should only wear a bralette as a replacement of a blouse if you are comfortable wearing it. There is no doubt that it looks extremely gorgeous but you need the right amount of confidence to pull this off. The one that we recommend is this lace overlay bralette. A very gorgeous looking crop top/bralette with lace fabric which adds the oomph factor in it.

It is a sleeveless crop top having only two thin stapes over the shoulder whose fitting can be adjusted. You can team up this bralette with other clothing items too specifically western ones. Choosing the black colour is always like playing safe as it goes well with all kinds of sarees. You can buy this lace bralette from shein.in for Rs. 499.

Why Pairing a Saree with a Crop Top is an Amazing Idea?

It Brings the Best of Both Worlds Together

If you want the best of both worlds in terms of fashion, you cannot find a better option than saree with a crop top. This is what fusion is all about and this is how you can experiment with your existing style. You have got just the perfect idea to bring traditional clothing with western outfits and it looks quite stylish too. You are definitely going to grab many eyeballs while teaming up these two elements together. And of course, keep up the confidence to pull this off.

You Get to Choose from Dozens of Variety

There are literally thousands of variations of crop tops available in the market and all of them are super pretty. While some look rebellious, some look super stylish too. And before you mix and match them with any saree, you must choose the right saree with right kind of crop top. From elaborated sleeves to some OTT ideas, you got multiple ways to style the crop top with saree. This is the things about crop tops that make them better than plain blouses.

It Adds an X-factor to Your Dressing

Source www.aarmus.in

When you team up a saree with a tank top, you can actually enhance your overall dressing sense. A crop top makes you look like a diva while the element of saree balance out everything well. Both of them mix together very well to bring that X factor into your clothing style.

Talking about the saree alone, you have multiple ways to drape a saree too and this is how you can create various styles out a simple pair of saree and crop top.

Tricks to Increase Your Style Quotient With The Saree-Crop Top Combo

Now that you have come to know about various crop blouse pattern, it is the time to take your styling game to one level higher. Here are a few tips to let you know that how you can accessorise your overall look of a saree with a crop top and make it look more glamorous.

Accessorise with Chunky Jewelry Pieces

Source fashionpro.me

A saree which is paired with stylish crop top always look glamorous and more western in approach. And in order to balance out all the elements, you have the perfect idea to wear heavy chunky jewelry with it.

Our recommendation would be to go for some pretty heavy earrings like Chandbalis or Jhumkas to enhance the look. Donning a heavy necklace can go over the top which you would not want at all. So, stick to some earrings along with a jewel watch in your hand.

Show Off Your Crop Top with Loose Front Drapes

Source www.quora.com

The best way to wear Saree with a crop top is by changing your usual drape game. This can be done easily when you will lose out the drapes a bit more than usual. When you drape the saree from the front, just keep the drapes a bit loose so that your crop top can be revealed. It is going to look way stylish than ever and would perfectly showcase your unique pairing of saree and crop top. However, you must go for it if you are comfortable wearing it in this way. Otherwise, go for the usual style.

Go Glam with Proper Hairstyle And Makeup

The final tip is all about a trendy hairstyle and makeup. To be true, these two things can make or break your styling game easily and this is why you must give proper attention to these details. Never try too hard in terms of makeup as a natural look is always recommended. However, you can give special attention to your eyes as it is quite trendy. For the hairstyle, a loose and messy bun always look elegant. We hope these tips would accentuate your over-all look way more than ever.

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Crop Tops Work Every Time

A crop top might seem like revealing, but more than the skin show it’s the elegance that it brings forth. For girls with trim waistlines who would want to wear something light and lovely other than a vest top, a crop top is the best pick. And the best part is that you can style it the way you want it. Make it sporty! Make it classy! Make it chic! Make it whatever you want, as it can be worn with practically any bottom wear and footwear for women. Add an oomph factor to your spring and summer wardrobe with crop tops and saree.